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Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Discussion started by Loyal of Lhasa , 20 September, 2003 13:38
Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Loyal of Lhasa 20 September, 2003 13:38
I know I started this but others seem to have responded with some enthusiasm. Perhaps, we should put all the questions and answers on one thread. So far we've been looking at related cricketers playing for us. I don't think we've quite exhausted that one, and I'm sure we can think of lots of other totally trivial challenges to keep our brain cells active during their annual hibernatory decline.

On the relative front, what about CJP and LML Barnwell? I think they were father and son, but I can't find any evidence in the Lhasa Public Library.

Now here's another question - for those really desperate for yak butter tea (which is as revolting as it sounds):

What links Rodger, Edward and Parma? (There is a slight SCCC connection)


Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Palairet 20 September, 2003 18:19
C J P Barnwell was the Uncle of L M L Barnwell - not the father of.

I will give some thought to your other poser.

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Loyal of Lhasa 21 September, 2003 02:41
Thanks for clearing up the Barnwell mystery - I thought two guys each with three first names MUST be related!

Now here's another one: Which great sage of our time said that his definition of paradise was batting to his own bowling. Again there is a Somerset connection.


Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
sheffieldsabre 21 September, 2003 17:17
Rodger, Edward and Parma are the middle names of the three cricketing Waugh brothers - Steve, Mark and Dean respectively. Roger is their dad's name, Edward was their grandfather, but I don't know where they got Parma from - perhaps Mrs Waugh ate a lot of ham while she was pregnant? There is also a fourth brother called Danny, so goodness only knows what his middle name might be.

So how many bonus poyntz do I get for that??

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Somerset Poacher 21 September, 2003 19:18
I don't know, but if you lived in Geordie land you might be saying "Waugh man"!

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Palairet 21 September, 2003 21:16
Batting against his own bowling, eh?

Well, I don't know, but it sounds the sort of thing that Lord Jeffrey Archer of Weston - super - Mare would say!

But was he a great sage?

I repeat, I don't know!

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Loyal of Lhasa 22 September, 2003 14:41
Well done Sheffield Sabre - I've got the kettle on for the yak butter tea already.

What I can't understand is if Steve's granddad knew how to spell Roger, why didn't his dad? And as for "Parma" - that's a quiz question in its own right. (Not that I can talk, with a middle name of "of"!)

Here's a much more orthodox set to link, again with a Somerset connection: Michael, Stephen and Martin. By happy coincidence, one of them was the great sage himself.

L "of" L

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Shepton Paul 22 September, 2003 15:44
This is really annoying me - the quote about "batting to my own bowling" was mentioned on the radio very recently, and I can't for the life of me remember who they were talking about.

Please put me out of my misery soon !

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
sheffieldsabre 22 September, 2003 18:32
Oops, I think I made a (probably justifiable!) spelling mistake earlier - Waugh Senior also spells Rodger with a 'd' in it. Obviously nobody in the family can spell.

Looking forward to that yak butter tea, just the thing to help get through the chilly winter nights in Yorkshire!

By the way, if Dean Waugh had ever played international cricket, would that have made him 'World Waugh Three'?

Sorry ........

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Palairet 23 September, 2003 18:59
Oh, Mr. Lol – you are a clever man!

Without your second clue, I would never have guessed the name of the great sage whose “definition of paradise was batting to his own bowling”.

The three Chappell brothers who played Test Cricket for Australia were Ian Michael, Gregory Stephen and Trevor Martin.

So, as there is a Somerset connection, might the great sage be Greg. Chappell who played with such distinction for Somerset in 1968 and 1969?

Now, here's an easy one:-

Which bowler who was released by Somerset joined another county, and took over 100 wickets in a season for his new county?

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Wombat 24 September, 2003 08:44
That would be Mushy I presume. Well I haven't heard of Ben Trott, Jamie Grove or Pete Trego knocking over that many...

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
sheffieldsabre 24 September, 2003 12:05
No, but we might be adding Steffan to that list this time next year!

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Frome Exile 24 September, 2003 12:21
I'll wager that we won't!

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Loyal of Lhasa 24 September, 2003 13:07
Yes, it was indeed the great Greg Chappell, who came up with that fine remark - or so I've been told. Great quotations sometimes come from unlikely sources. It's nothing whatsoever to do with cricket and I may be treading on some of your political sensitivities, but one of my favourite quips came from the unlikely mouth of the late Denis Thatcher, who said that, if a man opens the car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife.

Did Allan Jones ever take 100 wickets for any of the 73 counties he played for after leaving Somerset? I doubt it somehow.



Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Loyal of Lhasa 24 September, 2003 13:41
Here's a challenge to make us feel good about our club: Let's see how many test captains we can name who have played for SCCC. I can think of six without blinking, but there must be more.

(And we could throw in ODIs if you like)


Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Wombat 24 September, 2003 14:59
Well, er I assume your six are:
Ian Botham (Eng)
Viv Richards (WI)
Steve Waugh (Aus)
Martin Crowe (NZ)
Greg Chappell (Aus)
Sunil Gavaskar (Ind)

plus Marcus Trescothick (Eng) in ODIs

but also of course, Jack White (Eng)

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Shepton Paul 24 September, 2003 15:31
Thinking without blinking ! Wow, a trick to be proud of !

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Palairet 24 September, 2003 18:48
Well done, Mr. Wombat.

Mushtaq Ahmed did indeed take over 100 wickets for his new county after leaving Somerset.

You must forgive me for being old and having watched Somerset for about 46 years. The trouble with getting older is that one tends to forget what happened yesterday, but one can recall quite vividly events of 30 or more years ago!

That is what happened when I asked the question; I completely overlooked the fact that Mushtaq had done just that only a few days ago.

The player whom I had in mind is in fact Somerset born and bred and, having been released by Somerset due to a lack of first team opportunities, went on to take in excess of 100 wickets in a season for his new county.

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Palairet 24 September, 2003 19:25
Other Test Captains who have played for Somerset are:-

D.B. (Brian) Close (England) and
T.C (Tom) Lowry who was New Zealand’s first – ever Test Captain.

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Wickham 24 September, 2003 20:49
Mr P: did you have in mind Watchet-born Haydn Sully, who took 100 wickets in a season when he moved to Northants?
To pose a question in return, which Somerset all-rounder, who scored only two first-class centuries, scored them in successive weeks?

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Loyal of Lhasa 25 September, 2003 14:56
And did Abbas Ali Baig ever captain Pakistan? I can't find any evidence but I know somebody like Palareit will have the answer in a trice.

Several Somerset players have surnames ending with the same three letters. Included among them are:

3 slow left arm bowlers all capable of hitting the ball quite far
A stalwart batsman of the late forties/early fifties
A mercurial batsman of the nineties
One of the greatest overseas players we have signed
and - to give it away -
two relatives already mentioned quite recently

I give Palareit five minutes for this one,


Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Shepton Paul 25 September, 2003 15:13
Blackwell, Breakwell, ???
Chappell (surely not Snell!)
Chappell, Barnwell

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Loyal of Lhasa 25 September, 2003 15:26
We definitely need Palareit to fill the historical gaps. I must admit I'd forgotten about Snell - amazing that.

The two Barnwells are there.

Incidentally, mention above of T C Lowry reminds me of a story that my mum told me. When he was asked by county official where he was born, he said "Welliongton." "Well, that makes you a native, you're qualified for us."

In fact, he was born in Hawkes Bay.


Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Palairet 25 September, 2003 19:21
Well done Mr. Wickham – a warm welcome to you.

I certainly did have in mind off – spinner Haydn Sully who moved to Northamptonshire due to the presence of an established top class off – spinner in the side – Brian Langford. This meant that he had very few opportunities in the first XI for Somerset, so he moved to another county. The move was a good one for him and he took over 100 wickets in a season for his new county in 1966.

And Mr. Wickham, in reply to your question, I think the all – rounder is none other than Graham (‘Budgie’) Burgess. In May, 1973 he scored 114 not out against Warwickshire at Edgbaston and followed this up eight days later with 129 v. Gloucestershire at Taunton. I remember John Arlott commenting on this fact on the radio and T.V. several times.

Now, Mr. Lol.

I am sorry that I did not beat your five – minute target, but you see, I have had to do my bit for Queen and Country today. Never mind, better late than never!

Abbas Ali Baig played Test Cricket for India, but never captained them.

Shepton Paul has by now answered most of your question. Well done, Paul.

The missing slow left arm bowler (and the finest of all three – up until now anyway) is that roly – poly favourite of mine - Horace Hazell.
The stalwart batsman of the late forties / early fifties would be Leslie Angell.

Now, here is another - - - - - ell, although much less well known!

You see, he started a match in the late 1910’s as an - - - - - ell, owing to some kind of an identity crisis. Then, he became what he always had been during the latter stages of the match – although that was still confusing because there was another just like him!

I can’t offer any Yak Butter Tea, but maybe a pint in the Members' Bar at Taunton next year for whoever gets this one. Yes, I suppose that I shall be back to see at least one days play next year!

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Togpatsy 25 September, 2003 20:53
That was Sydney Rippon, who played in a match in 1919 whilst on sick leave from work under his grandmother's name "S.Trimmell".

Incidentally, I was told that the late tory politician Geoffrey Rippon was the son of either Sydney or his twin brother Dudley. Does anyone know which?

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Palairet 25 September, 2003 21:34
Congratulations Togpatsy.

A pint of ale (or cider) awaits you in the members’ bar at Taunton next season.

A.E.S. (Sydney) Rippon was in 1919 a civil servant employed by the Inland Revenue. He was on sick leave when asked to play for Somerset against Gloucestershire at Taunton, and therefore should not have been playing. However, he was needed by his county to play, so he appeared on the scorecard and in the Press as S. Trimnell – his grandmother’s name. Apparently, everyone treated it as a huge joke when it came to light what had happened. Somerset won the game by 7 wickets with Sydney Rippon scoring 92 and 58 not out.

Apparently, the Civil Service found out before too long, and by all accounts it did not affect Rippon’s promotion prospects. By the time that ‘Wisden’ was printed, A.E.S. Rippon was back in the records.

The late Lord Rippon (I believe of Hexham) – formerly Sir Geoffrey Rippon, QC, MP was indeed the son of A.E.S. (Sydney) Rippon, and therefore the nephew of A.D.E. (Dudley) Rippon.

Well done, once again, Togpatsy

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Wickham 26 September, 2003 18:42
Thank you for your kind welcome, Mr Palairet. And you are, of course, correct in saying that the all-rounder in question was Graham Burgess. I don't remember John Arlott mentioning these deeds. But I do recall him, when commenting on a Sunday League game, telling viewers -with a straight face- that they could tell which of the fielders was Joel Garner by the fact that he had one sleeve rolled up higher than the other.
To follow the questions from 'ell, how about this one: who dubbed Colin Dredge "the demon of Frome"?

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Palairet 26 September, 2003 19:50
It may have been Alan Gibson who once said something like :- "Where does our new demon bowler come from?", and the answer of course was Frome.

Oh, happy days.

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Wickham 26 September, 2003 20:22
Yes,you have it in one. Alan Gibson would only have referred to the demon after having regaled his readers with the story of how he had got to the ground(as often as not late, thanks to the efforts of British Rail) that day. As you say: happy days.

Re: Poyntzless Quiz Questions
Loyal of Lhasa 29 September, 2003 06:16
As I recall, there was a glorious red-headed barmaid at Didcot who was partly responsible for the delay. Can anyone remember her name? (Not a quiz question! I simply can't remember)

The great game with those reports in The Times in the Seventies was to wonder whether he'd leave any room to talk about the cricket.


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