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Re: Football thread another new one
Sussex Seaxe 15 March, 2017 18:33
Very interesting post Beefy and some good questions posed. I follow the fortunes of Wingate and Finchley, mainly because I grew up in Finchley and used to watch them when Spurs weren't at home. I see them perhaps once or twice a year at home and as often as possible when they play in Sussex or South London. They are in the play off places in the Ryman Premier, playing well and are the only senior club in the Borough of Barnet, playing in a heavily populated area, yet have an average crowd this season of 143.

They are doing great stuff in youth football and also have a strong football in the community scheme. How they survive, I just don't know - somebody must be helping out considerably.

I would encourage anyone looking for a good afternoon out to give them a try.

On the other hand, Dulwich Hamlet have an average crowd of 1,272 and also do some great stuff. Very strange.

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 15 March, 2017 19:45
I get to see Weymouth 2 or 3 times a season at home..a very good friend lives down there.
They get crowds of about 400 +/- and have no real local league club,I suppose Yeovil nearest.
They have all volunteers at home games,supporters are welcome to travel on coach with team to away games and supporters hold raffles on the coach to help pay towards travel costs,they do pay to travel as well.
Last season,the supporters club raised cash to keep an on loan player for rest of season,it's fairly amazing what you find out what happens behind the scenes of non-league clubs.
Slough Town,another of the clubs that share Beaconsfield were,at one stage knocking on the door at top of conference.They had to move out as they couldn't afford to stay at their home (it is still there,bar used weekends).
Hayes,they have 5 'home' games left,4 at Beaconsfield and last game of season to be played at Hendon,I can see smaller crowds.
Then,look at Hereford FC,reborn in same way as Wimbledon,but still playing at Edger Street,they are getting 4000 +/- crowds in the league below Hayes (evostik Southern) Hayes did amalgamate with Yeading,and sold their ground for redevelopment and the monies to rebuild Yeading ground but has been full of problems from day 1.
I can only see more clubs joining forces for survival.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 16 March, 2017 00:48
Beefy - It's been going on for years. Isn't Dagenham & Redbridge a composite of Dagenham, Leytonstone, Walthamstow Avenue and (less sure about this one) Ilford?

Rugby is at it too in France, with Racing and Stade Francais about to merge to produce one Paris club. Perhaps it's the only way they think they can beat Sarries.

Of course there is not the slightest chance of 18 county cricket teams being reduced to 8...

On a different note, what odds would you have got on Leicester City being the last English team standing?


Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 16 March, 2017 06:14
5,000 to 1 maybe ?

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 16 March, 2017 08:43
There was an article in the Hayes programme,saying the FA start inspecting grounds NOW to see if they are fit for use in a higher league,just in case the club gets promoted.
A figure in the region of £60,000 was quoted as the cost for a club to upgrade to be accepted at a higher non-league level.
How can any club afford that sort of gamble and then miss out on promotion?
I'm not sure how long the FA give clubs to upgrade but why do inspections in March when no club has yet been promoted?
In the Combined Counties League,club called Hartley Wintney won the league last year,but as ground wasn't fit for the Southern League South and West division couldn't get promotion,this year they are running away with the league again,will the ground be fit this year? And,they hosted Hereford FC with their big following with no problem!

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Re: Football thread another new one
Haringey Racer 16 March, 2017 20:11
Beefy - It's been going on for years. Isn't Dagenham & Redbridge a composite of Dagenham, Leytonstone, Walthamstow Avenue and (less sure about this one) Ilford?


Yep. The process started with the merger of Leytonstone and Ilford in 1979. They then absorbed Walthamstow in 1988 to form Redbridge Forest and merged with Dagenham in 1992.

Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 18 March, 2017 21:50
Not a good day for the Gooners or England Rugby, had to listen to the first at work and made it home in time to see England fail to climb that huge hill that is Dublin away to be Grand Slam champions two years on the spin, fair go to the Irish though but the big pot (Champions) is England's.

Thanks to the French and Welsh teams for managing to delay the start of the last game by playing 20 mins in the red zone.

Now looking forward to the Lions tour with anticipation.

Re: Football thread another new one
Shots1992 25 March, 2017 22:43
Aldershot Town for Wembley play offs a good bet

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 27 March, 2017 10:50
Rumour has it that the "food court" at the new Lane is to be called "Deli Alley"...


Re: Football thread another new one
Seaxe_Man 21 April, 2017 08:53
The 'Pride of Middlesex' Wealdstone FC have reached both Middlesex Finals in the the Charity Cup and Senior Cup.

The first is on May 1st at Hanwell Town FC. Opponent unknown.

The second on May 6th, is versus Hampton and Richmond FC on their ground.

Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 22 April, 2017 21:17
I will keep this short as I know there are a number of regular posters on this site who are Tottenham supporters and will be rather miserable tonight at least as far as football is concerned
I was of course at Wembley. A bug and illness running through Chelsea. Cahill too ill to play or be on the bench. Hazard and Costa only make the bench.
For large periods of the game, Tottenham dominated possession but did not do a lot with it. Chelsea were excellent on the counter attack and I thought we always looked dangerous. After 60 minutes game in the balance at 2-2. Then the cavalry in the form of Hazard and Costa come off the bench and game all over and I thought we deserved our victory.
Tottenham's dreams of the double now lie in ruins.
As for my Chelsea, six league games and one FA Cup final still to play. A lot can still happen of course but the dream of the famous double is still very much alive.
Duty calls tomorrow, as I am doing the Middlesex report and I went yesterday and was very impressed with what I saw and we of course had another splendid day today.
Turning back to the football, I am a very happy Chelsea man tonight.
Come on you lovely Blues.

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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 23 April, 2017 00:28
LP - Putting on my dispassionate glasses, that must be one of the best semi-finals for some years in terms of quality. At 2-2 I thought Spurs were the more likely to score. It wasn't just that they were dominating possession, they were probing very intelligently but not actually making many chances, due to Chelsea's excellent defence of their penalty area. Chelsea did look dangerous at times on the break. I could say that the first three Chelsea goals owed a lot to the kinds of mistakes that the defence has not been making most of the season but the first two were based on very good breaks and use of space so perhaps the mistakes are due to the extra quality. I thought it was a mistake not playing Davies at LB. He's not as good as Rose but he's been part of the recent run. The idea, I suppose, was for Son to force Moses back but it was a big game to try it out and the penalty was the result. Two exquisite high quality Spurs goals (perhaps they had to be). Matic's goal was special too. Hazard's was good but assisted by poor marking.

I thought the ref could have had his card out a bit more often but didn't get anything seriously wrong.

I don't like to see fans leaving before the end; if all you go for is the victory, you're not really a fan of the sport. It's not as if the team played a turkey of a game (as in some of the recent ones). They played very well in my opinion, but just made crucial mistakes at the back at vital moments.

I'm quite happy to congratulate Chelsea. They are showing that it is not necessary to be managed by a game-playing boor in order to win trophies. Conte seems a very fair man in the way he conducts himself.

Of course the death of Ugo Ehiogu puts the result of a mere football match into perspective. Was it me, or did the applause go on for a good deal more than the scheduled minute? Well observed by all concerned.


Re: Football thread another new one
Sussex Seaxe 26 April, 2017 13:37
Congratulations to Chelsea. I agree with most of what Adelaide has recorded above, particularly about staying to the end and supporting your team, who have no doubt given their all.

As I have no interest now in watching the Final and cannot decide who I would like to win less, I am delighted to see that England play South Africa on the same day, so my tv will be tuned in to that. I probably won't stroll down to my cricket club as I know they will insist on having the football on in the pavilion.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 26 April, 2017 14:06
No interest in watching the Final? Not me, I'll be watching. I don't need to want one team to win to enjoy a football match (and if you do, "enjoy" is not always the right word).


Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 26 April, 2017 14:10
Local side Hayes and Yeading go down from Southern Premier League.
As I posted above,playing a majority of home games at other grounds,what will happen to them next?
Leyton Orient now a non-league club,IF they survive the close season.There are rumours they could good and start again,but as the acceptance time for clubs into the Essex leagues has closed,they may have to wait a year.A club been wrecked by an owner who didn't care less.

As for Leeds....we sure know how to hit a Very Bad Patch at the right time!!!

Re: Football thread another new one
Sussex Seaxe 26 April, 2017 14:56
No interest in watching the Final? Not me, I'll be watching. I don't need to want one team to win to enjoy a football match (and if you do, "enjoy" is not always the right word).


I'll have to agree to differ on this one, Adelaide. I always find any game I watch much more enjoyable if I support one of the sides. Indeed, I sometimes have to decide which one I would most like to lose, thereby supporting the other. This sometimes leads to interesting situations where I want a team to win one week and lose the next - of course, I draw the line at Arsenal, who I always want to lose!

An example is the RLI (or its predecessors) Cup Final - I go every year and always support one team, which for me makes the day much more interesting.

As for 27th May - would you really rather watch two of our biggest rivals, one of whom will end up with a trophy, than England's cricket team? It's a no-brainer for me, I'm afraid.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 26 April, 2017 16:24
Sussex Seaxe
As for 27th May - would you really rather watch two of our biggest rivals, one of whom will end up with a trophy, than England's cricket team? It's a no-brainer for me, I'm afraid.

I do not have Sky or BT Sport so do not have the option of watching the cricket but even if I did I suspect I would slip away for 90 minutes to watch the football. After all, there is always the chance of a major punch up leading to suspensions for half of both teams for the entire 2017/18 season.

I see Joey Barton has been suspended for 18 months(*). I had a fiver on him getting 12 months.


(*) for betting against the rules, not for being Joey Barton, though that would be justification in itself.

Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 27 April, 2017 01:45
Real dedication or just plain madness.

I was at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night to see us beat a spirited Southampton side 4-2.

On Wednesday night I was back at Stamford Bridge to watch the second leg of the Youth Cup Final, and as it turned out to witness a piece of history. The first leg was a 1-1 draw.

Man City were at least consitant as they again scored a goal in the second leg, there was one problem for them, Chelsea scored five and won the the final 6-2

In doing so, we became the first team to win the Youth Cup in four successive seasons which is truly incredible.

There is a problem. Chelsea are in their golden era where winning at least one major trophy a season is considered normal. This in turn makes it very difficult indeed for a youth player to come through the ranks and to break into the Chelsea first team because our standards are so very high.

Very annoyingly, Tottenham won again tonight and the lead is just four points with five games to be played. We now have Everton and West Brom away and Watford, Middlesborough, and Sunderland at home. Though we have on paper a much easier run in than Tottenham there is still all to play for in this two horse race and we of course still have a cup final against Arsenal to look forward to. The famous and historic domestic double is still a possibility for my great club

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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 27 April, 2017 11:16

Yes, it is some achievement, but what exactly is the point? The problem with youth team products breaking through seems now to be ingrained. Mourinho clearly didn't trust anyone not bought in but I had thought that different managers would find a way. I would not describe everyone in the current Chelsea team as a great player but those players (not of course from the youth team) recently brought in fit the way Conte wants to play. Great teams normally contain a mix of great players and good players playing above themselves for a period, or who fit that system but possibly not another, so that is par for the course. But that means that it should always be possible for the leading youth players to have a shot at it and I'm sure you would like that to happen. But it has not been the case since John Terry - best part of twenty years.

Maybe the Chelsea youth model makes money even without players making it to first team level but what about the interests of the players (and of the game itself?) The question to me is why strong youth players join Chelsea in the first place. Odds are that their eventual career will be somewhere else (to be fair, that's true of nearly all youth teams but the odds seem a lot worse at Chelsea). Have they acquired a better football upbringing by being at Chelsea and then at multiple clubs on loan rather than joining a less rich club such as Southampton, where they are much more likely to get a first team chance and perhaps end up with more chance of ending up at a top club? Is it just better money?

Again, to be fair, Spurs have had a reputation at times of not bringing through youth players. While they were bought in, John Bostock and Dean Perrett spring to mind, both the best thing since sliced bread at 17 but never making the breakthrough and featuring now in Div 2, I think. I can't help thinking they should have stayed at Palace and QPR. Things look different at the Lane now but I;m not foolish enough to assume that things will always remain like that.

But for now the cynic in me sees the Youth Cup final as a showcase for players who will be coming shortly to a lower league near you.

Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 27 April, 2017 13:47

I am sure Chelsea must make decent money from their academy as players who do not make it at Chelsea could be sold for a lot of money.

The problem is a very simple one. A club like say Southampton give youngsters a chance. However, if Southampton finish in the top ten in the premier league everyone is content.

On the other hand, if Chelsea do not win a major trophy every season and do not do well in the Champions League season after season all hell breaks loose. Needless to say it is much easier for a youngster to break into say Southampton's first team than it is to get into Chelsea's first team
Purely by chance, on Tuesday night when we beat Southampton 4-2 they had two ex Chelsea youngsters playing for them and they scored both their goals, but would they be good enough to get into our first team ? and therein lies the problem.

The fact is that we have played Manchester City in the last three youth cup finals and beaten them all three times. Yesterday we won 5-1 and totally destroyed them, Those boys playing for us last night are very valuable assets indeed.

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