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The Blast! Are we really still going for this 100 thing?
Discussion started by , 05 July, 2018 10:59
The Blast! Are we really still going for this 100 thing? 05 July, 2018 10:59
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wsm fan 30 June, 2018 12:54
Corey arrives ready to play Dorset warm.up Tuesday.

No news on overseas man number 2, we ARE or have been looking!

Lewis still skipper one assumes.....

Temporary stand arrives Tuesday.
Ground capacity will therefore be 8000.
All seated in theory as no ground entry only tickets.

Friday v Glos sold out. No news Sunday is yet......

The remaining ticket sales quoted in the week as 73%.

Rumour we have sold around 3000 of the new T20 memberships.
Leaving 5000 for single ticket purchasers.
As sold out no on gate prices relevant.

So 3000 sold at on average £25 roughly = £75,000
The other 5000 at either £27.50 £32.50 & £37.50 so say average £32 = £160,000
My maths make that IF we sell out each game we clear £230,000 on tickets sales plus say £70,000+ on food & drink at £4 a pint and plenty more for fish chips & gourmet sausages!
And thats all without your posh long roomers & box holders incomes.

Like it or loathe it T20 is a massive revenue stream for the next 2 years before franchise T100 spoils it all.....

Re: T20
Roger ivanhoe 30 June, 2018 13:54
I wonder how many life members have been allowed for in the sell out as described.

Mike TA1, will know if Gimblett’s Hill seating is reserved for Life Member....first come, first seated or have seats been allocated.

Long Room and 1875 no allocated seating for some reason, so seating will be a lottery.

Re: T20
Grockle 30 June, 2018 14:00
I thought there was some issue with this concerning people not really being able to sit here they wanted. Mr Cooper had some plan didn't he?


Re: T20
wsm fan 30 June, 2018 14:03
My info suggests we have around 500 life members.

I did a rough guess Gimbletts Hill could fit around 150 on? 3 levels with roughly 50 per level?
The seats are unallocated so if lifers want their favourite bench it still means 3.30pm arrival! Not 5pm like the masses now have the luxury of!

The nature of lifers is they are largely 60yrs+ i'd guess on average. Many of that ilk are not T20 fans......
So i'd think club safe to assume 100/150 maximum, if more then those benchs will be cosey!

Re: T20
Grizzers 30 June, 2018 14:26
Never been to a T20 for about 10 years, but not sure if my life membership allows entry (thought it didn't) ?

May give the Office a call on Monday to check.


Re: T20
wsm fan 30 June, 2018 14:36
Yes good question to get clarified.

I believe for older style lifers T20 is included.
But more recent lifers they have craftily removed T20 from what you get.

Hence my assumption that a very low number of lifers it is an option for will actually attend.

The more recent lifers will have to pur hase a T20 membership (£140-195) like everyone else, on top of the 4 figure outlay to become a lifer.

Re: T20
Mike TA1 30 June, 2018 15:54
I will add my bit on what I have heard.

Already stated above, existing old life members get Gimblett's seats (not allocated), new life members only get county membership so have to pay on top.

I have also heard that Gimblett's seats also applies to Honorary Life Members.

As WSM said not all of the over sixties like T20 cricket, and then there are those who don't live near Taunton and wouldn't travel for three hours of cricket.

I am going to give it ago and see how the seating works out for the first game, and take it from there.

Edit - look who I could be sat next too.

PW Anderson
Sir Ian Botham
A Caddick
Mrs M Elworthy
D Gabbitass
J Garner
MF Hill
L Kerslake
RC Kerslake
MJ Kitchen
J Langer
VJ Marks
A Moulding
RA O’Donnell
Sir Christopher Ondaatje
KE Palmer MBE
R Parsons
Sir Viv Richards
PJ Robinson
BC Rose
GA Stedall
C Twort
R Virgin
J Davey
AC Lacey
R Snelling
D Wood

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Re: T20
Grockle 30 June, 2018 16:43
So new 'life' membership does not actually mean 'life' membership? It simply means SOME life membership but not all of it.

Life members who are only life members some of the time? Would it really make that much difference to make the gesture?


Re: T20
cricketharris 30 June, 2018 17:32
The ability to buy life membership was suspended for some years and reintroduced in the last year or two, I believe, only for those over a certain age (50 possibly) and only for the Club category. Previous life memberships were for all categories, including T20. Once given priviledges couldn’t be taken away. If your life membership has “club and T20” written on it then it includes T20 ground entrance, Grizzly.
You have as much chance of sitting with your list of worthies, Mike, as you would on any other occasion. If any come they will be sat somewhere much grander.
I think as many life members as possible should go or seats will be empty and the club might reduce the area for them even more next season.
It interests me what will happen if people don’t return their seats after a drink buying foray (etc). Will they be rounded-up and herded back?

Re: T20
Mike TA1 30 June, 2018 17:44
The new life membership.

Details from SCCC site.

Club Life


Over 55's Only

Entry to:
-- 7 x Specsavers County Championship Matches
-- 4 x group RLODC Matches
-- India A v West Indies A 4-Day Tour Match
-- 4 x WIT20 Tri-Series
-- 2 x Kia Super League Matches
-- Plus Additional Member Benefits

Re: T20
wsm fan 30 June, 2018 17:46
I believe that standing will be allowed.
The club recognise many like to stand.
BUT to stand they have to purchase a pricey seat, whether they wish to sit in it or not!

People sat in the wrong seats will be a huge issue.
From experience at all seated events the alphabet combined with numbers is far too much for many. Add in blocks and entrances the first 10 overs will be a carnage of shifting people out of wrong seats. Especially those who arrive late.

The big issue with the new policy is not being allowed to sit with friends.
I pre planned so will be sat with 4 others i like!
But if i took a friend for a 1 off game i cant sit next to them.
I also have sat for years with 2 lifers.
They have been allocated Gimbletts Hill (they dont want it!) So i as a non lifer cant sit down with them. And the only way they could have sat with me was to pay an extra (140/176/195) on top of their already paid life membership just to sit in a seat they have done so for years.

The club have sold out match 1 still however at vastly inflated prices so commercially it aint changing anytime soon.....

Re: T20
Grockle 30 June, 2018 19:30
Are they still expecting the 40 quid entrance price or has it been modified by sense?


Re: T20
wsm fan 30 June, 2018 19:34
The on gate prices are still.£30 £35 £40 depending on category of seating.
But for game 1 they are irrelevant as all 5000 non membership tickets have been sold in advance. So at £27.50 / £32.50 or £37.50 depending on category.

I guess the name of 2nd overseas, weather & our starting form will help determine if the remaining 6 matches sell.out in advance, have tickets remaining to be purchased on the day or we start not selling out.....

Re: T20
Grizzers 30 June, 2018 20:21
Thanks for all the feedback.

As a 'new' lifer, it seems I am excluded.

No big deal, as I'm not a huge fan of the format anyway.

Having said that, the Club's stance does seem a trifle parsimonious !


Re: T20
Grockle 30 June, 2018 20:45
It doesn't seem to have changed since Lee Cooper left. Whacking the price up while people will still pay it tends to end up with games not selling out as you put it too high.

We are an unknown quantity in this competition and we were not at all inspiring last year. I think you are pretty spot on about seeing who the second international is if there is one before whacking down 40 'sovs' or anything like it for a Somerset game.

The Weekend ones will probably still hit it with this weather. It's the ones in the week that may suffer. I doubt we will continue to sell out all our fixtures this year, partly because we have a policy for selling tickets we didn't 'sell' last year but counted as sold.

May not sell out but may increase revenue - so not a bad thing.


Re: T20
Scrumper 30 June, 2018 21:01
Is there any indication that there'll be a second overseas signing? Not holding my breath.

Re: T20
Grockle 30 June, 2018 21:05
It's been flaming quiet so I can understand why. Maybe they are looking for someone to do T20 and then carry on through to the end of the season.

We can but hope.


Re: T20
Cleavo 30 June, 2018 21:23
Too quiet for my liking. The silence is deafening! Not a word from club to say they are/or have been looking unless WSM fan knows something we don’t.

I raised question at last Q&A during Notts CC match stating that in my opinion we need to sign a second overseas if we are to challenge in this comp only for Hurry to arrogantly ask me who I would sign. My response was: “death bowler, you tell me!”

I do wonder like Grockle if we are looking for someone to play in T20 and right through to the end of season. Maybe Azhar Ali the Pakistan top order batsman is our man.

We can only hope that we hear some news from club this week as other counties seem to be recruiting overseas signings without too many problems.

De Kock joining Notts for 4 CC matches, Tahir to Durham for T20 and Elgar returning to Surrey for final 5 CC matches. And I thought Dean was going to take a break from cricket after Sri Lanka that was until Surrey waved their cheque book of course!

Re: T20
wsm fan 30 June, 2018 21:32
Wsm fan knows lots of things others dont!

We have definitely been looking, no idea of any impending results to those searches.....

Azhar Ali hasnt played a T20 match in over 2 years i was told the other day......

Re: T20
Cleavo 30 June, 2018 21:54
Why not share on here with fellow Grockles then WSM fan? 😉

Yep, well aware of that too regarding Azhar Ali. Just worried we may have missed the boat that’s all........

What if Corey’s back goes again and we are left with no fit overseas player?

Re: T20
Grockle 30 June, 2018 21:58
Then we will cope like last year but not compete in the latter stages of the Blast. We aren't a cohesive or consistent T20 unit and need people to build a new unit around.


Re: T20
Cleavo 30 June, 2018 22:03
Exactly Grockle, which is why getting a second overseas player in is essential.

Given Corey’s back problems I wonder if we’ll play him solely as a batter and only bowl him if and when required.

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Re: T20
Loyal of Lhasa 30 June, 2018 23:01
I am making the profoundly noble gesture of not attending any home T20 matches this year so that others greatly more deserving than I am may have one extra chance of a seat - and reduction in their bank balance.


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: T20
Roger ivanhoe 01 July, 2018 10:34
Mike TA1, Honorary Members have access to the Long Room and the 1875 club, so i cannot see many sitting in the "Hill".

Long Room will be crowded as is the norm for t20's but plenty of space in the 1875.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/07/2018 10:49 by Roger ivanhoe.

Re: T20
Mike TA1 01 July, 2018 11:01
So they do have more choice of where to sit.

Re: T20
Grockle 01 July, 2018 13:29
I'd choose the 1875 every time. It is excellent whem they turn it into the press box.


Re: T20
Roger ivanhoe 01 July, 2018 14:43
Ha,Ha, only during International ECB controlled matches Grockle.

At least you had plenty of space during the Women's T20's last week.

Re: T20
Grockle 01 July, 2018 15:41
Very true although it was surprisingly busy having said that. Nowadays there is a women's press corps following the girls around whereas before there were the 'odd' reporters (and some were very odd choices) who had been sent by their papers. Scyld Berry was there for this event and others were expected but did not get there or I didn't see them in the areas.

Using the 1875 always makes me smile seeing as we built the Somerset Pavilion with a 'purpose built' media centre that cannot cope with SKY and the press arriving at the same time!! Just like the old media facilities couldn't.



Re: T20
cricketharris 01 July, 2018 15:52
Probably too many hangers-on in the press box sometimes making it too crowded.

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