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Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Discussion started by wsm fan , 25 January, 2020 13:02
Somerset AGM - Jan 27
wsm fan 25 January, 2020 13:02
A short list of questions......

Jamie & Jack B were injured September.
Are both fit, bowling & ready for pre season?
(Recent social media saw Brooks wearing a big grey moon boot)

Dom is out of contract, clear issue now with Jack and who plays in Apr May.
How do club plan to deal with this?

Craig & Jamie out of contract in September.
How do things stand?
Have talks taken place?
New deals offered?
If not signed, why not?
Surely we dont want another Lewis summer of hanging on all summer?

Who coachs our 50 over side?
Can you confirm/deny Jason at Taunton or in Cardiff?

Who is 2nd T20 overseas? If we are getting one?

With Banton at IPL we only have 5 top order batters on staff (plus Wade)
Who should we expect to be in reserve? Young! Rvdm? Dom!? Vern?

The club have been promoting Welsh Fire ticket sales on dates which clash with Somerset 50.over games.
With 100 tickets as low as £7.50 will our 50 over gate prices be reduced to match? Or beat it given Taunton will be without top 100 domestic options?

We made 300k last year INCLUDING £494k WC profit.
So all being equal we lose 200k next year?
Why? What action is being taken?

Why was Cornish sacked?
Why so instant?
Here 1 day gone the next.
As a members club are we or will we be entitled to any explanation at all?

Are any UK friendly dates planned between Dubai trip & Cardiff Apr7?

Home pitches - your thoughts please.
Specifically the Essex pitch & accompanying points deductions & plans / restrictions for the next 2 years?
Pretty clear there is no possibility we can play 2 spinners now or have home matchs ending inside 3 days without being under huge ongoing pressure again?

How does the club envisage the ECB taking over of Craig working? Have we lost total control of his workload. Can we be told when he is rested? When he plays how many overs allowed? Or has to open bowling etc?

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Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Grizzers 25 January, 2020 16:35
Some excellent q’s there Wsm.

Not sure how many clear answers will be forthcoming !

Would be good to get a health update on Jack Leach as well. Hopefully he’s on the mend after a tough winter.


Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
mama mia 25 January, 2020 17:38
Rumour that the new Chairman will not be there.On holiday.

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Tom Seymour 25 January, 2020 17:42
Ask all of them yourself WSM! I suspect you will be there in person.

Don't expect to feed a lot of Aunt Sallies with questions to ask for you!

Don't you know why Cornish's employment was terminated?

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
wsm fan 25 January, 2020 18:24
I already know the answer to all of them thanks Tom, just putting a few topics out there for others.
Also to correct you Mr Seymour, i think you'll find Mr Cornish is still technically employed.
And yes of course i will be in attendance Monday along with a few hundred others, look forward to seeing you there, or not.

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Cleavo 26 January, 2020 11:13
wsm fan
I already know the answer to all of them thanks Tom, just putting a few topics out there for others.
Also to correct you Mr Seymour, i think you'll find Mr Cornish is still technically employed.
And yes of course i will be in attendance Monday along with a few hundred others, look forward to seeing you there, or not.

Why don’t you share what you know then? It’s a cricket forum after all.

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Grockle 26 January, 2020 11:27
You'll get some very non commital replies wsm but they do need asking. The club get away at AGMs far too often though the assessments of the year's performances etc do usually seem to be honest.

Please let the rest of us know what takes place. It's always the start of the next season for many.


Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
mama mia 26 January, 2020 11:32
Maybe asking about Vernon and his hamstring?

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
wsm fan 26 January, 2020 17:06

At a recent local area AGM the chairman was concerned that the constitution was going to be changed such that the club would have no longer have area reps on the committee. The committee was going to made up by non-executive type directors who could bring a particular expertise and experience to the club. These changes were as a result of a direct influence of the ECB and if the club wanted further grants it would have to comply. There are some merits to this, however we are a members club, Mr Brice reminded everyone that they are transparent.

The local area chairman said and clearly was despondent at this aporoach felt we were being blackmailed by the ECB.

Has anybody else seen or heard anything to suggest this approach will be passed tomorrow without discussion?

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Grockle 26 January, 2020 17:14
I think there has been reference to thiis before thiough I would doubt such a change could be done without at least seeming to consult the whole membership


Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
sandhills 26 January, 2020 22:16
The committee structure was a big topic at the local AGM i attended. The acting head of SCCC was clear, there is going to be change, he also said the former chair has set up a governance committee to get it through. I would not be suprised if the change has already happened and we are no longer represented on the main committee.

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Loyal of Lhasa 27 January, 2020 10:05
There seems to be an assumption among some on this site that we all know why Cornish lost his job. Those of us who do not have access to information from the centre may not necessarily know the reasons, though am not saying that we all want or need to.


Seventy-one Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
sandhills 27 January, 2020 10:50
Hello Mr LoL, i hope you are well, my understanding is that Mr Cornish was given notice and currently still employed.

The accounts appear to be good, a 300K profit, but the one off profit line of circa 500K from the WC suggests the clubs normal trading made a loss of 200K. The shop which most want to blame contributes a meagre 21K loss. The real issue is the increase in player cost and admin by around 400K something very difficult to pull back in one year unless the turnover goes up.

The 100 money (1.3mil) will cover us! But maybe they knew this all along!

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Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Bagpuss 27 January, 2020 11:48
There was an article on The Cricketer website last week which reported the hon Treasurer Nick Farrant said Somerset's share of the World Cup profits would appear in next year's accounts

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
wsm fan 27 January, 2020 12:15
Yes Bagpuss i saw that too.
As welcome as it may be i still see that as one off income.
It is the normal £200k loss Sandhills refers to which appears the main worry.
Lets see what we are told later & what steps are being taken to rectify things.

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Somerset LaLaLa 27 January, 2020 12:16
Marking of pitches - In the MOM from 2019 (on the club website) was the statement:

"The Club asked for more clarity, DOC believes significant process is being made, toward eliminating. Once more information is available, the Club will be able to share."

Therefore my question - Prior to the Essex game, what clarity on our pitches was received from the ECB? Which criteria did we need to address? What did we do differently? After the Essex game, what sort of records did we need to disprove that it was not the best quality pitch?

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Farmer White 27 January, 2020 22:46
A few snippets from memory from the AGM:
1) Unable to say anything on the departing CEO. Appointment of new CEO well advanced. Over 120 applications received.
2) The new governance structure has to be in place by 2022. There will be a consultation process with members over the next 12 months with the aim to put a proposal to the next AGM. The consultation will probably include two Special General Meetings. The Club will remain a members club with at least two members on a streamlined committee/board and all \board members subject to removal my members is among the current thinking. Sub committees involving members to feed into the main board/committee. The changes will need to meet ECB guidelines and will be necessary to qualify for ECB, Sport England and Lottery grants etc. Frankly, nothing was mooted that you would not, in my view, expect to see in a £7-8m p.a. organisation.
3) The £1.3m 'Hundred' money guaranteed 5 years but its use will be governed by strict ECB rules. Not to be used for example to generate player salary inflation. To be used, for example for infrastructure improvements or to pay down debt. The club intends to use it to ensure a solid financial foundation for continued financial viability beyond the five years. ECB grant, before the £1.3 m forms 35% of the Club's income. Treasurer reported income from national board of about a third is generally considered to be standard in other sports. Membership and gate receipts form 24% of income.
4) Three more overseas player negotiations at an advanced stage of negotiations. Announcements anticipated in the next few weeks. As a consequence there will be overseas player availabilty for every match of the season.
5) Pitches. Andy Hurry confident there will be no issues with pitches next season. And gave a very upbeat assessment of prospects, including another realistic tilt at the Championship if we can pull back the 12 point deficit early on. Work is being done with the squad on competing harder in the type of matches we lost in 2018 and in producing more runs from the top order.

There was other stuff I am sure and I may not have quite got all that 100% right, but others will no doubt correct me where I have erred. A pretty bouyant meeting all told and packed as usual.


Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Grockle 28 January, 2020 00:08
I think 'people' were discussing the SETUP of the second shop rather than its operation in relation to the accounts. Where was its startup capital and inventory funded from and was this all included in the £27K loss it made?


Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Grizzers 28 January, 2020 00:12
Many thanks for the information FW, much appreciated.

Was anything said regarding player contract issues, or health & fitness updates provided ?


Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
wsm fan 28 January, 2020 00:23
No contract updates.
Dom Craig Jamie still run out Sept 2020.

5 overseas players signed. Details in coming weeks.....

Mr Farrant agreed that 300k minus 500k = 200k loss. No cover up offered.
I was impressed by our new treasurer. Spoke well. Answered honestly. Didnt hide anything.

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Farmer White 28 January, 2020 00:26

Nothing on contracts or fitness that I can recall except in response to a question Jack Leach was said to be making good progress and was described as a 'very determined young man'. I think AH said he expected him to be ready for the SL tour but my memory is not 100% on that so stand to be corrected.

Agree with WSM on new Treasurer. As far as can be told from one showing looks to be an asset.


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Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Grizzers 28 January, 2020 00:38
Many thanks gents.


Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
sandhills 28 January, 2020 00:56
Hi Grock

The losses associated with the shop are included in one line , less than 30K , this inlcudes all set up etc. The loss off 200K on normal year to year operations was due to expected turnover not in line with budget and salary cost increasing by 400K. Anyone blaming the shop is barking up the wrong tree! The shop is small change.

Mr Farrant performed well tonight as an orator. He span how well we were doing in comparison to Leicester, Derby in terms of profit, the facts dont lie though and he was straight forward as mentioned earlier when asked 300K profit less WC profit 500K leaves an ongoing £200000 Loss "YES".

Mr LoL. Mr Brice also confirmed that Mr Cornish is still an Employee until the end of Feb.

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Grockle 28 January, 2020 00:59
Then I"m sure it will all come out in some kind of a wash. There os an audit I do believe.


Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
sandhills 28 January, 2020 01:01
Grock the accounts have been audited!

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Grizzers 28 January, 2020 02:31
So AC is being paid (full salary ?) for (at least) six months after he was unceremoniously and rapidly defenestrated ?

Whatever his salary was, it’s a pretty big indictment that we obviously felt his ‘contribution’ was so bad that we were better off paying him to do nothing for such a lengthy timescale.

No doubt the respective solicitors are being kept busy.


Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Mike TA1 28 January, 2020 08:25
Just a couple of items I remembered.

The CEO is on gardening leave until the end of February, I think that is why nothing could be said about his departure.

5 players with the Lions.

Jack Brooks is still rehabilitating.

Andy Nash was at the meeting and he is concerned about the future of none test match grounds.

I had a word with Andy after the meeting (please correct me Andy if I don't quote you correctly) over his concerns, his fear is that the ECB will change the format of the 100 to a T20 competition thus doing away with the domestic T20, if that did happen you can see what would happen to the income of none test match grounds.

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Shepton Paul 2 28 January, 2020 09:54
Thanks all for your updates.

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Roger ivanhoe 28 January, 2020 10:14
I thought the AGM went well, Andy Hurry spoke to the point he also gave a detailed explanation from the Clubs point of view on the findings of the pitch inspectors regarding the Essex game, and reasons why they decided not to appeal against the 12 point deduction the club were given. Listening to the treasures report it became pretty obvious I felt although it was not stated, the main reason for Andrew Cornish's position being Terminated was his inability to work within the budgets set and agreed by the club committee, not sure we will hear much more on the subject and we will be left to draw our own conclusions on why the CEO position is currently being described as "being on gardening leave until the end of February".
While the top table looked to sound positive on the future of the Club, it will face many financial challenges ahead, and I hope they are not largely reliant on the so called guaranteed 1.3 million per year income from the City Bash Game over the the next 5 years.
Plenty of Almanacs available for members to collect on exit.

Re: Somerset AGM - Jan 27
Somerset LaLaLa 28 January, 2020 11:35
I was pleased about Andy Hurry's comments on our pitches, but suppose only time will tell and hope the season will not end again in an ECB committee room. Agreed that a challenge for the Championship depends on matches we often lose (and 3 counties in the south / south east come to my mind).

Hopefully the Cornish thing will go away, 6 months gardening leave is enough and goodbye. The only real question for me is who initially leaked the story to George Dobell, since the timing was so odd? Was it someone aggrieved or just from the backstaff? I suppose we might never know.

Interesting to read from a personal conversation above, a fear that the 100 could revert to a T20. I have sometimes thought that the ECB have a file marked 'Exit Strategy from Garbage' and this is their idea

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