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Area AGM's
Discussion started by wsm fan , 14 October, 2019 19:07
Area AGM's
wsm fan 14 October, 2019 19:07
Kick off this Thursday 17th with the Weston super Mare area AGM.

Top table to include Hurry Derry & Brice.

Shame it's 3 days before the draft & presumably before Mr Kirsten announces his Welsh assistants.

Still all very quiet on the Chairman CEO & groundsman vacancies.....

Re: Area AGM's
wsm fan 17 October, 2019 23:24
Brice Hurry Parsons Rose (and Trego at the end) in attendance.

Hurry - season summary

Brice - club update

Points of note.

A question re Cornish departure flat batted, no comment.

No ground works planned.

Groundsman shortlist underway. Simon has overseen winter work.

Pre season tour being planned again to Abu Dhabi.

New chairman hoped to be in place by end November.
CEO to follow with Chairman input.

Season starts Apr13. Ends Sep 30.
Champo bookends it
7 rounds up to May25.
Then 6 rounds from late August.
A few weeks amongst blast.

Overseas talks in progress.
Likely 1 first part season. Another 2nd half.

Top overseas not keen on blast. Prefer 100 instead.

We will treat 50 over properly with best team. Not a development opportunity.

The 100.
Players wont be released back to counties.
Once blast ends players go straight to 100 teama.
100 side in total control of players. If they get injured on duty tough.
If player needs managing we have no say.
Club gets % of players lost to 100 salary compensation.
100 teams CANNOT pick county players as injury replacements. They have 16 man squad only, not sure i believe that point.....

No mention of any domestic signings.

No mention of our financial position.

Winter training restarts Nov4. Fitness pre xmas skills post.
Marcus in talks with sccc sky ecb over his options. Nothing decided.

Pete presented with token gift at the end from Weston area committee

Re: Area AGM's
Tom Seymour 19 October, 2019 22:13
Thanks for your report WSM.

How many members were in attendance?

When you say that there was "No mention of any domestic signings and no mention of our financial position", were these issues not raised by the membership at all? The club's financial year has ended, so some figures should have been available to disclose.

If "no ground works are planned", what has happened to the plans to build a new stand with inbuilt concessions and for which I understood plans have already been submitted to the local Planning Committee? The intention was to have this completed and ready for use before the start of the 2020 season.

Lastly the club remains mysteriously silent on the circumstances regarding the CEO's dismissal. Having only heard rumours of course, along with probably the rest of the club's membership, one might be forgiven for thinking that some form of legal action may very well be going to take place, either against the club or conversely against a former employee. If so, a broad statement by the club (without going into personal details concerning any individual) should surely be made. Perhaps other contributors will ask and find out more from their own area AGM's.


Re: Area AGM's
Mike TA1 19 October, 2019 22:24
The financial year has not ended, this financial year (fifteen months) doesn't end until the end of the year.

Re: Area AGM's
wsm fan 19 October, 2019 23:01
I am fairly confident Mike, that having asked some office staff recently that the year end was September 30th 2019.

The 15 month period to move us to a December year end will be from 1 October 2019 through to 31 December 2020.

Re: Area AGM's
wsm fan 19 October, 2019 23:05
Around 22/25 in attendance i would guess.

I would be very confident any question of any kind regarding Mr Cornish will be met by a flat "no comment"
It was very clear there was no way they were going to give any information at all on the subject.

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Re: Area AGM's
Mike TA1 19 October, 2019 23:21
WSM, I must have missed heard what was said at the last AGM, that is not surprising with my hearing.

Re: Area AGM's
Tom Seymour 20 October, 2019 10:47
Where did you both learn of the club's apparent decision to change the financial year of the club, from ending in September to a new ending of December? It is certainly news to many I would suggest.

Surely such action would necessitate a change in the club rules, which could only be raised, debated and voted upon at the club's full AGM.

With reports of the club doing nowhere near to their projected financial surplus; despite 3 World Cup games in good weather and a Women's Ashes Test being hosted at Taunton, and with the silence continuing on the dismissal of the CEO, I am beginning to smell a rat here.

Hope I am wrong, but we are a members club and deserve to be informed on such matters.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: Area AGM's
Bagpuss 20 October, 2019 14:27
I seem to remember it being proposed and voted on at the last AGM in January. Reasoning iirc was to relieve pressure on staff as currently end of financial year prep coincides with final month of season. Sounded logical and not particularly fishy at the time.

Re: Area AGM's
Roger ivanhoe 20 October, 2019 15:27
Clause (i) in the accounts for year ending september 2018 state....

Recognition of Income Membership subscriptions received in respect of the of the year
ended December 2018 and the ECB distributions scheduled for receipt within the year ended 31st January 2019 are considered to relate to the 2018 season and have been included in the accounts consistent with the policy of previous years. All other income is recognised in the period to which it accrues.

No mention that I could find of changes to year end. However regarding membership subscription, for the first year Long Room premium members were offered reserved seating for T20 games (only) if they paid their subs before mid December(2018) . I and a lot of other members paid our subs and took the offer up,it beg the question were our 2019 subs included in the 2018 accounts. Assuming a hundred took up the offer that would be in the region of £66K.

Re: Area AGM's
wsm fan 21 November, 2019 22:37
Any news from the Taunton area agm tonight?
Assuming Mr Hurry was on "no comment" regarding the juicy current topics.....?

Re: Area AGM's
Tom Seymour 23 November, 2019 17:04
No news from the Taunton Area AGM from me, but I have been informed that Mr. Cornish is on what is perhaps termed "gardening leave" and that members will be informed of the situation in a couple of months.

In the meantime both the club and Mr. Cornish are subject to Non Disclosure Agreements. Make of it what you will.

Re: Area AGM's
Grockle 23 November, 2019 22:23
Well he isn't on 'gardening leave' because he has been dismissed as far as I am aware so he is on no type of leave.


Re: Area AGM's
Tom Seymour 23 November, 2019 22:39
What do you understand then by "gardening leave"?

Probably different from what I do.

Re: Area AGM's
Grockle 23 November, 2019 22:45
Gardening leave is where someone is still on your books but basically told to stay at home. Cornish is not still CEO. He has gone and so is not on any leave at all.


Re: Area AGM's
Bagpuss 24 November, 2019 09:47
To be fair to Tom they were the exact words that were used at the Taunton area AGM on Thursday; on gardening leave until February.

Re: Area AGM's
Mike TA1 24 November, 2019 11:18
My be the club had to give him a notice period, that is when that term is used.

Re: Area AGM's
Roger ivanhoe 24 November, 2019 13:30
Mr Cornish ‘s own Twitter account describes his status as EX- CEO of SCCC..
So he is unlikely to be coming back when he has finished his “ Gardening “

However if the Club terminated his position, with 6 months paid notice, that I would find that very bad Management by those that made the decision to give him a contract containing a six months notice period clause in the first place, if he was on a two year minimum contract a further bad decision by those remaining officials who felt he was just not up to the job, or was it a clash of personalities , to terminate his position in one fell swoop.

Re: Area AGM's
Tom Seymour 24 November, 2019 16:48
"A clash of personalities"? Can you elucidate on that Roger please? I know I am asking this TIC.

Thankyou Bagpuss for confirming that my use of the expression "gardening leave" was indeed correct, as I always believed, coming from the source that it did.

As you Bagpuss were at the Taunton area AGM, was anything else of note discussed?

Re: Area AGM's
Grockle 25 November, 2019 01:45
It may be that they didn't terminate him 'with immediate effect' like they said at the time. It would explain why they haven't replaced him yet. So you may have heard right Tom. If they sent him away but he is serving out notice then 'gardening leave' would be a relevant term for it.


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Re: Area AGM's
Sloop John B 25 November, 2019 08:54
They are awaiting appointment of new chair and interviews were held last week I believe. Gen cttee have to approved chair appointment.

Re: Area AGM's
sandhills 28 November, 2019 07:24
Somerset members beaware!

This is a post i thought you should read;

Excellent article by Mike Atherton this am in the Times about New Zealand punching above their weight. Their board sacked itself & was replaced by a streamlined, independent model with ex-cricketers heavily involved. Can think of a couple of Boards in the UK who could do with a similar overhaul.

The ECB & Lancashire Boards have limited cricketing expertise among its board of directors, New Zealand has former players such as Martin Snedden and Geoff Allott, following a review six years ago that raised concerns about the lack of cricketing knowledge.

Lancashires self appointed Nominations Committee ensures that the normal democratic process that Member’s Clubs follow allowing anybody with enough support to stand is now impossible. This Committee decides who’s stands for election and has given Members no choices in who can be elected.

The Lancashire Action Group will be putting pressure on the Board over the following months to change this unfair policy and allow independent people to stand for office.

Re: Area AGM's
scrmpywasp 28 November, 2019 11:25
Apologies if this has already been posted or discussed following on from Sandhills post..
I think there is a proposal to 'streamline' our own committee next year which would mean the committee of 8 will only have two member representatives in attendance. This would mean members having very little influence on how the club goes forward, potentially. So if the other 6 members believe it wise to sell the County Ground for financial reasons the members may have little recourse to change this action.
I will get more info if people are interested and if this post is outdated , again humblest apologies.

Re: Area AGM's
mama mia 28 November, 2019 11:27
That is what will happen at Somerset, but we have a chance to reject their proposals at the Club AGM.

Re: Area AGM's
Grockle 28 November, 2019 11:35
Well Somerset members moan a lot but I wish you liuck in getting them active about the thiings they complain about. Twice the club have ignored the membership over major decisions and I haven't seen even a question about it posed to the management/club representatives.

Will the usual suspects voice their concerns at the Taunton AGM? Doubt it. more likely to get an animated discussion about the volume of the PA or sun on the scoreboard.


Re: Area AGM's
sandhills 28 November, 2019 12:11
The utilisation of a nomination committee, the need for all new board members to have a predetermined skill set to serve on the clubs committee will by its nature prevent the members having a say at the senior level. The members will not get who they want to represent them.

The board will ultimately only allow those to serve that the board believes will have a like minded attitude.

The club with the family attitude!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Area AGM's
Des Platt 30 November, 2019 09:42

The Lancashire Action Group will be putting pressure on the Board over the following months to change this unfair policy and allow independent people to stand for office.

Mentioning the Lancashire action group, here is an email I received from it the other day. I’ve put the bits that I think might be of more interest to non-Lancashire members in bold. It’s fanzines have been good and got better and better.


We have some excellent news with our campaign to stop Sedbergh School hosting a Championship game next season proving successful.

As you are probably aware we sent Daniel Gidney, the Chief Executive an open letter (still available on our website) requesting that they do not hold a Championship game at Sedbergh School next season and that if necessary, we would force a Special General Meeting (SGM) to try and stop a potential fixture.

Our campaign easily reached the 100 members needed to trigger an SGM and despite many sources stating that the Club were planning to favour Sedbergh over grounds based in Lancashire the Club announced yesterday that of the four games being played away from Old Trafford with Liverpool hosting both a T20 blast match and a RL Cup game and Blackpool and Sedbergh hosting one RL Cup game each there would be no Championship game away from Old Trafford.

I was invited onto BBC Radio Cumbria yesterday and the Sedbergh School headmaster was 'disappointed' that no Championship game was now taking place at the ground. In our letter to Mr Gidney we also requested that Blackpool and, indeed Southport would be considered in the near future alongside Liverpool as far more suitable outground hosts so it was excellent to read Paul Allott, the Director of Cricket stating that the Club "will provide support with the aim of getting Southport back on the rota, possibly as early as the 2021 season."

May I thank everybody on behalf of the Action Group who supported our campaign. We have proved over the last 5 1/2 years that we can get the Club to listen to its supporters into the way the Club is run and we will continue to fight for the rights of members and supporters.

Now onto another campaign we have been involved in. I was approached a couple of months ago to help in a campaign to promote County Cricket and 'oppose the 100' which of course is the new City based competition that the ECB is controversially starting next season. Like the vast majority of cricket fans we are appalled at the way 'red ball' cricket has been elbowed to the edges of the season so the Action Group decided to produce a magazine called 'County Cricket Matters' with various writers championing the beautiful game. Along with our own Roy Cavanagh there are articles from various experienced cricket writers including Dan Whiting, Sir Fred Boycott, James Buttler and Annie Chave.

The magazine champions the cause of all 18 counties and is at the printers as we speak and will be posted out early next week. We are selling it exclusively through our website so please go to if you would like to buy a copy. It costs just £2 plus postage and will also be available to download as a digital copy from next Tuesday.

We are also selling polo shirts for £14.99 plus postage and tshirts for £9.99 plus postage. Again these are available exclusively through our website.

Any profits raised from the sale of the magazine or shirts will be ploughed back into the campaign.

Finally, please feel free to forward this email to anybody who would be interested in the contents.

Many thanks,

Ian Lomax
Lancashire Action Group

lancsactiongroup · · Old Trafford, M16 · United Kingdom

Re: Area AGM's
Somerset LaLaLa 30 November, 2019 10:35
Nice to hear from you Des, I'd already ordered my copy! What do you think about our pitch penalty, given we had a below average one against you in 2018 ?

Re: Area AGM's
wsm fan 30 November, 2019 11:57
14 days we had to appeal runs out on Monday, all gone quiet.

Presumably we will accept our penalty & just stay quiet on the matter publicly.

Re: Area AGM's
Des Platt 30 November, 2019 12:17
Somerset LaLaLa
Nice to hear from you Des, I'd already ordered my copy! What do you think about our pitch penalty, given we had a below average one against you in 2018 ?

I did post on one of the threads about it SLLL. I thought like The Cricketer and Cricinfo that it was harsh and below average would have been more accurate than poor. Every ball of the game was fascinating to watch and I would far rather see pitches which produce 400 for one wicket penalised.

Glad to hear you’d ordered a copy.

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