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By Grockle et al
July 23 2017

Wet weather cuts the Sunday game down to 16 overs and a 4o'clock start.   Somerset will field first.  Anderson is playing... More >

Last Women's cricket - S.Africa v Oz and Glammy later

The last women's international before we get our home back from the ICC 'you can't come in without a ticket/credentials' crew.  Not a lot to play for in terms of qualifying (a... More >

A little more women's cricket in my life NZ v West Indies

Not quite heaving at Taunton today but as it is close to the end of the summer term there are a lot of primary school trips in for this one.  They may not be here long because... More >

A little bit of women's cricket in my life. England v SL

Two years ago it was a little more hand to mouth with the press sent to the Ondaatje Pavilion and a game in front of school kids.  Now it is a professionally organised competi... More >

A Day in History

The Nash dream has become a reality and Taunton has international cricket.  Sportnetwork celebrate by taking the site offline all day for server maintenance but we are finally... More >

Notts Quarter

After the debacle that is Somerset's Championship season continues with a defeat to Yorkshire we move seamlessly into a 50 over quarter final (mostly because it's the only day SKY ... More >

Where are we?

As I am on my way back to Bicknoller Towers in less than three days and the site requires an update I was going to muse on where we are.  Then I logged on to the aftermath of ... More >

The Only Way is Through Essex 2 50

The big game between the two front runners in this side of the draw.  If you win you are on for an immediate home semi.  If you don't... well you aren't.  Steve Davi... More >

v Hampshire 50

Sorry Jim.  I may put the kibosh on the winning run by turning up too early though I won't get there until 1pm. Absolutely beautiful day here in Taunton ... More >

Wisden 2017

As we need an update and I usuallyt at this time provide the master version of Grockles Wisden entry for the year (it is becoming a weirdly regular thing now).  We now sem to ... More >

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