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Re: CC1 Match 2. Somerset v Notts. 11-14th April 2019. Trent Bridge
Posted by: AGod
Date: 12/04/2019 10:59
It is well known (or at least widely believed - I suspect that there may be no statistical back up for this) that it seems that, when an all-rounder goes well in one suit in a given match, it often boosts the other suit. Didn't work for LG in game one, but I have the feeling that - if we are to get up, around, and preferably past the Notts total, we shall need some good runs from LG today so it is to be hoped that this idea will be in effect.

It's hard to disagree with Lewis when he suggested that the first session today may very well decide the course of the entire match. Of course, it's possible that it might not do - for example, should we go into lunch on, say, 150 for 5 then nothing much will have been decided (other than that we'd still be in the game). I'd say, that this morning's is a session that, if Notts win it, it will be tough for us to come back from. If we win it, then it sets us up for a chance at winning the game, though, of course, it's perfectly possible that, even were we to lunch on 165-3 or 170-4, then we might still not achieve much of a first-innings lead. But if lunch see SCCC at 130-6 or, perish the thought, 7, then Notts will clearly be in the box seat.

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