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Thank  Guinness for that

By Beefy Roberts
June 22 2019

Beefy reports on a glorious days cricket inbetween some ressearch and a great party... More >

It Might As Well Rain Until September

Rain brought a premature end to the last day's play at a damp Cobden Hill resulting in another Championship draw for Middlesex.The players left the field at around 2.20 with the ma... More >

Stirling Remains Strong

Darren Gosling gives a full report on a productive day for Middlesex with some excellent pictures.... More >

What's in a name

for those of you who have forgotten what cricket looks like, Dingy Bags gives us a snappy report on a truncated day but a reasonably positive one.  And one where the bigg... More >

Here's To You Mr Robinson as Sussex Graduate to win

It would have been an injustice if Sussex, who had completely dominated the game up until this last day, had failed to secure the victory, but Jimmy Harris, John Simpson and Ollie ... More >

Chance of a Jammy draw despite Robinson

Our Hampshire correspondent reports on a another dire day for Middle with some humour thrown in with hope to cheer us up. ... More >

I donít VanZyl our chances

A joint report on a tough day made more interesting by loads of helicopters for who you all know who.... More >

A unWiese choice and Salt added to our wounds

Jonathan Winsky gives us a detailed report on not a good day for Middlesex. Read on to the end to hear of a potential major record about to be overtaken.  ... More >

Murtagh on the Dance Floor

Due to overwhelming demand to report on last day the various MTWD faithful and birthday boy Don Shelley have combined to give their take  on a brilliant day for us.  ... More >