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Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Discussion started by Farmer White , 18 May, 2017 23:50
Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Farmer White 18 May, 2017 23:50
As we go into our third CC game of the season bottom of the table here are some thoughts on factors which may have undermined our CC performances to date and on the sheer size of the task which may lie ahead. Forewarned is forearmed.

Somerset came second last year, missing the Championship only on that last soul destroying afternoon. I have written on here previously of the relatively high proportion of first and second place finishers who go on to win the Championship the following year. There are, though, also a significant number of high finishers who are relegated the following year. Does anyone remember 2001? Somerset came second in the Championship for the first time in their history under the inspirational leadership of Jamie Cox. Yorkshire were champions. In 2002 both Yorkshire and Somerset, still under Cox, were relegated.

In more recent years Nottinghamshire finished third in 2015 and finished a fairly distant bottom in 2016. Sussex finished third in 2014 and were relegated in 2015. Lancashire won the Championship in 2011 and were relegated in 2012. Yorkshire finished third in 2010 (and would have won the championship on that awful final day had they beaten and not lost to Kent in a close finish). They were relegated in 2011. Something ‘gave’ in those teams. It happens and it could happen this year.

I wonder if sometimes the intense levels of energy, performance and determination which are necessary over an extended period to get close to a Championship, or win it, sometimes lead to teams not being able to ‘go again’ the next season despite the best of intentions. It does seem to happen. And as Clarence Parker said after the Lancashire match, in addition to challenging closely for the Championship last year we were involved in extended relegation battles for the previous three years and we also came second the year before that. There may be a risk of the necessary energy just ‘giving out’ at some point after such prolonged intensity.

There is another factor too. Somerset have been in the First Division for ten successive seasons. Only one other of the eighteen Counties has matched that in the history of the First Division – Durham had managed eleven seasons until they were ejected last year. That suggests a time comes when either the will or the ability to continue the year in year out continuous intensity required to compete at the highest domestic level eventually evaporates. Ten years is a long time in cricket and it seems to be borrowed time in the First Division.

I appreciate that only three players have been with us for all of those ten years but they are the top, middle and bottom of our top order. Most of the rest of the team have joined the first team within the last five years with most of our younger players making their debuts in 2012. Those years since 2012 though have been unremitting years of pressure at one end of the table or the other. Further if you look at the 2012 Championship table only three of the current First Division clubs were then in the First Division. The other six have all suffered relegation within those five years. Perhaps further evidence of the sheer difficulty and strain of remaining in the top division for extended periods. The three teams remaining from 2012 are Somerset, Warwickshire and Middlesex. These are the three teams which currently occupy the bottom three places of this year’s, admittedly embryonic, table and they include last year’s winners and runners up.

That sets the long-term context in which the team are playing in the Championship. Now for some factors relevant to this season.

The strongest theme which has developed to explain our two CC defeats is the fragility of our batting particularly the top order. I though am not sure our batting is as fragile as it seems at least not inherently so. There may be more to our two CC defeats than meets the eye in addition to the context set out above.

As far as I could tell from watching the Essex CC match and listening to the commentary on the Lancashire match our top 6 or 7, Elgar apart on the second afternoon at Old Trafford, have yet to find themselves batting in the best batting conditions of a match in which both the Essex and Lancashire top 6 or 7 batted in their second innings which is when the runs were scored which took both matches out of Somerset’s reach.

In the first innings, particularly on the first day, of each match when the conditions were more or less equally testing for both sides, our first six wickets outperformed the first six wickets of the opposition. 143 to 91 against Essex and 134 to 42 against Lancashire. That is, in business terms, 57% more output than Essex and 219% more than Lancashire. Most businesses would settle for an edge over the competition of those dimensions and perhaps we should look harder at the context of our defeats. Our bowlers may of course be better than those of Essex but I doubt they were 219% better than those of Lancashire.

Over a season comparisons of different player’s abilities are reasonably reliable. In 2016 Somerset scored more centuries in the Championship (18) than any other Division 1 County. Five of our batsmen averaged over 40 although one was Rogers not now on the playing staff. Only one Division 1 County bettered that. Middlesex with eight. No other County managed to match Somerset’s five. There would not therefore, in comparison with other Division 1 Counties, appear to be anything inherently wrong with our batting.

In the two second innings, although batting in worse conditions than either the Essex or Lancashire second innings, we clearly did not bat to our potential. It sounded from the Lancashire match commentary as if we batted like rabbits in the headlights sinking to inevitable defeat after Trescothick was out.

Why batted poorly in the second innings, having out-batted the opposition in the first, if our technique over a season compares favourably with all the other First Division Counties except perhaps Middlesex?

Firstly, I do not think we should underestimate the impact on those two matches and on the results of two of England’s four world class players, Anderson and Cook. Their return to their Counties is not like previous instances of internationals being made available to their County. They will be with their clubs for most of the first half of the season. Their presence will have been planned with a view to enhancing the whole side rather than disrupting it like an occasional return seems to. It may have succeeded.

Cook stopped Essex’s first innings, albeit helped by some poor Somerset bowling on the first evening, from being a total debacle and, albeit on a pitch that had died, provided the certainty and calm for his team which brooked no interference from Somerset’s persevering bowlers in the match winning second innings. Lancashire were able to fashion their attack around what sounded to be outstandingly controlling and testing spells from Anderson off which the other bowlers, McLaren in particular, fed. In the second innings Anderson’s dismissal of Trescothick after a monumental duel seems to have knocked the stuffing out of the Somerset batting albeit by then in more helpful bowling conditions. It was Lancashire’s first CC win in 14 matches. It was Anderson’s first match of a probable planned block of appearances this season. The two may not be unconnected.

It is not just the runs and wickets these players contribute. It is the confidence they instil in the rest of their team and the way in which the rest of the team can play around them. Look at Cook’s influence in the 50 over cup. The first half of the County Championship is different this year. Teams will not be denuded of Test players in the normal way for a while yet. I am sure Somerset made plans to try to deal with Cook and Anderson although how effective such ‘plans’ can be whichever team develops them I am not sure. I wonder though if any thought and preparation was given to dealing with teams invigorated and stiffened by their presence. Yorkshire have Root in a similar role. He has not performed yet. He will. The First Division will be tougher still this year and the pressure will be ever more relentless through the whole of each match and through the season. I wonder if that was factored into our preparation.

It is therefore possible that Somerset may be operating in a perfect cricketing storm this year. Time expired in the First Division. The relentless demands for immense levels of energy finally in danger of sapping away from the Club after ten years, the last four being especially gruelling years, culminating in just missing out on the title last year in an even more harrowing and perhaps energy sapping way than in 2010. And then facing First Division teams strengthened and energised by the meaningful return of battle hardened world class England players. Added to which there are now only six, not seven, places above the relegation zone. No other County has faced all of these factors at the same time in the history of the First Division.

In the light of all that does it mean Somerset will be relegated this year? Not necessarily. It does not happen every year. But it does in my view mean there needs to be some understanding of the size of the task the team faces and the context in which they face it. We are in almost uncharted First Division survival territory and facing a stronger headwind from teams strengthened and invigorated by current England world class players than any team has faced in recent years.

My point in writing this is twofold. Firstly, to try to highlight the almost unprecedented achievement of the Club in holding its First Division place for so long. Secondly, to try to highlight the size of the task the team faces this year. It is not in my view just about poor batting. There is much more to it.

All that said there are a number of positive indicators which give me hope that Somerset will overcome the weight of the history of this division and the additional factors which apply this year. Firstly, our batting has probably been better over the last year and in the first innings this year than it has been given credit for albeit folding under pressure in the second. Secondly, our bowling has been pretty unremitting and we have barely dropped a catch which tends to be a sign of good morale. Thirdly, Tom Abell’s batting may yet come good and we have players coming through if it does not; and Dean Elgar seems to provide just the sort of ballast our naturally attacking batting order needs. Fourthly, we do tend to have better late than early seasons. Fifthly, we have demonstrated greater resilience than any other team, except Durham, in the last two decades and may well show it again. Sixthly, Somerset are a team of surprises.

And finally, everything in this post above the penultimate paragraph may turn out to be just so much stuff and nonsense and if we beat Warwickshire and start to climb the table I assure you no-one will be more over the moon than me.

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Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Scrumper 18 May, 2017 23:58
I'm over the moon.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Tom Seymour 19 May, 2017 08:34
If any two players on the staff need to score runs in any form of cricket, its Trescothick and Tom Abell.

Yet yesterday, after virtually all of the first 2 days were washed out, Somerset Seconds batted against Kent at Taunton Vale. Both Trescothick and Abell were playing in that game but couldn't be bothered to get some batting practice it seems.

They deserve what they get.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Shepton Paul 2 19 May, 2017 10:11
Play started on time - Leach, Bess and vdM all playing, Trego opened the bowling. 😱

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
AG on apple 19 May, 2017 10:31
Three spinners so prob tried the Bunsen tactic but lost toss and so risk being hoist by our own petard, particularly with a chronically out of form batting line-up.

We shall probably need great things from Elgar and all three spinners if we are to prevail. Really hope Tom proves Maynard right but grounds for serious doubt about keeping him in the firing line, especially when we have guys like Mybs/Hose in decent form.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
AG on apple 19 May, 2017 10:35
We've faced plenty of England players before, FW, and we shall have to in the future. Most England players, especially batsmen, tend not to perform very well when in the county ranks anyway, IMO.

I think Jimmy A played a number of games for Lancs last season.

We lost to Essex, primarily because our batsmen made a total pig's ear of things twice (threw wkts away with poor shot selection first time up then gormless vs leg-theory in second) The fact that we took only one wicket in their second dig implies that a great many players would have been capable of knocking off the inadequate total that we left for Essex.

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Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
AG on apple 19 May, 2017 11:04
Well done, Jamie, a morale boosting beginning for him!

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
AG on apple 19 May, 2017 11:05
To add to the point about England players I believe that only Trott and Bell have tended to do well in CC1 in between tests etc

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Wickham 19 May, 2017 11:08
Great stuff from Jove. According to the radio commentators, both batsmen he bowled were beaten for pace.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
AG on apple 19 May, 2017 12:01
Good!!! Now we need Leachy to get into them this afternoon.

Also, of note, both balls full. There's usually nada for short in the vast majority of English decks and the more this message is re-inforced for Jamie, the better.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
AG on apple 19 May, 2017 13:54
Need to rip Trott out before very much longer. Good to see us keeping the door firmly closed on any possible thought of Bell coming back to fail England again.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
JuliaW 19 May, 2017 15:28
I decided to believe the Met Office this morning and not come to the game. It was clearly a good decision!

Hoping for better weather tomorrow ...

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Mike TA1 19 May, 2017 17:19
What a shame about the weather when the good cricket restarts.

The bowling was very good from both the Overton's and Jack Leach bowled very tightly and had a good shout for lbw turned down.

The day didn't start very good when Marcus Trescothick dropped a sitter, a bit of a surprise when Peter Trego opened the bowling and should have had the wicket of Ian Westwood when he was on six.

(Photo one) Luckily the drop was not too expensive when Jamie Overton beat Ian Westwood for pace and got an inside edge onto the stumps.

(Photo two) much to the delight of Jamie Overton and the fielders seeing Ian Westwood depart for the dressing room.

Jamie Overton wasn't finished yet when he beat the bat of Andrew Umeed with a fast well pitched-up ball.

Jamie Overton even troubled Jonathan Trott with his speed and bounce.

I haven't got a photo of Craig Overton's wicket because the slips were not in the shot.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
wsm fan 19 May, 2017 18:28
ECB now have a thunder directive!
No groundstaff allowed on field until 30mins after last clap of thunder is heard, now i have heard it all.

You can guarantee that doesnt apply to sky games, England games or any match with a full crowd.
The lengths they will go to try & kill county cricket is long.....
If such a directive is necessary why is the ground not evacuated? What about the numerous paying public sat in stands under umbrellas? Dispensible i guess.....

In todays scenario the thunder was way in distance with rain gone. Bonkers scene of bright dry weather & nobody allowed to clear up.....

One suggestion for next time, can i go on and make a start!? Nobody will be able to come and remove me for 30mins under the ECB thunder directive! Me &Tractor will have it all sorted by then anyway!
Me on the rope, tractor on the tractor!

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Sloop John B 19 May, 2017 18:35
If that directive isn't a joke then the ECB certainly is. Bl**dy ridiculous !!

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Cleavo 19 May, 2017 19:08
The ECB are clowns. What a stupid ruling! I appreciate the risks involved when thunder around, but today's scenario was a joke.

As WSM said the odd rumble of thunder was in the distance and the rain had long gone. Not a flash of lightning was in sight. The weather was bright and dry, but you know the rest not a member of the groundstaff in sight and all covers still on. We could have easily had another hours play before the deluge. However, it seems like the ECB will try anything to kill county cricket and ruin the spectator experience!

Anyone know if this is a new directive as this is the first I've heard of it?

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 19/05/2017 19:14 by Cleavo.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Grizzers 19 May, 2017 19:17
Thought we bowled well today in the limited time that was possible after the ECB's latest nonsense.

Jamie bowled aggressively, but with control and got good results. The same goes for Craig. Aside perhaps from his last over, Pete's opening spell was also on target & he was unlucky when Tres dropped a sitter, which fortunately did not prove to be costly. He redeemed himself when taking a good catch later.

Hope the spinners can do the goods for us, and that tomorrow brings better weather (albeit the latest forecast suggests a repeat of today). Personally, I blame Tractor for wearing shorts !

Annoyingly, 25 mins away just N of Exeter it's apparently been fine & sunny all day.

Our batting will have it's own questions to answer. The moreso with the likes of Adam Hose on the sidelines.


Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
wsm fan 19 May, 2017 19:52
Jamie was superb today, fast, aggressive, right on the spot. Only Wood or Plunkett in last few year's come close to him on that form.
Such an asset, just glad he is on our side!
Should make for a good discussion point at Clarences lunch tomorrow as he has long been a big fan!!!

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Farmer White 19 May, 2017 21:56
There were some wonderful sights today at the County Ground. Not least the Quantocks bathed in sunlight as the rain pummelled the outfield. The Quantocks were still visible in all their glory, at least the north-western end over the Trescothick Stand, even as the outfield resembled a green emmental and progressed towards a lake. As play was called off and the few still remaining in the covered stands departed their seats so those with long lenses were drawn to try to capture the spectacle.

The greatest sights of all though were reserved for the cricket. It is not often these days I see a batsman bowled by sheer pace in the County Championship. Today I saw it twice. Modern batsman seem to have developed their technique sufficiently to get the bat down in time even to dig out fast yorkers. Not today.

Westwood went first. As I saw it he tried to get his bat down to defend a fast, good length ball from Jamie Overton, but succeeded only in playing it on from just above or outside off with his bat still angled too far back towards the stumps. It is the sort of sight that makes the heart race. Not race quite as fast though as Umeed being yorked by Overton’s pace and losing his off stump. Mike’s photo shows the ball past the broken stumps with the bat yet to touch ground. A batsman being bowled by such pace is, in my view, the greatest sight in cricket. No six, however spectacular, can quite match it.

Ian Bell soon found himself in trouble against Overton who continued with the sort of pace and accuracy he is increasingly showing this season. Bell tried to cut a fast one that Overton got to lift. The edge cleared the slips for four but a millimetre or two less bat on it might have had a different outcome. Craig than replaced Jamie for his second spell and quickly got just the right amount of ball on Bell’s bat and Trescothick plucked the ball as it flashed by a yard above his head. The Overton’s were a sight to behold today. Joint figures of 16-3-43-3 and a number of the 43 were edged fours past attacking fields.

While the Overton gale was blowing from the Somerset Pavilion end Jack Leach quietly twirled away from Vic Marks’ old end and bowled a ball short of 9 overs for 9 runs. Not a lot of spin but not a lot of leeway either in which the batsmen might gather a few runs away from the Overtons’ attentions. The actual Vic Marks then emerged in the lunch interval to present Jack Leach with his cap. It reminded me of occasions when Marks and Garner bowled in close proximity to each other in an innings often with devastating results from one or the other. I must confess it had not occurred to me that Jack Leach had not received his cap last year. In the old days his performance on the final morning against Durham might well have resulted in his captain presenting it to him immediately on the field of play.

As to the rest Peter Trego opened opposite Craig Overton and ran in with enthusiasm and induced one or two thick edges. He also induced Westwood to edge chest high just to Trescothick’s right. The ball went into both hands and out again. Every cloud has a silver lining. The silver lining of that one was that it reserved Westwood for that devastating dismissal shortly afterwards which must have made one or two of the batsmen to come take note.

Dom Bess did not get it quite right and it cost him three crisp boundaries to Trott in his two overs. A test for the young man when he comes back tomorrow. His performances last season suggest he has the capacity. There will be a lot of people willing him on. Just a word on Abell. He switched his bowlers and field with precision which kept the pressure on Warwickshire and gave every impression of a captain at one with his captaincy. 93-3 at less than 3 an over with attacking fields and a relatively short boundary in front of the Somerset Stand against a lost toss suggests Somerset came out ahead today.

The day ended in the 33rd over with spectacular rain. It had started with Somerset putting their trust in an ambitious attacking team selection. If the judgement was that the wicket would take spin sufficiently to select Leach and Bess I might have been more conservative and had Allenby at seven rather than van de Merwe. It is easy though to make judgements and question decisions when you do not have to carry the responsibility for them and fortune may favour the brave. It should. What is for certain the bowlers today repaid the trust.

And finally the silver lining in today’s rain clouds may be that the Overtons will come back very refreshed tomorrow.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Clarence Parker 19 May, 2017 22:42
Glad to hear that Jamie Overton bowled well today - it must have been a red letter day. The test is, how often will he do so? There is another day tomorrow, and in case Mark Overton did not get the message, I am not a fan of Jamie as yet.

And you wsm fan are not invited to have lunch with me tomorrow. I hope you enjoy yours, as much as I will mine, even though it will be miles away from the County Ground.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
AG on apple 20 May, 2017 00:07
Personally, i thrilled that JO did so well today and the more so because he won by pitching it up..

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
wsm fan 20 May, 2017 06:54
Pitching it up isn't the sole way to get wickets.
I agree & Jamie himself says he has learnt to gain better control but to me his huge assets is his ability to be different.
We have line & length bowlers.
What Jamie offers is raw pace unlike almost anything else in the country.
It needs directing & thought not just aimless short thunderbolts but yesterday was perfect.
90mph fast and straight. Westwood was late on 1 hook then beaten for pace by a shortish ball and played on.
Bell was beaten for pace outside off 1st ball, wild flashy edge over slips the next.
I fully agree he looks needs to hone that control but the short stuff used properly is as important.
Ask Westwood if he wants 90mph on a length outside off or 90mph at his chest!

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Tom Seymour 20 May, 2017 07:12
A few hours to go yet but does anyone in the district know if it is likely that play will start on time today?

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Farmer White 20 May, 2017 07:41

Regarding the issues which you raised above arising from my post which started this thread I think the facts below are interesting.

Anderson played four CC matches for Lancashire in 2016. Lancashire won two of them against Nottinghamshire, immediately after Nottinghamshire had won their first match, and Hampshire early in the season. It is possible those two results played a key part in Lancashire ultimately avoiding relegation. By comparison they won only one of the 12 matches in which Anderson did not play. They made Somerset follow on in the third match in which Anderson played (drawn when Somerset batted out on the usual fourth day flat pitch at Taunton) and lost the fourth against Durham by two wickets after Anderson was withdrawn, presumably by England, and was replaced for the two second innings of the match and did not therefore bowl in the second Durham innings. Anderson, albeit over only 3.5 games and with 15 wickets, topped Lancashire's bowling averages with 20.46.

Against Essex in the first innings of the CC this year batting in similarly difficult conditions for both teams mostly on the first day Somerset scored 209. Essex scored 129. Cook 52. Somerset’s second innings was of course a different matter.

For Essex in the Championship this year Cook has scored 327 runs with two centuries and one fifty in five innings at 81.75. Better than any other Essex player only three of whom including Cook average above 23. Last year he played 7 CC matches for Essex, averaged 91.85 (27 above the second place batsman) and Essex won the Second Division Championship.


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Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Farmer White 20 May, 2017 08:06

I can only tell you what I can see at the moment from seven or so miles west of the ground. There is a covering of thickish, lightish grey cloud heading east quite quickly. There is a cool westerly that feels to me slightly damp. I have no knowledge of ground conditions after yesterday's deluge. It was a glorious sunny evening here. My, long, lawn is slightly wet.

My guess is the choice before both of us is between staying at home and missing the start and going to the ground and watching the rain. 'Twas ever thus on mornings such as this.

For what it is worth, which is not much I am afraid, I will be going. With my umbrella.


Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Mike TA1 20 May, 2017 08:09
To answer Tom's question about start of play, I wouldn't like to say at this moment in time, the covers are still on the square and it looks like there is rain in the air.

Going back to this new ECB ruling on thunder and lightening, there was thunder about before the player went off, that didn't stop the groundsmen putting all the covers on the square first.

And this new ruling will also delay the restart of the match, yesterday when it had stopped raining normally the ground staff would be out there removing the water off of the sheets to save time when they are given the ok to remove the sheets.

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
AG on apple 20 May, 2017 08:49
WSM - Jamie himself said that he's improved precisely because he's pitching it up much more often.

He said Chris Rogers told him to do it. I assume that Rogers is somebody that Jamie respected enough to listen to.

I say this with the assumption that EVERY person involved with Jamie had previously told him the same thing but, perhaps, not been listened to. If the likes of Nosworthy, Maynard and Trescothick hadn't been telling Jamie the same thing that Rogers went on to tell him then words fail me, quite frankly.

As for Mr Westwood, what he might prefer and what would be most likely to dismiss him may not be one and the same.

The odd back of a length ball is fine. The bouncer generally doesn't work very well because he tends to bowl it too short and short generally only works if the ball arrives at chest/throat height (unless, perhaps, the batsman is a compulsive hooker in which case he might attempt a wild out of control hook shot from above his head). In general, I believe that shorter/skiddier bowlers tend to bowl far more effective bouncers - for example Malcolm Marshall/Shaun Pollock (not that Pollock is short but he is compared to JO)

Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Grizzers 20 May, 2017 08:55
One of the encouraging things about JO, is that he has genuine pace, which can trouble batsmen on even the most benign wickets.

He also has the ability to learn and engender better control, which will surely benefit him more as a few more years pass.

In some ways, he reminds me of AvT, but of course, in his case, the control was never there, and was never going to be.


Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Grockle 20 May, 2017 09:47
Jamie had an excellent encounter in the last game with Ravi Bopara. There were a couple of overs of batsman trying to push on against bowler giving him enough leash to hang himself. The intelligence with which Jamie bowled was too much for the ex-English one day batsman. He had him flashing at things he shouldn't have touched and jumping out of the way with his feet on full length deliveries or trying to pull decent bouncers or manoeuvring around slower or slightly different line surprise balls.

In the end Ravi slashed and departed. A much more mature Jamie won the battle - more of that please.

Just in case Mark O isn't aware. I quite like the idea of his son Jamie and will give him credit where it is due and hope for the more of the same next game. He has very little to prove to me - his job is to prove his value to himself and do the best for the team. Not expecting him to fail Mark and taking each game as it comes.

If he's good then let's say so and if he isn't lets debate in a constructive manner how he can improve rather than taking that individually as some kind of victory for ourselves perhaps posting as if our own personal approval is necessary to Jamie in some way.


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Re: Battle rejoined against Warwickshire
Grockle 20 May, 2017 10:10
Tom Seymour
If any two players on the staff need to score runs in any form of cricket, its Trescothick and Tom Abell....They deserve what they get.

Well none of us know the actual facts of yesterday but you're last sentence is probably correct for any professional batsman who makes decisions about their preparation for matches.

If they do poorly then I am sure this will be brought up again. But what if they actually do improve their form Tom without taking advantage of your alleged advantages of yesterday?

Can't wait for the praise that comes should that be the case or will it just be..... "well that's what they should do?"

Anyone want to take bets in advance on the response to Marcus and Tom A making positive steps forward against Warwickshire from Mr Seymour?


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