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Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Discussion started by DeanSwift , 04 September, 2017 10:04
Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
DeanSwift 04 September, 2017 10:04
Looks like Tuesday morning and all day Friday will be washed out.

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Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
AGod 04 September, 2017 10:09
Edgbaston one of the wettest grounds in England so always a strong chance of same.

It's no good anyone whining about the weather. If you bat like peasants all season then you will leave yourselves in a position where a couple of days of rain might make the difference between relegation or not. But, make no mistake, we're not going down because of the weather. We're going down because of our 'batsmen.'

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Nailsea_Fizz 04 September, 2017 10:38
Ha ha, get the counter argument in before anyone raises an issue.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
AGod 04 September, 2017 11:12
Well, I know how these arguments tend to run in terms of folks bemoaning 'our luck.' If we go down (and, as Mr Maynard suggested there was nothing about our batting at Essex which suggested that we're about to rally ourselves) then we'll be going down based on our overall performance (or lack thereof).

We even managed to get outplayed in the home game vs Warks so we cannot even make a serious argument that 'but for the weather Warks are ''surely,'' a team we would have beaten.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
AGod 04 September, 2017 11:22
Having said that, I have now looked at some forecasts myself and they don't seem all that bad to me. If they are actually accurate then there's a very strong chance that there will be enough play in this match to get a result.

I assume that Warks will attempt to prepare some form of result pitch - perhaps even dry turner for Jeetan Patel?

If they prepare something very green then they will know that they would have to bat first on it - they might take that gamble anyway, I guess?

With the way that both SCCC and WCCC bat, then three days or so of playing time ought to be enough to produce a result...

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
DeanSwift 04 September, 2017 12:53
Wasn't whining, just said it looked wet!

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Roger ivanhoe 04 September, 2017 13:18
Well that's the weather, Match, and Season sorted..... now next Season might be our year.

Oh hang on we have got to sort the squad out for next year first.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Wickham 04 September, 2017 15:05
Per the official site:

Tom Abell (c), Marcus Trescothick, Eddie Byrom, George Bartlett, James Hildreth, Steve Davies (wk), Peter Trego, Craig Overton, Dom Bess, Jack Leach, Josh Davey, Paul van Meekeren, Tim Groenewald

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Grizzzly 04 September, 2017 15:30
Well, that puts to bed any chance of JM being selected then.

In the absence of any 'official' comment,I wonder what the rationale is here.

Injured (thought he said he was ok), not considered as moving on/retiring (surely use your best resources whilst they are still here ?), or not believed good enough in the four day format (with the rest of the team having a batting average no more than the high 20's, he doesn't have much to beat !) ?

All very mysterious.

No comment also re Jove's recovery (or lack of) from injury & who has now missed large chunks of both last season and this one with back problems. Not encouraging for him or the Club.

Ah well, let's hope we can summon up some spirit tomorrow, particularly with the bat.

It would be refreshing indeed to see us 350-4 at close of play tomorrow.


Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
DeanSwift 04 September, 2017 15:35
Personally I would prefer to get an update from the club on the latest injury situation with Jamie Overton and Lewis Gregory rather than hear the commercial office is closed for staff training.

Possibly the four most important games in our history coming up and we are without two of our best bowlers.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
AGod 04 September, 2017 15:39
If there is a change from last time out viz the batting it will involve Tom Abell batting at three and the introduction of either Trego or Bartlett at number six. A pretty bleak situation for GB to potentially come into.

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Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Clarence Parker 04 September, 2017 17:39
Jamie Overton will be out for rest of this season according to Richard Latham (a well known figure in the Taunton Press Box) and as reported in yesterday's 'Sunday Independent.'

Lewis Gregory, the column also says, is "booked in for back surgery" in a weeks time.

It is a shame that the club feels unable to notify the public on such matters.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Scrumper 04 September, 2017 17:44
I thought the Sunday Independent was no more.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Mike TA1 04 September, 2017 17:49
A businessman in Cornwall stepped in to take over the Sunday Independent.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Grizzzly 04 September, 2017 17:49
Thanks CP.

I thought the Club had announced previously that LG was out for the rest of the season for back surgery. Wasn't aware that JO was also out though.

As for the Sunday Independent, is this the same 'publication' ?:


(No mention of Jove though).


Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Sloop John B 04 September, 2017 18:09
Yes Grizzz.

And due to grow larger next Sunday with more news and features.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Grockle 04 September, 2017 18:16
Lewis was officially written out of these games before the end of the T20 season. Jamie stated that he hoped to be about for the last three games but I can't remember any official statement other than that interview comment.

The JM comment Grizzz comes from the start of last month. I don't think there has been any comment other than that.

Then again I'm not sure that anyone has asked the questions as it seems the cricket season ended on Saturday as far as most are concerned or is it just me?


Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Somerset LaLaLa 04 September, 2017 18:48
This time last year, Somerset scored 95 in the 1st innings against Warwickshire. Our batters were very poor on a pitch that was just about ok.

At the start of day 3 it was all over.

Looking back at the scorecard 7 of the team then are in the squad for tomorrow. Jack and Dom took 16 wickets between them, Craig didn't play.

Somerset won. Believe

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
AGod 04 September, 2017 18:48
I'm 95% sure that MM had also said that they were hoping to get JO back for the final 2 or 3 games.

Anyway, it's not to be and said fact counts as no great surprise, I'm afraid.

Again, we could claim bad luck with these bowling injuries but then, had we batted properly in the first half of the season, we could have put wins on the board when those two were still fit.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Tom Seymour 04 September, 2017 18:50
I used to play the odd game of cricket for a scratch team called the Old Crocks, but these blokes on our payroll are Young Crocks.

J Overton missed half of last season (if not more) with a back injury and it is the same this year and probably will be the next year as well. If any player old or young can not consistently remain fit for the demands of a full cricket season, then he should be released on health grounds.

IMO Jamie Overton has flattered to deceive because in six seasons since his debut he has taken just over 100 first class wickets at an average of practically 35 runs each. It is nothing to write home about, and we have seen in the past young seamers (Joe Tucker, James Burke, Adam Dibble etc) who have fallen by the wayside in exactly the same way.

Lewis Gregory has achieved more and I would like to see him given the benefit of the doubt. Despite many strange decisions in the past by Somerset, they are a professional club and above all else a business. No business can afford to run with employees who regularly don't turn up for work because of illness or injury as in this case.

If they can't keep fit, get somebody else in.

Hard but true.

P.S. No thankyou Mark Overton in case you were going to issue one of your invitations.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Ronniesabre 04 September, 2017 19:16
MM just opens his mouth and anything comes out . He was trying to convince a member at the recent Q & A that he thought abell deserved a shot a shot at it.(t20) Then he dropped him
-and put tregs back in . Makes it up as he goes along if you ask me !!

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Ronniesabre 04 September, 2017 19:17
Best of luck to young Bartlett tomorrow . IMO he should have had that chance before rouse !!!

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Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
wsm fan 04 September, 2017 22:17
So Tom.....
We are releasing Jamie & maybe Lewis?
Jim going. Tregs rarely bowls when selected. Davey out of favour and Sale & Green both have injury issues so we are getting rid of those too?
I imagine nobody is more frustrated than Jamie & Lewis they arent on the feild but fast bowlers get injuries.
Both are still young and learning how to manage their bodies.
Fast bowlers dont grow on trees.
We need to support & work with what we have as we arent signing 3 or 4 quality seamers over the winter i'd be pretty confident to predict.....

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Grockle 04 September, 2017 23:18
I think Joe Tucker did his ankle or even his toe Tom.

As far as I know Burke was playing this season and Adam Dibble didn't make the grade at all did he?

None of them really hurt our payroll cos they packed it in or moved on after minor ripples. Sorry about Tucks.... decent player and lad.

Thanks for your opinion that some of our bowlers are young crocks in your opinion. Club seems to disagree or thinks it can change that aspect...and we move on


Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Grockle 04 September, 2017 23:20
Did what MM do work at all then Ron. You know putting Tregs back in and all that?


Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
mikeindex 04 September, 2017 23:43
I've never understood why a player getting more than his fair share of injuries is considered worthy of criticism rather than sympathy - Carl Rackemann once plaintively remarked, "I'm not injury-prone, I'm injury-plagued".
Still, once Tom has had his way and we've got rid of everyone on the current staff, we will at least be saving on the wages bill.

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Grizzzly 05 September, 2017 00:57
I guess Richard Johnson's career was also plagued by injury, but he managed some terrific match winning performances along the way.

Let's also not forget that a certain A Caddick missed the best part of a couple of seasons in the early 1990's with shin problems & came back to do great things for us.

Sincerely hope that Jove can get back on the field, as it must be immensely dispiriting for him to have to cope with his back issues.


Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Ronniesabre 05 September, 2017 06:11
Did what MM do work at all then Ron. You know putting Tregs back in and all that?

Well not the Glamorgan game but after that yes. It was the fact he was arguing that abell should be in the t20 team and given a shot at it only to drop him straight back out without really getting a hit. He was quite clear in his view .

Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Grizzzly 05 September, 2017 18:02
I would think we would be pretty happy with 203-4 after day one, particularly as there seems to be plenty of spin around. Hopefully Jack & Dom can do their stuff over the next three days.

Meantime, a decent batting performance by the looks of it. Shame EB got out to a reverse sweep whilst well set, but nontheless, a batting point in the bag & six wickets remaining is hopefully a good base on which to move forward tomorrow.

(Edited to correctly identify EB !)


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Re: Warwickshire v Somerset CC1
Nailsea_Fizz 05 September, 2017 18:24
One post on the cricket, we must have had a reasonable dat

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