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The View from the Top
Discussion started by Grockle (IP Logged), 01 February, 2018 14:46
01 February, 2018 14:46
The new CEO has presented his vision on the official site

Cooper's Take

It explains some things.


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wsm fan
wsm fan
01 February, 2018 18:30
Really struggling with the view that the majority of red ball supporters have little interest in T20.
Yes there is a certain element that dont enjoy the shortest form but i know and see hundreds of familiar faces at the ground all season who enjoy (or at least attend!) all 3 forms.

That Bloke With The Dog
That Bloke With The Dog
01 February, 2018 18:52
But Cooper has access to the actual numbers, wsm man, and they speak otherwise.

I'm really liking this guy. Right from when he nipped in the bud any attempt by the ECB to relegate Somerset, by instructing solicitors to prepare for legal action before any such trickery might be attempted.

To my mind, that same sort of clarity and decisiveness is reflected in the ticketing and membership changes. He could have gone for some sort of half measure which made things worse, but would have deflected criticism from himself - such as getting rid of the likes of Davey and Meekeren, retaining the previous membership fees and structure, and putting up with the sold-out stands continuing being a quarter empty during the T20s.

Nobody would have complained. And when the club got relegated owing to couple of injuries and England call-ups among the seamers, that would have just been put down to ill luck.

Instead he's done the work, looked at the figures, and tried to do what's right for the club as a whole, if not necessarily for his own popularity. Nobody who deals effectively with the sort of situation he describes is ever thanked for it. Instead, the majority would rather carry on muddling through in the hope the club can keep getting away with it.

wsm fan
wsm fan
01 February, 2018 19:03
I fail to see how the new structure ensures a full attendance anymore than it did before.
The Treacothick stand in previous years has been exactly as new plan, allocated seating membership. And has been the worst offending area.
We have many affluent members who arent able to guarantee attending all 7 games but have the money to buy the security of a 7 match season ticket so as they have the option.
Its these which cause the sell out but empty seat scenario. Which the new process cant prevent.

It may be a roaring success this new policy but i shall reserve judgement. The lack of choice in seating match by match will be a huge change & the scrapping of "real" members areas too with own bars etc.....

That Bloke With The Dog
That Bloke With The Dog
01 February, 2018 19:15
If the Trescothick stand does remain half-empty, at least the affluent will have transferred a bit more of that affluence the club's way from now on.

01 February, 2018 21:07
As they say hes not there to be liked but to get the job done - time will be the judge of it I guess. Wonder what lavender makes of it . He was insipid compared with this bloke

01 February, 2018 21:43
The article doesn't say anything that hasn't been said before IMO. It will be interesting to see what the attendance figures for this year's T20 are like.

wsm fan
wsm fan
01 February, 2018 21:56
Its also a big risk for the club financially. May make us more if it works but may cost us loads.
Inevitably T20 members will be way down so on a T20 match id guess the split of payers and members easily a swing of 1000/1500 to on day payers.

On the plus side on the day payers more likely to turn up if paying £35/40 AND this type of punter more likely to spend £25+ on booze&food.

On the negative side on day payers are entitled to FULL refunds i believe? So rain scupper us!
Previously members paid upfront and tough if it rained, we had their monies.
Games can be insured but no way near extent to profit a T20 day makes.

It will be very different experience & interesting to see how it all unfolds.....

01 February, 2018 22:15
I emailed the CEO regarding a non cricket event and got a personal and supportive reply within the hour. I once had similar cause to email the predecessor, never heard a word. Thumbs up from me.

wsm fan
wsm fan
01 February, 2018 22:22
Like him or not Mr Cooper certainly comes across very open and honest. Doesnt shirk any questions and gives answers even if he knows they wont be popular.

I too have had several prompt responses to various topics since his tenure has started, personal replies too with detail, not standard response from a PA.

90% of his impact so far has been off season.
Lets see how it all transpires to trophies on the pitch.
A few spilt beers or people sat in wrong seats will soon be forgotten if we secure a trophy or 2 under his opening years.....

Somerset LaLaLa
Somerset LaLaLa
01 February, 2018 22:41
I've done some searching and found this survey

It considers the support for the different forms of cricket: almost all follow England home test matches, half follow the T20 blast and a quarter follow the championship. There is also the age breakdown of the different fanbases.

Interesting if anyone comes up with other market information

02 February, 2018 00:41
Interesting that there is no stats on how many of those with T20 only membership went to all the matches last year. Although I would expect these people to go to more than one or two, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a minority who used their T20 membership to the max.

Mike BOS
Mike TA1
02 February, 2018 08:23
There is this to think about, some families will go on holiday during T20 season so would not go to the matches that are played at the time they are away.

Old Boy!
07 February, 2018 13:33
Happy new year everyone!
Here's misery guts!
Sorry - I know it's my age but the County Championship is for me the real test of cricket skills, although the original 50 or 60 over one day stuff is also very good. Also, for those of my generation along with test cricket, that gives most pleasure in watching.

For me the tip-and-run stuff is just that. I don't think it exploits the skills of the batters or bowlers, BUT it also has the one credit of improving fielding 200%. When I do wact a 20/20 it is the latter that I enjoy most. In that respect the shame is that Jos Buttler was seduced into becoming a keeper/batsman rather than a batsman/fielder. In his time at Taunton his fielding was second to none and it includes our beloved Max. If Jos had kept away from the gloves, IMO he could now be one of England's top four batsmen in the Test team.

As for the youngsters, yes it's great if they do come but would it not be possible for the awful music to be stopped long before the bowler gets to the bowling action. And, of course most of the kids seem to be playing their own game behind the stands when play is in progress.

Old Boy!

Tom Seymour
Tom Seymour
07 February, 2018 13:56
You're not misery guts, Old Boy, you talk a lot of sense and I for one agree with all you've said.

Keep going.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

07 February, 2018 14:45
Ahh Old Boy! How can you possibly be a misery guts when you manage to get Mr Seymour and I agreeing with a large amount of what you post.

It takes all sorts and though I'm not adverse to the music I wish they had better taste in what they play. I think we've all heard enough of 'Dreadlock Holiday'!!


Loyal of Lhasa
Loyal of Lhasa
07 February, 2018 14:58
What a load of reactionary rubbish, old boy! - and I agree with every word of it.


Seventy-one Seasons a Somerset Supporter

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