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What now for county cricket.
Discussion started by nelliec , 20 October, 2019 23:19
What now for county cricket.
nelliec 20 October, 2019 23:19
As a lot of posts relating to squad make up next year, the effect on the county game of the 100 , membership and general dissatisfaction with the whole process it seems common sense to keep all thoughts on one thread.

Re: What now for county cricket.
nelliec 21 October, 2019 06:24
As a result of last nights draft Sussex lose 11 prayers,Somerset 7 and Surrey also seven plus players for next years 50 over tournament
Will the ECB pay the club for extra contracts that will be needed to have enough players on the books?
Will these players be pulled away beforehand to practise together affecting other formats of the game?
Will the players be 100 % committed to their county knowing an injury could cost them dearly?
Will members be expected to pay for the privilege of watching second rate 50 over cricket,even though it will be supported
Will the draft players compete in later stages of the 50 over competition?
What is the ECB s next plan. To replace the blast with a 50 over city based competition.
Were Somerset fully aware of the knock on effect this will have within the club?
Surely this was not the right time to let Greoenswald and Trego to move on.They would have been the backbone behind bringing youngsters through.
Sunday was a sad day for any real cricket lover.

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Re: What now for county cricket.
Somerset LaLaLa 21 October, 2019 07:03
The club should oppose the Hundred (whilst it lasts) at all levels, given the near unanimous view of the members. That starts with the appointment of the chairman and CEO.

Re: What now for county cricket.
Shepton Paul 2 21 October, 2019 08:06
There's nothing to stop Somerset offering Trego a contract for the period of the 100 next summer to cover the loss of players. I suspect though that they'd prefer to blood a youngster.

Re: What now for county cricket.
nelliec 21 October, 2019 08:25
It would be interesting to know what the compensation package given to each county is actually for.Some counties particularly Somerset,Surrey,Somerset and Essex are far more affected than other weaker countries,and could probably continue without these handouts.
Probably time for them to compete face on with the ECB,rather than sit back and let the whole county structure disintegrate before our eyes

Re: What now for county cricket.
Grizzers 21 October, 2019 08:34
At a members Q & A session mid way through the 2019 season, AH was bursting with enthusiasm (alternatively he was 'spinning' with gusto, depending on your viewpoint !) about the opportunities the T50 would provide next year to our academy players. From recollection he said that the tournament would be a 'festival of cricket' that we would all enjoy. (Or words to that effect).

Not sure he quite envisaged the surgical evisceration we now have to cope with. We have lost our leaders, our top performers, our most exciting batsman (sorry, I refuse to use 'batter', which word belongs in the fish & chip shop), our key motivators and are left with the remaining shell of a team.

It's going to be a massive test for Messrs Hurry & Kerr to rebuild a team from this situation. Some (Bartlett, Bess, Jove come to mind) will want to prove a point, as of course will the many youngsters who will be given opportunities, but it's also going to be a challenge for the older players like Steve & James to motivate themselves. I'm not doubting their professionalism for a moment, but it must be a tough situation for them to ponder over the winter months.

As far as the domestic County cricket scene is concerned, I could really do with seeing some good news.

Anyone know where I can find some ?!


Re: What now for county cricket.
Bagpuss 21 October, 2019 08:34
The time for the club to oppose this was back in early 2017 when the ECB sought backing from the 41 voting members to alter their regulation that meant all 18 first-class counties had the right to compete in all competitions. Without that rule change the Hundred would've been dead before it was even conceived.

iirc only Middlesex and Essex objected, with Kent abstaining. Somerset's objection probably wouldn't have changed the outcome, but this was still at the stage when our Chairman and CEO were happily telling us not to worry, it wasn't aimed at us, we would still have excellent first team cricket to watch at Taunton blah blah blah and they would never vote for franchise cricket. Oh and international cricket was coming to Taunton. And £1.3M

Well now there is no pretence, There is open use of the F word (franchise) to describe the teams. Taunton hosted a token T20I the year of that initial vote, three World Cup matches this summer and now it's international status for the men's game at least has been packed away to collect cobwebs in the cupboard under the stairs. Yes £1.3M will be useful - but how much of that will be eaten up by loss of sponsorship both local and national for the current Blast and ODC, by possible loss of membership revenue and ticket sales and knock on match day income, by increased annual wage bills to increase squad numbers to cover for a four week period, and to persuade others to stay in Somerset even though those nice people at [insert team name] who have nothing to do with the county whose ground they are playing at (honest guv) are suggesting they might like to consider a move once their contract is running low.

Final word - in all this the only people I don't blame is the players. They have a finite time for a career which could be ended at any time by injury and short term contracts with no guarantees beyond in most cases two or three years. Go for it lads. Enjoy your time spent with players from other counties, other countries and other (cricketing) worlds. Learn new skills. Teach others. Just don't get injured and come back to Somerset where you're always appreciated.

Oh and don't eat too many packets of the sponsor's products.

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Re: What now for county cricket.
Roger ivanhoe 21 October, 2019 08:59
Totally agree with Gizzzly and Bagpuss postings above.

Mr Nash can say all he likes on his Twitter account now , but it will not change the fact ,
HE SUPPORTED the 100 in 2017 along with Mr Lavender when Cricket lovers and supporters at Somerset had so many reservations of what was likely to come.

Re: What now for county cricket.
wsm fan 21 October, 2019 12:43
Not Kerr's problem.
He will be over in Cardiff with Welsh Fire.
We need a new coach for the 50......

Re: What now for county cricket.
Somerset LaLaLa 21 October, 2019 12:48
One rambling conversation I overheard in the Trescothick during a rain delay against Essex was over renewing membership. The conclusion, amongst a group of half a dozen or so, was that it was becoming increasingly more difficult because of scheduling. I wonder whether the squad now available for the 50 over competition would harden that opinion?

As others have said here, I will be attending as many of the 50 over games as possible. 19th September 2020 at Trent Bridge is in my diary

Re: What now for county cricket.
nelliec 21 October, 2019 13:18
My biggest worry is the amount of time before the 100 when the players will be removed from their counties.If this overlaps with any CC fixtures it will become a huge issue.

Re: What now for county cricket.
Bagpuss 21 October, 2019 14:04
I am also concerned at the possibility of players returning injured. A franchise team which only has responsibility for players for four weeks and little or no interest in what they are doing in the time that follows have no reason to look after their well being.

Re: What now for county cricket.
nelliec 21 October, 2019 14:40
Also players carrying an injury are not going to jeopardise their franchise fee by turning out in a Cc game beforehand.

Re: What now for county cricket.
Bagpuss 21 October, 2019 15:14
Here's another thing. Counties get a payment of 12.5% of their players' fees for the H*n*r*d.

A tiny bit of better news for Somerset.

Now consider this.

Manchester Tarts (or whatever they're called) with Glen Chapple and Mark Chilton part of the coaching team, picked up Dane Vilas, who didn't have a reserve price. As he was their first group pick the Lancashire captain gets a £125K contract. And Lancashire get a nifty £15,625 as compensation for his 6 week absence from the county team, all from the coffers of the ECB who are funding the 100 franchise squad costs from their magic money tree.

I haven't worked out how much compensation Nottinghamshire, whose DoC is part of the Trent Bridge franchise set up, are set to gain from the Rockets picking nearly half their players from the County squad list but from the outside it looks like its not just about attracting local cricket fans to the tournament.

No, not corrupt at all.

(Just to clarify - it is the player gives 12.5% of his fee to his county. But that money has come from the approx £960K that the ECB has given each franchise to pay their squad.)

OK, fakenews alert. It's not 12.5% of their Hundred salary, it's 12.5% of their county salary they are paying back (basically refunding the pro rata salary for the time they are not available).

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Re: What now for county cricket.
Sloop John B 21 October, 2019 15:30
And does that apply also to coaches Nicky?

Re: What now for county cricket.
Bagpuss 21 October, 2019 16:05
Who knows, SJB. Whole thing gets murkier by the minute.

Re: What now for county cricket.
Old Boy! 21 October, 2019 17:54
Exactly how will this rubbish attract women and children - there is no motivation to support your local team - just a few 'stars' increasing their pension pots. Unless they bring on the wombles I can't see many of the young kids being very interested. I can only hope that the 100 makes such a loss that it goes bust and we can get back to watching proper cricket. I will certainly not give it any thought. I will concentrate on making sure my runner beans grow OK!
Old Boy!

Re: What now for county cricket.
RadstockRob 21 October, 2019 18:24
I can't see anybody sponsoring the 50 over competition as it won't be getting the coverage that it does now.

That could then lead to it's demise.


Re: What now for county cricket.
Somerset LaLaLa 21 October, 2019 19:59
Vilas get a £125k contract, I wonder how much the women in the hula hoops kit ad will get out of this? Given the tournament is aimed at a new family audience, there is nothing very forward thinking about closing the pay differential between the sexes.

This tournament is wrong on many levels, bold and futuristic it is not. The BBC must regret ever getting involved

Re: What now for county cricket.
Grockle 21 October, 2019 21:40
Why will Jason K be in Cardiff with Welsh Fire? Have I missed something?


Re: What now for county cricket.
nelliec 21 October, 2019 21:49
He assisted with helping to choose county picks as none of the foreign coaches would have had a clue who they were selecting.I would assume that his role with Welsh Fire is now done and dusted,and he’ll be back doing his main job at Somerset particularly after signing a contract extension.

Re: What now for county cricket.
nelliec 21 October, 2019 21:55
On the other hand I can see Marcus taking up a coaching role for the 100 which to be fair ,would be a good move for him .He might even teach Steve Smith how to move his feet and leave the ball.

Re: What now for county cricket.
wsm fan 21 October, 2019 22:14
I have said consistently the full effects on county cricket will become clear once this 100 garbage gets closer.

None of those effects will be to the 10 non host ground counties benefits.

Wait for inury call up replacements.

7 could very easily become 8 or 9 by July.

Kerr is in the Welsh Fire set up. Wait and see if we have a physio fielding coach analyst come July too.....

Wait for the pre event training camp

If Lewis has a niggle in June. Will he rest it in July for last 2 weeks of blast? Or 1st 2 weeks of the 100......

Do not be shocked if we havent seen the half of it yet.

How does the team dynamic work with 7 in the 100 & 5 6 7 who arent who could be.

Kerr & Tres were in Welsh picking mob last night, yet not 1 Somerset player in the Welsh lot. 2 out of 5 and not 1 Somerset selection.
Sneaky in trying to keep them at Taunton!?
Or they didnt use influence to push our boys cases?
Trent lot with Newell on side picked half the Notts side.....

County cricket has had a rocket put in the middle of it, a big divide of those in & those out.
Totally ECB inflicted & worse still WE VOTED FOR IT.

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Re: What now for county cricket.
Sloop John B 22 October, 2019 07:00
Thanks for that analysis WSM. Depressing though it is.
This new venture is going to cause a lot if collateral damage sadly .

Re: What now for county cricket.
Grizzers 22 October, 2019 08:06
Simply gut wrenching stuff.


Re: What now for county cricket.
nelliec 22 October, 2019 08:36
Is there a date set yet for fixture release,so we can have another moan?

Re: What now for county cricket.
Somerset LaLaLa 22 October, 2019 11:02
I won't watch it.
I won't buy any merchandise.
I won't buy KP products (Butterkist, Tyrrells, McCoy’s, popchips, KP Nuts, POM-BEAR, Skips, Hula Hoops)

Re: What now for county cricket.
Loyal of Lhasa 22 October, 2019 11:37
not even Buttlerkist?


Seventy-one Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: What now for county cricket.
nelliec 22 October, 2019 12:02
Or KP”s new book-Killing county cricket 😁😁

Re: What now for county cricket.
Railboy 22 October, 2019 12:53
Somerset LaLaLa
I won't buy KP products (Butterkist, Tyrrells, McCoy’s, popchips, KP Nuts, POM-BEAR, Skips, Hula Hoops)
I think you have hit on a pretty effective form of protest there. I’m with you, a slump in their sales would make a real statement.

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