Middlesex till we die
A Poor Cover Up Job
By Phil Catchpole
September 13 2017

Off again

Phil Catchpole in his unique style describes a frustrating day with no holding back on his views regarding no play  

News from Wetlands Park Road is that James " Vincey" Vince has been injured warming up and Felix Organ replaces him.             He twisted knee running round, possibly a wetness situation. 

Middlesex are batting 21/0 at Weltlands Park Road after a no play day. Both batsmen fairly untroubled. Coach Scott still blaming September cricket for something. Mutterings about who will stay and who will go at all levels. Poor crowd here, ABU’s at the Oval??

 Middlesex 62/3 and the rain arrives as Max Holden goes out to make his debut. Home side looked pretty settled opening partnership but Fidel Edwards (2) and Ian Holland struck for South Coast’s finest.   BATTLE. Rain brings play to a halt at inclement Uxbridge . A stop start day is better than a non start one.

 Play abandoned for day Middlesex 75-3. Incompetent groundsmanship and covers that look like a collapsed marquee have seen on top of the game Hampshire’s outside chance of winning Middlesex trophy grind to a halt. Middlesex so it’s back again tomorrow.

Bumped into former Middlesex wicketkeeper and county legend Robin Sims in the bar. He was saying club cricket standard has dropped alarmingly over the years since I accumulated low scores and took to alcohol imbibement. Pub and curry time.

Don Shelley reckons that tomorrow will be grimmer than todays grim day. Chance to socialise at Wetlands Park Road and catch up with some Ickenham CC members I'd not seen for years. Good times. Angus not happy with the way the ground staff have performed or lack of essential equipment available to them. Surely this should have been at Uxbridge on Sunday as rain was forecast. A badly organised match that Middlesex desperately need to win and Hampshire Hospitality day for some of us tomorrow watching an empty field and Angus spontaneously combust.

 Another early finish under clear blue skies and warm sun. Covers still on when they should be letting the sun and wind get to it. Really is badly run and a lot have people have travelled up from the south for this encounter with the current County Champions. Cricket fans rarely show their disappointment outside of Yorkshire but this is being run like a 3rd X1 club ground. At some point there were more people on the outfield than round the boundary but appeared to be doing nothing. A shambles.