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Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 27 June, 2016 21:56
Iceland 2 England 1
Astonishing truly astonishing. One of the great upsets. Iceland fully deserved to win, but every England player should hang their heads in shame, and of course it is goodbye Roy.
I blame BREXIT

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Re: Football thread another new one
BarmierKev 27 June, 2016 23:39
Someone told be Iceland was cheap. Well Joe Hart didn't make any savings.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 27 June, 2016 23:52
Well,these poor little lambs who get given £150,000 a week looked totally pathetic tonight.
This is a total embarrassment and let's be honest....start at the top,get rid of all these yes men on the top table at the FA.They are as much to blame.
I have said before,and will again...the England manager is only a spokesman for the FA,they select the squad and probably the team as well.All the 'manager' does is tell the media which players have been selected and give out a prepared speech given by the FA.
SACK THE TOP TABLE,let's start again,we are a complete,utter bloody mess.
That was truly,utterly,without doubt the worse performance I have seen.
Maybe a few players need to take a look as well,Rooney and Hart...time to pack up appearing in an England shirt.
Players in the leagues below the darling premier league will give more to play for the national side.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 28 June, 2016 00:00
Ye gods! Did our players have to take the referendum result so literally? That was bad first half but even worse in the second half we drew 0-0.

Compare and contrast Italy. Players probably no better than ours but always someone on the move and options and the play and the player receiving the ball has a god ides what to do next. Us - player gets the ball. Looks for someone to pass. One player finds a bit of space. stands still. Gets it (though not always). Looks for someone to pass to, etc etc. Like that in all four games, but accompanied by a descent into brain freeze and incompetence in this one.

You can't blame the coaches for players failing to control the ball (though often that is precisely because they don't know what to do once they have got it) but you can blame them for not inculcating a style of play that can become instinctive. Look at the top club sides, they've all got it. Iceland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia have it. We don't.

Should be some cheap bunting and stuff in the shops tomorrow anyway.


Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 28 June, 2016 04:58
What a complete and utter carve up that was.

Couldn't win against Iceland, the way that lot played last night they couldn't even beat my corner shop let alone a powerhouse football nation like Iceland.

Ah well Prems back in a few weeks time and we can start bigging up England again in World Cup qualification too.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 28 June, 2016 10:53
It seemed to me that playing Sterling and Sturridge as inside out wingers was wrong on three grounds. First, it makes it less likely that they will get to the goal line and cross successfully. Secondly because it took the space the full backs could have used. And thirdly because it meant too few in and around the penalty area in the event that a decent ball did come in.

Actually, both Sterling and Sturridge annoy me because they seem forever to be getting into decent positions then trying something else, usually losing the ball! Welbeck is a bit like that, plus he seems to slow the game down.

Five Spurs players in the team for four matches against teams that basically defended most of the time. Spurs were usually at their best last season away from home and often had problems breaking down packed defences at home (though when they did score at home they often went on to get more as their opponents tried to equalise). Perhaps that was part of the problem. Arguably many of our top club teams flourish more on the counterattack but I think it is more obvious with Spurs.

I would not have brought a still unfit Wilshere on. I was not that keen on bringing Vardy on given the absence of space to run into. Rashford earlier perhaps? Rooney moved up front? All hindsight of course, and the state of mind by then was such that using Messi, Bale, Hazard and Ronasldo would not have helped.

Part of me is relieved when England go out as it removes the potential for further embarrassment. Yet people still pay hundreds to go to the tournaments and walk as close to the line as they dare on "banter".

Perhaps the chant of the tournament can be amended to "Roy Hodgson is fired" which he would have been if he had not walked. Nice man, good track record but was he really ever up to the job?


Re: Football thread another new one
Sussex Seaxe 28 June, 2016 12:05
If I may be totally parochial about it, as a Spurs fan I do fear that the players, of whom we had more than others, will be scarred by this. It's a big challenge of leadership for Pochettino (and, of course other club managers) to pick them up again.

I'm sure there will be a further inquest, but generally speaking, I think we took the best squad available and the same players are likely to be persevered with on the whole; I'm not sure who will be able to get them performing better - I really don't think it's about motivation.

Agreed, Adelaide, about Roy. A good man, who enjoys a good book, but international manager class in the 21st century? It would seem not, although I had wished him well and been delighted had he had more success.

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 28 June, 2016 13:01
'The best squad possible'
Do you mean the only players in the money laden premier league,called by a lot as the Richest League in the World.
Richest in money,yes.
Richest in talent? After seeing the way those over protected,over hyped so called international players representing our once proud national side last night,we are paupers in the talent league.
If they are our best...God help us.

There is more than one league in England,maybe the blinkered FA should realise this,as most fans know this fact.

This Best Squad was an absolute disgrace,it's fine they all stand in front of the media after looking sad,deflated,sorry...To damn late,you did the damage when prancing around like a bunch of fairies for 90 minutes.

Trouble is,whoever is brave enough to take this poison chalice next,will have to listen to these FA idiots and do as instructed.

This result will be damaging for a few seasons to come,wait for the start of World Cup qualifying and the FA darlings will hope it's all forgotten.New Spokesman (sorry,manager) at the helm,new start crap,let's get behind the team....just wait and see..all to predictable.

One player carrying a toy lion in France? Maybe the lion should be carrying them.

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Re: Football thread another new one
Sussex Seaxe 28 June, 2016 13:52
You seem to be taking it remarkably calmly, Beefy (Sm100)

I think you can argue with one or two selections, but most would agree that the best players tend to end up at the top teams. I watch a lot of lower league and non league football and can honestly say that I haven't seen many who could perform at international level.

I wouldn't argue with many of your comments though It is a long time since they were a 'once proud national side', and I speak as someone who remembers the 1966 World Cup win.

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 28 June, 2016 14:14
SS,I have made my medication stronger since last night,my nurse will be along soon!

This England illness is just so deep now,infecting players,spokesman,fans alike.
It's so glaringly obvious we are all sick to the back teeth with all the same old excuses the top table cone out with after each tournament we fail in....
Going to have enquiry why we failed
We will come back stronger
We have the players to do this
Things will improve.

These top table freeloaders who go to each tournament see us implode each time,but brush the real problems under the carpet....It's THEM,they are the damn problem.Resign and let's start with a new broom.
Sitting in their plush offices in Wembley,they should start to smell the coffee.

Can't keep blaming the spokesman,the team were clueless,once they cross the white line,it's the Captain who runs the team.
If it's not working,go against the spokesman and do what you can to get the team working.

Having been on nightshift I haven't bought a daily paper as yet!

Maybe a boycott of Wembley might just open the FA eyes to feelings.

Last night....Well done Iceland,you had nothing to fear.Their support was amazing.

Re: Football thread another new one
Sussex Seaxe 28 June, 2016 15:31
Beefy, glad to hear it, I know a nice little padded cell I can recommend if necessary!

I too have avoided buying a paper today, not being quite sure whether the front or back pages would be more depressing. As a boy, I used to regularly go to Wembley for internationals with my dad after he finished his shift at 4.30. In those days you could park the car in a road behind Brent Town Hall, pay at the gate and stand on the terraces and I enjoyed the experience. I can't say that I would feel the same today if time travel was available and I don't think that's just the passing years. Sadly, like some of the Premier League stuff, it has all become a bit too corporate.

I mentioned remembering the 1966 World Cup; as time goes on, I fear that my own son, now 27, will never see a successful England side.

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 28 June, 2016 15:43
I was only 2 in 1966 SS,and of course film/video etc of those days were the only way I saw that victory.But,do agree with you when you put the age of your son and maybe not seeing another England triumph,sadly,I think you are spot on.
Going back in time,you can't beat seeing,watching and going to games with muddy pitches,players from 1 to 11,3pm kick-off.
What would the players of the 1960's to late 1970's make of the game these days?!

My last England game at Wembley was Graham Faliure(Taylor) first game,before that didn't miss a game for 7 years,never been back since!

Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 28 June, 2016 18:55
What with Brexit and Wales still being in the competition it should be a fun trip to Cardiff this Friday , timed to get down there in time to get to the pub to watch a team play with passion,heart and players in the right positions..... and a centre forward who doesn't have to take the set pieces because no one else can.

Re: Football thread another new one
pantherlike 22 September, 2016 14:18
349 for effing 9; Sidebottom plumb, then we're off for light-come-rain.......I need a distraction!!

Just noticed it's been an awful long time since I updated the, here goes:

I had kept putting off an update to see if the Dockers would come good. From 0-8, they sunk to an incredible 0-11, before notching 3 or 4 wins in the final rounds of the home and away season. So far a number of senior players have retired but the coach's job has stayed in tact. Lucky he's not a manager in England!

To the Dogs. They stayed with the pace of the top 4 for much of the season but with a couple of dropped games late finished in 6th position. No side has won the flag from there, and they had the unenviable task of having to play West Coast in Perth in an elimination final.

BUT! They spectacularly pulverised the Eagles and then went on to account for the triple premiership winning Hawks the next week in the semi finals.

This means they now play newbys Great Western Sydney on Saturday for a berth in the big one next week. The Dogs have not played in a Grand Final for over 50 years and they'll garner a lot of sentimental support from the neutrals.

Otherwise my old Cats are looking very good and play Sydney in the other preliminary final. Sydney finished on top of he ladder by percentage to the Cats but lost their qualifying final to the new kids across town. They'll be keen to get passed the cats and make good on last year's GF loss to Hawthorn, but the wise money must be on the Catters.

That said, it's been a very strange season not just cos the two Sydney teams are still going either! Who knows what will happen....but rest assured I'll let you all know!

Expect the games will be shown on Sky over there??

Can't believe it's raining at Lord's! Can't believe Somerset are going to belt Notts! We're undefeated for Pete's sake!!!!

I'm going to bed!

Re: Football thread another new one
pantherlike 27 September, 2016 11:53
Rightio then, we won the trophy! What a last day!

Further developments in the AFL:

The Bulldogs, yes, the Bulldogs have made it through the to their first a Grand Final since 1961! That's 55 years....

To get there they had to get past the new kids Great Western Sydney in a nail biting cliff hanger that could've gone either way.

Their opponents will be the firm side Sydney who blow an insipid Cats off the park in the opening quarter. The Swans will be keen to put last year's GF loss out of mind by winning in Saturday. Some solace perhaps for the cats last night as Patrick Dangerfield won the Brownlow by a record margin.

But fairy tales appear to the order of the month and it seems very plausible that he Dogs could do it. They'd be the first team to do so after finishing 6th at the end of the home and away season.

From memory Beefy is the MTWD Doggies fan, so it could be quite a week for him!

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 27 September, 2016 12:10
I am the Dogs fan Pantherlike!
Also,a great friend of mine in Melbourne is also,he has been to a Middle game when visiting,and some of you met him.John Woods,he hold a season ticket for them,and has done for as long as I remember.
He has been in hospital since January battling the big C,so for Woodsy.....COME ON YOU DOGS 😊

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 28 September, 2016 01:09
Some managers will do anything to protect their 100% record.


Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 28 September, 2016 08:47
so,once again the gutter press have got at the national manager.
ok.of course,big sam shouldn't of gone with it,but this was a set-up to nobble him.
A scam,which these @#$%& reporters claim have 7 or 8 other managers as well.Reminds me of the News of the World.

I hope they are happy now,England back to trying to get another manager as world cup qualifying starts.CONGRATULATIONS.

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 01 October, 2016 09:38
AFL grand final...Western Bulldogs grab the trophy.
Win double 😊🍺

Re: Football thread another new one
Seaxe_Man 17 October, 2016 13:19
I blame BREXIT for Fulham's poor September. Their investments, but not points total, only went up by £2.5 billion.

On another subject, Sky Marketing went into overdrive.

Last Friday, we had the SEVERNSIDE derby. Cardiff v Bristol.

Followed swiftly on Saturday by the DOCKYARD derby between Plymouth and Portsmouth. Distance has be about 100 miles away.

I can throw in a couple more. The OFFa's Dyke derby between Newport and Wrexham, and the NEW FOREST derby between Soton and Bournemouth.

And finally RED MONDAY tonight, The MANCHESTER SHIP CANAL derby

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