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WELCOME to the 26TH season of Grockles and the home of the ROYAL LONDON ONE DAY CUP CHAMPIONS 2019!! Next live county cricket at Taunton will be this long after the planned start date.....

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Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Bagpuss 19 April, 2019 15:27
Normally I'd say that's not enough but with no DBD, Kuhn, Denly or Billings.... Oh and Max reckons we have plenty which is good enough for me.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Grockle 19 April, 2019 15:38
Opening Bowling in flying form!!!


Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Grockle 19 April, 2019 15:39
Davey nearly had Renshaw twice. These two are a significant handful at the moment.


Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
mikeindex 19 April, 2019 16:01
Have to correct you there Grockle. You cannot get the same batsman twice, once is the limit even for Josh.
(Spot the paraphrase anyone?)

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
mikeindex 19 April, 2019 16:03
And gosh, that lbw looked extremely borderline.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
mikeindex 19 April, 2019 16:22
Safely pouched Tom.
MoM will be close - unless Rouse or Evergreen Stevens does a Roley.
Stevens of course batted at 3 for Leics in their title-winning days and was regarded as a devastating one-day batsman.

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Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Grockle 19 April, 2019 16:55
Think we've got this one everyone. Just going out on a limb a little early but I feel moderately confident for a Somerset supporter.


Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Bobstan 19 April, 2019 16:57
Grockle, I have a message for you from Captain Mainwaring.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
mikeindex 19 April, 2019 17:24
Stupid boy.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Grizzers 19 April, 2019 17:29
Absolutely storming performance.

Really encouraging stuff and Tom Banton was a revelation.

That will do wonders for our run rate, should that become a factor as the competition progresses.


Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
AGod 19 April, 2019 18:30
Were Bell-Drummond and Kuhn injured, or did Kent decide to bow to the abomination that is Graves and write this competition off?

Either way, severely weakened batting opposition (also minus Denly and Billings), or not, that was about as comprehensive a dismantlement as one could ever see in white ball cricket!

Conventional wisdom is that only one man - Jofra Archer - has any price at forcing his way into the world cup squad, but I wonder if Gregory and Craig Overton reject that conventional wisdom.. Lewis batted very well and Craig played like a man possessed.

Great to see Banton do so well. Since he carried his form from Radlett to Taunton, perhaps we should have picked Eddie too?

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Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
AGod 19 April, 2019 18:37
Yes, Bagpuss, I too would normally have said possibly not enough, too.

But with our guys playing like men possessed...

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Somerset LaLaLa 19 April, 2019 18:51
Many of our squad are in the form of their lives, I said before the game this would be over early. If Kent had batted first then it would've been even shorter. We should expect to get in the knockout phase, but there is a lot of entertaining cricket to enjoy on the way. The young lads are gaining invaluable confidence, I just hope the older ones don't take it all for granted

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Roger ivanhoe 19 April, 2019 19:21
As posted by CJM earlier in thread Bell-Drummond had a Family bereavement this week, not sure about Kuhn as he was quoted as being in the kent squad.

Great win, big crowd who were buzzing with our all round performance, now onto Cardiff on Sunday.

After including Dom in the side I would have liked to have seen him turn a few over, as
his opportunities to make the team could be limited.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
cricketjerry-mouse 19 April, 2019 19:36
While all this was happening, the IPL passed the halfway mark, with Kent captain Sam Billings and vice-captain Joe Denley both having played just once so far - and both out first ball.

I wonder what your average Kent supporter thinks about all this.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
cricketjerry-mouse 19 April, 2019 20:20
I`m sure Somerset will be keeping an eye on another Banton coming through the ranks at King`s College, Taunton, where their former player Rob Woodman is director of cricket. James Banton was their leading run-scorer, with almost 800 at an average of 52, last year, and I believe he still has another summer of school cricket to go.

He plays his club cricket in the Midlands, though, so Somerset will need to keep on the ball.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Mike TA1 19 April, 2019 20:43
The first of the one day cup matches
Somerset v Kent.

Azhar Ali hasn't got going so far this season and today was the same.

A very good day for Tom Banton, 4 runs to his name.

It's no wonder he raised his bat on reaching his 100.

I think we all know where James Hildreth hit this ball, looking at where they are both looking.

It looked like it was going to be an easy catch for Matt Milnes but he almost didn't catch It'
I don't think Harry Podmore would have been happy if he dropped it.

It would have been hard to choose the man of the match after seeing this six hit into the river by Craig Overton and his five wickets. Tom Banton I would think is MOM with his 100 and three catches behind the stumps.

This run brings up Craig Overton's 50.

One of Tom Banton catches when Alex Blake top edged the ball off Tim Groenwald.

The same person Tim Groenwald but this time after he run-out Darren Stevens.

You can't keep Roelof van der Merve out of it for very long, after he c&b Harry Podmore.

A good win on a hot sunny day with a crowd of 5038 watching plus about 50 stewards. (what a shame we need them)

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Railboy 19 April, 2019 21:49
So Mr Graves, look what happens when you play real cricket in a real cricket ground in the heart of the community. When you develop and play local players that people can identify with and those players feel part of and valued by that community. What happens is you fill a ground with people who actually like cricket, who engage with the game without the need to go on a conga, dress as a nun or chase a fancy dress piggy through the stands. Of course he won’t have seen this, to use his parlance, “there’s nowt so blind as those who don’t want to see”

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Grockle 19 April, 2019 21:58
I'm think, like us I believe, Kent voted to continue the new version of UK Cricket from 2020 so I'm sure they have accepted that they are working to develop the 'new' format that will save our struggling game by allowing some of their best players to go to the best version of the only form of cricket that was an option to the planners when they extensively surveyed UK cricket last year and the year before (I think).

Kent must have realised (as our own management did as well it seems) that this version put on today in front of the largest crowd of this season (bet it is beaten by later games) had to operate at the sacrifice of some of their better players in order for them to experience (on the bench for most of it) the 'true' nature of successful cricket for the masses in the 21st century thousands of miles from their present live fanbase.

I bet the Somerset management were unhappy today that they could not make the same sacrifices with some of their best players so that youth players could use this mere shadow of a competition as the development exercise it is to become.

The game could have been more equal for what fans would have turned up. Somerset would have had the opportunity to show what a 50 over game is to become in the great new 'future' of cricket..

Praise the glorious ECB - they know what they are doing. Although funnily enough Mr Cornish seemed to be playing away from the hymn sheet in his BBC interview and seemed happy at the game and the crowd. Can't have it both ways sir. If you aren't going to fight for the game enjoy these last days before they are gone forever.... along with your profits. It seems this is the 'job of his dreams'. What a shame there seems no effort being made to maintain it into the next decade.


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Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Rod1883 19 April, 2019 22:12
What a ruthless performance.
That is what this squad/team is becoming - ruthless. It really could be our year, if this squad of talented players can all be kept happy with the inevitable rotations that will take place.
If the ECB has its way I just wonder if we will ever see this type of talent coming through at 'unfashionable' counties ever again.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Bagpuss 19 April, 2019 22:54
I heard that Heino Kuhn injured his back on the bus journey to the ground (not quite on a par with Keith Parsons allegedly getting a back spasm putting on his socks prior to day 3 of a CC match at the Rose Bowl, but close).

That has to be one of the most clinical performances I've seen in a while. Was good to see two bowlers who haven't played in the championship matches just slotting into the attack and taking wickets. Lewis Gregory has 18 wickets in the CC yet virtually rested with the ball today. The batting was good but scarily still room for improvement.

Happy days 😊

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Wickham 20 April, 2019 09:10
It is quite something when career-best performances, with both bat and ball, by Cove are overshadowed by the performance of a teammate. A friend of mine told me that an innings by Banton in a Seconds match a couple of years ago was the best he had ever seen at that level - and, having watched part of Banton’s innings yesterday, I can believe that. If he continues in that form, a place will surely have to be found for him in four-day cricket.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Roger ivanhoe 20 April, 2019 10:01
Grockle,(Re the ECcool smiley not sure much blame can placed on Andrew Cornish's feet, a certain former Chairman and former C.E.O should take most of the flack from Members on the mess that the ECB have created.

But I know you have rightly voiced your feeling many times on the matter very strongly on Twitter, with negative response from the ex Chairman.

He (A.N) has spent a lot of twitter postings on demanding a re-vote on Brexit because he felt people did not know what they were voting for (that's his opinion) and yet Somerset Members were NOT given the chance to vote on the proposals the ECB were putting forward.

I will always feel both their tenures at the Club were spoilt by their action at that time.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Loyal of Lhasa 20 April, 2019 12:29
Banton is indeed a very impressive young batsman. I watched much of the live-streaming of his innings at Radlett earlier in the week and he put me in mind of the young Trescothick - always looking for an opportunity to score, upright and fearless and not afraid to play the unorthodox shot. Truly a very exciting prospect.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Grockle 20 April, 2019 12:41
Oh I am well aware of Mr Nash's involvement in all of this Roger. I am also constantly told that Mr Cornish should not be blamed for anything as he is the CEO not the Chair. Are you therefore suggesting that Mr Clark(e?) is to blame for the second vote without membership consultation? Is the argument really that the CEO did not have any involvement in the issue of the club's business activity in 2020 or a say in the matter of a possible £1.3m injection into Somerset's coffers if the vote went in the ECB's favour? Wasn't that given as the justification of the vote? Mr Clark is not the finsncial officer of the county.

i did not give Mr Lavendar that 'get out of jail free' card when Mr Nash was Chair. I see less reason to give Mr Cornish such leeway given his colleague's condition

My understanding is that our Chair is extremely unwell and wheelchair bound (and I'm sure I post for all wishing him well and that he returns to good health). He may have to stand down because of this

This is a decision made by Somerset. I'm not particularly interested who is told to declare it. I know who is on the radio representing the club and who seems pretty understandably unable to function as a club official at the moment.

'Somerset' a member's club have taken MAJOR decisions without referring them for guidance to their membership The representatives of that club cannot, as I say, have it both ways and Mr Cornish's comments yesterday with Anthony said he liked one thing while his organisation's actions were allowing the governing body to destroy what he likes with his cooperation.

I don't like that. I'm sure you don't like that. It seems the only issue is who to blame. If you get a moment Roger please tell me who you think that is because it can't be Andy Nash any more because he hasn't been here for s while now.


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Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Roger ivanhoe 20 April, 2019 14:10
Grockle, certainly not defending Andrew Cornish or his comments on the radio, but feel the pathway for the ECB changes were in place prior to his arrival, leaving very little room for objection (even if AC has personal reservations).

I think Charles Clark was Vice Chairman at the time, and not sure of his opinion.
Malcolm Derry as Treasurer at the time would also have been involved in talks.

But surely the Chairman and the CEO at the time must take responsibility for firstly not giving the Members the chance to vote, and then taking the decision to go along with the ECB, because they felt it was in the interest of the Club and Cricket long term.

I just hope they prove to be be right, but I have my doubts.

Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Grockle 20 April, 2019 17:25
I certainly agree about the poisoned chalice given to the new boys.

I'm not a member but I took offence at the patronising/pro ECB marketing nature of 'Q&A' sessions around the first decision when our officials thought they could get short term gain and believed they would not lose out in the medium term.

Yes they had some sort of promise which the ECB supposedly reneged on but the excuse of voting 'for the good of the game as a whole' was a) not their job or b) amazingly niaive at best and something personal at its worst.

Given the position as it arrived with the new officials, I could have been happy with an abstention OR a positive vote with member consultation on the second round. More patronising of the membership and a decision pretty baldly based on 'take the money' was not the way to go.

I do think the county's are (Mueller reference: f***d) and the nature of cricket in Taunton needs some very important economic conversation given the 2020 sitiation.

It certainly isn't the time to go on the radio and go on about how 'glorious' it all is and how dreams have come true. The world has changed and cosily ignoring it is not the position required.

The massive planning to manage our transition into a strong cricket unit over the last decade may very well come to fruition at the same time as the ECB takes away from the county the opportunities to use it. That wasn't my dream and it is certainly not 'glorious'.


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Re: RLODC 1 And we have KENT!!
Farmer White 20 April, 2019 23:02
Apologies for the delay all. There is going to be a bit of that this week I am afraid. This part of the cricket season has not been organised with the rest of my life and my reports in mind.

You can now find my report on the Kent RLODC on my website through this link:


It is the first post down after the sticky at the top and is headed 'Relentless'.

It is also here:


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Re: Kent RLODC Relentless
cricketjerry-mouse 22 April, 2019 11:08
Kent are really struggling to get 11 men on the field at the moment.

Yesterday, when they lost after just 40 overs to Sussex, they had to include three players already carrying injuries - Matt Renshaw, who suffered back spasms throughout his century knock, Darren Stevens, who had to leave the field when he aggravated a side strain, and local lad (yes he was born in Sussex) Fred Klaassen.

Already unavailable through injury were temporary captain Heino Kuhn, Calum Haggett, Grant Stewart, Ivan Thomas and Mitch Claydon; at the IPL Sam Billings and Joe Denly; and for family reasons Daniel Bell-Drummond.

Sussex, who Somerset play at Brighton on Wednesday, have one injury problem - Ollie Robinson, the championship`s second leading wicket-taker last summer, is out with a left shoulder injury.

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