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Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 27 April, 2017 14:01
On a separate matter. There was an item on Sky News app today that caught my attention.

There is a photo of a young man with awful facial injuries. Tottenham fan Michael Voller aged 23 was seriously injured in an unprovoked attack which included a fractured skull and doctors are concerned his eye sight may be permanently damaged.Early evidence suggests he may have been attacked by a fellow Tottenham fan who may have thought he was a Chelsea fan.

Words completely fail me. What is wrong with people and why is there so much hatred.

This is one of the reasons I do not go to away games any more. Far too dangerous and I also like to watch a game sitting down.

We really do not live in a pleasant world.

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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 27 April, 2017 14:55

Many youngsters at every club don't make it at that club and don't make it anywhere, so they are pure expense and no income, as they won't be sold for any money at all. Players who have had a run in the first team also tend to go for a lot more (Mason, Livermore...)In some years most youth teams will make a loss. I do wonder whether at Chelsea the money that comes in simply defrays some of the expense in what might be seen as a vanity venture.

Of course if large numbers are wrapped up in Chelsea's scheme they can't play for anyone that Chelsea do not want them to play for but depriving rivals of players with little intention of actually playing them is surely no good for the players' development or for the development of the national team. Which is why I still ask why talented young players would go to Chelsea (or Man City - or probably Man U under Mourinho) in the first place, if it is not for immediate money. Is there a Bale, a Kane, an Alli sitting there admiring his pay cheque instead of playing at the highest level?


Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 27 April, 2017 15:12

I do not really have an answer. All I can say is, that I have watched many of our youth games on Chelsea tv and last night we were superb and miles ahead of Manchester City who are meant to have one of the best youth team squads in the country.

Only time will tell what will happen to these Chelsea youngsters and I believe a number will play at a high level, but whether that is with Chelsea is another matter entirely.

However one thing is for sure, our youth team is on a different level to everyone else in this country.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 27 April, 2017 17:19

Of course I agree with you. The only point I would make is that violent fights and attacks are much less common than they were in (say) the 1970s. Whether that is due to supporters being nicer, more well-heeled (given the cost of going) or all seater stadia (which explain the cost of going) is open to argument.

What I notice with some distaste is what happens now when a goal is scored. In "my day" the opposing supporters simply reacted as if it hadn't happened, with silence. Now you see supporters in their seats yelling obscenities and making gestures at any opposing player in their vicinity (or sometimes at their own!). OK, that is better than actually being violent but to me it indicates that troublemaking is never that far under the surface. What on earth is the logic of having a go at an opposing player for simply doing their job? Unless the player deliberately winds them up of course.


Re: Football thread another new one
Seaxe_Man 29 April, 2017 11:57
FFc v Brentford today. Totally sold out. A win would be nice but expecting a hard game. C'mon You Whites.

Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 29 April, 2017 15:17
One up inside 5 mins SM, continuing your run of good form which should see your lot into the play offs (at Leeds expense) , though with 80 odd mins to go Bees might still get a result , something they make rather a habit of at the Cottage.

Re: Football thread another new one
Seaxe_Man 01 May, 2017 12:51
Diamond. As on many occasions this season, we dominated most of the first half but had only one goal to show for it, which BFC duly replied to.

In the second half as you can expect, a resurgence of the opposition. Brentford duly obliged.

A more even half and FFC continuously, despite great efforts, were unable to beat the last defender.

A draw a fair result in the SW6/Middlesex derby.

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 01 May, 2017 14:32
Was a fee fulham people about yesterday,made my day!!
As far as Leeds concerned,we had 5 or 6 months in play-off places but decided to hit our rough patch at the wrong time.
Gary Monk,good manager who has turned things round at Elland Road.My huge concern is with us missing out and a good squad being build,will bigger clubs cone to us like vultures to take any of our players.
Still,we had a good season and missing out on the play-offs 'just' could be a good springboard for next season.
Last year,the club pledged a 25% refund for those who bought a season ticket before the end of May 2016.

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Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 05 May, 2017 22:12
I have never typed or said this before.

Well done and thank you West Ham.

I am a very happy Chelsea man tonight.

Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 12 May, 2017 21:54
Chelsea Champions of England for the sixth time in our glorious history.

There will be some tears shed in North London tonight. The famous domestic double is of course still a real possibility for my great team this season.

Chelsea, the best team in England. Chelsea are the Champions.

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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 12 May, 2017 22:22
Post when you're winning, you only post when you're winning...

Congratulations to Chelsea, best team this season (unfortunately all you get for being best over two seasons is respect). Quite an achievement given the dodgy start in results and (particularly) performance terms. If anyone had named the five title winning defenders back in August I suspect even Chelsea supporters would have thought it a wind up, so that is a tribute to Conte. And as I've said before, it shows that titles can be won without the manager having to be a manipulative boor.

I've got to be happy with Tottenham's season, as they were the only team to get close to mounting a pursuit. We too started slowly, which I suspect was hangover from the Euros for the England players. Perhaps having European football got in the way. Challenges ahead, with the move to Wembley and back again, and the ever present danger of richer clubs nicking players.

I'm now hoping Swansea stay up because I'd hate those late goals down there to relegate them. Plus Sigurdsson and Tom Carroll are ex-Spurs. But then so are Dawson, Huddleston and poor old Ryan Mason.


Re: Football thread another new one
WayOutWest 12 May, 2017 23:20
Fulham v Reading in the play offs, may the best team win. I fully expect The Cottagers to uphold bragging rights for London over my team but you never know!

Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 13 May, 2017 05:34
The "in form team" going into the play offs always wins the promotion spot sources are quick to quote.

Not true, only in 55% of play offs since the invention of the cup competition at the end of a long league season ( why not just promote the top three ? across all divisions actually secured the promotion spot.

As for the fixture schedule for the playoffs,Carlisle v Exeter 6:30pm Sunday evening at Wembley ? Good luck getting home from that one lads !
Doubtless for heir fans it will be a day booked off work and a hotel in the Smoke on Sunday evening if not the full weekend down which gets expensive, all the more reason for "20splenty" .

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 13 May, 2017 10:03
It's not just for money, Diamond, at leasts not directly. Last weekend getting on for ten teams had a chance of getting into the League 2 play offs. That adds real interest, excitement even, for fans (and beyond). Yes it probably brings in extra money but for the right reasons.

A similar effect can be seen in the CC. OK, it is not play-offs but the advent of two divisions and the way a couple of wins can catapult a team up the table mean that nearly every match in Div 1 means something till the end of the season. Not so in Div 2 because there is no relegation.

Perhaps football should do what rugby does and decide the Premiership itself through play-offs. That would go down well with LP! Of course in rugby part of the justification is that some teams play half their matches having lost a lot more players than others to international calls. Not true in football because of international calls but it is true of cricket. Odds are that cricket play-offs would be rained off or drawn though.


Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 13 May, 2017 10:13
Adelaide and Diamond

Tottenham and Arsenal supporters would love that idea. They may actually win something. Winning the premier league through a play off system, will generate a load of money, but it is of course a completely daft idea. The best side wins the premier league because they finish top of the league at the end of 38 games. End of story.

I have an idea playing Arsenal in the cup final may be a harder game than our semi final with Tottenham. In the semi final we were not at our best, had less of the ball, but still scored four goals and in truth it could have been six.
One very tough game away from winning the famous and historic domestic double for the second time in our great history.

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Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 13 May, 2017 10:57
Play offs are in full flow now.
Sadly,as our form slightly dipped at end of season we are not involved.
The 2nd division (always old money football) should see full houses with a yourkshure derby tomorrow and M4 'derby' today.
Big game at Wembley tomorrow as Tranmere and Forest Green battle out for a league place.
Forest Green Rovers from Gloucestershire,they use all renewable energy and serve vegetarian food only....have heard so many good reports from non league fans about how the club is ran.
Whilst in Southport for the Middle game,the Saturday England play Scotland!

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 13 May, 2017 11:54

Oh dear. You took the play-off suggestion seriously.

I know history is written by the winners but I suspect that you would get a dusty response from the Chelsea players if they were told the semi was easy. It wasn't and most neutrals seem to think that Spurs were the better team until the third goal went in. You can argue about what "better team" means and indeed whether it means anything at all if you undermine your own cause with uncharacteristic defensive mistakes (the first three goals). But I don't buy the idea that it was all masterplan, as there was no way those mistakes could have been counted upon. I would say (and I think most would agree) that all three meetings with Chelsea were probably amongst Chelsea'a hardest games of the season, or at leats the "three at the back" part of it.

Now I am in a quandary. I don't really see the Chelsea side as being of double quality but not all double-winning teams are, at least not if you judge them against the pre-moneybags era. But how could I possibly support Arsenal, except on the basis that it might result in the manager staying? And they could still go fourth and, er, multiply. (When Kevin Hand &co were banging on about the planes going into Elstree the other day I was sorely tempted to ask if any of them were towing WENGER OUT banners.)


Re: Football thread another new one
Seaxe_Man 13 May, 2017 13:17
After the 0-2 win at Soton Adelaide. All WENGER OUT planes were grounded. But WENGER IN aircraft received clearance for take off. This order came from Tottenham's Head Office.

Circling the Highbury and Islington area,

As regards the Kevin Hand whinge. Does'nt he realise that proximity to airfields means aircraft taking off and landing.

Similar sentiments were heard about Northolt. Curiously the Heathrow flight path over Richmond receives no comment. More frequent and they are big ones.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 13 May, 2017 13:35

I think they were bemoaning the absence of plane spotter Martin Emerson rather than moaning about the planes themselves.

Do you get extra runs if you hit a train by the way? I'm reminded of Saracens' old Bramley Road ground where passing motorists could easily find a rugby ball bouncing off their car. Happy (sort of) amateur days. Cline McGregor would sidestep and the earth would move in Palmers Green.


Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 13 May, 2017 15:33

Read my post. I never said the semi final was an easy game, but that I just have a feeling, the Arsenal game may be harder.

It is true in the semi final, Tottenham had more of the ball, but possession stats are a complete nonsense. It is not how much possession of the ball a team has that is important, but what you do with the ball when you have it, that is important. Tottenham were at times in the game the better side, but when a team scores four they of course will almost always win.

The fact is, Tottenham have played some good football this season, but will end up with no trophy, unless you go down the Wenger route and say that finishing in the top four is winning a trophy.

I will now look forward to the celebrations that will be our final two league games at home to Watford and Sunderland and then the cup final.

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