Middlesex till we die
Is your number up? The letter's in the post
By London Leprechaun
December 17 2018

it's all in the figures

Our Christmas gift to you this year is a Diltoid quiz.  If you are not sure what that is you can find an explanation at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ditloid  For our quiz ALL words are abbreviated.  An example is 11PIAT is 11 Players in a Team. All the answers relate to things that happened to Middlesex or Middlesex players in 2018 and they all read grammatically. Please send your answers to mtwdadmin@googlemail.com.  DO NOT post them on this thread.  Though feel free to tell others how easy or hard you found it! Happy qiuizzing.  1MP will be given to the winning entry sometime in the New Year.
1.      0PDFSOR
2.      4CSBPSIWBC
3.      14BPGAS
4.      2MWITTTVB
5.      29RCBMHATA
6.      6000PRITYFTFP
7.      94YSMWACMAFO
9.      80RSBHCISIAL
10.    219TRSBDMFE
11.    50YSTSCWF
12.    145RCBMWTBMCC
14.    3WUIAF
15.    3BIAD