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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 19 June, 2014 10:15
I doubt that a Spanish "Private Eye" would have had the pilot of the plane taking them there saying "Shall I keep the engines running?" after they landed.

I see Lugano has been ruled out trhough injury. Pity.


Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 20 June, 2014 14:02
Just out of interest did anyone see the Steven Gerrard interview after the match?

Talk when you're winning, you only talk when you're winning...

Gerrard made two big mistakes but it seems to me that the England team is just not as good as others at recovering and covering for the initial mistake. The first goal was brilliant but there were plenty of defenders back. Johnson didn't make the cross difficult (though perhaps defending the shot was top priority), Jagielka didn't know what to do, and Baines stayed out of it altogether.

Still, I'd rather go out attacking than go out boring everyone stiff as in recent tournaments.


Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 20 June, 2014 19:56
That Ruiz looks a fair player. Perhaps Fulham should sign him.


Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 20 June, 2014 21:34
See the Italians did us no favours.

Also the cheese eating surrender monkeys are 4-0 up on the Swiss.

If there is a God he isn't English tonight.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 20 June, 2014 22:30
He might be a she, Diamond.

0-0 when Senderos came on, wasn't it?


Re: Football thread another new one
Seaxe_Man 21 June, 2014 09:57
The difference as I told Arsenal Derek at Richmond, before a ball was kicked, 'is the finishing'.

A pretty mundane Italian side managed 3 serious efforts. " scored 2 goals, the third struck the cross bar.

We had it seemd about 30 shots,scored from one, two or three saves, the rest high wide and handsome.

In the Uruguay match, they scored with minimum fuss from two half chances, well converted. They also had a 5 minute scramble around our box after half-time.

We, spent a large amount of time around their 18 yard box and created about two clear opening, from one of which we scored.

The idiot media of course want the manager sacked. What we lack more than anything is a world class striker who can convert good possession into goals.

When our strikers approach the box, one does'nt have the same confidence that they will hit the target as you feel the opposition will.

Harry Redknapp is not a world class striker and would'nt have made any difference.

Roy picked and played the best we have and importantly, a good percentage from those media friendly clubs Liverpool and Man U..well harped upon by Tydesley.

Having picked up the reins from the Capello era, the fairminded would say he (Roy) has done a fair job.

His problem to the sensible, rather than the idiots selling newspapers. Is the fact that he has no world class players.

Would any of ours get in a World XI?

And yes Adelaide. It was ironic and appropriate that Ruiz (Fulham?), Jol's marquee signing, would do for England. My wife told me she suspected as much before the game.

I would also say that the two injured Tottenham players, particularly Andros Townsend wudda made a diff.

Also the OX getting injured was a big blow for Roy.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 21 June, 2014 12:20
SM - There's a suspicion that Townsend is a one trick pony, while Walker is more suspect defensively that Johnson (hard though that may be to believe sometimes).

Costa Rica don't have any world class players either and most of their players are probably below the standard of ours. OK, if they played Italy and Uruguay 100 times they would probably lose more than win, but they have beaten the two teams that beat us.

A top coach gets top performances out of good (rather than world class) players and good performances out of moderate players. I don't think Hodgson has been a bad coach but I don't really see that he has made anyone sparkled, with the possible exception of aforesaid Townsend.

The other side of it is how you react to what you see. I think Italy were surprised by the pace and attacking intent of the England team. Uruguay saw that and left no space to be attacked, particularly by Stirling. They also addressed some of the weaknesses of their match against Costa Rica in the process ... and of course they had Suarez. Whose reaction afterwards has undone a lot of the rehabilitation work on him image, as it suggests he still doesn't think that racist abuse and eating your opponents is beyond the pale. We didn't laugh at his attitude, we shook our heads.

Whatever England saw from the Costa Rica match was probably irrelevant because of the changes but we did seem to think that we could play the same way as against Italy. There did not seem to be a Plan B.

Having said all that, with five minutes to go we were in the box seat as a draw would have left us ahead of Uruguay with better goal difference and "only" Costa Rica to play. One simple defensive mess-up and we were effectively out. I can't say that the messes-up in both games were a major surprise as they had been evident all the way through Hodgson's reign and of course before then, yea even when John Terry was playing. (It's funny how a team's best defender is always the one who isn't currently playing!)


Re: Football thread another new one
Seaxe_Man 28 June, 2014 17:24
A good post Adelaide. I would add having seen all of the England Wembley games since 2007: that Hodg has instigated improvement despite what the media experts (without any managerial/coaching experience) reckon. Lineacre being a prime example...

He has actually turned up some younger players with potential. As with many of these things he may not get to be the beneficiary of his work: maybe his successor down the line will.

Having seen the bloke at work at Fulham 2007/10, where he took over (in similar circumstances to England ),the rubble left behind by Sanchez.

Unlike the recent bloke we had: he was shrewd enough to use those of Sanchez's players he felt could do a job and offloaded the rest.

The man is a first class coach but with 2 out of 3 Prem players beng foreign: not too much raw material to work from.

He undoubtedly made the best of a limited hand. Once the players cross the white line he has to trust them.

I repeat: our biggest weakness is finishing. We need 5/6 chances to score a goal.

Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 28 June, 2014 19:43
Townsend (one trick or not...which he is not) would have been a real bonus for England.As it is he will be fully fit for the start of Spurs title challenge next season. COYS!

Re: Football thread another new one
Spillage 08 July, 2014 21:40
Who would of predicted that Brasil would be 5 down after half hour!!

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 09 July, 2014 01:04
I expect someone will come up with a fish that predicted it.

One of the pundits described it as the biggest shock result ever. No, Germany winning was definitely not a shock. The devastating margin was. A shock result is Sunderland in 1973, Yeovil, Sutton United, Wrexham beating top teams in the days when top teams did not put out the second XI. And USA beating England in 1950.

Halfway through the first half of the Colombia-Brazil match, one of the co-commentators remarked that the referee had done well not to pull out any cards. I thought at the time it was stupid and the constant fouling of Neymar and Ha-maize Rodriguez sort of led to Neymar's injury. Though I don't think Neymar playing would have helped Brazil tonight.


Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 10 July, 2014 19:40
So a Germany v Argentina final. Who are you pinning your colours to?

Myself it's the Germans,although my club has had Argies play for us in the past Ossie and Rickie I can't pin my flag to them due to that cheating little @#$%& Maradonna.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 10 July, 2014 22:13
Further to my post, someone from Essex claims to have won a bet by forecasting the 7-1 score. Odds were 500:1 which seems a bit mean!

Maradona was a long time ago now, Diamond. If I were to adopt the same principle I would always want Barcelona to lose, because of that disgraceful performance at WHL many years ago. Messi is the polar opposite form of superstar, as he seems to show you can be great without being a great prat.

But Germany have played the best football, so I'll be backing them. But a good match with both teams trying to win it in 90 minutes will do me.

I do wonder what reaction Brazil will get at the third place match, and whether the second unaccompanied verse of the anthem will reappear. You really can't imagine that happening with God Save the Queen, which must be one of the most appalling dirges ever committed to staves.


Re: Football thread another new one
Spillage 11 July, 2014 00:25
I too remember that night when Barcelona came to the Lane and spent 90 minutes kicking lumps out of Spurs. It was,and still is, the dirtiest display of thuggery I've ever seen on a football pitch.

Mr D,
The argentine connection is still going strong at the Lane with Poxychino and Erik continuing what Ossie & Ricky started nearly 40 years ago.

There has also been a few Germans ply their trade at the Lane, jurgen freund Holtby spring to mind.

Whilst I was in the forces, I spent 2 years attached to the Welsh Guards and had the honour of meeting some of the survivors from the Galahad. Having seen the resulting horrific burn scars that these guys are left with, I could never support or want Argentina to win anything , ever.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 11 July, 2014 11:32
The Falklands was over 30 years ago and everyone's soldiers were the victims. Go back another 30 years (and a bit more) and the Germans were doing infinitely worse. And loads of us drive Japanese cars. I know where you are coming from, but I'm not going to hold it against their people forever.

There wasn't actually much outright thuggery in the Barcelona match. The worst was probably Steve Perryman scraping his studs down the back of their centre forward's calf. That was an understandable (but wrong) reaction to the situation. My memory is that the Barcelona players were just fouling to stop Spurs, not to injure them. One particular memory was of Glenn Hoddle trying to hurdle a tackle while playing the ball to keep things moving. It would have been better to have taken the fouls, let the yellows mount up and change to red. The ref was not strong enough but that did happen to one of their players in the end.

That match was one of three in my life where I really felt like doing violence to someone. Wimbledon's debut appearance at the Lane was downright brutal. And years ago Derby timewasted ad infinitum in a top of the table encounter and scored a late winner which was directly due to Sours players trying to do things quickly to compensate. The common theme in each game was that cheats had prospered.


Re: Football thread another new one
Spillage 11 July, 2014 14:21
Having joined the army 3 years after the Falklands and serving alongside a lot of those who fought in the conflict, hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of the atrocities done by the argentine forces I feel strongly in my views.

We must of seen a different Spurs v Barcelona game at the Lane in the 80's. The one I was at involved Barca players punching, kicking, spitting and scrapping studs down the calfs of spurs players. As I said, on the night and ever since, the worst thuggery I've ever seen on a football pitch.

Re: Football thread another new one
Sussex Seaxe 11 July, 2014 20:56
I shall be supporting Germany as a European team, but won't be too bothered if Argentina win as Messi, in particular, is an admirable player. Tying football to political issues is a very challenging exercise, as every country has some nasty skeletons in their cupboard. Who was it that first used the absolutely disgusting concentration camps? Oh yes, Great Britain.

So I shall be ignoring the fact that their squad contains 3 Ars*nal players and mildly cheering on the Germans.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 14 July, 2014 10:19

The injuries suffered by the Welsh Guards were atrocious but once a war is started that is what you get on both sides. You refer to atrocities, which is rather different and to be honest I can't recall hearing much along those lines at the time. Which doesn't mean they didn't happen of course.

My recollection of the Barca game is of great cynicism - anything to break up the flow of the game as they were petrified of what our midfield of the time could do. Trips, pushes, quite possibly spitting, but nothing designed to cause physical damage. I don't recall any Spurs players getting injured. Wimbledon easily outdid them on thuggery on their first visit.


Re: Football thread another new one
pantherlike 03 August, 2014 08:42
How about an AFL update?:

With 4 games left in the home and away series, Sydney leads the way from Hawthorn and Geelong.

Fremantle is next in fourth. It's quite a even season and the finals will be quite interesting.

From memory there was also one of our brethren who had an interest in the Bulldogs? They're currently in 12th or 13th (18 team comp) and are still in a rebuilding phase.


Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 03 August, 2014 10:11
Cheers pantherlike,not really been following the regular season this year but good to see Freo doing well and the "doggies" failing for a change.

I used to have the Dockers twitter feed but dropped it,constant tweets about anything and everything made a few of our overkill media football clubs look like amateurs.

Go Freo!!

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