Middlesex till we die
And the winner is. . .
By London Leprechaun
January 14 2018

On the ball

As we don't have a drum roll, the nearest we can get to those annoying pauses when announcing winners is to say that, after reecounts and independent verification, the winner of the Grand Spot the Ball competition is . . . . . . .

Diamond with a grand total of three correct answers.  We are also very pleased to say that all the entrants got at least one answer right.

The correct answers are: 

1. B3

2. C2

3. B2

4. C3

5. A5

6. B2/C2

7. D3

8. B3

9. D4

10. E3/E4

Where the ball was on the grid line in 6 and 10 we acceptd either answer

You can see the pictures with the ball reinstated here

Many of you were close with a lot of your guesses so well done all.  Hope you had some fun.  I am sure Kev will be in touch to announce the plans for the grand celebration.