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Next season CC team
Discussion started by AGod , 29 December, 2019 11:42
Next season CC team
AGod 29 December, 2019 11:42

I assume we're mostly agreed that taking risks with our home tracks next season is not a great option?

I think we should aim to produce, bascially, good cricket wickets. Get as much pace and bounce into them as we can, hope they turn later. But we cannot risk undercooking a pitch (having it start at all damp) having been sanctioned for uneven bounce at the end of last season. And we can't start it too dry. Basically damp pitches tend to become indented which produces uneven bounce and overly dry pitches tend to crack, which tends to do the same.

So we're going to have to play most of our home games on what should basically be good batting tracks for the first couple of days.

On what will be basically good cricket wickets, then i really do think we should pick both our spin assets when available - unless, perhaps, heavily overcast conditions are anticipated.

We could feel an extraordinarily long batting line-up :

Tom A
Big Vern
The GREAT Matthew Jack Leach.

That's basically a one-man "tail," and him a cussed little @#$%&!! Vernon Philander would, surely, qualify as one of the better number ten batsmen in the entire history of the CC? In fact, Cove might have to fight him for the number 9 slot?

Assumptions in the above:

1) Banton will spend most of his time on the international T20 circuit, one way or the other.

2) Jamie Overton and Brooks have injuries to overcome, may not - initially - be fit.

3) If we think the home track is going to be super flat, then they can shove Davey in as an extra seamer and one of the two younger batsmen would probably miss out. Equally, if they think it's going to be heavily overcast, then Davey could replace Dom, albeit costs us a bit in the batting.

4) Away selections may show more differences - with only one spinner more often.

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Re: Next season CC team
Grizzers 29 December, 2019 17:42
Looks a good team on screen AG !

Can’t see us playing Dom and Jack, especially with likely pitch conditions during April and May. More likely Josh, Jove or Jack B..

If the batting fires, we surely have enough fire power with the ball to bowl teams out, almost regardless of the surface.


Re: Next season CC team
wsm fan 29 December, 2019 18:30
Top 6 is easy to pick as we only have 6 first team batters for April/May!
The order is wrong though.
Davies will not open and keep for 7 back to back weeks.
Wade will bat 3 and George 5 Davies 6 leaving Eddie & Tom to open & our best batter back to his most productive position.

We will not be playing 2 spinners in April/May.
How many times did we do it last year early season when we weren't under a pitch penalty warning.

Sadly i dont think Dom will even be a Somerset player by April 12 for it to be an option but that's another story.

The 6 seamers we need to have a change of thinking & approach.
We NEED 6 seamers, but we need to get away from picked/dropped.
We have a superb 6 seamer bowling unit now, lets treat it as such, a UNIT.
7 champo back to back all needing 4 seamers.
7 x 4 = 28
Divide by 6 seamers is 4 play 5, 2 play 4.
Obviously its not that straight forward but that needs to be the outline thinking.
Craig is out of our control.
Every chance injuries will dictate some of the above too.

Re: Next season CC team
Somerset LaLaLa 29 December, 2019 19:25
Agree with the bowlers, though will be interesting to see how the batting line-up works out. The openers have shown some fragility of late, not sure how Wade would then deal with the new ball, leading to an early appearance by our best batsman? Maybe to get more runs on the board we need George higher up the order

Re: Next season CC team
nelliec 29 December, 2019 21:57
Knowing the way we like to introduce at least one of the youngsters into the senior side sometime during the CC season who do you think is next in line for our 4 day team.?

My few pennies is on Goldsworthy from what I've seen to date.

Re: Next season CC team
AGod 02 January, 2020 20:44
Gilchrist or Lammonby. Depends on the form and fitness of those ahead of them.

Re: Next season CC team
Grockle 02 January, 2020 21:41
Lammonby woild be next expected 'cab off the rank' on the end of season indications but it depends how they come back fro. the winter.

Some people develop quickly in that 18 - 20 odd period and overtake others quickly.


Re: Next season CC team
nelliec 03 January, 2020 12:31
I think they look on Lammonsby as a first pick in All one day cricket as a like to like for Tregs ,apart from bee a left arm bowler.
Goldsworthy and Gilchrist might be more lightly to be of 4 day pedigree,saying that look at Tom Banton.

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Re: Next season CC team
Grockle 03 January, 2020 15:30
Well Trigger used to do that role in all cricket in his younger days but as you suggest we ought to wait a d see what comes back after the off season.

I wonder how many early team line ups were expected to end up as they did in 2019


Re: Next season CC team
9th brother Dredge 19 January, 2020 22:19
This gets harder by the week. We have an opportunity to play a balanced attack with spin taking it both ways, a genuine quick, a quality swing bowler and a quality seamer. Obviously it will change week on week with injuries etc but I’ve found it nearly impossible to satisfactorily pick a best XI.

Here goes:

Banton (wk)
C Overton
J Overton

It’s very unfortunate for Bartlett and Davies to miss out and we also have Davey and Brookes in the wings so it really does look a very good squad to me. Maybe it’s one too many bowlers but I’m sure seamers will be rotated and an extra batter will often be played. I always want Jamie in the side if he’s fit. Keeping everyone happy is going to be very hard this year.

Re: Next season CC team
Shepton Paul 2 19 January, 2020 22:29
On the basis that Banton won't be around much, that gets Steve Davies in. I think this team shows how important it will be for Dom Bess to really work on his batting - that will get him games; otherwise George will surely play. Wade may be too high at 3...

Re: Next season CC team
Scrumper 19 January, 2020 22:56
I think Dom has been working on his blowing mostly. Could he play instead of Jack?

Re: Next season CC team
wsm fan 19 January, 2020 23:10
Yes he could.
And England may well insist on it.....

Re: Next season CC team
AGod 20 January, 2020 07:04
England can go to hell.

I don't think they have any power to insist on it.

I'm beyond sick of the ECB.

Re: Next season CC team
Shepton Paul 2 20 January, 2020 09:05
I agree that don't have any power to do so, and I don't think they would insist on it. Smith, Silverwood or whoever may well have a word though, and discuss things with Hurry/Kerr - I don't see a problem with that.

Re: Next season CC team
wsm fan 20 January, 2020 10:52
The ECB rule.
They give money to ALL counties.
Look at our accounts!

It isnt like football.
In cricket its ALL about the ECB & England.
The counties get what is left.

As a Somerset fan i dont like it, but to think counties have any power at all is very nieve, they dont.

Re: Next season CC team
Grockle 20 January, 2020 22:30
The ECB can only tell us what to do with centrally contracted players. The rest we have to agree to. The fact that we do may show weakness sometimes because we are less and less sinfing from tghe same hymn sheet or book or even religion I am afraid.


Re: Next season CC team
wsm fan 20 January, 2020 23:11
If you look at the accounts under income.
There is a line that says ECB Pool.
It has a number of £2.6m next to it.

That is why all counties do as they are told.
They have no choice.
Yes in theory there would be discussions, and i'm sure there are.
But counties just do not take on the ECB or refuse their requests on selection, resting etc.

Money talks.
Counties are not self sufficient.
They rely on ECB handouts.
Hence you do as you are told.

Re: Next season CC team
AGod 21 January, 2020 07:09
ECB would be subject to potential legal challenge, should they attempt to withold any part of an agreed payment because a county didn't want to go along with its wishes on a player not contracted to the ECB. That's assuming, of course, that our idiot counties didn't stupidly sign away selection rights (contractually) when they moronically signed up for the Hundred.

It really shouldn't be that difficult to show spine.

If the ECB want to have such a say - then they should contract all players centrally..

Meantime, we have Joe Root trying to agitate for Dom to move county.

"He's done well, now we have to look getting him more cricket."

Sorry, Joe, but who is this "we"? Why don't you concentrate on being an execrable Captain of England - the sort that would bowl himself repeatedly in a pathetic pursuit of a five-wicket innings return, even though he was getting absolutely carted by the opposing lower order - setting a new record (I understand) for most runs conceded in a Test over., instead of trying to interfere in domestic cricket. Pathetic.

And I would hope that it won't have gone unnoticed that he put himself and his personal glory before the needs of his team.

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Re: Next season CC team
Grockle 21 January, 2020 09:43
As long as only one Somerset spinner is on duty with England at a time then the other will get long format cricket.

Have a word with your 💯 obsessed bosses Joe and make sure there's CC1 outside of the 'winter' months, that would also help

Also help Dom work on his batting at the same time. Allrounder status would develop more opportunity.

I'm sure that besides that Dom is perfectly capable of sorting his own career out


Re: Next season CC team
nelliec 21 January, 2020 09:52
Well said AG.He would be better off trying to convince Ashley Giles and the ECB to actually play 4 day cricket when anyone actually wants to use a spinnner or 2 in the lovely months of June,July and August.
Why o why can’t we get back onto that wonderful formats of the 80’s when you play a 4 day game and a 40 or 50 over game in the same calendar week at the same venue.One week home and the next away.It all seems so sensible!!!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 21/01/2020 09:53 by nelliec.

Re: Next season CC team
Wickham 22 January, 2020 01:26
You have pointed to the fatal flaw in your plan, nelliec - the word “sensible “.

Re: Next season CC team
Grizzers 22 January, 2020 01:48

As with so many other things, common sense left the building some time ago.

And nobody at the ECB seems remotely interested in welcoming it back inside any time soon.

(Or maybe I should just apply to play the part of Victor Meldrew in a re-make of ‘one foot in the grave’ !).


Re: Next season CC team
AGod 22 January, 2020 14:41
“One Foot in the Graves,” surely, Grizzly?

Re: Next season CC team
Grizzers 22 January, 2020 16:25
Very good AG !

Re: Next season CC team
Somerset LaLaLa 22 January, 2020 16:53
Every time Graves opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it

Re: Next season CC team
AGod 22 January, 2020 17:41
Too true.

Re: Next season CC team
Grizzers 22 January, 2020 19:34
Interesting comments from Michael Vaughan:


Re: Next season CC team
Somerset LaLaLa 22 January, 2020 20:58
I'm not sure where to start when Vaughan opens his mouth.

Re: Next season CC team
Tom Seymour 26 January, 2020 16:21
My XI for the first Championship game v Warwickshire at Taunton would be –

1 Abell
2 Byrom
3 Bartlett
4 Wade
5 Hildreth
6 Davies
7 Bess
8 Gregory
9 C Overton
10 Davey
11 Brooks or J Overton

Based on the following beliefs –

A Banton away with the IPL
B Philander either still in SA, or not match fit with a “niggle” or not acclimatised yet
C Jack Leach still suffering with his medical condition and illness – get well soon Jack
D J Overton second behind Brooks for accuracy and consistency

I think Bartlett is worth a punt at No 3, and Davies must keep wicket.

Taking all things into account, it could be a long and disappointing season. We’ve come near the top and avoided the drop a number of times in recent years. The second option beckons I fear this year, cos Harry Houdini can't come to the rescue all the time.

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