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2020 squad
Discussion started by mikeindex , 30 September, 2019 20:20
2020 squad
mikeindex 30 September, 2019 20:20
I know this has been touched on more than once in other threads, but seems important enough to merit its own now this season is over.
Seems obvious to me that our overseas has to be an opening batsman. Hard to judge which.
Azhar and Vijay both came to us with outstanding international records, and both - unforeseeably - performed disappointingly/disastrously in red ball (though Azhar did do splendidly in the 50-over Cup run and impressed hugely as a team man). So the same could happen with anyone else we go for.
Only WI, Pak and to a lesser extent Australia have significant international commitments during the next English season - WI and Pak playing Test series here and apparently Aus are nipping over in July for a run of 20- and 50-over games. So Azhar, should we want him back, will not be available for the full season.
(NZ, according to Cricinfo, are also nipping over to play a single T20 against Scotland and then going home again - which may be some sort of record. If Cricinfo have their facts wrong please blame them not me).
Anyone from anywhere else would, presumably, be available all season.
I would most certainly welcome Dean Elgar back, but if Surrey already have their claws in him -
Cheteshwar Pujara? (experienced opener, probably the best long-game player, but more accustomed to batting at 3 these days).
Tamim Iqbal?
Martin Guptill?
Always a bit of a lottery. Maybe we should go for the 19-year-old kid brother of some fringe Test player, or a 22-year-old from a tiny Caribbean island no-one's heard of - hell, both worked last time.

Re: 2020 squad
nelliec 01 October, 2019 08:41
Batsmen from Australia and New Zealand seem to cope much better with early season CC cricket.I would love to See Kane Williamson,Labuschagne(if Glamorgan stick with Marsh) or Marcus Harris if it’s a opener we’re after.
In the T20 would love to have Babar back ,plus a specialist spin Bowler
In a domestic point David Malan is been talked about as wanting first division cricket so must be worth chasing.

Re: 2020 squad
Bagpuss 01 October, 2019 09:00
Don't know for sure until the fixtures come out but I'm sure I read somewhere that the T20 will be stretched out across CC fixtures in similar way to a few years ago. If so will impact overseas signings as only two can be registered at amy one time.

Re: 2020 squad
Bobstan 01 October, 2019 09:20
You are now forbidden to call next year 2020. It will be known as the year 100.

Re: 2020 squad
nelliec 01 October, 2019 09:59
I assume the ECB will do everything to downgrade our Blast next season,Bagpuss, starting by limiting overseas players and then probably playing every game on a Monday starting at 2 pm

Re: 2020 squad
Grizzers 01 October, 2019 10:20
Agree with much of the above. Batting has to be the focus, preferably with a signing from Aus., NZ or SA. Matt Renshaw springs to mind.

As for the T20, it would be terrific to see Babar again. Less so Mr Taylor i.m.h.o..


Re: 2020 squad
Roger ivanhoe 01 October, 2019 10:24
England batsman Dawid Malan signed a new contract with Middlesex in January this year until the end of the 2021 season.
Although he has since stepped down as Middlesex captain.

Re: 2020 squad
Somerset LaLaLa 01 October, 2019 10:52
You are now forbidden to call next year 2020. It will be known as the year 100.

Not sure we need to do this, the Gregorian calendar is widely used throughout the world and has been around for a long time. Although not perfect, it works ok and changing the year will be an experiment that is doomed to failure

Re: 2020 squad
Farmer White 01 October, 2019 11:33
Changing the calendar would also be hugely costly, wildly unpopular, alienate everyone who currently uses a calendar, only be accessible to half the current calendar users even if they wanted to use the new one, but - and there is an upside to everything - at least people who do not currently use calendars would be better able to understand a calendar with 16.4 months in a year than one with only 12. Or 20.


Re: 2020 squad
Bagpuss 01 October, 2019 14:20
As a woman I would welcome a change of calendar to start with the year 100, all these four-digit years are SO confusing.

If we could also count down from 100 in subsequent years, all the better. Although I might not qualify to become a Pegasus resident, I would look forward to celebrating my 21st in about ** years time, by which point Somerset's county championship titles will be numerous.

Re: 2020 squad
Des Platt 01 October, 2019 15:42
Batsmen from Australia and New Zealand seem to cope much better with early season CC cricket.I would love to See Kane Williamson,Labuschagne(if Glamorgan stick with Marsh) or Marcus Harris if it’s a opener we’re after.

I saw Marsh bat for Glamorgan in the second innings at Colwyn Bay , and in what was a spineless effort by the team , his display at number three was a disgrace . Scored three or four, missed with a few slogs and generally gave a poor example. Yes, it was only one innings and they were going to lose but attitude stunk.

If Glamorgan prefer him to Labuschagne they would be mad but guess Somerset could outbid. He would be a rare player if he showed loyalty.

Re: 2020 squad
cricketjerry-mouse 01 October, 2019 16:17
Good to see Roger ivanhoe breaking the norm on this thread and spelling Dawid Malan`s name correctly. Somerset may or may not have put out feelers for him (Yorkshire certainly have), but getting his name right is a starter.

Re: 2020 squad
Roger ivanhoe 01 October, 2019 18:12
Ha, Ha, CJM, i confess I copied and pasted the lines or I would more than likely have got it wrong.

Out of interest I googled ....
The name Dawid is of Hebrew, Polish origins, which means it has more than one root, and is used mostly in Polish speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.

Re: 2020 squad
AGod 01 October, 2019 21:36
I don’t agree that we should fall into the trap of just looking for an opening batsman. I strongly believe that we should go for the best available player, pretty much regardless of type. Runs in early season English conditions are tough to come by. If a top seamer were available for the early games we’d almost certainly be better off with him as an overseas opening batsman would be likely to struggle anyway. Even Renshaw .. well, he was very positive, but he really rode his luck ... so every chance he wouldn’t be able to repeat (did very little for Kent this season).

Also, seamer wise, TG and Meerkat have left. Jove and Brooks often have fitness issues..

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/10/2019 21:38 by AGod.

Re: 2020 squad
Grizzers 03 October, 2019 18:13
Thinking of our four day campaign next season, I think it's probably fair to say that there's a pretty widespread concensus that our overseas signing (should there be one), should be a specialist batsman.

Presently, the following would perhaps be a potential top seven line up:

1) Byrom (assuming he is offered and signs a new contract)
2) Davies
3) Bartlett
4) Hildreth
5) Abell (middle order needs stability !)
6) Banton
7) Gregory

So, which batting position would an overseas batsman occupy and consequently, who gets dropped or misses out ?


Re: 2020 squad
nelliec 03 October, 2019 19:06
Depends who’s not performing Grizzily.The problem we have had has that there has been no real competition for places,unlike with the bowlers where it has been fierce.
There’were times this year when you could have dropped Hildreth and Ali or Bartlett ,and doing so might have made them lift their game .and made the fight for places more competitive.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/10/2019 20:49 by nelliec.

Re: 2020 squad
AGod 04 October, 2019 12:45
I continue to maintain that we should go best available overseas player, rather than forcing ourselves to pick from the "best," of what might be a relatively suspect crop of available top three batsmen.

And, for the first few CC matches, I say we'd be better off with an extra quality seam option, if we could find one, rather than a batsman.

Pretty much any opening batsman that might, potentially, be available to us for next season, would carry a high risk of "doing an Az," and averaging 15 or so. Batting in England in early season is tough, even for those very familiar with conditions. It's tougher for those less familiar with them. Batting in England in early season is tough, even for those with a full pre-season behind them. It stands to reason that it would be tougher for an overseas player who might only join a few days before the season were due to start.

Consider the following hypothetical scenario:

Byrom or Green (the latter if EB leaves), for example, opens the batting with either Tom A or Steve D next season:

Byrom/Green average ten runs per innings for the first four matches of the season. All 8 innings happen. So whichever of them plays scores only 80 runs across those first four games.

Suppose, instead, that Az plays (or A N Other): They average 15 runs. On the same calculation, they'd score 120 runs across those first four games.

Net gain from overseas pro over first four games: 40 runs

Now, suppose that we can find an international-calibre seam bowler for those first four games and that the alternative is, say, Jack Brooks or Josh Davey.

Let's say Brooks or Davey play and, in 8 innings, they take 15 wickets for 300 runs. That's an average of 20 runs per wicket ... so that's certainly not unduly pessimistic.

Now, suppose a top overseas seamer plays those 4 games. Said Test-calibre seamer takes, say, 20 wickets for 250 runs in those four games. That's an average of 12.5 runs per wicket.

The net benefit to the club of having the seamer is greater than the net benefit of having the opening batsman. And, if the pitches are super-tricky to bat on, then I don't think it unrealistic at all to suppose that a top Test-calibre seam bowler might take 20-250 across the four games.

Re: 2020 squad
AGod 04 October, 2019 12:51
However... the case for a middle-order batsman, might be much more persuasive.

Tom Banton will be largely unavailable next season between the IPL/Graves's garbage and, very possibly, England ODI calls.

So you could have a line-up that looks like:

Lammonby OR overseas batsman (or possibly even overseas batting all-rounder)


Bartlett (forget the stupid young players can't bat in the top three policy that suddenly came in last season given that, two seasons ago, George already made a CC ton batting at 3)
Lammonby or overseas

In my judgement, an overseas batsman batting at five or six is more likely to succeed in English conditions than somebody going in within the top three, all other things being equal.

Re: 2020 squad
nelliec 04 October, 2019 16:37
I think most of the questions need to be asked before we select possible signings..
Who is going to open all season.Abell and Davies/overseas/Byrom ?
Right and left hander?
Will Banton or Bartlett make 3 spot their own?
Will Hildy revert to 4 or even 5?
Does Gregory think he can hold down the spot at 6 or is he rally a number 7.
Can Bess become more of a Batsman , who can bowl part time early season?
Plenty to ponder?

Re: 2020 squad
nelliec 04 October, 2019 17:46
With Eddie now signing a new deal he will almost certainly be Tom Banton’s replacement while he is away with the IPL and England. Whether that means opening we’ll have to wait and see.Less likely a domestic signing in my opinion,but maybe more money in the budget for a Kane Williamson or someone similar.

Re: 2020 squad
wsm fan 07 October, 2019 23:41
Unconfirmed rumour is the 2020 season ends with the last championship round starting on........
Sunday September 27 😱

So 4 day championship season could end Sept 27-Wed 30!

Re: 2020 squad
Bagpuss 08 October, 2019 07:32
Well looking on the bright side (if the dying embers of September can be considered bright) there's a day of weekend cricket in September. That's not happened for about three years.

Every cloud.... ☁

Re: 2020 squad
Bobstan 08 October, 2019 08:23
Yes, Baggie, but every silver lining has a cloud.

Re: 2020 squad
Grizzers 08 October, 2019 11:03
I seem to remember someone from SCCC commenting in 2018 that they had seen a draft outline for the schedule for 2020 and indicating that it would end nearly in October.

Crazy stuff.

Don't think the likely rain/inclement weather will pay much regard to whether it is the weekend or not.

Still, we can all be sleep easily and be comforted by the fact that the 99+1 will be played in summer.


P.S. When did the season used to end back in the 1970's & 1980's ? I seem to recall about mid September latest ?

Re: 2020 squad
Farmer White 08 October, 2019 11:15
The Somerset match in the final round of CC matches in the long hot summer of 1976:


Looks like the wicket might have had a bit of turn in it.

The Gillette Cup Final was on 4th September and the last JPL match on the 5th.


Re: 2020 squad
Mike TA1 08 October, 2019 11:17
In 1980 the last CC match was against Warwickshire @ Taunton starting on 3rd September, so ending on the 5th, earlier than you thought.

There was a John Player match played on the 7th September

Re: 2020 squad
Railboy 08 October, 2019 13:35
Yep, the traditional cricket season started the last weekend in April and ended first weekend in September, and that was when you played 24 three day games, plus Gillette Cup, B&H cup and Sunday League ( and the 3 day games generally lasted 3 days!).

Re: 2020 squad
nelliec 08 October, 2019 14:04
Why can’t the 50 over competition be linked in with a championship game against the same opponents in the same week like it used to .
Start championship games on a Sunday until Wednesday,allowing a 50 over game to be played thurs/ fri or sat.
This could overlap into the first 2 weeks of the 100 and then have the play offs at the start of August
The T20 could then follow straight on from the 100 in front of some decent crowds.

Re: 2020 squad
Loyal of Lhasa 08 October, 2019 15:04
The first county match I watched started on Sat 27th Aug 1949 and ended on Tues 30th. That was the last match of the season in which Somerset had played 26 CC matches, though other counties played one more round of CC matches starting on 31st Aug. I know there are others on this site who watched Somerset before I did, but my plan is to live until the day I can say I am the last person alive to have watched county cricket in the 1940s. Of course, if Somerser win the CC before I can make that boast, I shall have to do the honourable thing...

I appreciate that there are presumably some alive who watched before the Second World War but even they cannot live for ever.


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: 2020 squad
Grizzers 08 October, 2019 15:10
Thanks for all the information.

Gosh, there was an awful lot of common sense back then.

Where did it all go ?


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