By Grockle et al
January 20 2018

On Monday Mr Cooper presides over his first Annual General Meeting at the County Ground.  Mr Nash takes the top table for the last time and Andy Hurry is back for another but in a different position.  What are we expecting?

The AGM has always been the point in time for me where one season ends and another is pushed kicking and screaming into a cold January.  After all the regional get togethers this is the final autopsy on what came before and the first confirmation of things we have heard are to come.

Guy Lavender is no more so Lee Cooper will be the man in the driving seat for 2018.  Andy Nash will step down as Chair and Charles Clark will take his place. The cricket questions will be in the hands of our new DoC, new title old face, Andy Hurry and the new Head Coach Jason Kerr may also be there.  He's probably done a few but not in such a high profile position as this.  The club skipper  (red and longer white ball format) Tom Abell may also be present and even the T20 skipper Lewis Gregory.

This is the time to discuss things that have happened and get a few answers/pointers to what is going to happen or might happen in the next couple of months as appetisers to the start of the season towards the end of April.

We know that Cameron Bancroft is here as the long term international (doing quite well in the BBL at the moment) but we do not have much idea about who might be joining him for the T20.  One would assume that there is one to come, Bancroft's T20 form suggests he will play all three formats. 

It will be interesting to hear the assessments of what happened last year.  I personally hope we do not wash dirty laundry in front of a crowd who ought to be looking forward and with a number of the people involved not present and unable to give their side of stories.  The 2017 season was not a great success but we came out of it on the right side and we have people who have a lot to prove in their own right so it would be nice to see them look forward rather than dwell in the past.

Questions that might come up and are relevant are such things as the nature of the pitches and the plan for next year. We've heard some things but not the justifications for them and that would be good to know.

There might be something about the spring prep and especially the Irish game which is an exciting and novel addition which might bring more than the thermal crowd out to an early game. 

Are there plans for other additions to the squad?  I assume there will be no surprise news about Sam Northeast but you never know.

Who are the prospects coming through we should be excited to see on the pitch possibly joining the likes of Eddie Byrom, George Bartlett, Tom Banton and Dom Bess?  Fin Trenouth and Tom Lammonby may be ready but are there bowlers?

I'm sure the prices may come up but I'm not sure what else there is to say about that after the meeting at the end of the season.

If you go, please let us know what your impressions are of the proceedings and the characters.  There are a number who used to look forward to these sessions and have not been able to get to them for a number of years (me included for the last 7 years).

We shall wait and see what transpires........... interesting times