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So here's a bit of Clarity
Discussion started by , 05 September, 2017 13:27
So here's a bit of Clarity 05 September, 2017 13:27
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Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Tom Seymour 05 September, 2017 17:17
Clarity? Not much.

When our future in the CC for 2018 is set in stone, I suspect that there may well be other announcements forthcoming from the club.

Are there other players whose contracts are up this year and who have neither been offered new ones nor been sent on their way?

We need a fresh start and IMO still have too much baggage on the books.


Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
chunkyinargyll 05 September, 2017 17:29
Surprised there is no news one way or the other on Josh Davey.

No new deal yet, but release not announced (yet) either.

Maybe keep the poor bloke hanging in mid air a little while longer. If one or two bowlers get injured he might still be needed, so I suppose he'll have to wait a few more weeks before learning his fate.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Grockle 05 September, 2017 18:16
And he may be playing a waiting game himself Chunky.

He has a semi decent white ball rep as a minor international and could be one waiting for a definitive position regarding Somerset in the CC.

You keep mentioning this baggage Tom.

But as those you defined earlier - Marcus, the Overton's Lewis(?) seems to have been confirmed I'm not sure who you are on about.

Are some of the caretaking staff not doing their job properly? Stewards?

Or are they going to be the playing staff because you've sacked everyone else?

When has this 'all out sack the bloody lot of 'em' policy

1) been used before or 2) worked

I can't even start to bother to ask about where the replacements are going to come from or how that is going to solve absolutely anything. No point really. You have no solutions just irrational and unrealistic demands that take us nowhere.


Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
AGod 05 September, 2017 18:29
I have no idea what resources, if any, will be available for recruitment over the winter but it's pretty obvious that reinforcements are required and all the more so should we somehow save ourselves.

Most obviously the top three must be addressed...and part of that will involve making a decision on Tom Abell - is he a top three player or a number five? If he's going to stay at five then we shall have only the extremely old and the extremely inexperienced as candidates to bat in the top three as things stand (Tresco, Eddie, Rouse, Bartlett).

It will probably also be obvious that more depth is needed in the pace bowling department as all of LG, JO and youngsters Sale and Green are very injury prone. Probably, bringing in an extra experienced seamer would be a good move.

No doubt we'll try to sign an overseas top three batsman but I feel that two new recruits will be needed there if Abell is going to stay at five.

So I make that three new recruits needed for red ball cricket.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Roger ivanhoe 05 September, 2017 19:13
Johann Myburgh as Cricket Professional at Farmington College in Suffolk, he will also be coaching Rugby and Golf.

So will not leave much time for playing for Somerset, unless the College is prepared to give him the summer of 2018 off.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Ronniesabre 05 September, 2017 19:17
Typical remark . All bluster and slagging and nothing to offer . And thinks he's " the man" hahahaha

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Grockle 05 September, 2017 20:06
Suffolk isn't just up the road. Is this the job he has been doing part-time this year Roger?

If so they did give him time off but I think the decision was to make it long term and permanent (though I don't know where the authority for that came from now).

I don't think Johann will be about for us next year personally but until someone confirms it you can never be sure I suppose and he is about now which seems a little strange if he is planning to go East.


Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
deanjones 05 September, 2017 20:34
interesting to see the 3 players released are 3 players maynard signed !! one has to ask is he a good judge of a player here? what I can see he has taken the club backwards I don't believe the team or fans really support him, giving him a extended contract was a big mistake by a committee who were taken in by a run of results at the end of the last season when the spinners ruled at taunton. not able to sign a overseas player bs!! if you want to save the club get him out !! relegation if it happens ( it will ) should be his cue to resign. the local jones boy

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Ronniesabre 05 September, 2017 20:46
Omg!!! Yes sir!!

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Roger ivanhoe 05 September, 2017 21:08
Not really sure Grockle, here is the link to the announcement.

See Here

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Angell Face 06 September, 2017 08:04
Looks like a full time job to me. He's served us well in his time here.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Shepton Paul 2 06 September, 2017 08:26
That's dated September 2016, and isn't really clear on any availability to SCCC past, present or future.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
AGod 06 September, 2017 09:46
Is this the type of college that operates a university type timetable? If so, there'd be a long summer holiday and it would, presumably, be up to Mybs how he opted to spend such holiday. I think the university holidays are a good three months or so, if I remember rightly?

On the other hand, if it's a boarding college where the poor inmates are there all year, then he may get no such break.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
chunkyinargyll 06 September, 2017 09:50
Sport coaching is not an academic subject (says he stating the bloomin' obvious) so I wouldn't think there would be any great problem in Myburgh missing the first couple of weeks of term.

Maybe Maynard will have to pay £100 fine, or whatever it is if you take your kids on holiday during term time.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
barndoorio 06 September, 2017 10:09
What's the 'doors closing' bit on Ryan Davies? He seemed to be pretty impressive with the gloves last year, and was starting to show real promise with the bat.

Has his 2nd XI form been poor?

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
AGod 06 September, 2017 10:16
I doubt he settled in the area. I don't think he was helped by Mr Maynard's absolutely daft 'guarantee,' to him of a first-team place when first he joined Somerset. This cannot possibly have impressed the rest of the squad (the issuing of such a guarantee). Not RD's fault, of course.

He was signed, in lieu of Michael Bates, on the basis that Bates's batting hadn't been good enough and yet Davies had very little experience and in very limited appearances had managed to average all of six for Kent in Div Two (!). I think this also put his batting under premature pressure (way before it had developed to the point where it could withstand the pressure) and Maynard also batted him far too high in the line-up, which was an exercise in nothing more than wishful thinking, on MM's part (Matthew batted him where he hoped he would be capable of batting, rather than in a position that we he was capable of batting in).

So I feel a bit sorry for the guy as I thought he was a strange signing at the time and then I think he was managed in such a way that put extra pressure on him.

The signing of Steven Davies was, I think, a tacit admission on the part of Mr Maynard that he had got this wrong. I never bought the idea that would RD would still be 'one for the future,' after we had signed SD as SD probably has a good 7-8 years left in him.

I wish RD well in his future.

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 06/09/2017 10:24 by AGod.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
barndoorio 06 September, 2017 10:33
Time for Tom to start hitting out I suspect, he's played a valuable knock for sure here, which on paper(monitor) looks like a real step forward from earlier in season.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Grockle 06 September, 2017 11:24
Three years in and shock horror 3 players leaving were signed while DoC was here!!.

One after 3 years - did anyone expect much more from Jim whatever his level of performance was going to be?

One as a fringe player and possible T20 specialist. Dom comes through (in the same time as DoC has been here?) may have had an effect plus out T20 performances.

Third player requests to leave - not sure he would have been released? But again Banton and Byrom coming through in the last few years (MM in charge) may also have made that a good move.

I have no problem with people not being happy with the DoC..... but please.... players leave..... some haven't done well... Dean Elgar has left.... in the DoC's 3 years.... and? Others are staying..... Davies?

It is what happens in cricket clubs. Significant leavers? Significant signings? Well that's opinion I suppose


Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
deanjones 06 September, 2017 11:39
kraigg Brathwaite signing for yorks?! did he not fit the maynard criteria ? someone to bat in the top 3 ! is there a plan here ? one has to ask .

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
AGod 06 September, 2017 11:46
He fits top three. He would be more likely to be in touch - as playing currently - than Mr Zaman would have been.

I'm pretty sure that we've operated with an overseas player for fewer matches this season than any other CC1 outfit and we really haven't shown great recruitment ability in this regard - I'm sure other counties must have suffered disruption, certain guys only available for certain games (as overseas players) etc... I doubt we've been uniquely unfortunate.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
deanjones 06 September, 2017 12:32
not sure what happened with somerset they always used to sign the best players available . nowadays its very ordinary players that are signed tanvir a retired jayawardene Anderson a crock and Elgar to play 20/20 not a lot of thought with any of them, and gayle x2 he ran off with the money the first season early! but he deserved another go lol! vdm very ordinary player trying to punch above his weight and rogers, certainly he was passed his best, but while he was here we were harder to beat tougher?.doc was responsible for all those signings and that is why the club is struggling . his personality is not bringing in players of quality for some reason I wonder why that is? complete changed needed here

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
deanjones 06 September, 2017 12:37
will also say players coming through are steve snell s doing not maynard byrom ,rouse , bess , i will add dom bess has two brothers who are supposedly better than him josh and zak winter signings maybe?

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Bagpuss 06 September, 2017 13:24
Josh and Zak are Dom's cousins, not his brothers. Josh is 29 and Zak 24. There is a third brother Luke who is 26. All 3 play for Devon. Fine cricketers who I'm sure Somerset are aware of but I think if they'd been potential first-class players they'd have been signed up already.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Grockle 06 September, 2017 13:56
Gayle made buckets of money for more than him. Did you notice Dean played CC1 as well? Colin Ingram? Even Tom Cooper when they played him in the right form? Ronchi? We all know what VdmM brings and MM wasn't the first to sign him. Rogers as a captain was exactly what was needed and we'd have had him again this year if MM had gone himself.

You don't remember Mendis then or Jayasuriya or Omari Banks or the Turner or the South African guy who hardly played. Other DoC's pick ringers and their name isn't Maynard.

If you don't like him then fine but don't be selective to try and put him in some kind of military industrial complex conspiracy to destroy Somerset after assassinating JFK.

Where have all these young boys come from? Are they here despite the Maynard era? Why are they staying? Or is it ALL Steve Snell despite the rest of the management?

Some are good at somethings. Some are good at others. MM is mediocre in some aspects and needs to listen and change but he is NOT the Anti Christ working with dark forces with the sole aim of destroying the once Mighty SCCC. We've had our days but that's all up to now.


Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
deanjones 06 September, 2017 14:30
LOL that grockle is a serious dude! I will put him in the like corner for the doc, plenty of space there ! would hate to see your/our beloved somerset end up like Leicestershire they were once very successful in all formats and now .....

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Dave65 06 September, 2017 14:56
A small step in the right direction getting rid of some players who are not good enough in the cases of Allenby and Leask, it also shows that there was at least 50% of truth in the cricinfo report, I said at the time that I would have been stunned if cricinfo had published a complete load of rubbish and clearly they didn't, despite the clubs protests. Just Davey and Trego to say thank you and goodbye to now and we have then at least cleared out the deadwood.

In the case of Ryan Davies I am dissappointed to see him go as he was thrown in at the deep end last year and although he did struggle early on towards the end of the season he did begin to show some ability with the bat good innings in the championship at home to Durham and away to Lancs spring to mind along with a good innings in the 50 over Semi at Birmingham. I completley understand why this season he has been replaced in the Championship side and a season learning his game in the longer form would have made sense, however it was disappointing that he only got a couple of games (when S.Davies was injured) in the limited overs team, despite Maynard saying on previous ocassions that he would play in the shorter forms.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
AGod 06 September, 2017 15:24
Thank you, Craig - another IMMENSE performance from this man.

Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
Grockle 06 September, 2017 17:39
Like it or nor Dean.

MM is not our only DoC with an under performing side. If you want to come on with the conspiracy theory, back it up with a bit more than stating a bit of a case and then suggesting anyone with any other opinion they can back up is some kind of looney.

Bring yer best game boy....we've been here a while and have seen more than Matthew Maynard and his quirks.

We don't have to either like OR dislike Mr Maynard here. We are able to see good and bad. Strength and Weaknesses and we've heard far too many conspiracies that have come to nothing to be bothered by another.

Welcome anyway


Re: So here's a bit of Clarity
deanjones 06 September, 2017 19:08
HEY grockle where did you get that idea that a different opinion than mine, that they could back up I would think of them as some kind of looney?! you are way to serious dude. I am simply posting on here for the first time and you are coming across as something of a bully boy reading other post s you seem to like attacking other members for what reason I wonder? are you the leader of the somerset clique by any chance? as a new member you have shocked me and I will not post anymore. but I will watch with interest this space enjoy the rest of the season ladies and gentleman ps forgot the rest of his signings they have all been quite forgettable really.

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