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Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 03 May, 2016 01:06
Yep,as Adelaide put..congratulations to Leicester,fully deserved to be crowned champions.
Led the league for a few months,scored some very good goals as well,many players not household names either.
Will we see this happen again?
It just opens the door for other clubs to follow suit.
As for Spurs,did the nerves get to them?Some of those tackles were slightly poor,couple of retrospective FA bans on the way?
And,few little niggles by Chelsea players,a very hotly contested london derby.
Still,well done Leicester City

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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 03 May, 2016 09:56
Beefy - The radio commentators were recalling the Chelsea-Leeds final replay at one point. I hesitate to suggest that if Spurs had just concentrated on the football they would have won the match as Chelsea (and Hazard in particular) can play very well when they can be bothered. Ironically the main issue about Spurs' discipline this season has been around Dele Alli but look what happened when he wasn't playing! I imagine that Dembele will be banned. Probably not Lamela as the picture I have seen suggests he was not looking at the ground, which makes intent hard to prove, whether it was there or not. Fines for both for failing to keep players under control as well. It was really not typical of Spurs' season at all though so it will be shame if it dominates memories of a great season.

We'll never know what might have happened on the last day if it had still been up for grabs. Hazard was stupid to say what he did, which inevitably led to the thought that they might have rolled over on the last day. I expect fans to say and think that (as I've observed before, the better your team is doing the less you care about how your local rivals are doing); it's not very edifying but it's the way it tends to be. Teams and players can get banned for life if they throw something for money but throwing it out of animosity towards a third club would be very hard to distinguish it from simple end of season apathy. I'd like to think that Chelsea would have played it properly, despite what was said, if only out of professional pride when under the microscope. All in all, perhaps it is as well that it did not go to the last day.


Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 03 May, 2016 11:36
I will briefly break my vow of silence on this thread.

I was of course at the Battle of Stamford Bridge last night.

I appreciate Tottenham have not won the title since 1961, and not won a game at Stamford Bridge since 1990, would you believe, but their behaviour last night, even allowing for the fact they are a young and inexperienced side, was intolerable and completely unacceptable.

Tottenham had 9, yes 9 players booked, a Premier League record, and Chelsea had just 3 players booked, and I think, but could be wrong, that two of those bookings were for a reaction to being fouled in the first place.

How Tottenham still had 11 players on the pitch at the end, was a complete mystery to me and everyone else. I think there was an argument that at least three of their players should have been sent off. Clattenburg and his officials also simply could not cope.

There will inevitably be an inquiry and repercussions, and sadly Chelsea may get dragged into this which would be totally unfair in my opinion.

Scuffles and confrontations were breaking out all over the place, including a major one at the entrance to the tunnel right below where I was sitting at the end of the game.

Turning to the game itself. Tottenham and Chelsea played some good football, but man of the match Eden Hazard turned the game on its head when he came on at half time, and why he did not start the game is a bit of a mystery. Tottenham's defence simply could not cope with him.

Yes, I was at Old Trafford in 1970 when I saw what was for me the most violent game I ever saw, when Chelsea beat Leeds 2-1 in the FA Cup final replay to win the FA Cup for the first time in our history.

Speaking personally. I have rarely if ever been so happy with a draw which of course felt like a victory. I am delighted that Leicester City have won the title. Surely the greatest sporting upset of all time. Hazard and his goal will form part of Leicester folklore.

We of course play Leicester City in the final game at Stamford Bridge. It will be a fitting climax to the end of the season, bearing in mind we were the champions last season of course. Our players I assume will form a guard of honour for Leicester City and rightly so and they will get a great reception I am sure from the Chelsea supporters.

Finally, there is of course Mr Claudio Ranieri, who was our manager and who is still held in great affection by most Chelsea supporters. I suspect he will get the best reception of all.

Well, done Leicester City , for your truly momentous achievement which will never ever be forgotten.

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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 03 May, 2016 12:31
LP - Some would say the real mystery is why Hazard has been so disappointing the rest of the season.

Refs get stick whether they clamp down early (one report says Ivanovic on Rose was the first bad offence) and then find they've had to send off one or more players "ruining the match", or "keep the game flowing". In the end, if players don't want to be managed, the ref has not much of a chance. I didn't like Tottenham playing like an old style Argentinian team. As I say, it was quite atypical of the season (though the goals scored were extremely typical) and I hope it wasn't intentional. Chelsea will get a fine too because their players got involved in scuffles as well. They had the option of keeping out of it - sometimes difficult, I know - but did not take it.

If we had won the title we would have been the Bambi shooters and Leicester winning it is fine by me. We'll just have to be satisfied with second/third and a 20 or so point lead for my lovely team over yours!


Re: Football thread another new one
Sussex Seaxe 03 May, 2016 18:32
I too congratulate Leicester on their victory. They won it fair and square and finishing second (which I know hasn't happened yet) is a fine achievement for Spurs, and it is a really encouraging sign for us that we consider it a disappointment.

As for last night's game, I watched it in the bar of an hotel and it was interesting to note that most of the other viewers, many of whom were overseas visitors, were willing Chelsea on. It is quite ironic that if Spurs were the challengers in most seasons, against one of the so-called big clubs, the support would very likely have been reversed.

I was not proud of the 9 bookings; as Adelaide has said, this is atypical of our season and a result of being totally hyped up, mostly by the situation, but also by the unwise comments of Hazard. Let me say this clearly though, more discipline must be installed. I'm sure Dembele will be banned and if found guilty rightly so. I was unimpressed by the provocation being meted out by the usual suspect Costa, though and also Fabregas, who appeared to be constantly in the referees face; who'd be a ref, eh?

Anyway, congratulations to Chelsea on raising their game and getting to 9th; it is a great thing about our league that mid table teams with nothing to play for can really go for it like that.

More importantly, though, congratulations again to Leicester on a barely believable achievement.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 03 May, 2016 18:52
I would have hoped that they could have ignored Hazard's comments. There's no excuse though and I'm not going to defend it. It detracts from the great advances made and the great football played across the season.

Costa is a pain because he does all the sly stuff and then complains if someone does it to him. Rumour has it he is that he is on the way back to Spain. Chelsea's renewal of their team this summer will not be made any easier by their failure to make the CL, though I suppose it may depend on whether players actually want to be involved in building the next team or coming in where medals are supposed already to be guaranteed. As usual they won the Youth Cup but I'd like to see the younger players given more of a chance. I expect that LP would agree with me on that, actually.


Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 03 May, 2016 20:48
Well done Leicester City , worthy champions and a good bet at 40/1 to win it next season.

Better bet would be to stick a monkey on them winning the Europa League next year , odds currently unavailable.

Re: Football thread another new one
pantherlike 05 May, 2016 11:44
Six rounds have now been completed in the 2016 AFL season and it's about time the old Pantherlike got his act together and posted an update! The focus is on the Dockers and Billdogs, mais bien sur, and a bit on the Cats!

Fremantle Dockers

Sorry, but we have to start here. The Dockers finished 2015 on top of the ladder and were a serious contender for the Premiership. They bombed in straight sets (lost two finals matches) and fast forward to this week and that same Dockers list, all fit, with the same coach and despite not having had a bad draw are on the bottom of the ladder with 6 straight losses! Yup, 0-6. It's never happened before and leads me to think they're the universal balance to the Leicester story. Well that's total tosh isn't it?! Much like the footy Freo has been playing so far. Coach Ross Lyon has finally admitted that it's not all going to plan, and the finals may nearly already be beyond them, even with 16 rounds to go.


Whilst the Dockers season is a story of seemingly perpetual woe, the Dogs have continued to build under coach Luke Beveridge and are currently third on the ladder with a 5-1 record. Their only loss to date has been to top placed, and still undefeated, North Melbourne.

It's been their kids that have continued to step up. They lost star and Brownlow medallist Daniel Kooney to Essendon in the pre-season but you couldn't say they've missed him!

The Dogs are playing an attractive brand of footy and whilst premierships are never won in May, I'm sure there's a few of their die-hard fans who are starting to hope that this, finally, could be their season to win a second flag; their last and only glory was way back in 1954!

Geelong Cats

Ah the Cats! Whilst 2015 was not a great season, the catters secured champion Patrick Dangerfield from Adelaide in the off-season and what a superb start and presence he has made. A record 43 possession debut (the most possessions ever by a player in their first game for a new club) in round 1 saw the cats demolish last year's premiers Hawthorn (premiers three years running) and he and the cats have been rock solid since with a 5-1 start and second on the ladder.

They also demolished Brisbane by 20 goals on the weekend at the cattery to firm them up as early flag favourites along with North Melbourne. Fingers crossed!

Trust that was a decent wrap on the start of the season and I'll be back on this thread around mid season!

Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 05 May, 2016 18:24
I knew the Dockers had finished last season on a low and started this season poorly , just not that poorly 0-3 I think they were the last I saw. sad smiley

Thanks for the updates anyway they are much appreciated .

Re: Football thread another new one
pantherlike 06 May, 2016 11:03
Cheers Diamond, had to be the bearer of bad news for someone!

Too never know, they could turn it around. After all, they're still one of the best sides in the comp on paper

Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 06 May, 2016 20:20
They could turn it round and Burnley could win the EPL next season smiling smiley

Re: Football thread another new one
pantherlike 08 May, 2016 01:34
Just never know!

On the topic of come backs though, the Dockers failed to get things together at home yesterday against the new kids Great Western Sydney Giants. That's 0-7 now, they'll need to thread some wins together very soon!

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 10 May, 2016 02:02
madness at Leeds always amazes me.....latest idea is,if a season ticket is renewed before the end of May,and the club doesn't make at least the play offs next season,the club will refund the money,less VAT and Football League levy of 3%.

After the season just had,cant see that happening!

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 11 May, 2016 10:49
I see that a few West Ham "supporters" decided to resurrect a few seventies-style activities to mark the last game at the Boleyn ground.

The response must surely be a period of ground closure ... oh, hang on a moment...

The team has done better than most expected this year but it is funny how the West Ham way now includes an awful lot of big guys up for set pieces. Alongside the superb Payet, of course. A poor man's John Pratt, of course, but superb nevertheless.

It was a "win-win" for me last night. Yes, it would have funny to see Guardiola managing in the Europa League but the thought of United getting in the CL on the back of such rubbish two years running was a bit much. Though Sunday might turn it all around again.


Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 16 May, 2016 19:37
So there we have it
Chelsea v Tottenham.
Tottenham have 9 players booked, a disciplinary record plus a retrospective sending off. Chelsea had 3 players booked and two of those were for verbal retaliation I think
Chelsea were the innocent party in that game
So what happens? Because of past misdemeanours Chelsea are fined £375000 and Tottenham are fined £225000.
All Chelsea were guilty of, was being the other team on the pitch that night.
I will not be making any further postings on this particular subject, otherwise I fear I will get into trouble with the moderators and we are now of course in the cricket season.

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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 16 May, 2016 21:21

I think these particular fines are specifically for "failing to keep your players under control", relating to generally confronting each other and crowding the referee. I'm not sure which team was more guilty on that count but they were both at it. According to the BBC report Chelsea have more previous for this than Tottenham so they get a bigger fine.

Everything else is separate and either has been or will be punished separately. The retrospective sending off attracts a six game ban, quite rightly. There is, or will be, a separate fine for Spurs because of the number of bookings, again quite right too.

The biggest punishment of all, in a way, was that it was probably by losing their heads they lost the match. That is a lesson for the players to learn. The match left a sour aftertaste to what had up to that point been a marvellous season (and I mean generally, including Leicester, not just Spurs), far more so than losing the last two games to finish third rather than second.

Switching the topic slightly, I have this vision of a succession of contracts being offered to John Terry for years to come. When Paul Miller married into Spurs "nobility" we had visions that he would still be out there playing fifty years later with a zimmer frame. Perhaps that vision is now more appropriate for Mr Terry.


Re: Football thread another new one
Sussex Seaxe 17 May, 2016 21:32
I am bride on this, which will come as no surprise. Spurs behaviour in that game was poor and punishment deserved, for both individuals and club.

However, LP's argument is nonsense. It is like saying that someone who steals £1000 as their first offence should receive a harsher punishment than someone who steals £500 having been a consistent offender and warned appropriately.

And this is to make no mention of Fabregas, who was intent on winding people up all game and Costa, say no more.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 18 May, 2016 11:53
I think LP does have a germ of a point though. The fine for having more than X bookings is much lower than the fines handed out for failing to control your players, so the net result is that Chelsea have been fined more than Tottenham, which, whatever Fabregas said, did or (difficult as it is to believe) grabbed, does seem wrong. On the other hand, if there are accepted tariffs for offences, you can't just ignore them and make it up as you go along.

I imagine that the comparatively low fine for too many bookings is to guard against complaints that it only happened because of a particularly picky ref. Perhaps it ought to be a sliding scale; the higher the excess number of bookings, the bigger the fine.

The other spectre lurking in the background might have been a points deduction. Didn't Woolwich pick up a points deduction for the brawl at United? While I am relieved that it does not seem to have been considered, it is clearly far more of a factor for well off teams fighting for position. Perhaps the thinking is that this sanction should be reserved for teams that make a habit of this sort of thing, rather than (however bad) a one-off.

Good to see Leicester getting acclaimed at the Bridge by the way. It looked like it was acclaim in their own right as opposed to acclaim at having prevented a London rival from winning it.


Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 31 May, 2016 21:11
Shock,horror....Leeds sack manager...instead of a contract for next manager,wouldn't it be better to just sign the visitors book?

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 26 June, 2016 22:05
Best game of the championships so far.Belgium were very good and were Hungary for goals 😊

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