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Re: Hampshire Day 4
AG on apple 14 May, 2018 13:43
Leachy confirmed broken thumb - awful news.

Not sure that he'll be back in time for the Notts home game (after which we'll have played 4 of 7 home games, so running out of time for him to bowl on some nice Ciderabad tracks this season already).

Re: Hampshire Day 4
AG on apple 14 May, 2018 14:06
What are these stupid commentators talking about? Trying to make out that the Test strip in NZ on which Leachy bowled was highly conducive to spin? Not in the match that I watched it wasn't.

What rubbish.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
geordie moonraker 14 May, 2018 14:13
My hopefulness is beginning to fade I'm afraid.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
AG on apple 14 May, 2018 14:15
Roussow is doing his best to give it away, GM...

Re: Hampshire Day 4
Grizzers 14 May, 2018 14:16
Puzzled why Bess hasn’t been brought on.


Re: Hampshire Day 4
Grizzers 14 May, 2018 14:20
Which he now has !


Re: Hampshire Day 4
AG on apple 14 May, 2018 14:39
This game is pretty much dead unless we can take 2 wkts in the next 20 minutes, which looks rather unlikely.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
AG on apple 14 May, 2018 15:38
Well, the drop of Vince yesterday was essentially terminal for our victory hopes though, even had it been taken, one wonders whether this unyielding surface would have been the only winner in this match.

Even sans Jack, we must go back to Ciderabad with the aim being to get all matches finished inside three days, as the surface is so often hopeless on day four.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
AG on apple 14 May, 2018 17:02
Mercifully all over.

It would have taken an effort of quite staggering ineptitude for Hants not to be able to bat out that game on that pitch.

I know Hants01 assured us all that Hants were more than capable of plumbing such depths but, really, on a surface like that one only a side that had already been relegated (and thus given up on their season) would be anything more than a really outside bet to get beaten. Even Roussow, with a Hants average of less than 19 since he went there (per Kevan James) was able to deal with it in the end.

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Re: Hampshire Day 4
Grizzers 14 May, 2018 17:09
Can’t criticize our efforts in any way, but the pitch issue is somewhat troubling. 938 -14 across the last two innings does not make a happy situation.

If we produce this type of strip, it will make life very difficult for us as the season progresses.


Re: Hampshire Day 4
AG on apple 14 May, 2018 17:11
It would.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
mikeindex 14 May, 2018 17:33
With hindsight it would seem that Craig's failure to hang on to what would have been a blinding catch yesterday evening was pretty decisive. What a rotten shame - though Jack's presence in the attack on the last day wouldn't have done any harm. As Hants dropped James early on and were bereft of Abbott for much of Somerset's innings I guess things more or less evened out.

An even rottener shame for Jack to get injured, during such an apparently innocuous exercise as fielding practice, just in time to rule him out of the first Test. Whoever gets picked instead will presumably then be regarded as the man in possession unless he does a Kerrigan.

While today was not the most inspiring day's cricket I have seen, I felt Somerset stuck to their guns well in dispiriting circumstances, Tom showed an appealing willingness to try alternative tactics (even if on the day none of them worked) and Eddie Byrom could develop into quite a useful leg-spinner with a bit of practice (in not bowling long-hops). This was just the kind of day when a fully-fit Jamie might have been explosive (or, alternatively, expensive).

Does anyone know why George Bartlett stopped bowling after two balls of an over? Presumably not for intimidatory tactics. Please tell me he's not injured too?

Re: Hampshire Day 4
Scrumper 14 May, 2018 17:38
The trouble with producing result spinning pitches is that all the cyderbad pitches have probably been normalised.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
cricketjerry-mouse 14 May, 2018 18:08
I don`t recall Jim Laker, or Tony Lock, of Derek Underwood or Ray Illingworth ever breaking a thumb (or indeed any other part of their anatomy) in pre-match training.

And they played in at least twice as many county championship matches a season, let alone Tests into the bargain.

Who knew best - cricketers and their mentors then, or cricketers and their mentors now?

Re: Hampshire Day 4
AGod 14 May, 2018 18:48
On the other hand, how many bowlers were much good at fielding in their day?

Re: Hampshire Day 4
Old Boy! 14 May, 2018 18:53
So CJM? What are you suggesting? Surely it is just as likely to injure oneself in practice as in actual match play.

Old Boy!

Re: Hampshire Day 4
Ronniesabre 14 May, 2018 18:54
Did we not win? I was informed on here last night it was a done deal. Someone must be suicidal !!

Re: Hampshire Day 4
wsm fan 14 May, 2018 19:06
Far from suicidal for sure!
At 11am April 20 would any of us not taken 2 wins 2 draws and 63 points from your opening block of 4 games?
We were superb today. On a sunny day flat track we stuck to it brilliantly and losing the countrys best spinner in the warm up.
Credit where its due, i didnt think Vince had it in him to play innings like that.
We had no luck today either. Tim & Lewis were all.over RR after lunch. If we'd have got a nick there at a net 0/5 with 60 overs left it could have opened up for us.
I make no apologies for supporting my team and being positive of our chances.
Given the criticism the batters & more so Tom got last early season how much better has this start been!?
I make it 6 hundreds 2 x 90's & 2 x 80's already.
We look like a and happy camp.
With Jamie & Josh back fighting fit this week and plenty of the 2s appearing in fine form i'm not interested in an evening of doom & gloomers.....

Re: Hampshire Day 4
Mike TA1 14 May, 2018 19:23
Forth and final day of the match photos.

I will not describe it, but zzzzzzzzzzz sorry did I fall asleep.

It's was a match where if there should have been any luck going around none of it went Somerset's way.
James Vince off Dom Bess the ball didn't carry to the fielder.

Hashim Amla the fielder tried to catch the ball but it was out of reach, all he got was a mouth full of dirt.

Some success today (not much) Hashim Amla caught by Steve Davies bowled by Lewis Gregory

This looked like a good catch by Craig Overton to dismiss Tom Alsop off the bowling of Tim Groenewald.

The crowd all the players thought it was out but not the umpire didn't.

Rilee Rossouw, once again the crowd and both Overton's and I expect Tim Groenewald thought this was out. But umpire didn't.

The pressure was on for Rilee Rossouw with fielders around the bat.

We did gain four new spectators today two police lady jockey's and their horses.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
Ronniesabre 14 May, 2018 19:24
Distraught then!!!

Re: Hampshire Day 4
Clarence Parker 14 May, 2018 19:29
It is not in me to gloat about something that I hold very dear, but spending a day yesterday watching the run fest led me to think that sadly today could be yet another repeat. It had 'drawn game' written all over it yesterday afternoon, and so it transpired.

I am sure that we gave 100%, I am sure that Hants' batters were as good as ours were yesterday, but the 8 - day old pitch killed the game.

"Taunton is killing cricket" - now where have I heard that before?

Final word from me on this game.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
Tom Seymour 14 May, 2018 19:42
"Police jockeys", I have heard it all now, but thanks for the photos Mike.

As someone said earlier, when you resort to dead pitches like this you need either someone of sheer pace, or perhaps a wrist spinner when your regular spinners can't get much help from it.

Our attack does well at times on helpful pitches, but has too much sameness about it without much variety.

Still we didn't lose and are better placed in the Championship than we were last year, but looking at the fixture list, where is the next win coming from. I want to see results, not boring draws.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
wsm fan 14 May, 2018 20:06
Sheer pace?
If only we had someone who can bowl 90mph at will fully fit and just ready to return!
I've been saying for months how crucial Jamie is to our red ball team.
The bowling group have been superb this season and got the 2 wins in April with little fuss.
But up at Lancs and then this game we were crying out for Jamie as an option.
He isnt always our most economical bowler but i couldnt give a stuff, we have others to do that role. 20-0-100-3 we would have won this game

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Re: Hampshire Day 4
Shepton Paul 2 14 May, 2018 20:23
Back to Ciderabad, or at least a nearby suburb, please.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
AGod 14 May, 2018 20:28
Quite right, SP.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
AGod 14 May, 2018 20:29
Sorry, WSM, but 20-0-100-3, would still have left us 3 wickets short (and with more runs to chase) - and that's assuming that Jamie played instead of somebody who went wicketless in the innings. If, for example, Jamie had played instead of TG, then we'd be not three wickets short, but five short (as TG took 2 wkts anyway, so we would gain only 1 net wkt on those figures of 20-0-100-3 that you've given to Jamie)

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 14/05/2018 20:31 by AGod.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
wsm fan 14 May, 2018 20:34
Not if it had come by lunchtime today as if we'd got Vince under 100 & into 7/8/9 by lunch it would have been all over in plenty of time to chase any target.

Anyway Surrey Middlesex or Sussex will be his first victims now.....

Re: Hampshire Day 4
Tom Seymour 14 May, 2018 20:57
WSM, where have you been?

Jamie Overton made his Somerset debut in 2012, which makes this his 7th season with the club. During that time he has appeared in 44 Championship matches (6 per season) and taken 98 wickets. These have come at a cost of 36 runs apiece and include just 2 Fifers.

You see great potential still to come. My hopes of that dissipated a while ago. When I was last at the County Ground a member said to me that he may well have to give up the game sooner rather than later. I don’t wish that on him, but patience can only be tolerated for a given period of time.

Will 2018 be his breakthrough year? I don’t think so, but you clearly do and there we must agree to differ.

As a club we need to still keep looking, not just pinning our hopes on one individual.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
AGod 14 May, 2018 21:05
Well, everyone's looking Tom (for express bowlers that can bowl straight, that is) among the counties.

Re: Hampshire Day 4
wsm fan 14 May, 2018 21:09
Well a new contract signed last August until 2020 presumably slightly above minimum wage! suggests the club also think he has something to offer.

As knowledgable as i am (and yourself too clearly) maybe just maybe those employeeing him know more than us both put together. Unless of course you have the coaching qualifications & experience needed to run a county cricket club?

As to having to give up the game soon, seriously where do you get this rubbish. I took the opportunity to say hello to him on Friday lunchtime (as i suggested you did) and he said fully fit & it was coming out well. He is desperate to get back on the pitch & contribute to the team.

As you say we very much differ on our views here so lets see how the next few weeks/months go and whose more accurate on our predictions.....

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