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Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
Somerset LaLaLa (IP Logged)
15 September, 2017 19:57
I would ask a Surrey supporter who to select for a Bonus Points XI - they have 70 points so far this season.

Actually the numbers are quite revealing, 60% of their points are from batting. For the rest of the 1st Division counties it is around 45%, apart from hmmm Somerset on 38%. Interestingly Surrey's batting points are equally split between home and away games so not only from their benign pitch.

The 1st Innings average at the Oval this season is over 400 for both home and away sides, excluding Warwickshire's visit. Surrey don't score so many runs away and this is probably because of more grassy, result-orientated pitches elsewhere.

Hence Somerset should be looking to score at least 350 in their 1st Innings and picking more batters (not sloggers) ensuring they get the 4/5 batting bonus points. After both sides have done this, they will see whether to make a game of it but probably won't have much time left.

Surrey are clearly not that bothered about results. I guess a 4 day match means they will make more money from the London hospitality. The ECB wants to prepare players for Test cricket, having batsmen playing for long innings. Coaches need a decent finish in the table which Surrey have shown they can get from accumulating their bonus points.

I want cricket that goes several days in a really exciting contest, but am not really sure of a better points system. Surrey are boring but for once we must play them at their own game.

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
cricketjerry-mouse (IP Logged)
15 September, 2017 22:49
One thing to bear in mind after Uxbridge today is that Middlesex will have a much more experienced look to their side for the vital matches against Lancs at Lord`s and Somerset at Taunton.

Toby Roland-Jones will have returned from Test duty; Dawid Malan will be available for he is only selected for the 20/20 match against the West Indies tomorrow; Tim Murtagh and Paul Stirling will be back from Ireland duty; and leading run scorer Nick Gubbins had a run-out with the Seconds this week, after injury, and will also be available.

Not a bad quintet!

Yorkshire will be without their usual raft of England ODI players, but will have West Indies century-maker Keith Brathwaite in their ranks, plus Adam Lyth returning from injury.

Surrey will be missing Jason Roy and Tom Curran, both in the England ODI squad.

Hampshire, who may just be dragged into the relegation fight, will be without Liam Dawson, away with the ODI squad and injured captain James Vince, but will have George Bailey back from the World XI visit to Pakistan. The Ageas Bowl men will also find Alistair Cook strengthening the champions` line-up when they face Essex on Tuesday, as will Yorkshire the following week.

So who knows?

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
Scrumper (IP Logged)
15 September, 2017 23:06
I'm sure MM has signed a gun No. 3 batsman for the last two games, so we'll be fine.

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
Farmer White (IP Logged)
15 September, 2017 23:07

Craig Overton stood just a little taller at the end of the Lancashire innings. The second match in succession in which he has taken wickets on a pitch favouring spinners. I was an over late to the ground. It was a good time to arrive. The first thing I saw was Jarvis’s off stump cartwheeling out of the ground propelled by a thunderbolt from Overton. I had not long sat down back at the top of the Somerset Pavilion when he speared one in at Bailey’s toes. Bailey could neither get his bat down nor his feet out of the way in time so lbw it was. It was like the days before they taught tail enders to bat a bit and in particular how to keep the pace bowler out. Somerset have a bowler who can bowl fast enough and straight enough on his day to shoot out a tail.

And so it was that Somerset needed 68 to win and not a rain cloud in sight, the sun in command and the maroon on the Quantocks standing proud in expectation although the paths in Taunton as I walked to the ground were wet enough for me to wonder if there would be a prompt start and the forecast spoke darkly of showers.

More than a modest number came to see if Somerset really could pull off their first home win of the season. It was a tensely quiet crowd as the Somerset innings started. The head told you the only possible result was a Somerset win but a bruising season left the heart needing just a bit of reassurance. Irrational but that is what the heart is. It was not just me. I received a text telling me that Somerset’s lowest ever score at Taunton was 48 in 1954.

After a couple of quiet overs during which Byrom turned McLaren square for two Somerset’s intent became clear. McLaren bowled a couple short and wide. Byrom cut them hard, one behind and one in front of square, to the boundary. Then Trescothick drove Jarvis to the boards in front of his stand and cut him like a rocket to wake up the ghosts of the old Stragglers bar. 19 for 0. That settled the nerves a bit and brought a cheer from the current inhabitants of that area.

Lancashire were not going to roll over without an effort. They brought their spinners into the attack early. Byrom responded by trying to hit Parkinson into the Somerset Pavilion, missed, and was bowled. That shot never looks pretty when that happens but the ball seemed to turn prodigiously. 19 for 1.

The intent now was very clear. Somerset did not mean to get bogged down or risk a freak shower with some forecasts suggesting rain later in the day. Bartlett arrived and looked confident as he took a single. Trescothick then took revenge for Byrom’s dismissal as he swept Parkinson viciously between two deep square legs stationed barely ten yards apart on the Somerset Stand boundary. They almost collided as the ball flew over the line. Trescothick rotated the strike to Bartlett who survived a huge appeal as his defence was beaten by the turn. And so ended Parkinson’s first over.

Parry’s first was accompanied by extended discussions among the Lancashire brains trust. Trescothick took a single and Bartlett found himself surrounded by three of the closest fielders you are likely to see. He quietly turned Parry through them for a single to the old Stragglers and it was Trescothick’s turn to face a huge appeal. Lancashire did not intend to go down quietly.

Parkinson started again from the Somerset Pavilion End and Bartlett lofted him over mid-on’s head for four. I could see the sun glinting on the shine off the ball as it flew towards me. The stroke was then eclipsed by a coruscating back foot drive to the Somerset Stand. One way and another the boards in front of the Somerset Stand were taking a pummelling. Before we knew it Bartlett was pulling Parry fine to Gimblett’s Hill for another four. He may be only 19 but this was controlled targeted hitting not the brash bravado of youth.

Trescothick, clearly on a mission, tried an ugly reverse sweep against Parkinson and probably concluded the stroke was no more than a work in progress for he then tried the slog sweep and the ball almost instantly rattled among the seats in the bottom of the Somerset Stand. Then he mishit a pull into mid-wicket’s hands. 46 for 2 in the ninth over, only two having been scored in the first two. Trescothick 21. Some may have thought Somerset’s assault reckless but it denied Parkinson the opportunity to exert any real pressure with the sharp turn he was getting from his slowly looping deliveries. Somerset did not mean to have an embarrassing hour or so of prodding at the turning ball risking the fall of more wickets than would be comfortable. Nor, I imagine did they mean to hang around long enough for the showers to return.

James Hildreth immediately edged to Hameed at slip which brought home the risk presented by a leg spinner on song. Tom Abell to the wicket. A different Tom Abell to the one we saw in the first half of the season. He walked out with a quiet calm looking naturally in command, and in control. The hat trick ball was a full toss and he drove it to where they store the covers, took 3 and retained the strike from where he settled nerves playing out a maiden from Parry. Bartlett, now more circumspect took a single boundary from Parkinson’s next over and a pair of singles were exchanged in Parry’s next.

13 were needed to which Parkinson contributed by bowling a no ball which Bartlett gently turned to fine leg for 2 and drove home the point by immediately lofting him into the lower ranks of the Somerset Pavilion for 6. Abell finished the match by sweeping Parry to the much-peppered Somerset Stand boundary and, by the end of the day, out of the relegation zone. Bartlett had 27 confident, purposeful well struck runs to his name. It should do his confidence a power of good. Somerset’s young batsmen are beginning to find their feet.

It had been an hour to savour at the end of a match to savour. No relegation favourites these. Somerset had completely outplayed in every department, possibly Parkinson apart, the second team in the Championship. Lancashire had tried their all to apply some pressure on the last morning but by dint of their no nonsense positive approach Somerset had swept it away, sometimes literally. All that was missing from the day was a victory roll appearance from the Spitfire but I imagine it was on more important duty given the day.

There are many convoluted calculations to come and doubtless a conspiracy theory or two along the way. But Somerset have two crushing victories behind them. The surest route to salvation is to concentrate on what is within their control. Namely to gather as many points as they can in their two remaining matches with a particular focus on outplaying Surrey, for if Somerset bowl as they did in the Lancashire second innings Surrey will not bat without pressure, and beating Middlesex. Let the rest do as they may. Let Somerset do as they know they can.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 15/09/2017 23:15 by Farmer White.

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
Somerset LaLaLa (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 07:15
Farmer White
No relegation favourites these.

The Farmer has spoken...

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
Mike TA1 (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 07:23
We are three from the bottom, I would like to see us improve on that in the next match.

It is not impossible looking at the points table if we can win next week.

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
wsm fan (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 07:34
It is a 5 way shootout for 1 space.
Hamps & Surrey have a headstart but if neither win this week which there is every chance will be the case then all 5 will go into the last round in danger most likely.

Whilst i'd much prefer to be safe already the 8 team division & 2 down certainly seems to take out the dead september games issue.....

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
Tom Seymour (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 09:19
It was a fine win yesterday, of that there is no doubt.

But I still think we have left it too late to show some form. We won't get much from the Surrey match and too much may be required of us v Middlesex at Taunton.

They say that hope springs eternal but a combination of a Middlesex side fighting as hard as we should be and the weather probably being dodgy, leads me to think that we won't avoid the drop.

That's what my crystal ball foretells. We stay up or we go down, someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong.


A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
Grockle (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 09:23
But is the emoticon crying because Somerset stay up or you might be wrong Tom..... i leave it to the jury of peers.

One thing or the other will happen before the end of the month.


Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
Somerset LaLaLa (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 09:33
Note to Trevor Bayliss, these 2 have been tried and tested:


Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
wsm fan (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 11:27
Tom your positivity as normal shows no bounds!
We have won 2 matches convincingly back to back.
We have momentum.
Jack Craig & Dom are on fire.
We now have confidence and even a few batters in form.
I'm not over confident as our current results have only bought us back into the mix.
But i have huge belief we will get a draw & win from next 2 matches.
Hamps &Yorks i feel are 2 who will be most nervy as nobody realistically talking of them.
Yorks have been in awful form for months.
No Willey Plunkett Rashid for the run in.
They are expected to smash Warwicks next week but they arent used to winning. A bit of fight & pride from Warwicks and last round could very easily see 4 or even 5 sides in contention for that 1 spot.
We arw now on the up where as others nervy & anxious, what a huge 12 days we have coming up......

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
AGod (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 12:31
The Surrey game will be a waste of time, SCCC la la la.

What's the point of a match where the result is known in advance!? That's not what sport is supposed to be about!

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
AGod (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 12:52
Quite right, WSM - terrific performance and result. Most counties would not have sat in as we did during the f/o - they'd have panicked and brought on occasional bowlers, had their regular bowlers try stupid, funky things etc

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
Somerset LaLaLa (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 14:19
Fortunately in this division, all teams play eachother twice and at least we're not now in a position of having to beat Surrey.

Somerset's batting will be absorbing to see how they muster a decent score which is paramount. And when Surrey bat, I will pretend they are the Aussies and enjoy our excellent bowlers against enduring mediocrity.

Looking back at Surrey's home results yesterday evening, I realised that the Essex victory was at Guildford. That's some challenge for Somerset to be the first Championship team to win at the Oval this season, even if we had an overseas player.

More than happy to be proved wrong but is it worth the risk of missing out on the 5 points for the draw?

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
AGod (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 15:01

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
Roger ivanhoe (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 17:16
The Surrey game will be a waste of time, SCCC la la la.
What's the point of a match where the result is known in advance!? That's not what sport is supposed to be about!

But are you not the one that forecasts results in advance.!!!

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
AGod (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 18:01
Yes but a forecast is just that, Roger.

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
wsm fan (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 18:56
With 4 full days we are capable of causing trouble.
Craig Jack & Dom are in top form.
Who says that with a fair wind & bit of skill & effort we cant make something happen.
Pressure is a funny thing.
Playing for a draw too from day 1 ball 1 isnt a good idea either.
Despite AG having decreed it a draw 6 days in advance i'll still follow the game just incase i think.....

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 16/09/2017 19:33 by wsm fan.

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
AGod (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 19:37
The best we'll be able to do will be like the game three years ago - when both sides seemed to be in a potential match-winning position at tea, but the pitch thwarted our ambitions and Surrey didn't even try to win.... and the only reason that there was a shot at a result that time was a hugely overcast day under the floddmights on which Meaker swung it around corners. Otherwise our second innings would have put the game completely out of Surrey's reach and they would have not attempted to win from the start of their innings, rather than just quitting at tea.

It's almost always flat and Surrey have zero incentive to do anything other than prepare a mill-pond, I'm afraid. So the only hope would be incessant low cloud throughout - that's the only way that something could happen..

Re: Somerset v Lancs Part 3
wsm fan (IP Logged)
16 September, 2017 19:55
We may as well not bother going then!

I do get the point. We expect it to be flat.
But pressure does funny things. Get a score, take a few early wickets and who knows.
I agree from 3 days out a draw probably favourite but 384 overs is a lot of time for something unexpected to happen.....

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