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The AGM for 2017 (IP Logged)
20 January, 2018 16:01
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Re: The AGM for 2017
Clarence Parker (IP Logged)
20 January, 2018 17:08
That's a fair summary as to what may or may not be discussed.

Usually at our AGM's there is less talk on cricket than on other issues, and I suspect that this year will be no different in view of the hike in membership prices. Some people still have it very much on their own private agendas.

I have just discovered the following letter which appeared in the 'Somerset County Gazette' recently.

Somerset CCC's AGM is 'one of most crucial in club's history'


Mr Amphlett does appear to have a point on the subject of debating and voting upon membership fees but, even though I have criticised the administration and management of the club at times and will do so again if IMO the need should arise, I consider that an attack on the integrity of both Lee Cooper and Charles Clark is hardly warranted.

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Re: The AGM for 2017
Grockle (IP Logged)
20 January, 2018 17:58
There may be discussion about the three division CC idea as well. I'm not sure what the club's stance would be on that.

They seemed quite interested when it suggested that Devon and Cornwall might be included though it might stop our stream of young hopefuls to Taunton.


Re: The AGM for 2017
Loyal of Lhasa (IP Logged)
20 January, 2018 20:51
Thanks Grockle. As for bowlers, I can't recall hearing much about Ben Green lately.

Re: The AGM for 2017
Bobstan (IP Logged)
20 January, 2018 21:44
The recent Almanac says that Green was injured for much of 2017.
No indication of his possible fitness for the new season.

Re: The AGM for 2017
Ronniesabre (IP Logged)
21 January, 2018 09:47
Green is batting in grade cricket and going quite well - no news on his bowling I think he was starting again January. Worryingly lewis hadn’t really started running much so him being fit to bowl at start of year must be doubtful . IMO we need another bowler esp if cove is used for England . As far as I’m aware Bancroft isn’t signed for all 3 formats either as he’s going home part way through year and then coming back for last few cc games. That could change though but for me would be lazy just to give him the extra gig - I’d be looking thoroughly at other options before doing that .

Re: The AGM for 2017
Grockle (IP Logged)
21 January, 2018 15:00
Well in that case Ron they are going to need extra. We'll have to see what the prognosis is. Do any of these guys ever play a full season?


Re: The AGM for 2017
Ronniesabre (IP Logged)
21 January, 2018 21:48
They haven’t really although lewis did well to get as far as he did as apparently he had been carrying his injury for sometime. Hopefully the surgery will allow him to be pain free and get back to his old self

Re: The AGM for 2017
Grockle (IP Logged)
22 January, 2018 02:53
Well the last big fix caused him to have to remodel his action and that took a while to get him back on track. Hope this one is a long term fix and we get the same player but pain and worry free. It's no fun being a human bowling machine!!


Re: The AGM for 2017
Farmer White (IP Logged)
22 January, 2018 22:20
A few snippets from the AGM. Not comprehensive. And where my memory has erred I am sure others will fill the gaps and correct the errors.

• Over 250 present according to the Chair. People required to sign in.
• 3rd highest spender on the cricket squad at £1.65m (Surrey top with £2.4m).
• 8 players from the men’s teams in various England squads this winter.
• 3 fixtures in 2019 World Cup at Taunton.
• Installation of floodlights will commence Sept 2018.
• Strongest finances of any County (Test Grounds tend to lose money if they do not have a Test).
• The Club does not outsource any if its operations.
• David Gabbitas awarded a County Cap for 25 years Committee service.
• Andy Hurry said the Club is “a long way down the process” of signing at T20 overseas player. Criteria include availability for “all or most” of the competition.
• Andy Hurry said the Club has sufficient playing resources to withstand some England calls/injuries but maintains ongoing due diligence on players who might be available to be signed should the need arise.
• Andy Hurry said there is a HUGE focus on carrying forward the intensity of the end of last season into the start of 2018. Players left in no doubt that not performing as had been the case in the first half of last season is totally unacceptable.
• Andy Nash said the Committee supported the new T20 competition because it considered the competition to be in the wider interests of the game.
• Lee Cooper re-iterated the rationale behind the new membership prices: If members just bought the games they attended last year 90% would be better off. Less than 200 Platinum members attended all 7 T20s. Of those that did most attended no CC matches. Nearly 500 only watched one T20. Sold Out T20s were only at about 75% capacity due to non-attendances.
• SCCC is a members club. If members want to influence matters there is a route through the Area Committee system.
• The Club has debts of £2.8m down from £3.3m two years ago. The remainder being paid off at the rate of £0.25m p.a. Warwickshire have debt of £28m. Yorkshire £24m.
• Presentation to Andy Nash.

Others will be able to add (and please put me right if I misheard or forgot things). My memory in need of an external hard drive.

Re: The AGM for 2017
wsm fan (IP Logged)
22 January, 2018 23:55
Im in a very small club then!
As i was 1 of the 164 of 4200 platinum members who DID attend all 7 T20s (even the rained off Glos one) yet i also attended at least 2 days every championship match.

I cant question Mr Coopers facts but am very surprised in the fact there are so few who seem to watch all 3 forms regularly as he states is the case.
Based on watching behaviour 90% he says will now be paying less to watch their cricket under new structure.

Im in the 10% i guess paying £45 more for a worse T20 seat & no choice per match where i sit......

Re: The AGM for 2017
Bagpuss (IP Logged)
23 January, 2018 01:08
I didn't think at the time, but it would be interesting to know how many attended 6 T20s last year. There were probably quite a few who chose not to go to the Gloucestershire match as the forecast was so bad (and iirc it was scheduled to be on Sky)

Re: The AGM for 2017
Grockle (IP Logged)
23 January, 2018 03:27
I love phrases like 'players were left in no doubt'.... did some of them initially have doubts about the level of performance required and thought that last year's first half of the season was OK batting wise and had to be put right by Andy? Love it.....


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Re: The AGM for 2017
Grockle (IP Logged)
23 January, 2018 03:30
I have 6 on England sides.... who were the other 2 on duty? Craig, Jack, Dom, Tom, Tom and Fin and...

And bowling wise we have;

Craig (possible England)
Jamie (Injury worry - hope not but...)
Lewis (Less of an injury worry but...)
Pete (effective still?)
Josh (effective 4 dayer?)
Meerkat (effective 4 dayer?)
Max (T20 only still?)

I can see we have spin and slow stuff but enough resources for a 4 day campaign overall if we are moving from pitches taking spin? Only if there are no major unexpected problems I would suggest - and when you haven't prepared that is when they come more times than not.

Who is coming through to pick up the slack? It is good for Josh and Paul but they have to come to the party when required. Do we have enough pace variation?

I personally hope someone becomes available while we are keeping tabs on things, especially if he happens to be a leftie.


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Re: The AGM for 2017
Grockle (IP Logged)
23 January, 2018 04:09
With the greatest of respect for the opinion. When the club is voting on changes to the game then their brief is NOT to vote in the '...wider interests of the game' unless they have checked that the membership agree with their view of those wider interests.

If we are a members' club as stated then the club's responsibility is to represent the views of the members. It was a difficult position to be in but specifically consulting the members beforehand and asking their actual opinion would have helped. I wasn't there but both the Q&A sessions seemed not to have that kind of membership check but seemed rather to be selling exercises on the ECB's urban plan

I don't think the Chair's vote made any difference in the overall picture because they had already been shafted by the ECB media machine earlier but a principle is a principle I suppose and it is either accepted in all situations or not at all and the governance changed. It can't simply be used when convenient and ignored when difficult. My personal opinion is that we should have abstained in the vote but I'm not presently a member so what do I know.


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Re: The AGM for 2017
Somerset LaLaLa (IP Logged)
23 January, 2018 08:17
I wonder how many posters attend games across all formats or just one? Last season I went to championship games and the 50 overs competition. Perhaps someone can start a poll if it interests them as well.

Re: The AGM for 2017
Tractor (IP Logged)
23 January, 2018 09:40
My flabber was quite ghasted when I heard that not only are we installing state-of-the-art LED floodlights, BUT we're going for a colour option too???? Just how wide the spectrum will be wasn't discussed but I've been thinking this through.
If we could go to infra-red, we could sort out all players' (including opposition's) bad backs. This might interfere with everyone's TV remote controls within a mile radius though.
If we get a colour match for a particular team's kit, will they become invisible?
Would green light make the pitch invisible?
Ultra-Violet, X-rays, Gamma rays, microwaves?
This is exciting stuff.
I remember a Red Dwarf episode where the crew were advised to go from a yellow to a red-alert status, until Crichton pointed out that it meant changing the bulb!

Re: The AGM for 2017
AGod (IP Logged)
23 January, 2018 10:18
I may be wrong, Grockle, but what has been written above seems to imply that the squad may have been given a post-event reprimand for having somewhat coasted (rather than playing with intensity) in the first half of last season, rather than simply being told that their batting wasn’t up to snuff.

Re: The AGM for 2017
Grockle (IP Logged)
23 January, 2018 11:56
I just find the phrase funny.... I'm sure they were and if they hadn't been we'd all be asking why not.

I just imagine them all sitting there in the first big 'let'g get them boys' captain's speech putting their hands up and saying "... sorry I'm a little unclear. When you say 110% how much effort do you actually mean? Can we have some clarification please?"


Re: The AGM for 2017
23 January, 2018 18:37
Perhaps Mr Hurry had this sort of statement in mind, which came from Mr Maynard after that shocking capitulation to Yorkshire back in June:

“It’s obviously a very quiet dressing room at the moment and when we get the chance we will talk through it and see where we could have done a little bit better. To be fair Ryan Sidebottom bowled an impressive spell and got the old ball reversing and didn’t give us anything.

“It’s easy to look back and say we could have done this or we could have done that but we are a young side and a young batting group so to get so close was a great effort from them. The top order has been a problem for us over the year. I can’t put my finger on why that’s the case but we don’t seem to be able to get to 50 or 60 without losing a wicket at this stage.

“We’ve got a lot of hard work to do obviously. It would have been brilliant to have got the first win and Adam Hose had a good debut. We are not far away from securing a couple of results and we know what it’s like if you get on a run because you start winning those tight games. So we just have to keep on working hard.”

Yes, I know it was a statement for public consumption, but if the attitude in the the dressing room after a series of such debacles was really that complacent, then those players really did need to have it made clear to them that the apparent culture of taking the positives and ignoring the results wasn't going to be tolerated under the new management. And that 2018 wasn't going to be another year of treating the first half of the season as a relaxed practice run for the second half.

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