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Jamie leaving
Discussion started by RadstockRob , 31 July, 2020 21:07
Jamie leaving
RadstockRob 31 July, 2020 21:07
Daily Mail reports Jamie has signed for Surrey from next year but will be joining on loan for rest of this season.


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Re: Jamie leaving
Owain Glyndwr 31 July, 2020 21:51
Aye, saw this on the Twitter a short while ago. Not a lot to say apart from wishing him the best of luck and of course, thank you.

Re: Jamie leaving
Des Platt 31 July, 2020 22:36
Agreed OG. Also agree with AGod on another thread in that if we ever threatened to get a full season out of him, he would be off to England. It’s sad , especially when they have the excitement of real pace,but once they get to that England fringe, they cannot be relied on in future planning.

That was why I was underwhelmed when Lancashire signed Jos, telling excited people on Lancs Forum that he would be a footnote in Lancashire cricket history. The problem is that when they don’t make it at international level, they come back diminished players like Keaton Jennings at Lancashire and in years gone by , Saj Mahmood who always came back from Lions duty with his confidence in shreds.

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Re: Jamie leaving
Grizzers 31 July, 2020 22:57
Very very disappointed by this.

Will be absolutely gutted if we lose Craig as well.


Re: Jamie leaving
Grockle 31 July, 2020 23:33
Well someone was going to end up at Surrey one day. Good luck to him, hope it works out. Shame but them's the breaks.


Re: Jamie leaving
WyvernRose 31 July, 2020 23:43
Joining Surrey is an unforgivable sin.

Re: Jamie leaving
wsm fan 01 August, 2020 00:00
Letting go a homegrown 26yr old 90mph fast bowler is what is unforgiveable.
England rate him in the top 12 fast bowlers in the country yet we let him go.

Re: Jamie leaving
Grockle 01 August, 2020 00:17
Can't make him stay wsm. It's a two way discussion and there is a point where a deal can't be made for whatever reason.

It happens all the time and only time will tell which way the cookie crumbles. Just have to wish em well, hppe it takes em whrre they want to go and move on. Jsmie isn't the issue any more, who moves into the running in the gap is now our priority.


Re: Jamie leaving
wsm fan 01 August, 2020 00:24
It does not happen "all the time" at Somerset.

Jos was a special case due to the keeping issue.
I cant name the last 20 something player let alone homegrown 90mph quick we lost?

We use the idea we are an attractive club where players will flourish & progress often.
We have now lost a premier homegrown fast bowler, that sends out signs to other counties AND our current players.

Re: Jamie leaving
wsm fan 01 August, 2020 01:03
Absolute nonsense Mike.

Jamie & Craig bleed Somerset Maroon.
The club has totally failed Jamie.
He is the fastest bowler on the county circuit & has produced some frightening spells for us over the years.
He has never been backed or used in the right way & that is the clubs fault not Jamie's.

England think enough of him to be included in the top 12 fast bowlers in the country not a month ago.

He is 26yrs old and clearly see's no prospect of progression at Somerset as we have proven by letting him go out on loan, never giving him the new ball & him being in & out of our white ball teams.

Jamie has given 100% in every single game for Somerset, to question his loyalty is in itself disgusting.

Both he and Craig as fast bowlers throw themselves everywhere in the field & can never be accused of lacking effort.

After the Notts 50 over semi a few years ago after just failing to chase down 430ish i saw Jamie in tears after the match on the boundary being consoled by his mum, do not tell me he doesnt care or is not loyal to Somerset.

I wish Jamie every success personally in his new future.
He is one of the biggest talents in the county game and we have completely failed to get the benefits out of him through our own management and lack of opportunities offered.

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Re: Jamie leaving
mikeindex 01 August, 2020 01:26
On reflection I've decided to withdraw my previous post and this one as the first, at least, was somewhat overstated in the heat of a moment's disappointment and displayed a lack of consideration for who might be reading it.

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Re: Jamie leaving
Grizzers 01 August, 2020 02:31
If we end up losing both (or either) of the Overton brothers at the age of 26, having invested a fortune in developing their massive collective talents over the years, it will be a huge disappointment to many members and fans alike.

It also surely won't help SCCC in their recruitment drive, looking for 'heroes' to donate 100% of 2020 membership fees.

I certainly don't feel comfortable in seeing us - reportedly - lose players of this calibre, least of all when, as wsm says, our bowling resources aren't that strong. To expect the likes of Nathan and Tom L. to fill boots of this size is a huge ask.

If we weren't pretty certain of being able to retain Jamie &/or Craig, why were we content to see the ever reliable Tim Groenewald toddle off to Kent ?

Really don't understand our strategy re all this, and I hope the Club issue a statement to clarify the situation and rationale pdq.

From my own distant viewpoint, this has soured further an already utterly rancid 2020.


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Re: Jamie leaving
AGod 01 August, 2020 06:42
WSM - Are you suggesting that SCCC didn't try to make serious effort to retain Jamie in terms of an attractive contract offer?

Or simply that we decided not to match whatever contract - very possibly huge - that was thrown at him by the moneybags of Kennington. The context, as you probably know, is that Morne Morkel has failed to return to the Oval, staying safe from Covid at home (which, reportedly, is actually in Aus rather than SA). Morne was, reportedly, on £300,000 per year. I don't suppose they've thrown all of that at Jamie, by any means, but it gives some idea of the sort of financial firepower that Surrey could bring to the "fight," when it comes to scrapping over a player. Certainly, it explains why Surrey can afford to pay him for the whole season on loan, first.

You're right, of course "that this doesn't usually happen to Somerset."

But with Graves' diabolical Hundred on the horizon, the landscape, sadly, is a changing.

As to the use of Jamie whilst he has been here.

There was certainly a period - prior to Chris Rogers coming - where he bowled too short too often. I was never sure whether this was his plan or Marcus's plan (or Dave Nosworthy's plan) but, regardless, I never agreed with that approach.

Re: Jamie leaving
Sloop John B 01 August, 2020 08:48
I don't think the club rated Jamie highly enough (as suggested above). He was o ly capped last season! Despite bowling some devastating spells I suspect they don't trust him enough to open the bowling believing him to be likely to leak runs. But his sheer speed made him dangerous and it put on pressure which the bowler at the other end could exploit.
A very sad day and I fervently hope is not the start of a trend.

Re: Jamie leaving
Somersetallthewayhome 01 August, 2020 09:22
I want to be optimistic
The daily mail once reported that Lionel Messi was on his way to man utd for 500 million
I know this story about Jamie is more believable but until it's officially confirmed I'm hoping it's just speculation
Sometimes you see players 'offered' a contract and that is leapt upon by the media for a good story
Just saying
I'm not holding too much hope but here's to it being a false report🤞

Re: Jamie leaving
Owain Glyndwr 01 August, 2020 10:22
It has been confirmed

Re: Jamie leaving
AGod 01 August, 2020 10:39
Sloop - the strange thing with the new ball thing is this:

I could understand the club "wanting to keep it tight," to make sure the new ball wasn't wasted, in conditions when doing a lot ... and yet they gave it to Jack Brooks, who meets nobody's definition of "tight"...

Re: Jamie leaving
Shepton Paul 2 01 August, 2020 11:11
Sad to see Jamie go, but my feeling is that we can't compete with what Surrey are likely to have offered for a 26-but-still-just-promising injury prone fast bowler. Yes, he's a good West Country lad, a full-on trier, but that doesn't butter many parsnips.
As always, we carry on with what we have - good luck to him and them, this season and next.

Re: Jamie leaving
Angell Face 01 August, 2020 11:17
WSM Fan, if you can't name the last 20 something player or homegrown 90mph quick to leave the club that's presumably because there haven't been too many of them which suggests that we are generally pretty good at retaining our talent. I shall be sorry to see Jamie go but we have a reasonably good record over the past few years in developing bowlers and before we consign ourselves to cricket's scrapheap it might be as well to wait and see how our youngsters develop.

Re: Jamie leaving
AGod 01 August, 2020 11:20
SP - especially true when one considers that they were expecting to pay Morkel a purported £300,000 this season, but will not be paying him a penny as he's stayed at home.

Re: Jamie leaving
Grockle 01 August, 2020 11:24
I didn't say that it happens all the time at Somerset.

It happens all the time in all types of professional sport and it happens to all kinds of clubs.

Jamie may 'bleed' maroon but he has a career and it may not be all that long as a '90 mph' bowler (there are so many of them in the game TIC). He may have desires that having 'Surrey' in his title may get him closer to. Who knows why he is going. It may be money, it may be resources, it may be promises but unless you have evidence that Somerset have 'totally failed Jamie' please don't let your disappointment - a situation you are not alone in having - put words in your mouth.

In the same way as with Jos we probably will never know the ins and outs of the negotiations but the idea that the club have not been aware of Jamie's needs and requirements over the course of his time here is simply not backed up by the evidence. It may be that Somerset could not or were not willing to provide what he needed or felt he required now and Surrey did.

It does not mean that the club have 'totally' failed him - the whole thing is subjective. He would not be where he now is without the support and development programmes of the area he is coming from and the team he came into.

The club has to work post - Jamie Overton and Jamie Overton has to work post - Somerset and we can only hope that both parties can move on from here successfully. We aren't going to buy another 8 seamers and Jamie is not going to walk into an England side because he has moved to a London club. If you want someone to blame for this you may have to wait a few months or even years before you can say one side was more right than the other.



Re: Jamie leaving
AGod 01 August, 2020 11:27
It's true that we've recently developed a fine crop of bowlers, Angell Face.

But I think WSM's basic point about "boots on the ground," is all but unarguable.

In modern cricket, you need a squad of pace bowlers.

Let's suppose that Gilchrist and Aldridge both prove rather good rather quickly. That would be fantastic!!

But... numbers-wise, even if we include those two in the "in," column, we have four in the debit column compared to recent seasons - TG, Meeks, Jamie about to leave and LG involved with England.

Even if LG fails to push on with England, we'd still be one down in numbers and then when you factor in that Brooks has a checkered injury history.... (yeah, I know Jamie does too, but..)

If LG grabs his England chance, then we are definitely short-handed at Somerset, IMO, in terms of pace bowling numbers. And we still would be - a bit - even if LG fails with England.

I would be very surprised if Andy Hurry wasn't looking to augment the pace bowling resources. As WSM says, that's not likely to be with a mid-20s England fringe bowler, but nor does it have to be. We just need a competent bowler or two (regardless of age and England aspirations) to supplement what we have.

Re: Jamie leaving
Grockle 01 August, 2020 11:40
Somerset's policy has always been to look internally for resources, then augment where they are not of sufficient quality or lacking from outside - domestically and then 'kolpak' (whatever that will become).

It may mean pushing younger players into the first team squad - hasn't hurt our batting resources. We need to remember that the guy we are missing from today's line up was only a 'possible' batting resource just over a season ago.

I saw Alfonso Thomas in his first game and wondered why we had signed him. What you think you have and what you really do have isn't certain until the 'cauldron' of first team action fires the engine.

I had concerns about Josh Davey's looseness, I had concerns about Tim Groenewald's age, I wondered what the point of Johann Myburgh was. Seems that professionals work at their game and the people making the decisions at Taunton for a living sometimes know a little more than I do.

Get 'em in. Fire 'em up and see what happens


Re: Jamie leaving
Roger ivanhoe 01 August, 2020 12:01
Surrey have confirmed Jamie joining them next season on a three year deal.

Re: Jamie leaving
AGod 01 August, 2020 12:24
One look at the Surrey "attack," for today's game gives a clear reason both as to why they are signing Jamie and as to why they may yet attempt to persaude us to let him go there, even for this season.

Re: Jamie leaving
Grockle 01 August, 2020 12:26
From their choice of 12?

Just having a team of people called 'bowlers' doesn't mean you can get a cohesive quality attack from them even if you have numbers. It's not only how many you have.


Re: Jamie leaving
cricketjerry-mouse 01 August, 2020 13:25
Surrey have lost £50,000 in the last 24 hours - the cost of preparing the Oval for social distancing to allow 2,500 spectators each day at the current Willis Trophy match against Middlesex, only for Boris to pull the rug from attendances at several sports at the 11th hour.

Perhaps they won`t be able to offer Jamie Overton quite so attractive a salary after all, and are happy for Somerset to pay his wages this summer.

Warwickshire have lost a similar amount at Edgbaston.

Re: Jamie leaving
Loyal of Lhasa 01 August, 2020 14:32
So Jovid is leaving us. I am hoping that Covid will stay, Do I really mean that?


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: Jamie leaving
Dave65 01 August, 2020 14:43
Whilst it is always a shame to see a homegrown player depart it would be much more of a worry if we were to lose Craig or Gregory. I'm sure Andy Hurry will have a plan in place for next season and that Jamie's absence will be barley felt. As for Jamie playing international cricket I think he is going to end up disappointed on that front he's to expensive to play limited overs cricket. As for test cricket he is still averaging over 30 with the ball in first class cricket and it is very rare that someone ends up with better test stats than first class stats.

Re: Jamie leaving
Grockle 01 August, 2020 14:51
I'll miss the Exocet delivery that skittles wickets Dave65 but I think you may be right and I'm still not sure his body would allow him to operate at that level all that consistently. But they may manage it and there's never been a question about Jamie's desire.

I'll also miss the other two parts of his game. Love his batting and he is a gifted outfielder. Surrey will see him as a good investment but we have said here a number of times that those who leave rarely do well afterwards. Only Gareth Andrew and I suppose Jos (though Lancashire supporters may argue) are exceptions to that - maybe Callum Hagget?

Someone has to make a go of a move - why not Mr Overton? I would feel worse about Craig - he is my big worry.


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