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Warks CC1 Taunton
Discussion started by Grockle , 18 May, 2019 14:38
Warks CC1 Taunton
Grockle 18 May, 2019 14:38
No Bell Hain or Stone according to CJM. Will we have 2 Overtons?


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Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Somerset LaLaLa 18 May, 2019 15:58
After Elgar came to bat with kidney stones, don't want to take any injuries for granted. What is clear is that Warks have had a disastrous return to Div 1 accumulating the sum of 7 points. Sibley apart, the number of low scores explains the reason and their bowling doesn't look too great either. This is a golden opportunity for Marcus to silence his critics. As Yorks are not playing, the top of the table could look like the Somerset and Hants show at the end of the week... Personally I'd like Jamie in, maybe Craig rested and Josh back

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Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Mike TA1 18 May, 2019 16:02
Looks like the pitch is more central, to the east of the fifty over pitches.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
AGod 18 May, 2019 17:45
I suspect that we’ll gamble on a green seamer, possibly bringing back Josh and possibly resting Cove. I think that we may well leave Jamie where he is as his returns for Northants were meagre and might well be held to imply that he needs more bowling. As I said before, better he bowls himself into form for Northants than for us (assuming that that implies that he won’t be at the races early in a game).

I assume that, so long as Jack Brooks doesn’t regain fitness in the intervening period our ‘Jack is injured so we can cancel Jamie’s loan,’ will still apply for as long as JB is injured (I.e isn’t a one-off chance that applies immediately after the JB injury). That being the case, I’d assume the coaches will have a look at Jamie in the nets at Lord’s and then, if deemed to be bowling well enough, Northants will get the call on Final Day, and Jamie might then play at Guildford.

Beware of Bears Bearing Bats and Balls
Loyal of Lhasa 18 May, 2019 18:33
I propose a new title for this thread...


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: Beware of Bears Bearing Bats and Balls
cricketjerry-mouse 18 May, 2019 18:49
Injury-hit Warwickshire are so short of players that they brought former all-rounder Tom Milnes back into the ranks for this week`s Second XI match at Kent, which they won. They may include him in their squad for Taunton.

Re: Beware of Bears Bearing Bats and Balls
Bagpuss 19 May, 2019 06:31
Loyal of Lhasa
I propose a new title for this thread...

Just as long as it doesn't become "Exit, pursued by the Bears"

Re: Beware of Bears Bearing Bats and Balls
wsm fan 19 May, 2019 08:26
Agod i'm a little confused.....

You say Josh will likely come back in? Fine
Craig likely to be rested? Possibly
And Jamie left at Northants?
I assume we all expect not to see Brooks so what is your proposed attack?
Lewis Tim Josh Leach and ???

It is utter madness not to recall Jamie.
We have to have 5 seamers on duty 10.15am tomorrow.
If, like Thursday, a bowler goes down pre match we need 4 seamers ready.
If Brooks is injured & Jamie left in Northampton that only leaves 4, if something happens pre match we have nothing.
Please don"t tell me we have Green Sale Gilchrist as proven division 1 bowling alternatives.

Leaving aside any opinions on if Jamie would play or not as a club surely we have to guard against being left short on the morning of a match.

I agree fully too with the idea of resting Lewis or Craig. Both ever presents in every match this season.
We have a fast bowling unit of 6 now but are failing in utilising it properly.
If we flog Lewis & Craig over the next few months (Lewis T20 skipper so presumably playing all 14 of those too) then we may really regret the position we "may" then find ourselves in come September.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
AGod 19 May, 2019 09:18
It's not really my *proposed* attack, in the sense it's not what I would do, but rather a guess as to what might happen.

Even this early in the season, it may be evident to Jason and Andy that almost everybody can probably be expected to beat Warks... therefore, CC challenge wise, we must do so, too.

If we played in a land with reliable weather, we could probably just produce a decent batting track and, given four days and a decent performance, beat Warks anyway.

But given we play in the UK and in Somerset, the above is not a given. If the match were to be played on the same sort of track as vs Surrey and then, say, a day were to be lost to rain (either cumulatively or all at once), then Warks might manage to hang on for a draw, even if we played well.

Normally, under the current toss rules, preparing a green seamer is madness and we came unstuck the last time we decided an aspect of an opponent was weak (Middx seam attack when we were under Chris Rogers) and deliberately played on something very grassy and green.

But...... it might well be worth the gamble vs Warks.

But, yes, I miscounted, and they won't be able to rest Craig without changing the balance of the side unless they want to bring Jamie back in. We do have about eight days off, after Lord's, and it might well be that that is deemed to be sufficient rest for Craig and Lewis. The reason that I was thinking that they might want to rest Craig was less about long-term management for the CC season, and more about just resting a key man ahead of Lord's. Either one of Lewis or Craig could be a candidate for a rest and the only reason I alighted on Craig was that it is he that has been our MVP (and national MVP) in the 50 over stuff.

However, if they were going to recall Jamie, then I'd have thought it would have already happened yesterday - if he's coming back anyway, there'd be no point in leaving him to train with Northants, or play golf with Northants, or whatever Northants did yesterday?

So most likely the attack will see just the one change... Josh for Brooks. And if Jamie doesn't come back now, we already know he'll be there for Lord's anyway, so the coaches will look at him then and, perhaps, decide to bring him back for Guildford.

If we do play on a green track and there's known to be weather about, then it's possible they may even leave Leachy out (certainly not what I would do) and possibly use that as providing a route into the team for Tom Banton.

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Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
AGod 19 May, 2019 09:20
Just looked at the forecast and, similar to the Surrey game, it's rather good for the first half of the match, then indifferent thereafter.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
wsm fan 19 May, 2019 09:33
So IF Brooks is injured and we bring Josh back in.
And IF Jamie stays in Northampton
What happens 10.15am tomorrow IF 1 of the only 4 seamers on site goes down in the warm up.
I know it's an IF but its not at all impossible.

We arent bringing Banton in for Lewis i suggest?
Jamie would be 3 hours away and about to be named in Northants home side to face Sussex.

So it would have to be Green? Or Trego? Or RVDM?

Does not sound ideal to me.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Mike TA1 19 May, 2019 09:49
The club will look foolish if they called Jamie back, and the club will do anything not to look foolish.

They are more likely to call up somebody like Ben Green, than call for a better player to return.

I hope I am proven wrong.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
wsm fan 19 May, 2019 10:00
Absolutely spot on Mike.

To me the clubs mismanagement of this situation is the problem.
6 seamers really is not that many to have kept happy.

If they had all been made felt a part of a bowling unit of 6, and explained we would need all 6 if we were to compete properly on all 3 fronts.
We would be using all 6 over the season in an attempt to have all 6 fit & firing come September.

I appreciate they have to pick what they "think" is the best team each match but there needs to be an eye on later in the season AND the longer term.
Tim 35 JackB 35 (in 2 weeks) Josh 28 Lewis 27 (on Friday) Craig 25 Jamie 25.....

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Cleavo 19 May, 2019 10:06
Guess we’ll find out later when the respective squads are announced, but I’d agree with AGod if they were going to recall Jamie they would have already done so. Of course this may have happened just not announced yet by club.

There was an interview with Tom Banton on the club website this week. In his interview he stated that he would be playing some red ball cricket in the 2nds for a couple of days before preparation for the Lords final begins in earnest.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Grizzers 19 May, 2019 10:46
Whatever our attack, I'd like to see Tom bowl himself more.

He has a knack of breaking partnerships and I felt we missed a trick when he didn't bowl late on the third day v. Surrey, when we were struggling to take wickets.


Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Tom Seymour 19 May, 2019 10:49
Do the club really want Jamie Overton and see him as a medium to long term prospect?

If so, why didn't his name figure in the opening games of the season before he went to Northants on loan?

As has already been said, the club will look foolish if they recall him now after an injury to just one bowler. I am sure that if negotiations had taken place to recall him, we would have heard about it by now - either officially or otherwise.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
wsm fan 19 May, 2019 11:00
Why would we have heard?
Do any of us have a hotline to Jamie Kerr or Hurry? Or David Ripley?
I agree however it seems unlikely regardless of my opinion on the matter.

My point however remains.
If Jamie stays at Northants tomorrow AND as we assume Brooks is unavailable we have no back up seamer if something happens pre match.

Even Tom you can't believe Green is the answer surely in a hugely winnable match.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Clarence Parker 19 May, 2019 11:09
Never say never, wsm. I was impressed with Ben Green's bowling when I saw him last year (or maybe the year before) and there comes a time when someone will have to be thrown into the deep end to see what they are made of. In that respect tomorrow's opponents would be a good place to start. It has been said though that Ben's batting has leapt ahead of his bowling which IMO would be a shame.

We shall just have to wait to see; I only picked out Ben Green as his name had been mentioned above.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Ralphindevon 19 May, 2019 12:18
I hope Marcus can get amongst the runs. It did get me thinking though, one day there WILL be a final 1st class innings for him.
Will it be his choice, will we all know it before it happens or will it be forced upon him?
A couple of poor scores now and it would be madness to ignore the hugely talented Tom Banton, then if that works well we might have seen the great man's last innings without knowing it.
Hopefully a ton against a poor Warwickshire side will see him kick on and contribute for the rest of the season.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Grockle 19 May, 2019 12:22
Ben has been in the "deep end' before during last season. Jamie was injured at the start of the season and was sent to Northants for first team bowling to get him match fit as far as I was aware. Well if that was the aim, throw him in the 'deep end' and let's get on with it.

Why is this embarrassing for the club? They sent him out on loan. They need him back from loan. He was not required for a month. Now he is.

Will Marcus play is the other big question. Has the time arrived? Well Tom B seems not to be in but Eddie would personally be my first choice anyway.


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Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Roger ivanhoe 19 May, 2019 12:38
Ralph, I Cannot see the Club forcing any decision on Marcus, we can only hope that if he does not get a set of decent scores in this weeks match, he will ask not to considered for the away game at Guildford.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Ralphindevon 19 May, 2019 12:53
Agreed Roger, not only has he earnt the right to decide himself, he loves Somerset enough to make the correct decision when needed.
We'd all love to see him on the field of play when we win our final game to lift the championship trophy

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Mike TA1 19 May, 2019 12:57
There is a player we haven't mentioned, Paul van Meekeren, he is fit again.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Grockle 19 May, 2019 13:03
Sorry. As much as the man is an icon and great servant to the club it is NOT his decision whether he plays or not if the professional coaches determine the side needs a different opener.

I'm all for Marcus RETIRING on his own terms but not to him choosing his place in the side while a member of the playing staff but in poor form.

We can't sit here hoping he'll make the right decision. If the right decision is replacement then whether he comes to that conclusion in conjunction with the selectors or not is immaterial. This is the County Championship not MT's leaving do.


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Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
wsm fan 19 May, 2019 13:08
Meekeren was running around last week but not played any cricket in weeks due to injury.

He will need several 2s games surely to be considered for 1st team action given that well over a month since Jamie has been fully fit Hurry is still mentioning the need for him to get overs under his belt.

Lets see if Meeks is fit enough for a 2s comeback tomorrow at the Vale

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Grizzers 19 May, 2019 13:09
If and when Marcus isn’t selected, (or chooses not to be) I would go for Tom Banton ahead of Eddie.

Durability can be an asset, but Eddie tends to score so very slowly that it creates undue pressure on the others to do so.. I’m unconvinced of his merits t.b.h..

(Maybe he’ll be selected and score a ton, in which case I shall happily eat more humble pie !).

TB on the other hand is undoubtedly a very special talent. The question is, can he adapt to the longer form of the game ?

I suspect we will know before too long.


Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Grockle 19 May, 2019 13:14
Agree Grizzz but can we afford Tom time to check out adapting and if it's before the Final next week do we want confidence knocked?

Eddie has done this before and if he provides the base Azhar and James can score. I'm not concerned who is in the front 2 as long as they are still there 10 overs in with the shine off the ball.


Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Roger ivanhoe 19 May, 2019 13:38
Grockle, my concern is Jason Kerr and Marcus are known to be best of mates, so I just hope that if Marcus form does not improve and he does not offer to step down, then Andy Hurry steps in.

Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Grockle 19 May, 2019 13:58
Gotta be professionals in the end. No one is bigger than the county and they are all well aware of that. Nostalgia has its place, respect has its day but we MUST show strong in the CC1 this year especially and the top eleven players to do that for us have to play.

If Marcus is one then excellent but it MUST be a professional decision irrespective of what the heart says


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Re: Warks CC1 Taunton
Mike TA1 19 May, 2019 14:01
Marcus average of 7.25 from three match, you can't have an opener with that average.

If he plays I hope he gets a big score.

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