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Sad But True
lower pavilion (IP Logged)
13 August, 2017 11:41
I felt I had to write this post.

We are in the middle of August and the domestic cricket season has about six weeks left to run.

I do not think I have enjoyed a domestic cricket season less than this one.

This has nothing to do with Middlesex, but every thing to do with the people who run our great game.

The longer format of the game, seems now to be simply tolerated by the powers that be, and of course there are now just fourteen instead of sixteen four day games in a season.

In August, the height of the summer, there is hardly any four day cricket to enjoy, instead we are fed a diet of T20.

In two, or is it three seasons time, we have this awful dreadful new T20 competition to put up with. That thought truly depresses me.

It is no coincidence that in an era where T20 cricket seems to rule, if there is decent weather, test matches do not often go into a fifth day, as so many batsmen, fed on a diet of one day cricket, no longer know how to occupy the crease.

Australia and West Indies seem to be having internal troubles with their international players and I think four major West Indian players will not be taking part in the forth coming series.

I fear for the future of our great game.

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Re: Sad But True
13 August, 2017 12:11
I agree with everything you state LP. I fear there will be no championship cricket in say 5 years or maybe sooner?

Re: Sad But True
BeefyRoberts (IP Logged)
13 August, 2017 12:18
I'm with you Peter,just looking at my calendar with fixtures,we had the Warwickshire game and next county game is Mexicans starting 28th August.
Last game before was start of July at Edgbaston.
It's like the county game is getting in the way of t20 stuff,as you say,couple of years to even more!

They call it progress,until test cricket fades away slowly.
Be interesting to see crowds at this week's day/night game.When the county experiment took place,people were leaving early to use public transport,Will same happen this coming week?

T20 brings big crowds bringing big money to spend...clubs love it!

Re: Sad But True
Primrose Hillbilly (IP Logged)
13 August, 2017 13:33
With you guys every word of the way.

Exterminate Cricket Bureau doing what it says on the side of the tin.

Re: Sad But True
13 August, 2017 13:37
Fully agree with you LP.

This season has been a total non event with a lot of the early block of cc cricket played during the week with no weekend cricket before the RL/T20 season started. Currently sides are playing about 40 overs a week for at least a month as it's bums on seats Silly season.

8 whole weekend days of cricket at Lord's this season is not good value for money (assuming all 8 get played) and personally I have taken a couple of weeks off in September to take in two of the last three cc games of our title "defence".

Disjointed Test series don't help,the Womens World Cup and the Champions Trophy must also have put pressure on the fixture compilers too with the amount of grounds required to stage these events plus their warm up fixtures.

If the fixture list is not improved big time next season I can see Counties losing an aweful lot of members who will look to pay on the door rather than upfront for a product they can't view.

Re: Sad But True
chunkyinargyll (IP Logged)
13 August, 2017 14:02
And don't expect to see any T20 on Sky this Thursday or Friday. The last two days of the league format with qualification for the quarter finals to be decided- and guess what? It coincides with first ever floodlit test match in UK.

And T20 England v West Indies lasts until 29th September (ridiculously late) which means no chance of the final round of county championship matches being televised (I seem to remember last years championship decider was very close).

Acres and acres of women's cricket on tv though. Didn't mind the world cup being televised, but now they are covering the equivalent of county matches it is like watching a club 2nd XI match on tv.

14 championship games is not satisfactory- and somehow, even after saving eight days, they manage to prolong the season by an extra week.

It's only going to get worse as each year goes by.

Edit- I won't alter my first sentence, but it seems (according to Nick Knight just now, they WILL also cover T20 this Thursday and Friday (so matches on simultaneously with test match). Still not great planning though, with so many empty days in the schedule.

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Re: Sad But True
rod/ed (IP Logged)
13 August, 2017 18:23
I can add my name to agreeing with the above.
My viewing experience at the T20 the other night is far removed from a day at the CC, and is not the future I wish to see.
As I write I see we are now bottom of the T20 league. Throwing money at it appears flawed. The sponsors who were queuing up when we won the CC will soon disappear. IMO the money should have been invested in the CC team.
Can we cut our losses with DV and overseas recruits. Other sports are a "result business " but I believe he has a three year contract

Re: Sad But True
Holmegaard (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 09:00
Some of the tactics being used to phase out CC remind me of those used by British Railways to bulldoze through route closures in the 60s. Death by neglect and a thousand cuts, leaving the infrastructure go to wrack and ruin, falsifying statistics, removing connecting services and generally making travel as inconvenient as possible.

CC is becoming trivialised into insignificance. Five more years sounds about right. Whether even T20 will survive long is a moot point. Personally I doubt it. There will be endless permutations, format changes, schedule changes, gimmicks in a desperate attempt to keep up interest. Ultimately, I see it going the same way as CC itself.

Re: Sad But True
adelaide (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 11:14
The Diamond ruled ok
If the fixture list is not improved big time next season I can see Counties losing an aweful lot of members who will look to pay on the door rather than upfront for a product they can't view.

What about life members? Not exactly what they signed up for, is it? Would they have a legal case for a refund?


Re: Sad But True
dingy bags (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 11:28
Peter, you put it so well. And, as you know, and as Diamond says, those of us working Mon - Fri have had an even worse deal. I went to Fenner's and I saw at least some of all of our first five CC games. Then, I knew as I drove home from Southport, at best, I could get to bits of only two more. I don't go as much as some of you, but, until this year, I considered I could go regularly, so that my season had a kind of narrative. One year when we were in Div 2, I made it to seven out of eight of our away games - which I didn't work out until after that season had finished.

So, I feel so much more 'out' of it. I am not as certain as some of you that the CC is being deliberately degraded; I think it just sits at the bottom of the priorities. On the other hand, I agree that it is not just that people are ignoring the wishes of county members: some people see us as a sort of ball and chain, wanting to hold back the development of the game.

But, weekend after weekend without anything more than a couple of T20 games is not my idea of a cricketing summer. I notice that there is now some back-tracking on playing tests in August once the new franchise/city T20 circus comes around.

I will see what the fixtures look like for next year - as some have said the Champions Trophy and Women's World Cup might have distorted things a little this year. But, like a lot of people, I am thinking hard about my membership.

As a former committee man said to me earlier this year, we may have seen the best of county cricket.

Sad but true.

Re: Sad But True
Holmegaard (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 13:23
I don't want to admit it, even to myself, but it's possible maybe that CC, like Test cricket in several countries, has just outlived itself, and that T20 is largely filling a void that would naturally have occurred anyway. Lifestyles have changed, moved on. The timeless nature of CC seems out of sync with today. At a personal level, when I talk to friends and people I know they seem just as interested in CC as ever, even if they rarely or never go. But significantly, my friends and acquaintances are predominantly over 60. How much interest is their in CC in, say, the under-40s?

Re: Sad But True
chunkyinargyll (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 13:45
The championship is predominantly watched by students, the unemployed and the retired.

But there will always be a new generation of retirees, so it would be wrong to conclude championship attendences are only ever going to fall.

T20 does, undeniably, have a skill level, but often the result will be determined by a ball that just gets over the fielders head for six, or one that doesn't. So- a tiny bit of good fortune one way or the other, at a few key points, determines the result (so, however good you are, an element of 'luck' determines whether you win or lose).

Championship will always be more satisfying, because the longer the game, the less chance of one bit of luck determining the outcome.

Re: Sad But True
BeefyRoberts (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 16:16
The championship is predominantly watched by students, the unemployed and the retired.

What utter rubbish Chunky....or have you done a survey to find out this fact?
A mixed crowd is always at county games,mostly those who appreciate it.
I know plenty of members that attend matches,myself included, take a lot of annual leave from work,and spend a lot of money and time following the club around the country watching county cricket.

A few do same for t20 but not as large an away following,the 50 over matches have a bigger following,as its a more enjoyable game compared to the t20 stuff.

Using the County away games as a chnce to have a small break,and have 4 days relaxing watching the game unfold,the ups and downs come with any sport being watched,but we still travel.

Just putting the record straight!

Re: Sad But True
chunkyinargyll (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 16:24
It's the argumeent that is always used by those who wish the county championship ill, Beefy.

Hence the need to attract Hooray Henry's to the T20.

Re: Sad But True
chunkyinargyll (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 16:57
The fact is apart from the very committed (posters on MTWD) most people who work five days a week find the other two days are quite often taken up with mundane things like shopping, gardening, jobs around the house etc, plus possibly having to visit or host relatives. Poor scheduling (little cricket at weekends anyway) clearly doesn't help, but I do know what an average championship spectator profile is (although there are always exceptions).

I forget the figure now, but the BBC did give the figures a year or so ago for the number of separate IP addresses of people who check the championship scores online daily, and it was given as evidence that there is very large support for the championship- but if games run Monday to Thursday it is clear the average working person isn't going to get along very often. The BBC were effectively saying 'a huge interest in championship, so still relevant to a lot of people- They just can't get there to watch it'.

Re: Sad But True
Sussex Seaxe (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 17:02
Sadly I find myself with the majority on here. I have always been a lover of cricket first and football second, but this year, with the disjointed fixture list and dominance of T20, I have found myself much less interested and actually looking forward to the return of the winter game.

I dislike myself intensely for this, as I've had much more involvement in cricket as a player and coach as well as spectator and genuinely think it is a better, more nuanced game - but only when played over the full distance. T20 has it's place and 50 over stuff I have enjoyed for many years (or 60, or 40, or even 55 - I'm that old), but the longer game is the best and the lack of focus on it is beginning to drain my interest.

I will always stay a member, out of loyalty and probably foolishness, but this season has been the one that has held least interest for me for about 50 years.

If only the authorities would have a go at marketing the championship as they did the Women's World Cup - the results would be interesting.

Re: Sad But True
14 August, 2017 17:13
I have seen everyday of championship cricket at Lords this season and a few away matches. Looking around the grounds I see yes retired people students and quite a few young men and women and children with their parents.How can you tell who is in the ground chunky if you are not there.Perhaps you have a exceptonal branch of specsavers in argyll.The only problem is there are not enough of the above.

Re: Sad But True
chunkyinargyll (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 17:22
I think what has changed is players are paid a lot more than they were 40 years ago.

I reckon the number of spectators at a championship match is probably exactly the same as it was 40 years ago. I do still get to Lords once a year, and I would say average attendance at a championship game is the same as the mid 70's when I saw my first championship matches.

What has changed is that in real terms players earn about four or five times as much, hence many counties in financial difficulties, hence Franchise cricket to 'save them' (or should that be 'push them under the bus')

Re: Sad But True
Seaxe_Man (IP Logged)
14 August, 2017 17:46
These are hierarchy attendance figures deduced from the scan band. Only talking MX.

An average attendance per day by members for CC is 1000.

For T20 4000 members attend T20 matches close to half the membership.

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Re: Sad But True
stockmos (IP Logged)
15 August, 2017 11:47
As far as I am aware, the 2018 domestic schedule is set to be more or less a carbon copy of 2017.

Usually the T20 finals day and 50 over cup final dates are announced around this time of the year alongside next year's international fixture dates. So if they both mirror this year's, expect it to be the same.

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