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Re: The Hundred
AGod 04 June, 2019 18:55
But people can’t be forced to go, free tickets or not.

Would anybody be surprised to see the Egotistical Cricket Board secretly *paying* people to attend this garbage?

Re: The Hundred
Loyal of Lhasa 04 June, 2019 21:20
Somerset LaLaLa
I would suggest the audience there for the Hundred will be low. Obviously someone on 719K a year knows better

I suspect the object of the exercise is to ensure that a hundred spectators attend each match.

Re: The Hundred
Phrench Phil 10 June, 2019 15:24
An interesting thought from George Dobell during today's rain-affected ODI.

What would it cost to put a roof on a ground or two? Or even purpose build. Cos if we didn't play The 100, we'd have £200m to spend on it. Just a thought.

Re: The Hundred
Grockle 13 June, 2019 15:43
Here you go - the official rules of the Hundred because the video on doesn't work

Official Hundred Rules


Re: The Hundred
Mike TA1 13 June, 2019 16:32
Imaging if we have weather like this next year for the hundred.

Re: The Hundred
Roger ivanhoe 14 June, 2019 11:45
We can hope Mike, teach the ECB a lesson, although as the ECB are so determined for "IT" to be a success they will will probably allocate two reserve days for each match.

Re: The Hundred
Bagpuss 15 June, 2019 08:48
Revealed in the Times; the ECB is planning on classifying the Hundred as List A games for statistical purposes. They are in discussion with the ICC, who do not have to give permission, but have asked to be kept informed.

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Re: The Hundred
geordie moonraker 15 June, 2019 15:08
Also indicated that some counties may offer increased salaries to some to keep them out of the auction as the counties apparently are taking the one day comp seriously

Re: The Hundred
Grockle 15 June, 2019 16:09
It would be economic suicide not to. BUT they all have to do it or the same kevel quality won't always be there. The franchise grounds of course will have to play their games at festival/outgrounds.


Re: The Hundred
Shepton Paul 2 15 June, 2019 16:35
Really hope they do take the one-day comp seriously, I've always been a big fan of it. I know they won't have any overseas players taking part (fine with me), but do we yet have any clarity on what it being a "development competition" means? For example, will it be age-limited (eg under 25s only), or players with limited FC experience, or just anyone not in a Hundred squad?

Re: The Hundred
Grockle 15 June, 2019 21:06
There was a twitter comment recently about it not being open to first team players but I think that would be very difficult to impose.

I suppose the ECB may wait and see how much of a commercial threat it may be to the Hundred and then act accordingly to make themselves money and put the competition out of business.

This is the idiocy of this whole thing that a commercial organisation has created a product in direct competition with a product it already has and is then taking steps to artificially skew the market in favour of the new but poorer of the two products against the one with the established and growing market.

It makes no commercial sense at all


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Re: The Hundred
Bagpuss 15 June, 2019 22:11
Surely if its not open to first team players then it is in essence the same as the current Second XI Trophy. Except you will find players who have played first team cricket in that competition.

Re: The Hundred
Grockle 16 June, 2019 00:07
As I say I don't think that's the plan. Then again does anyone know what the 'plan' is? Aren't they sort of making up as they go along?


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Re: The Hundred
AGod 16 June, 2019 12:12
I propose that Boris Johnson run The Hundred and Colin Graves the Brexit process. See if anyone could tell the difference...

Re: The Hundred
Loyal of Lhasa 16 June, 2019 13:14
Surely Grayling should be allowed to apply a touch of his peculiar magic...


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: The Hundred
AGod 16 June, 2019 13:25
Grayling can replace Tom Harrison and, thus, serve as Deputy PM to Graves.p

Re: The Hundred
Roger ivanhoe 23 June, 2019 09:31
Not sure if this link should be posted in this thread or Somerset News.
But Andrew Cornish gives his thoughts on the 100.

Somerset County Gazette

Re: The Hundred
Grockle 23 June, 2019 12:54
Well he's right about providing a local 50 over tournament of value and one can only hope that all countirs ignore the ECB "development' marketing ploy for the 100 and put out their strongest sides.

He's also right in saying there is nothing Somerset can do now. The time to make a stand was a while ago and we squandered it along with many others.

I'm not sure we'll lose the 'cream' as long as are willing to invest in the competition.

Given the fact that the ECB has effectively cut the South West of England out of it's top menu white ball tournament anywhere below Birmingham, hoping we get to play later is a bit of a pipe dream for Mr Cornish I would venture. The only way that might happen is if the powers that be abandon their 'urban' idea or the Welsh experiment really is a flop.

We took the 'jam tomorrow' option in the first part of this debacle and that was naive then. Hoping our future prosperity will still come that way is probably daft. Somerset may have to look locally and foster that market. Hoping the central body will suddenly begin to love the provinces again is maybe not a sensible way to go.


Re: The Hundred
wsm fan 15 July, 2019 08:01
I could not be any less of a fan of the hundred.
But this "development" word seems to be confusing some.
There is no rule which says it will be a development competition in the 50 next year.

Very simply the best 100 players from the 18 counties will just not be available to play county 50 matches.
In addition overseas players are not allowed.

We will be hit therefore more than most you would think.
Lets pretend we lose 6 so Banton Hildy Lewis Jamie Craig & RVDM, very possible i'd say.

We could/would then put out the best of the rest, entirely our choice if they are young & untried or normal squad players. So for example.....

Davies Byrom Trego Abell George Green Dom Josh Brooks Timmy G Jack L

We may well chose to use Lamondby Rouse Sale Gilchrist but we arent forced to.

Many other counties who only lose 1, 2 or 3 to the hundred could be relatively uneffected in their 50 over line ups.

I will be at Taunton & various away venues watching my team defend it's 50 over trophy, the hundred could take place at the end of my road & i wouldnt watch it!

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Re: The Hundred
AGod 15 July, 2019 08:07
Under no circumstances will I ever watch a game of Colin Graves @#$%& competition.

Not even if he abolishes all other cricket.


Re: The Hundred
Grizzers 15 July, 2019 20:20
Either CG doesn't know that the ECB have already announced that 50 over one day domestic games will no longer have 'List A' status and are to be treated as 'academy games', or he is once again being grossly disingenuos:



Re: The Hundred
Grockle 15 July, 2019 22:22
Moving it to outgrounds will dilute the income drawn from it. But it's not a forward thinking plan. It has to be outground cricket for 8 counties because their main grounds will be in the hands of others.

It's all smoke, mirrors and spin with a little bit of bollox thrown in for good measure. Graves' plan gives counties no option in 40% of cases.


Re: The Hundred
Grizzers 16 July, 2019 16:55
AG referred to this article elsewhere.

Well worth a read and sums up the shambles as it currently stands:



Re: The Hundred
Rod1883 16 July, 2019 17:05
..behind a subscriber entrance fee, unless there is a way to circumnavigate?

Re: The Hundred
Grizzers 16 July, 2019 17:20
Apologies Rod.

I think if you register/sign up, you can get two free articles a month (or week ?).


Re: The Hundred
Phrench Phil 16 July, 2019 17:31
Thanks for the link Grizzzly.
A very interesting article, and I note that one of the co-authors is one Elizabeth Ammon.

Re: The Hundred
Grockle 16 July, 2019 20:26
Who like a few others has moved towards this view from a different one over the last few months (though Lizzie was obsessed with the Durham situation in the early days to be fair) as the debacle has been sort of poured out onto the floor in no particular structure. The writers are also moving with their editors towards a seemingly different view.

Mikey Vaughan is not as supportive as he was originally either

Be interesting to see how Bumble moves in the next few weeks

Sinking vessels and hairy @#$%&?

We can but hope but I don't they will let it die so easily.


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Re: The Hundred
That Bloke With The Dog 16 July, 2019 23:46
I hope it's all right to quote the last three sentences of the Times article here, because they explain well how Sunday's events have overturned a lot of the assumptions behind the Hundred:

In addition to fears about a lack of 50-over cricket hindering England’s prospects of defending the World Cup in India in four years’ time, the success of the recent tournament in engaging new fans, particularly in south Asian communities, has led some to question whether The Hundred is needed.

Some counties are also expected to use the anticipated financial boon that will follow England’s World Cup win to demand a bigger handout from the ECB. As The Times revealed last month, the counties have asked for an extra £27 million over the first five years of the competition in return for signing the contracts, which has proved a further sticking point, and the World Cup success is likely to embolden them further.

Overnight we've gone from resurrecting It's A Knockout to suddenly needing to cater for that massive swathe of the public who have now discovered the real thing. Mumz 'n' Kidz Krazy Kricket isn't going to cut it for those who've been treated to the events of Sunday.

Re: The Hundred
AGod 17 July, 2019 06:53
Went to pub yesterday afternoon.

Walked up to the bar and the barman said:

"Did you enjoy it?," with no further explanation of "it", but gesturing at me.

I looked down and saw that I was wearing a Lord's anniversary T-shirt.

So I said, "Yeah, it was great."

And the response:

"I've never been a cricket fan, but I've changed my tune now."

I wonder if the ECB might twig that what they need is something good on terrestrial TV, rather than some contrived nonsense, hidden away on Sky. Of course, Sky, aren't likely to pay anything like full bung for something they have to share with other channels, though...So the Egotistical Cricket Board are going to have to make a relative choice between vast sums of lucre and much less lucre, but much more exposure.

Re: The Hundred
Grockle 17 July, 2019 07:27
Not sure why the actual biological term for a rat has been deemed bad language by the filter but there you go

@#$%& (Rod ents) Don't use this people. . it's BAD!!


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