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Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
Jonathan Winsky 26 February, 2011 23:21
I feel compelled to register my hurt at Vic's comments today on The Test Era of Mike Brearley. Part 2 article, the only comments he made on the whole of MTWD today. I know that people are fed up with my posts on the wicket-keeping situation, and for the very last time, I will say that the reason why I made many posts on it over the last couple of days was because I fear I will be antagonised at some of the comments made at Monday's forum. I know that people are fed up with the high regard Lower Mound and I hold Ben Scott, and for the very last time, I will say that I plan to cease writing about those two people. I know that the fact I was born in 1988 means people do not value my views on Mike Brearley or those who played alongside him, but that's not to say I do not have views or knowledge of that era. I was not even aware that the comments I made on The Test Era of Mike Brearley. Part 2 article had caused offence. I thought that the comments I made were helping people reminisce about that era, but clearly they had the complete opposite effect. I know that this paragraph may result in a suspension (well, I had a final warning yesterday, and what comes after that?), but I don't like it when people hold me in low regard, especially the groundsman of somewhere I will visit 10 times over the forthcoming session, and someone whose presence on MTWD is something I value. I would much prefer to get on well with everyone and for my views and knowledge to be valued. Let's all be friends.

Due to my mum having to spend most of the morning dealing with HM Revenues and Customs (who we all think have overtaxed her) and the industrial action on London Midland, we were unable to go to Bedford, so that meant we missed out on some excitement. Instead, we went straight to Milton Keynes, where we looked round the shopping centre, then we went to the Transport Museum in Coventry. Because the McDonald's in Milton Keynes was crowded, we decided to have what we intended would be our supper for lunch, hoping instead to have it in Coventry. However, because the way the train times worked, we realised we would have no time to have a McDonald's there unless we wished to arrive home late, so we instead travelled into Wembley Central and had one at about 8:00pm!

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
BarmierKev 27 February, 2011 00:37
Jonathan . given the way you feel, there is a simple answer, don't put posts on that you must know will antagonise people. That way we will be able to benefit from your considerable knowledge and appreciate what you can offer us

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
Jonathan Winsky 27 February, 2011 09:45
I know that I need to cease getting drawn into conversations about subjects that I am not allowed to write about and cease reacting to posts that are anti-me, and I plan to do so as of now.

However, it is difficult for me to refrain from reacting when someone makes only one post in the whole of a day and spends two-thirds of it lamenting my recent behaviour, especially in the comments section of a brilliant article about Mike Brearley, and especially when the post is by someone who already has his own thread where he is able to give his views on various subjects. My tears at having missed the Brearley era (Sm10) may have been sarcastic, but my tears at Vic's comments (Sm117) were more serious (not that either incident actually reduced me to tears, although the latter incident did hurt me).

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
BarmierKev 27 February, 2011 14:13
It's a shame you are hurt by this and other anti you comments. If I had a 2 week break from this website and saw the same individual banging away about the same monotonous theme I'd feel the same as Vic and be tempted to comment.

To avoid feeling this hurt again, try not to give all and sundry opportunities to turn on you. If you need any guidance I would be very happy to help whether face to face or by PM.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
The Diamond ruled ok 27 February, 2011 18:34
Other help services are available, though Kev is probably cheaper than most, Couple of red wines he will sort you out JW.

Think through before you post .... would I want to read this?.... is it to long and rambling ? ..... would it be better placed on my blogspot and a short pithy comment on this thread (whichever the reply is going on).

No one on here really dislikes you, you just seem to have the uncanny knack of p1ssing people off! Maybe you should go into politics rather than accountancy?

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
kimmy 28 February, 2011 00:50
Maybe you should go into politics rather than accountancy?



Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
Jonathan Winsky 01 March, 2011 20:52
Due to my paranoia that my exit from yesterday's forum was the incident that many attendees found funny (when in fact it was someone breaking wind), I wrote on page 2 of the Forum Mon 28th Feb thread "Maybe the 'incident at the end' was a reference to me being one of the first to leave the forum, as I left without saying goodbye to anyone. Indeed, I had entered the room and sat at the nearest seat without greeting anyone, and made no eye-to-eye contact with anyone who knows me, as I feared that people might start talking to me about my behaviour on MTWD. I tried to make sure I wasn't the first to leave as I didn't want that status, so I made sure one or two others had gone before I left. If people really want to get me in a position from which I cannot walk away, then they will have the whole cricket season to do so, or they can look out for me at Middlesex's friendlies at The Oval on 28th March or Ealing on 3rd April, which I hope to attend weather permitting.

However, I do not see what is funny about this incident, so maybe this isn't the incident being referred to. Despite the forum finishing earlier than anticipated and me being one of the first to leave, I wasn't bored at any point, as I enjoy listening to people's views on Middlesex, especially the views of the Head Coach, Chairman and Director of Cricket, and I don't mind if the talk is about minor subjects".

Like I often say, I am placing great effort to improve my behaviour on MTWD by ceasing to take threads off-topic, make posts for the sake of it or prevent posters having fun, although I am still unsure how people who know what I look like will take to me due to my behaviour over recent months.

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
BarmierKev 01 March, 2011 20:55
As always Jonathan I will be courteous to you and accept you will not want to engage in a long conversation. Unless there is a serious matter I will confront you regarding any MTWD matters.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
BeefyRoberts 01 March, 2011 21:11
JW,the people who want to know yourself and your father will of course say hi,or good morning to you both at games.See you at the pre-season games maybe.

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
kimmy 01 March, 2011 22:16

You are liked on the board, just sometimes (a lot) you go on about things too much.

But I think most understand why, If we see you at the games we'll say hello like Beefy said, but we certainly wont be offended if you find this difficult, because we understand it is for you.

But please remember our invitation to you, if you fancy an away game and feel up to company then please us a shout!


Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
chunkyinargyll 06 March, 2011 17:11
Jonathan- I'm curious.

How did you manage to carry on posting on this site between Thurs afternoon and Sat when it was down? No one else posted during those times because I guess like me they couldn't get on. I've only just realised it's ok again.
Didn't you wonder why no one else was posting?

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
Jonathan Winsky 06 March, 2011 20:02
I think that on Thursday, there was a fault on Sportnetwork (which hosts message boards for football, cricket, rugby and motor sport) meaning that for a time, no-one could access the boards, and when the fault was corrected, it meant that MTWD could not be accessed by conventional means.

However, like I wrote on 12th July:

"I change on a daily basis the URL I use for viewing MTWD.

I explained this on 17th July 2009 and again on Friday.


URLs on Sportnetwork sites are constructed thus: www dot forward slash boards forward slash list forward slash s the relevant board's background number dot html question mark the relevant board's forum number
MTWD's background number is 66
MTWD's forum number is 67
The construction of MTWD's address is
Changing to results in content from MTWD displaying on the background of Motorcycle Racing Online
Changing to results in content from Total Tranmere displaying on the background of MTWD
I change the background number I use for viewing MTWD on a daily basis by visiting the front page of one of The Football Network, Cricket Network, Rugby Network and F1 Network and work my way down the list (for example, I go Lions of England, Scotland and World Cup 2010, while yesterday I was on Unofficial Coventry Rugby, today I am on The Dragons/' Den and tomorrow I will be on Unofficial Plymouth Albion (Otley's site doesn't work for my purposes)

The reason for what I do is because I find it exciting to change the background I get for viewing MTWD, although I know there are people on other sites who get worried when they see threads from MTWD appearing next to the name of their site on the Where is Everyone? page.

I am not sure if there are users of other boards who ever do what I do.

Therefore, despite the fact attempting the site by typing in '' didn't work, I was able to access the site by typing in different background numbers.

Barmy Kev wrote on Facebook on Thursday that MTWD was not running, but I decided not to say that I was able to continue posting, as people might have translated that as meaning that the fault was due to me, when I fact I don't know what caused the fault.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 06/03/2011 21:40 by Jonathan Winsky.

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
kimmy 06 March, 2011 21:12
JW.... glad you could still get in, however you lost me in the middle of line one!

I'm sure some of the others understood tho


Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
Jeff Coleman 06 March, 2011 21:44
Wouldn't bet on it, Kimmy

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
Beeamazed 06 March, 2011 22:05
Not a chance,I dozed off on about line six....(Sm120)

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
BarmierKev 06 March, 2011 22:21
Keep up everyone. I will be testing you all on this during the season.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
Jonathan Winsky 06 March, 2011 22:37
My 'daily routine' has annoyed/bewildered supporters of other clubs in the past, such as Burnley supporters in July 2009 and Sale Sharks supporters in July 2010 (just because they lost 33-26 to Wasps today), so it would be a shame if it became a major issue amongst Middlesex supporters.

Today I have been accessing MTWD using's background number of 169 ( and tomorrow I will access MTWD using Racing Bull's background number of 111 (

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
lower pavilion 06 March, 2011 23:01
Computer technology has a language all of its own.

I am afraid to say I find most of it a complete and utter mystery.

As soon as anything goes wrong on my computer, I panic, phone up my friendly computer expert who tends to solve my problems very quickly though I think at times I drive him to distraction.

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
The Diamond ruled ok 07 March, 2011 05:12
I was scrolling on by about line three smiling smiley

Re: Jonathan Winsky Blogspot
Vic. 07 March, 2011 07:09
Well I got every word and must admit, that is the same method as I used. Also I thought I would keep it to myself.

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