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Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
Tractor (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 01:02
Fantastic, Tom. Matt Maynard just announced going, Andy H not officially confirmed and you're already doing him down! Incredulous.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
chunkyinargyll (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 06:46
No point letting the grass grow under your feet.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
AGod (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 07:35
It's legitimate to wonder about AH in terms of the DoC role as his background is that of a very, very strong one in coaching, as opposed to management... What we can guess about an AH led regime, however, is that we will have all bases covered from a coaching stand-point which is not really something that I ever felt we could fully say under MM.

The rest of the DoC role - the bit that, perhaps, involves flying off around the world for face-to-face meetings with prospective overseas signings, being the hugely persuasive figure needed to convince others that we might want to sign to throw in their lot with Somerset etc, team selection etc etc , I don;t know what experience AH has of these things and how adept he will prove. Who knows?

I can certainly see why it would represent a progression in AH's career and one assumes that, for him to be brought back, he must have made a very favourable impression on people within the club last time around (Mr Cooper has, presumably, taken soundings).

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
AGod (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 07:43

Some interesting things from this old article about 'Sarge.'

My assumption had always been that it was our then Director of Cricket, Brian Rose, that was instrumental in bringing Justin Langer to our club.

This article credits Hurry for it.

I can certainly believe that Hurry and Langer probably had a meeting of minds together - given the amount of emphasis on discipline and fitness that Hurry talks about in this article.

Interesting to note that Craig Kiewswetter suggests that Hurry is terrific in the area of communication with the players - clear goals delivered in an easily understandable manner.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
hantssabre (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 08:22
According to the match report in the Times this morning, it reckons James Taylor was part of the review into the setup at the Club that recommended the change of structure. Not somebody I would have imagined in that sort of role but fair play to him

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Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
AGod (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 08:25
How very interesting - and well done to Mr Cooper for getting outside input from an experienced player who has nothing whatsoever to do with SCCC and, so far as I know, has never crossed paths with M P Maynard.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
Dave65 (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 08:56
Interesting about James Taylor as i saw him down the ground for the Lancs game and wondered what he was doing. But well done to Mr Cooper for going outside of the cosy club that we have had for to long.

Another great decision by Lavender to extend Maynard's. I wonder how much that cost the club.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
AGod (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 09:00
A pretty packet, one imagines.

To be fair to Mr Lavender, there was, no doubt, a sense of euphoria (not to mention burning injustice) around the club at the way that last season ended.

It was, however, the product of a run of only about four home games or so that went really well - and ones in which we consistently won the toss and got to bat first that produced that late surge. Had Mr Lavender taken the other 28 games of Maynard's tenure into greater consideration then we may not have gone down the road of a three year extension.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
Dave65 (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 09:00
Not sure I'd say Hurry was ineffectual when he was here previous Tom. Infact having read Langer's autobiography I would say quite the opposite and if a top professional like Langer rated and respected him then that's good enough for me.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
AGod (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 09:05
Aye, good point, Dave.

Personally, I certainly don't care about the 'didn't play,' thing from a coaching stand-point. It has been proven, time and again, in various sports that that matters not one jot, in terms of actual coaching ability.

Where it has the potential to be an issue is with getting the respect of certain players e.g. the Botham to Simon Hughes "How many test match wickets did you take?" to settle an argument about politics or some other non-cricket related subject.

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Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
AGod (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 09:13
When it comes to new signings, Hurry's approach should be interesting.

The normal thing that happens is that people seek to surround themselves with at least some of those with whom they have worked in the past - e.g. Nosworthy signed Petersen and Myburgh, Maynard Allenby etc.

But Hurry has only had HC experience here in county cricket, so far as I know, so he is unlikely to have any 'old favourites,' to sign up. I think that's probably a good thing.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
Grockle (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 09:14
Tom isn't going to say anything constructive people. He doesn't get the reaction he needs if he does that.

Needless to say the times he harks back to include some of the periods when Sarge was here and a person he demands we need a copy of is very complimentary about Sarge...

Enuff said about Mr Seymours contribution I think.


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Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
deanjones (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 10:37
totally the right decision for your/ our beloved somerset here , maynard like nosworthy was taking the club backwards. cooper hats of to you sir great decision silenced a few on here for sure who said he would be here for duration of contract. adam hose come in please he will be watching this space with interest good luck today boys I feel more positive for some reason !!

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
Angell Face (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 11:31
Is the Dave Houghton whose disposal by Somerset was "a mistake" the same Dave Houghton who is now coaching the Middlesex batsmen? I only ask because I wish to know, as Peter Simple used to say.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
AGod (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 11:37
Yeah..and they won the CC behind an avalanche of runs from their batsmen, something never at all likely to happen to SCCC with Maynard coaching the batsmen.

Note: I refer to the avalanche of runs as not being at all likely.

Anyway we know what your view is, Angell Face - you tend to the Shane Warne view, as you have said before.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
Old Boy! (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 12:45
Yes Julia - who is Sarge??

Old Boy?

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
Bobstan (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 12:56
Sarge is either Paul Goddard the former West Ham, Ipswich and England footballer - so called because he was a sergeant in the Boys' Brigade! - or just possibly Andy Hurry.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
Tom Seymour (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 15:17
No, it’s not “incredulous” Tractor, it’s fact.

Andy Hurry has already had two spells of employment with Somerset and are we really going to give him a 3rd shot? He was not responsible for securing the services of Langer despite what any Cricinfo article states. There were rumblings of discontent when he was here last time as Head Coach, partly I am sure because supporters (and it was rumoured some players) did not appreciate the fact that we were the only county without an ex professional cricketer to coach us. Enough said!

Shepton Paul 2
Tom: I thought you'd be dancing in the streets! Are you ever happy? 😉

Paul, I hope that I would never dance in the streets to celebrate someone losing his job.

Many people on here and countless people on the County Ground and in the pubs have been critical of Maynard, and I have been one of them of course. I always maintained that he was not a good appointment on account of his previous employment history plus the fact that he never, when being interviewed or at members’ meetings, appeared to be in tune with the club’s ethos and traditions.

I am sure that the right decision has been made, both for Maynard and the club. Truth is that I think it may have happened a year ago save for the fact that we enjoyed a late resurgence in the CC to finish as runners up.

No doubt the blow would have been softened by a financial settlement that should assist him in finding another position. And good luck to him with that.

People will always look for a scapegoat when the going gets tough, and over the last two seasons his role with Somerset has been widely discussed at the ground. The statement that readily comes to mind was made to me by a long-standing middle-aged lady member. I will repeat it here, but I am not saying that I concur with it.

The lady in question, who not only knows her cricket but the history of Somerset as well, said – “Well, I have never liked the look of him.”

So, whatever you do, you can’t win them all can you?

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
Grockle (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 15:58
Where were the rumblings of discontent Tom? Were they in those pubs and from those unnamed people you chatted to at the time or from credible sources you can quote and that can be checked?

I've been in AGM's with Andy. I've asked him questions and his answers were pretty clear, honest and linked to the ethos of the club because at the time he was one of the people setting that agenda. If you want to go into the archive here those agms are reported. Usually in pretty positive tones I believe.

Looking for a scapegoat? Well you would know ALL about that. It would be interesting to go back and find the first date you used MM for that. Bet it was before the 'going got tough'.

If he comes he comes and your vague recollections of chats you had at the County ground or pubs around the place will matter little.

Whoever comes will need to hit the ground running but on your past record I doubt he'll satisfy you... unless he's Uncle Alec of course. LoL.


Re: Matt Maynard leaving Somerset
Somerset LaLaLa (IP Logged)
28 September, 2017 16:19
I saw driving through Wedmore this afternoon a green Ford focus with a sun visor "Somerset The Team to Watch".

What a great day.

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