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Re: Championship v Surrey
Somerset LaLaLa 14 May, 2019 16:24
How long do they have for tea in CC2 ?

At least Surrey have a few players missing, though I wish Rikki Clarke had gone somewhere on loan

Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 14 May, 2019 16:47
Jamie lbw Onions 6.

Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 14 May, 2019 16:57
Disgraceful to hear (per Gibson) that Azhar was criticised, in the press box, for walking the other day. I presume he means at New Road, because there wouldn't have been much point in Azhar "walking," at Trent Bridge....given the absence of middle stump.

Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 14 May, 2019 17:06
Well done, Tom.

Bowl yourself more often, please.

Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 14 May, 2019 17:14
All of a sudden batting sounds tougher, and commentators suddenly rowing back on previous comments re: flat track.. quite odd.

Still, even if it's less flat than it has appeared today, one imagines that it will be flatter tomorrow, than it is today .. which will only be relevant if we manage to do much batting tomorrow..

Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 14 May, 2019 17:16
Northants innings over.

Jamie almost never gets the new ball for us. Wonder if he'll take it for them?

Re: Championship v Surrey
Somerset LaLaLa 14 May, 2019 17:23
Against Jennings and Hameed at Old Trafford. More rewarding to have got the scalp of Elgar

Re: Championship v Surrey
Somerset LaLaLa 14 May, 2019 17:47
Elgar and Jacks gone, two bowling bonus points in the bag

Re: Championship v Surrey
Mike TA1 14 May, 2019 21:21
Somerset v Surrey first day photos.

Tough day today all round
The bowler often beating the bat, several missed chances, and several ball not carrying to the fielders..

Ryan Patel, this is one of those not carrying to the fielder?? off Lewis Gregory.

Dean Elgar out lbw to Lewis Gregory he was hit full on the toe and limped off.

Ben Foakes was caught by Steve Davies bowled by Tom Abell.

Rory Burns wondering if the umpire was going to give him out off Craig Overton.

Rory Burns dropped on the boundary

Jack Brooks beating the bat of Dean Elgar.

Rory Burns, was this one of the chances that wasn't taken? Off Lewis Gregory.

Scott Borthwick, this was one ball that didn't carry to the slips. Jack Brooks the bowler.

Mark Stoneman ct Steve Davies bowled Jack Brooks.

Mark Stoneman batting, Steve Davies wicketkeeper, Lewis Gregory at slip.

Mark Stoneman lbw shout not given.

Rory Burns, this is one that I believe was missed at slip?? bowler was Jack Brooks.

Re: Championship v Surrey
Grizzers 14 May, 2019 21:41
Yes, the ball fell in front of the sli cordon several times today.

Felt we kept at it pretty well, as the pitch was really offering very little.

Az. had a day to forget in the field, but other than that we just about kept Surrey in check.

We need to finish them off quickly tomorrow and then bat with fortitude.


Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 14 May, 2019 21:45
Were there any that went over the slips, Grizzly?

If not, surely Davies should have moved the cordon up at some point?

Re: Championship v Surrey
Grizzers 15 May, 2019 08:22
Don’t recall any going over the slips AG. Must admit I did wonder the same thing re where they were standing.


Re: Championship v Surrey
Sloop John B 15 May, 2019 09:18
Pitch is a little slow. Replacement ball did more do waskept longer. Hence the commentators 'rowing back's perhaps.

Re: Championship v Surrey
Shepton Paul 2 15 May, 2019 09:25
Conceivably, Steve Davies, with more than a decade of first class cricket experience, has a rough idea of what he's doing, and, if not, even novice youngsters like Trescothick and Hildreth stood beside him might be able to give some advice on where to stand.

Come on people, do you really think they didn't consider whether they were standing in the best place, or try moving up a yard? This isn't Nempnett Thrubwell under 13 3rd XI.

Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 15 May, 2019 09:51
So what would you do, SP, if the ball was repeatedly failing to carry to the slips, and yet there were no edges suddenly flashing around the slip's faces or over their heads? And if, in response to that, you decided to move forward a pace and then the same thing still kept happening (with still no edges flashing up towards your faces), what then would you have done?

Are you seriously suggesting that this is something that professional cricketers never get wrong?

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Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 15 May, 2019 09:53
Yes, Sloop John, according to Jason Kerr, after Elgar hit the first ball into the river, the replacement started swinging.

Let's hope that whatever cherry Surrey have doesn't do the same.

Re: Championship v Surrey
Grizzers 15 May, 2019 10:02
I simply said "I wondered" SP.

It merely occured to me, sometime around when for the third time the ball fell just in front of the slips.

I have minimal knowledge of course, compared to anyone on the field, but it didn't seem an entirely unreasonable thought at the time !


Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 15 May, 2019 10:20
We're not allowed to question, Grizzly, because people who are experienced and/or expert never get anything wrong. One only need look at our politicians, bankers and captains of industry to see that this must be so.

There's a very horrible story about the folly of assuming that "experts," know best even when, logically, it seems that they must not be doing the right thing. In the horrid plane crash at Kegworth, back in the 1980s, some of the passengers could see that one of the engines was on fire. The pilot came on the radio to announce that there was a problem with the *other* engine and that, as a consequence, he intended to shut it down, shortly and then make an emergency landing. There are actual quotes from surviving passengers along the lines of "I thought it was strange that he wanted to shut down the other engine, even though the engine on our side of the plane was on fire, but he's an experienced pilot and I'm just a baker, so what did I know?" (the passengers that knew the engine on their side of the plane was on fire, to a man, stayed silent). The correct response would, of course, have been to yell at the air crew to look at the engine fire on their side of the plane, and have them inform the pilot ASAP, in the hope of averting disaster. The plane went down on the side of the perfectly healthy engine that was wrongly switched off... as a result it was the passengers on the side of the engine fire, all of whom assumed the pilot must have been right, that survived and the ones on the other side, who knew nothing of the engine fire on the other side of the plane, that perished.

Obviously, yesterday's proceedings pale into all significance set against horrid events like that and the purpose of the horrid story is merely to show that assuming that experts should not be questioned is simply wrong.

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Re: Championship v Surrey
Farmer White 15 May, 2019 10:48
My report on the first day - White clothing and red ball - is now on the home page of my website here:


It is also reproduced in full here:

Back to the White Stuff

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Re: Championship v Surrey
Clarence Parker 15 May, 2019 10:50
I think you could have selected a more tasteful analogy to that A god.

Re: Championship v Surrey
Somerset LaLaLa 15 May, 2019 12:00
Oh hello, that's a better start, now for Rikki Clarke's wicket - I would give a lot for that (and that he doesn't take any later)

Re: Championship v Surrey
Tumbles 15 May, 2019 12:04
I guess we're about to see how good or bad the pitch is. I think from 262/2 we've fought back relatively well. You either make a decent start on this pitch..or not!

Re: Championship v Surrey
Shepton Paul 2 15 May, 2019 12:21
Do we know that they didn't go forward a yard or two, maybe more than once, when nicks were dropping short? Allowing for the fact that some of us commenting weren't even there, could the likes of Mike TA1, Farmer or others who were there tell, from about 80+ yards away, whether keeper and slips edged forward a few feet?

It's not that one isn't allowed to comment or question, it's more that those of us who've played a bit of school, village, club or league cricket need to give a bit of credit to those with considerably more experience and knowledge at first class and international level. I've over forty years as a school and league batsman, bowler and (overly-nerdy) spectator and follower, and I wouldn't presume to second-guess the likes of Tres, Kerr, Davies, Abell etc on such matters as how far back to stand to Cove or whether Jove is best suited to a loan at Northants. I know commenting and querying is part of the game, and of a forum such as this, but, sometimes, words fail me...

Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 15 May, 2019 12:27
Jack Brooks injured, so I'd guess that Jamie's loan will be cancelled anyway?

I mentioned, only yesterday, that Brooks has always been injury prone.

Re: Championship v Surrey
Loyal of Lhasa 15 May, 2019 12:40
If anybody know what Leach's bowling figures this morning have been, I'd like to hear them.

Re: Championship v Surrey
Grockle 15 May, 2019 12:48
Shepton Paul 2
...but, sometimes, words fail me...

Really Shep? I don't think that has ever been true thankfully.



Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 15 May, 2019 12:49
All I was saying, SP, is that, if the ball is regularly dropping short (but never flashing high), then stepping forward is the obvious thing to do. And if you step forward, and the same situation continues to obtain? The correct course of action is usually to edge closer still.

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Re: Championship v Surrey
Clarence Parker 15 May, 2019 12:52
Give Ben Green a try first, before recalling Jamie Overton.

Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 15 May, 2019 12:56
I don't think Green is really seen as a front-line bowling option anymore, Clarence?

More of a batting all-rounder, I think?

So it would be a bit like replacing Brooks with Peter Trego?

Re: Championship v Surrey
AGod 15 May, 2019 13:06
A couple of "only Viv would be good enough to nick those," balls from Morne to Azhar.

But the track itself didn't look overly troublesome in that pre-lunch salvo - those two balls from Morkel were, I think, the only ones that moved laterally, off the seam*. So if only 2 out of every 30 balls move, with a brand new cherry, then most batting sides would take that.

*There was a banana swinger from Morne, after it passed the bat.

Mr Clarke looked pretty innocuous. I was glad to see him given the new ball, rather than McKerr after the latter's excellent white ball outing here. I suspect Surrey will introduce McKerr shortly after the interval.

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