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Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Tumbles 07 August, 2017 15:40
Well batted these two

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
AGod 07 August, 2017 15:41
He's on the comms (Mybs is)

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Grizzers 07 August, 2017 15:51
I'm enjoying eating a lovely slice of Humble Pie re Tom Abell.

Hoping there is plenty more to come.....


Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
AGod 07 August, 2017 15:54
Yes, we need these two to bat for a very long time as it seems evident that the track is fairly dead.

Need to hope for full batting bonus points ... and that the track then falls apart on days 3 and 4 (which will be days 6 and 7 for this particular track).

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Rod1883 07 August, 2017 16:11
Does seem a very odd choice then, when we need to win, to play on an old pitch when pitches do less and less as they get older?

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Grockle 07 August, 2017 16:14
So this pitch has had nothing done to it since then - it was suggested that they probably played on it last year as well so it may be a Day 250 pitch? The discussion with a Somerset spinner earlier suggested it was expected to take spin on Day 3 or 4

Rain is pretty heavy now and the covers are going on. We've been lucky up to now. It may have ended.


Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
AGod 07 August, 2017 16:24
Well, let us fervently hope that the "Somerset spinner," whoever he may be was spot on.

A shame for Tom and Steve that they will, probably, have to start again tomorrow morning.

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Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Grizzers 07 August, 2017 16:53
Q & A session with MM has been brought forward to 5pm (heard it on the PA, as the Radio mic. has been left on !).

Any feedback from this would be most welcome from anyone who attends.


Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Grockle 07 August, 2017 17:05
The 'radio mic' effect wasn't that it had been left on. They had a problem with the PA and had a look at it in order to make sure the announcement was made. Seen a few walking over so any comments would be very much appreciated. Especially by those who had those bursting questions to ask about conspiracies, misinformation etc. Good opportunity to nail them down.

The pitch will have another inspection at 5:20 after a deluge. The outfield is very wet so it is highly likely that the match will be abandoned for the day.


Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
cricketjerry-mouse 07 August, 2017 17:14
Fast bowler Stuart Meaker must be wondering what he has done to upset the Surrey hierarchy at Taunton this weekend.

Yesterday, when Surrey failed to accelerate towards the end of their innings and were then in desperate need of wickets as Somerset won with almost a full over to spare, he neither batted nor bowled.

Then today, as if itching to go, he claimed Marcus in his very first over, yet was only granted 11 more by Batty out of the 64 Surrey have bowled to date.

Good day for the Davies clan, though. While our Steven was scoring 68 not out, young Alex Davies at Lancashire contributed 97 to an opening partnership of 129 against Hampshire. Irony or ironies, Alex Davies is also keeping wicket although Jos Buttler is in the side - and has been doing so in the championship for some time.

Jos, who surely has no chance at the moment of replacing Bairstow in the England Test side, must be almost as upset as the more vocal of the Lancashire supporters are at his very mixed batting form of late. Will he still be at Old Trafford next season?

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
mikeindex 07 August, 2017 17:16
Damn, I left the ground assuming there would be no further play and not wanting to hang around two hours with a computer with a flat battery. If I'd known the Q&A session was rescheduled I'd have stayed.
In common, I'm sure, with everyone here (who isn't going to be there in person) I'd be very interested to know what transpires.
Outstanding and very sensibly paced innings from Tom today, against some very testing bowling early on - though Meaker bowled less well in his second spell and neither of the much-vaunted Currans were impressive. Interesting little spell from Borthwick riddled with horrible long-hops and full-tosses, but unexpectedly threatening when he got it in the right place (I think Tom had trouble picking his googly).
Eddie (till an unfortunate rush of blood) and Steve D also batted very well. Eddie does need to work on this unfortunate habit of getting out between 40 and 43.
Pitch seemed fairly slow with no great turn. I think Clarke's having the best figures were down to his being the best bowler on the day rather than the wicket suiting him.
(Edited to overrule idiot autocorrect).

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Re: Welcome to 'Surrey Week'
mikeindex 07 August, 2017 17:19
I don't particularly remember Clarke doing well. Chopra for Warks, yes. Clarke? Not particularly.
2013, playing out time with the assistance of Ollie Hannon-Dalby and Nick Cook?
Last year, nearly taking them home in a 9th-wicket stand with Chris Wright just after you'd posted "Patel out, game over"?

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
AGod 07 August, 2017 19:13
2016: 74 runs in the match, 3 wkts - not bad

2015: 5 runs in the match, 3 wkts - mediocre at best.

2014: 125 runs, but zero wkts

2013: 92 runs, but zero wkts

2012: 6 runs, 2 wkts

So, before today, he had had some success with the bat on 3/5 occasions, although nothing earth-shattering and had been a virtual non-factor with the ball, at least over the previous five meetings. Certainly today would appear to be his most effective effort with the ball in recent times.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
AGod 07 August, 2017 19:15
Buttler may have given up on any Test hopes, in which case he might not really give a fig about Davies keeping wicket, CJM.

I doubt Bayliss cares very much whether Jos keeps for Lancs - let's face it, even if he were to lose the one-day gloves to Bairstow, Jos would still be likely to be a shoo-in for a place as a batsman anyway.

I'd imagine Jos will be happy enough so long as he keeps playing ODIs and being allowed to go off to the IPL.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Tom Seymour 07 August, 2017 19:22
Good batting from Tom Abell and Steve Davies today. Thought the ball tended to keep low at times. A good knock too from Ed Byrom until a rush of blood brought about his downfall.

Marcus Trescothick out to a poor shot, a man of his experience should know better. Is he still motivated enough to succeed?

All told, a good day for the Cidermen.

When Davies reached his 50, he received generous applause from his old Surrey team mates, but when Tom Abell reached his, no Somerset players were evident on the balcony to applaud their captain. Speaks volumes for the club at present.

Saw Mickey Stewart and a few former Surrey players there today along with Richard Gould.

Rumours rife that Pete Trego has already left the club, but I see from the club's website that he is playing in our Seconds today.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Wickham 07 August, 2017 19:43
I agree with everything in mikeindex's report.

Trescothick batted well until a ball from Meaker nipped away and caught the edge.

Some of Byrom's shots were reminiscent of Trescothick. A pity that he danced down the wicket and yorked himself immediately after lunch.

Abell batted as well as I have seen him play. I recall only a couple of false shots. I thought that he constructed his innings particularly well - he didn't chase runs, but waited for a bad ball and put it away. Steve Davies also played admirably.

It was pleasing that the numerous puerile shouts from the Surrey fielders (including numerous screech of "Rikki" and - aimed at Batty - "Come on g-string") came to a stop as the Abell/Davies partnership progressed.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
AGod 07 August, 2017 19:55
I'm very surprised to read that, Tom S, re: Tom A's 50.

Myburgh, on commentary, was very clear that there'd be an eruption from the SCCC balcony, should Tom A get his ton.

I have to say that whilst there are lots of rumours and so forth, the way the team is competing does not suggest that morale is low.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
mikeindex 07 August, 2017 20:03
@AG I think for some of us the memory of two massively impactful, game-changing (in one case, in the other nearly so) innings outweighs the cold statistical overview.
Well said, though, as regards the apparent competitive spirit.
(Edited for additional point-making)

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Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
mikeindex 07 August, 2017 20:05
I couldn't say what the reaction from the Somerset balcony was to Tom's 50 as I, like most spectators, was looking at Tom in the middle and applauding.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
cricketharris 07 August, 2017 20:10
How sweet that 6 must have felt for Davies off the bowling of Batty especially accompanied by a few lesser boundries. Excellent second session today.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
wsm fan 07 August, 2017 20:19
Tom. That is factual nonsense and terribly innacurate and misleading.
Every single player was out on the balcony clapping and 2 or 3 down on bench by caddy shack.
Matt confirmed such when asked at Q+A as did one of the players i spoke to after. Plus i could see several from my spot low down in the CA pavilion.

Where were you sat to not be able to see such?

The players are right behind Tom and if he gets another 12 in the morning you'll be able to hear the players cheering him from Taunton high street!

The morale appears fine to me. We have a top group of players young and old fighting for each other.
To suggest otberwise again is nonsense.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
nelliec 07 August, 2017 20:25
Any meaningful news come out of the Q and A session WSM

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Farmer White 07 August, 2017 21:11
Trying desperately to remember Q&A. Pretty low key I thought.

GL/MM stated at the start the club are going through their annual cycle over contracts:

1) July - speak to players who's contracts are up and give them an indication of how they may stand but nothing definitive.
2) End August or thereabouts decide on contracts.
3) Around the end of the year tie up contracts of those who have contracts expiring in 2018.

This process takes place every year and this year's is no different.

Adam Hose and Daz Veness left the club entirely by their own decision.

Whilst the club is commited to competing in all competitions the club priority is the CC - staying in the First Division and winning it.

A significant slice of this year's profit will come from the T20 International.

The club remains and intends to remain one of the top three or four in terms of cash spent on player's salaries.

The club spends a higher proportion of its income on cricket than any other county.

In terms of keeping our best young players the club prioritises being a first tier club, having the best possible facilities etc

Floodlights money in place with the intention of installing in 2018-19 winter. 2017-18 winter will be used to do some current facilities 'housekeeping' because of the effort put into new developments in recent years.

There was a question at the end about 'problems' within the team and lack of applause for Tom Abell's 50. 'Problems' were firmly denied and MM seemed genuinely surprised at the point about players not applauding TA.

That is as far as my memory will stretch. Others may have things to add or may have remembered things differently (I didn't take notes and this comes from a deep trawl of a weary mind).

Guy Lavender leaves his post on Friday.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
cricketjerry-mouse 07 August, 2017 21:11
Peter Trego not only playing for the Seconds at Taunton Vale today, Tom S, but captaining them. So perhaps the rumours are in the same category as the description of the Somerset players` balcony when Tom A reached his 50.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Roger ivanhoe 07 August, 2017 21:21

The various rumours floating around were rubbished off.
Did confirm that four players are out of contract in September [including Marcus]
The club will report a record profits this year.
MM when asked of the lightlyhood of Jamie O being available for selection this season, did say he was making progress but did not think it likely he would be available.
Overseas player for next year likely to be a top three batter.
Likely change to pre season build up, seems South Africa is possible option.
Guy Lavender leaves on Friday, but will be watching as a member on Saturday.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Mike TA1 07 August, 2017 21:26
The bit I remember about Lewis Gregory was that injection he had on his back to kill the pain didn't last has long as they would have liked, he is now in pain again.

I think what was said about the finance side was the International match profit amounts to half of our normal profit. (if I remembered correctly). So will that be 200k/300k on top of our normal profit for this year, it will be our biggest ever for the club, could it be 800k this year?

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Farmer White 07 August, 2017 21:26
For anyone wondering if Roger Ivanhoe and I were at the same meeting I can confirm, having read his post, we were. I hope if he reads my post he can confirm the same! Told you I was tired.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Cleavo 07 August, 2017 21:43
I was also at the Q&A Nelliec. A few points of interest.

Guy Lavender's last day as CEO this Friday with Lee Cooper taking over from Saturday.

Update on Fakhar Zahman: Still awaiting visa clearance. Maynard has spoken with both Pakistan Cricket Board and Fakhar's agent today. Hoping to have news at close of play tomorrow and remains confident he would be available for last 3 T20 games and remaining 5 CC games. This would suggest visa clearance should be sorted very soon.

On the rumours regarding players futures whose contracts run out at the end of this season Guy Lavender forcefully said he's seen a lot of rumours and said not to believe all of them. Therefore, purely speculation at this time until club officially confirm position of out of contract players. There was no mention of Allenby's radio interview surprisingly. Make of that what you will. Interview suggests he has made it clear he's off. All those out of contract at end of season have had discussions last month as to where future lies, but no firm decisions made. Main priorities currently retaining division 1 status in CC and T20. Maynard did say he would like all contract issues resolved by Christmas. Daz Veness departure at end of season also mentioned and Maynard said was personal decision.

Regarding plans for overseas signing for next season one of the questions raised Maynard said we would be looking to sign top 3 batter and acknowledged not everything rosy currently. Also, admitted he had made mistakes, but wouldn't go into detail as to what those mistakes were. A little bit of a cop out answer to this question from him here. He then went onto say important to learn from these mistakes rather than continue to make the same ones, so can improve as a coach.

Question raised on pre season and whether not being challenged enough was part of reasoning for slow start. Maynard confirmed they were not challenged enough and would be going somewhere different for a pre season tour next year rather than Desert Springs.

Other points of note were:

Question raised on Jamie Overton's injury. Maynard said he's back running, will be going for another scan shortly. Best case scenario is he would be available for last 3 CC games, but also planning for worst.

I raised a question on Lewis Gregory and whether he would be available for rest of T20 campaign. Maynard said Lewis playing through pain barrier and injections have worn off. Hoping he can play through pain for T20s, but would not be available to play red ball cricket again for the rest of this season as confirmed on website yesterday.

Lots of other questions were raised, but these were the main points of interest.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
nelliec 07 August, 2017 21:58
Thanks for the updates.Regarding the plan for floodlights the winter after next,was there any mention of a permanent stand ,in stead of the temp stand,which they never seem to want to open up most of the time.

Re: 'Surrey Week' T20 onto CC1
Railboy 07 August, 2017 21:58
Differing opinions, even bizarre and unreasonable ones are the lifeblood of a forum like this. But outright lies designed to undermine the club and in particular the players (ref players disrespecting the captain's innings) should not be tolerated and the perpetrator should be banned

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