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Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
AGod 25 May, 2019 18:43
Just congratulated Tom A in person. He’s being escorted by stewards across Nursery Ground, on his own, and has headed into the MCC Academy building. Maybe he will give a talk to their students?

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Somerset LaLaLa 25 May, 2019 19:18
Was it Charles C in the wheelchair on the pitch?

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
cricketjerry-mouse 25 May, 2019 19:21
Although both Josh Davey and Lewis Gregory were both unable to complete their 10-over stints because of side strains, both took a full part in the celebrations at the end and didn`t look too inconvenienced.

Fortunate, perhaps, that Somerset, along with Nottinghamshire, miss out on the next round of cc matches.

When Dom Bess substituted for Lewis, it must surely have been the first Lord`s final in which one county had two players currently out on loan on the field.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Grizzers 25 May, 2019 19:31
Absolutely magnificent performance and a wonderful occasion.

Brilliant atmosphere in the mound stand and terrific stuff from all the players, who must be thrilled to bits to win the final final at Lord’s and put all those ‘nearly’ moments behind them.

I felt we bowled and fielded superbly, aided by excellent Captaincy by Tom Abell and put the game effectively beyond Hants reach with our first wicket partnership.

Whilst you make some valid points re the ECB Hants01, your comments are pretty ungracious, particularly given Tom Banton’s performance. Thought he was pretty unlucky not to get the m.o.t.m. award, even acknowledging James and Jamie’s respective achievements.

Managed to shake Brian Rose’s hand at close of play. which rounded the day off very nicely indeed.

Somerset CCC - RLODC winners 2019 !!!!!!

How good does it feel to type and say that !!!!!

Happy Saturday evening everyone.


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Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Roger ivanhoe 25 May, 2019 19:46
Somerset LaLaLa, yes that was Charles, so pleased he was able to get onto the grass with the boys.

What a day, well done lads, well worth the early start.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Mike TA1 25 May, 2019 20:09
That must be one of the most enjoyable game I can remember, I am so pleased for the players and the club.

To see the joy on everybody's faces says it all.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Grockle 25 May, 2019 20:11
I don't feel Somerset beat Hants today. .......

Oh we don't care Hants.

WE DID beat you and it would have taken more than a bit from Vince and Dawson to make any difference.

Enjoy the rest of your season but do the bad loser somewhere else please.


Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Grockle 25 May, 2019 20:13
Take a leaf from Sam Northeast Hants01. He didn’t blame the loss of your England players and was very dignified in defeat!

Hear hear hantssabre and well done to the Hampshire skipper who can hold his head up high.


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Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
geordie moonraker 25 May, 2019 20:13
I didn’t miss a ball from my sofa. What a splendid performance from every single player with total commitment and grest sthleticism. I loved the all run 4
What a day. Well done

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
stevecav 25 May, 2019 20:22
Good evening all - this is my very first post this season because my 94 year old Dad, who I have mentioned before as desperate to see us win the Championship died last week after a few weeks of brutal illness with the big C. He followed SCCC as long as he could and his last day of being fully aware of cricket was the superb QF win at Worcester. Today was a fantastic win and he missed it by a week. My joy at our first trophy for 14 years was tempered by not being able to share it with him. Once the funeral is out of the way I hope to be following grockles again right through to our first CC win. I am sure 'getting over the line' today will generate a belief in the squad that will do it for us. Off now to raise a glass to my old Dad and to Somerset cricket both team and incredible supporters.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Mike TA1 25 May, 2019 20:30
Both Jamie and his bother Craig said Jamie has had a tough two weeks. (on loan).

We can't carry on with this loaning of Jamie to another club.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Tumbles 25 May, 2019 20:35
Somewhat annoyed me that they continued to mention the toss. Let’s be clear we simply bowled better then batted better. We never really allowed Hants to get the run rate above 5 and Banton provided the explosive batting first up. As comfortable as it gets from start to finish.

Now for the Holy Grail

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Grockle 25 May, 2019 20:35
Ahh Stevecav.... so sorry. You have to believe he saw this from wherever. If there is somewhere after you go, they couldn't not share this. He must have also thought this was on so moved on with hope in his heart.

Let's hope we celebrate those people who have followed for decades by not stopping here.


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Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Tumbles 25 May, 2019 20:42
Raising a glass for you and your Dad, Steve. My 4 year old daughter (and 10 month old son!) watched the game with us on TV. My daughter now wants to go to Taunton - this was the first final me and the wife missed in 10 years. Perhaps we were the curse !

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Tom Seymour 25 May, 2019 20:44
Please accept my condolences on the loss of your old dad, Stevecab, and I hope that you will be able to reflect on many happy hours of watching and discussing Somerset cricket together. May he rest in peace.

As to the match today, many congratulations on a thoroughly deserved win. Everybody did their bit and a special congratulation to the Man of the Match, Jamie Overton.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Grockle 25 May, 2019 20:45
I'm the curse Tumbles. Never seen them win live and I was planning to be there! Didn't get...... thank God.


Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Bobstan 25 May, 2019 22:14
We thought that Josh Davey's performance set the tone for the whole of the Hants innings, and that his contribution should not be forgotten or under-estimated.

So many good performances; congratulations to all the players and to Andy H and Jason K.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Grizzers 25 May, 2019 22:43
Totally agree Bobstan. Josh was right on the money & bowled superbly.

Hope both he & Lewis don’t have anything other than minor injury niggles.

After a hectic few weeks, the players deserve a few days off.


Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
AGod 25 May, 2019 22:47
I had a 2-2 watching us in finals record (at ground, I mean) so pleased to now be in credit at 3-2.

We shall have to hope, Grockle, that your curse applies only to white ball cricket because you’ll clearly have to make the trip if there’s a CC game where the final is on the line, later.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Grockle 25 May, 2019 22:52
I have the two days already pencilled in as 'personal' days for that AG. Never been there for the end of a CC season when we were in a situation to win it. Though Grizz and I were almost on the airport runway a couple of years ago.

It could be a 'treble' event as the T20 Finals day is just before it and we are in the mix for that too!!

But optimism does not suit us so let us see how things go and take it as it comes.


Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Roger ivanhoe 25 May, 2019 23:06
Anybody know what the prize money was for today.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
cricketjerry-mouse 25 May, 2019 23:21
Good to see Alfonso Thomas, now Hampshire`s specialist bowling
coach, among the first on the field to congratulate the Somerset players at the end.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Loyal of Lhasa 25 May, 2019 23:21
What a glorious day in splendid company and with perfect cricket-watching weather.

Our bowling and fielding were electric and indicated we are blessed with a profoundly whole-hearted team. Davey got the match going in the right direction very early on and then all the bowlers joined in. Watching Jove at his finest - and occasionally his fastest - was a joy (and reminded me of my wise decision not to play against him in this life or the next).

Then came that tremendous start by Banton and Azhar that ensured there was never much doubt about the result. It was my first sighting of Banton and it is hard not to predict a brilliant future for him. After the loss of the openers I was much impressed by the extemely sensible batting of Trego and Hildreth, demonstrating what they have learned from their long experience about the importance of keeping the score moving even if the boundaries temporarily dry up. Then in the latter part of the innings Hildreth demonstrated his utter mastery and would in my opinion have been a good candidate for the MotM - not that I begrudge Jove the award.

Much more I could write but all that sunshine and excitement has sapped what was left of my energy for today. But I must end by offering my condolences to Stevecav. How sad that his dad did not live to enjoy today as much as the rest of us have,


Seventy-one Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
wsm fan 26 May, 2019 07:27
Absolutely fantastic day out in great company watching our boys do their stuff.

Taunton Cardiff Hove Taunton Bristol Taunton Taunton Worcester Nottingham London
Around 1500 miles travelled, 10 of the 11 matches attended (Radlett a good one to miss!)

Man of the match - JAMIE OVERTON

Now at least we can scrap this ridiculous loan nonsense and bring Jamie back home where he belongs & let him start taking Somerset red ball wickets towards the real trophy we want this season, yesterday was purely a warm up for the proper one in September.

A real shame we are now locked out of the CACG so those unluckly enough not to have made it yesterday have 5 weeks until they can give the boys a clap.

A very well deserved week off coming up before a HUGE month of June starts at Guildford.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Somerset LaLaLa 26 May, 2019 09:55
Having been to the finals in 1982 and 1983, which were more lower scoring, a question is which was the best Somerset final?

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Shepton Paul 2 26 May, 2019 10:11
1979 for me; Garner's searing 6-29 after the heartbreaking weekend of the previous year...though I did enjoy clapping Notts into double figures in 1982 and Rob Turner catching Afridi in 2001.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Mike TA1 26 May, 2019 10:16
I wondered if I should have put this link on the 100 thread. []

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Wickham 26 May, 2019 10:27
My condolences to stevecav. I’m glad that the last cricketing memory which he shared with his father was a happy one, with the win at Worcester.

Many congratulations to the team and management for a masterful performance yesterday. I’m particularly pleased for Trego and Hildreth - two players who have experienced so many runners-up positions and who given Somerset cricket and its supporters so much (often as brothers in arms).

Both Banton (with some audacious and breathtaking shots) and Hildreth (who took responsibility for getting us past the target and who played with his usual elegance) would have been worthy winners of the MotM award. But it was right that the award went to a bowler - Davey and Jove between them shaped the match. I’ve never seen Jove bowl better - he was measured, quick and hostile; and apart from in the last over slog, was very economical. Somerset fielded brilliantly, especially LG, Jove and Abell, and this must have added to the pressure on the Hampshire batsmen.

I was surprised that Hampshire picked six bowlers - it meant that the middle-order batsmen felt unable to take risks, because they knew how little was to follow.

It was a pleasure to share the day with LoL and Bobstan - and to chat to Bloke/Si and Wimborne John (each of whom is late of this parish).

It felt a real privilege that the team decided to sing the team song in front of the supporters, rather than in the dressing room (have a look on the official Twitter feed or Facebook page, if you’ve not seen it).

One vignette as the on-field celebrations were dying down - as I was leaving, I saw Craig Overton gently and sympathetically shepherding a young supporter, much the worse for wear, off the pitch and onto the spectator area, so that the supporter wouldn’t fall foul of the stewards. A lesser man would have left the supporter to his own devices, but Craig broke away from his fellow players to perform that act of kindness and responsibility, out of the main public gaze.

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
Tumbles 26 May, 2019 10:43
Nice to see Sky Sports with the correct info today:

Re: 'The Nearly Men' Lord's Final
AGod 26 May, 2019 11:11
Of the five finals that I've seen, in person, the highest quality in terms of a passage of play came in our most recent win, when we had Flintoff, at his fastest and most hostile, versus Graeme Smith at his most belligerent, in that T20 Finals Day that went on to nearly midnight, at the Oval.

Equally, the most dissapointing SCCC performance was also in a T20 - with a meek capitulation vs Leics at Edgbaston in the Final.

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