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Blake 57 triumphs over our Alien style of cricket

By Seaxe Man, Dingy Bags and Phil the Power
August 13 2018

We have virtually ball by ball commentary of a report thanks to the Middlesex 3 at Beckenham. Sadly we hear about another inevitable defeat.  ... More >

Middx Cock up with the help of the Bain of our lives

Rogers and Out reports on how our  desperately poor T20 campaign managed to plumb the depths even further when Gloucestershire crushed us by 70 runs on a cool evening in ... More >

Middlesex Slayed by the Dragons

Lower Mound reports on another depressing day for Middlesex ... More >

Middlesex DestROYed and Winged by Finch

Jonathan Winsky provides an excellent detailed report of our defeat and keeping up the ABBA references. Thank you Jonathan for sharing your perspective with us. ... More >

Mamma Mia Here Trego Again

Chesham Steve makes his debut report on a defeat againt Middlesex , a guest apperance of a cat and some Max level of confusion. .  ... More >

Agar The Horrible destroys Hants

Cranners makes his debut 20/20 report describing the twists and turns of the match and various journeys to the ground ... More >

Ambrose fails to Cream off Runs

Grizzly Bear our guest reporter from Warwickshire reports on the ebbs and flows of a tight game. We hear about proposed visits to the Zoo and three wishes that never mate... More >

My Glass is Fuller

Beefy reports on the twists  and turns of a day that could have been worse for us.     ... More >

Middlesex see they must be Fuller but run on Empty

Seaxe Man spares us ball by ball commentary but summarises the main points of a disappointing day and an unlikely hero for us. ... More >