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Re: CC1 Match 2. Somerset v Notts. 11-14th April 2019. Trent Bridge
Posted by: AGod
Date: 12/04/2019 10:52
Angell Face - at the moment I'm afraid that we are putting James Hildreth's England ambitions ahead of our own ambitions.

To be honest, I'd be happy to see either/both of Eddie Byrom and Tom Abell in the top three. Both men, and perhaps especially Eddie, seem to be mentally comfortable with batting for a long time, even it the scoreboard is not moving in dramatic fashion. And in the early part of a season, in particular, that's a valuable commodity.

I think that Tom Abell may have confused himself a little. Yes, we all know that he had a very bad season two seasons ago. At the time, if memory serves, he was batting top three? Eventually he dropped himself (LG led the side to victory at North Marine Road) and then, later in the season, he came back in, I think at 5, and did a bit better. Then he had a fairly solid season at five last season. Yet he had previously made some good runs in the top three. I don't really think that the reason his form returned is simply that he dropped down the order. If I recall, prior to the annus horribilis he had been down in Australia and some coach there had meddled with his technique. That was identified, at the time, as a big factor in that year of famine. It may be that, whilst still growing as a captain he feels the need for a breather (mentally) after rigours in the field and that batting at 5 last year (4 now) affords him a little time to do that. But I think that, both temperamentally and technically, he is well-suited to a top three berth.

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