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Somerset v Lancs Part Deux

By Farmer White et al
September 14 2017

A good performance which has to be split in two for our mobile viewers because of the number of posts.  Cold but dry morning at Taunton and Jack Leach is already on at 11:30 to discuss the Lankies ability to play spin on this Third morning.  Tanks to Bagpuss for starting the second thread and thanks once again to Farmer White for the front page description of the second day.... More >

Somerset v Lancs CC1 - The Farmer speaks....

Well here we go people.  In 2011 this game was the last one of the season and Lancs clinched the title.  We have two sessions to go after this before the end and there is... More >

So here's a bit of Clarity

So at the start of the important Warwickshire CC1 match at Edgbaston we get some idea from the club about those who will be trading elsewhere next year.  Not too many surprise... More >

Glamorgan plus one T20

A vague Southern group and a set of vague Somerset performances in terms of consistency create a 'must win' atmosphere at Taunton today.  Glamorgan have a more certain future ... More >

'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1

After the T20 yesterday we return to Championship after 56 days of 'summer' today.  Deep grey clouds and rain possible.  Old hands return after self imposed exiles becaus... More >

"Crack on and hope" T20 v Middlesex

Wet weather cuts the Sunday game down to 16 overs and a 4o'clock start.   Somerset will field first.  Anderson is playing... More >

Last Women's cricket - S.Africa v Oz and Glammy later

The last women's international before we get our home back from the ICC 'you can't come in without a ticket/credentials' crew.  Not a lot to play for in terms of qualifying (a... More >

A little more women's cricket in my life NZ v West Indies

Not quite heaving at Taunton today but as it is close to the end of the summer term there are a lot of primary school trips in for this one.  They may not be here long because... More >

A little bit of women's cricket in my life. England v SL

Two years ago it was a little more hand to mouth with the press sent to the Ondaatje Pavilion and a game in front of school kids.  Now it is a professionally organised competi... More >

A Day in History

The Nash dream has become a reality and Taunton has international cricket.  Sportnetwork celebrate by taking the site offline all day for server maintenance but we are finally... More >

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