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2021 just the same again?
Discussion started by nelliec , 06 October, 2020 12:41
2021 just the same again?
nelliec 06 October, 2020 12:41
I’ve been sat here pondering the mess the county system is in ,and wondering with no sign of Covid 19 disappearing until well in next year what questions must be going through the minds of all the CEO’s.
1.What will the format be next year,and when will this be decided
2.How do we sell a membership package if we don’t know the format,fixtures or if spectators will be allowed in
3.Where will our income come from if numbers are vastly reduced for ground capacity.
4.Should overseas players be stopped next year.
5.Will we be guaranteed funding from the ECB.
6.Should the ECB gamble on the 100 or use coronavirus as a get out.
7.Should there be a player cap affecting all counties including the elite.
8.And then the big question .The CC.
This has got to be the last time it is messed with so must be really thought through.They really have no option this year however without kickingLancs,Gloucester and Northants in the teeth.
Who would want to run a cricket club.Good luck to him.

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Re: 2021 just the same again?
Somerset LaLaLa 06 October, 2020 21:19
The format should be the same as was originally planned for 2020, without our 12 point deduction! Members could get automatic refunds, on a pro-rata basis, after any match played behind closed doors.

Extra income may need to come from Government grants/loans/relief. As public money, it should be made conditional on the ECB scrapping the 100.

I wouldn't be that fussed if we didn't have an overseas player next season.

And the answer to your big question on the CC... Second again

Re: 2021 just the same again?
That Bloke With The Dog 06 October, 2020 21:36
The trouble is that all those questions are moot unless public attitudes change. At the moment the overwhelming public mood is Ban Everything We're All Going To Die, and the authorities are doing what authorities do - give the public what they want.

In the light of that, anything other than a couple of hundred spectators in masks would bring the wrath of public opinion down on us the moment some member's postman's grandmother passed away.

As things stand, most people are frankly enjoying all the drama and the masks and the self-righteousness, as they're insulated from the economic effects. Many are on pensions or benefits or furlough, or in public sector employment, and if 145 years of Somerset CCC went down the drain it wouldn't bother them in the slightest. Quite the opposite. It would be evidence of the sacrifices we've all had to make.

The only way out I can see is if the money markets stop funding this way of life, and the government is forced to change tack entirely and tell the nation to get a grip. Everything back to as it was, and just learn to live with one more illness to add to all the rest.

But what government would choose that, unless forced to? Far easier to announce as many restrictions and bans as possible and bask in public acclaim.

Re: 2021 just the same again?
That Bloke With The Dog 06 October, 2020 21:37
I'm going to get flamed for this, aren't I? (Sm17)

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Grizzers 06 October, 2020 21:57
It's an 'interesting' point of view TBWTD.

Can't say I've noticed the Government basking in public acclaim. If what I hear and listen to represent acclaim, I dread to think what opprobrium would look and sound like !

Meanwhile, I've avoided answering nelliec's q's as I really have no idea what next year will look like (& suspect I'm not alone !)

Re: 2021 just the same again?
That Bloke With The Dog 06 October, 2020 22:24
The Government gets acclaim for restrictions. The opprobrium comes from not enforcing them as hard as the public demands. Just look at what happened to the PM's father when he was spotted buying a paper without a mask. And then this:
The police 101 reporting line is being swamped by members of the public informing on neighbours and those they perceive to be breaking the coronavirus “rule of six”, The Times understands.

In that kind of atmosphere, I can't see anyone being allowed to enjoy themselves any time soon, never mind for something as frivolous as the County Championship, which everyone knows is only attended by two men and a dog anyway.

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Re: 2021 just the same again?
nelliec 07 October, 2020 10:05
I can see it been totally restricted to members next year,so the club is fully aware of exactly who is in the ground at any one time.
Also you will probably be required to stay in one seat for the duration of the season.Not ideal for socialising ,but probably required for track and trace purposes.

Re: 2021 just the same again?
nelliec 08 October, 2020 20:56
Rob Andrew puts Sussex’s financial position ,and nevt year into perspective

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Bobstan 08 October, 2020 21:28
Well, perhaps I'm the only person who posts on here who didn't know that Rob Andrew had any connection with cricket, let alone that he is CEO of Sussex CCC.

Seems a pretty good statement to the club's supporters. Certainly Middlesex followers who are very upset about the very unsympathetic way that their club has treated them would be especially impressed.

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Scrumper 09 October, 2020 00:26
Also you will probably be required to stay in one seat for the duration of the season.
What if you need the toilet?

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Sloop John B 09 October, 2020 08:24
"And we gave him the bottle that once held bitter ale. ...". Max Boyce

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Bobstan 09 October, 2020 09:48
Scrumper, I have a message for you from Captain Mainwaring.

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Loyal of Lhasa 09 October, 2020 11:04
Bobstan: how dare you send a messafe to Scrumper normally reserved for me?

And you ARE the last person on earth to learn of Rob Andrew's translation from Twickenham to Hove, which caused quite a stir at the time. Andrew was, of course, not a bad cricketer in his youth, playing occasional matches for Yorkshire II and, I think, for Cambridge University.


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Bobstan 09 October, 2020 13:37
LoL, thank you for a surprisingly high proportion of the words in your communication.

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Angell Face 09 October, 2020 16:11
Remind me again, what's a "messafe"? On a serious note, Banton, Bartlett, Byrom, Green, Lammonby, Smeed to augment Abell, The Emperer and Davies makes me think that we can save money by not employing an overseas player next year.

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Loyal of Lhasa 09 October, 2020 17:40
The use of the word "messafe" in any communication between Bobstan and me implies that the communication is non-toxic.


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: 2021 just the same again?
AGod 09 October, 2020 18:46
You may have forgotten the bowling, Angell Face, unless by “not employing an overseas player,” you meant one of the two that we are supposedly to be allowed.

Suffice to say that we now have very little cover in the bowling department.

Brooks is injury prone. Craig might be with England (will be if there’s any justice). That leaves us a very good new ball attack of LG and JD and.... not a lot else, seam wise.

We have Roelof with maybe an emerging Goldsworthy, spin wise, should Jack be with England.

It’s not enough. Not close. If we’re allowed two overseas players and IF we have the money for them, I’d sign two bowlers for the CC.

The T20 can go hang, overseas wise.

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Goonie goo goo 09 October, 2020 18:55
Agree AG leave the bowling as it is then we run the risk of not being able to win the matches we have been winning . In short strengthen the bowling . Even Hutton from northants or Waite from yorks if we are not going down overseas route

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Loyal of Lhasa 09 October, 2020 20:22
Jove, unable to hold a place at The Oval, may come to Somerset on loan. Alternatively, if he does really well for Surrey, the ground will be renamed The Joval.


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Goonie goo goo 10 October, 2020 10:08
Don’t want him. He’s made his bed

Re: 2021 just the same again?
nelliec 10 October, 2020 13:05
The problem is the ECB seem certain,for some pathetic reason,to gamble on the 100 next season despite the financial mess the county game is in,with no real guarantee of any surplus cash being invested in county cricket.
So until dates for that are finalised there is no way any county can commit to an overseas player.Lammonsby will automatically get picked up as a wildcard ,which would effect our 50 over chances even more.
I agree with AG regarding the bowling department ,but think we would need an all rounder along with an out and out quick.
IF however we play the same format as last year I would be happy to just have a maximum of one overseas player to add a bit more experience wherever we look short
At present we don’t actually know which and when OUR players get taken away into their respective 100 squads.
On a separate note how long can the ECB keep on carrying our 12 point penalty forward.Surely the suspended part will have expired by the end of next season.Surely it would make more sense now for a slap on the wrists,with an automatic 12 point penalty next season if a pitch is deemed unsuitable.

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Re: 2021 just the same again?
Somerset LaLaLa 12 October, 2020 19:13
Counties loss £74.5M from Coronavirus

Surrey £30M and Lancs £20M - how come they didn't furlough their players?


Re: 2021 just the same again?
nelliec 12 October, 2020 23:18
Should the new CC format of 3 conferences of 6 (10 games), with the top 2 of each group going into a further 4 games (1game against the 4 new teams) how would this affect our upcoming penalty.
Will we get a penalty of 10/14 x 12 = 8.57 penalty points and if we qualify will we get given the remaining3.43 penalty points, or will these get carried over should we not qualify.
Also will the suspended sentence which ends at the end of 2021 get carried over to 2022 ,and could that be carried over again with anything else they can possibly carry over.
On a serious note feel sorry for Lancs, Gloucester and Nothants who qualified and budgeted for been in the top division.
Should they decide to revert back to two divisions in 2022 how will they proceed, especially if next years CC winners was not one of the first division clubs.
I feel that the ECB will rush into changing the CC format without any real input from all 18 counties.The fact that it will not be regionalised means there is no real reason for change.Yes ,you can still have a 5 day final at Lords, but everything should be in favour of the team who finishes first,

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Grockle 13 October, 2020 00:00
They'll decide without consultation. It's what they do.

Either that or they'll pressurise counties to agree without supporter representation as in the past.

If you are going to consult, don't give the counties options


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Re: 2021 just the same again?
Loyal of Lhasa 13 October, 2020 11:07
I raised the issue of the twelve point penalty two or three weeks ago on this site, suggesting that it was imposed on the assumption that we would play fourteen matches. And I said that if the first phase were to consist of only ten matches the penalty should be reduced to nine for the that phase, with three more points to be deducted for the second phase of four matches. That seems to me to make so much sense, it will have to be disregarded by the ECB.


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

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Re: 2021 just the same again?
Tom Seymour 13 October, 2020 12:26
Heaven forbid!

The whole world is simply a conspiracy against Somerset CCC it seems.

As for the ECB?

Are not Somerset a constitutional Part? Do they not have an equal say along with all the other counties? Why don't they just kick us out as they (or their predecessors in title) should have done after Worcester in 1979.

Just learn to bite the bullet.

I've had more than enough - what should simply be a sport has manifested itself into a battle of wits and self incrimination.


A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Rod1883 14 October, 2020 20:15
I read on the BBC that Sussex have been deducted 24 points, for ball tampering, from their BWT total for this season. They were bottom anyway. []
It does seem odd that it wasn't carried over in some way or conversely, and to be consistent, perhaps our 12 points should have come off last seasons total where we were second and would have remained so.

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Re: 2021 just the same again?
nelliec 14 October, 2020 21:41
As Tom said above no prejudice towards Somerset,just one rule for one team and one for another.Come on ECB play it fair!!😡😡

Re: 2021 just the same again?
nelliec 14 October, 2020 22:13
The actual penalty 24 plus -12 next year.Would assume by this it is unlikely our penalty will be altered.

From ECB website
The Disciplinary Panel imposed the following penalties upon Sussex County Cricket Club:
a. a deduction of the maximum points available in the BWT match in which the offence occurred. Therefore, twenty-four (24) points will be deducted from the points total that SCCC achieved by the close of the 2020 BWT Competition;

b. in addition, SCCC will have a twelve (12) point deduction for the 2021 Specsavers County Championship season (or any equivalent competition). This means that SCCC will start the 2021 County Championship season with -12 points; and,
c. a fine of £10,000 suspended for one year, to be invoked at the discretion of the CDC, should SCCC (and its players) commit further breaches not only in relation to ball-tampering or any other conduct that incurs a sanction from a CDC Disciplinary Panel in the next year. The fine would be additional to any such sanction.

Re: 2021 just the same again?
Loyal of Lhasa 14 October, 2020 22:17
I am confused between SCCC and SCCC but assume that most of the previous post was about Sussex not Somerset.


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

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