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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 13 May, 2017 20:18

The implication in your words seemed obvious enough but if you say that's not what you meant, fair enough.

Most supporters in most sports support teams which are a long way off winning a trophy (and in some cases never will). For many years Chelsea were an example of that. That's the hardest time to be a supporter, rather than when the trophies roll in and all the plastics claim to have been lifelong fans. Did you give up in that period? Of course not, because you are a real supporter. I think it is important to remember that the victors having sport to watch ultimately relies on such teams and such supporters.

Now let's see the Mahrez penalty on MOTD. That will cheer me up even more after Saracens' victory.


Re: Football thread another new one
rod/ed 13 May, 2017 20:35
Play offs are in full flow now.
Sadly,as our form slightly dipped at end of season we are not involved.
The 2nd division (always old money football) should see full houses with a yourkshure derby tomorrow and M4 'derby' today.
Big game at Wembley tomorrow as Tranmere and Forest Green battle out for a league place.
Forest Green Rovers from Gloucestershire,they use all renewable energy and serve vegetarian food only....have heard so many good reports from non league fans about how the club is ran.
Whilst in Southport for the Middle game,the Saturday England play Scotland!

England v Scotland when we are in Southport! I had considered wearing the kilt on my trip to sunny Southport but now I'm not so sure.

Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 13 May, 2017 20:45
Go on Rod wear the kilt,go commando,be proud of your fine nation even if the football team representing them wouldn't fair very well in the Championship.

1-1 Fulham v Reading in the leg at the Cottage so all to play for there in the 7 zillion pound pre qualifier eliminator game at the Madstad (is it still called that ?).

Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 14 May, 2017 11:44

The Tottenham semi final was a difficult game. but I think the Arsenal game will be harder for Chelsea.

My grandfather went to Chelsea's first game in 1905 and supported the club and was a season ticket holder all his life. Similarly, my father was a season ticket holder all his life and I followed in their footsteps and have been a season ticket holder for as long as I can remember.

I have supported and followed Chelsea through the good and bad times. I rememember when we had very small crowds and we nearly went out of business on more than one occasion. I also remember when we were just one game away from being relegated to the old third division,
now the first division of course.

All clubs have, for want of a better word, their trophy hunters. Last season when Middlesex after 23 years of waiting won the championship, the pavilion was packed and when I went into the tavern to celebrate our great victory there were many people I did not recognise and probably will not see again, and yes, my father supported Middlesex all his life as I have done through the good and bad times.

Chelsea and Middlesex have been a very important part of my life and hopefully that will continue for what remains of it.

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Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 14 May, 2017 16:00
Watching the Conference play off final..Tranmere vs Forest Green Rogers.
This is some game,4 goals in first half and end to end football.
Puts many premier league games to shame!

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 25 May, 2017 19:54
Unbelievable....Monk resigns at Leeds.
Just when I thought stability had arrived he throws the towel in.
The revolving door has been oiled and is going round again,who next to sign the visitors book?
I seriously hope and hope that big fat waste of space Allerdyce is overlooked and Moyes isn't even mentioned at Elland Road.
Next please to start the next saga off....7th place in season just finished,next year...doomed

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Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 25 May, 2017 20:28
South Shields won the FA Vase beating Cleethorpes Town (who had in a previous round knocked out Southall),bit of a shame really as they only got through one of the earlier rounds after a rather suspicious "Floodlight failure" at their ground in a tie they were behind in.

Good competition throughout with teams from all the non league tiers involved and "the 'all" took a few big scalps and made a few £'s beside. Will be making more of an effort to follow them next season whilst Spurs are playing at Wembley.

Beefy, Leeds appear to be following the Watford way of management,the revolving door approach.

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 25 May, 2017 21:20
Our revolving door has been replaced more than once due to over-working.
Managers at Leeds don't sign a contract these days,just the visitors please

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 27 May, 2017 19:33
lower pavilion
The Tottenham semi final was a difficult game. but I think the Arsenal game will be harder for Chelsea.

OK, I'll give you that one now!


Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 27 May, 2017 22:26

I am just back home. I am approaching 65 years of age, and I am still learning about life, However, the two things I do know about after a lifetime of devotion is Chelsea and Middlesex, football and cricket.

I have had a strange feeling about this game for a while, almost a sense of foreboding. Everything pointed to a Chelsea victory and yet!

As a season ticket holder I go to every home game but not away games any more because of the cost, and see below, other than semi finals and finals at Wembley and the champions league final of course. I arrived at my seat behind the goal at an angle and 23 rows back. I sat down and thought this was a good seat and so it should be for £83. The whistle went and that was the last time my backside touched the seat as everyone in front of me stood up for the entire game. Elderly people and children were seemingly ignored. I suspect it was much the same at the other end of the stadium. Human beings are rather strange at times.

Turning to the game itself. Arsenal fully deserved their victory and could have been at least 3 up at half time. Arsenal on the day were good and we were poor, end of story.


Arsenal I am sure will have some kind of celebration. Wenger will be asked to make a speech. Once the applause has stopped, he should stand up, look around him and then say in a clear loud voice, 'I Resign' and walk out. I care nothing about Arsenal, but the amount of criticism that man has had to put up with from a large number of Arsenal supporters has been shall we say somewhat excessive.

I am now going to have a large gin and tonic and then off to sleep. I am not a happy man tonight.

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 28 May, 2017 01:04
LP - Agreed. Arsenal were surprisingly good. Chelsea looked sluggish physically and mentally throughout and did not cause the reserve Arsenal back three many problems. I just wish you had played like that in the semi! Their BFG was outstanding for someone who has barely played all year. Moses got what he deserved, I'm afraid.

But you shouldn't be too unhappy as your team has surpassed expectations for the season even more than mine.

I know what you mean about standing. It was always a problem in stands when it got exciting but you could sit for 95% of the game. But then, people who wanted to stand had somewhere else to go.


Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 28 May, 2017 05:44
Rail seating is an answer to the standing "problem". To make stadia all seater was never going to work unless heavily "policed" within the grounds. Back in the day the sides of most grounds were for those that wanted to sit and the ends were for those that wanted to stand with their mates and have a bl00dy good sing.

Trialed already throughout Europe and you get more fan satisfaction and the permanency of a seat in place for other events like concerts etc that many of the big stadia are now holding to enhance their budgets and profile within the communities they used to serve.

Slow mindedness from the UK government,not to mention one of the worst footballing disasters due to poor policing and mismanagement of crowd control in the history of our great game means it will be a long time before it is acceptable (let alone possible) to stand at a high level game.

The new Brentford stadium might have some railed seating,I doubt somehow the new Lane will.

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 28 May, 2017 08:09
Why should Wenger resign?
With himself doing shrewd transfers in and out of the club,he has helped Arsenal pay off the ground and own if fully.
Until the end of this season,they have been in the European Cup for the past 20 or so years,this year,the top flight has been the most competitive for many a year with Spurs now joining in the top 6 or so clubs fighting for European Cup and the huge amounts of cash on offer,so one or two clubs will miss out.
That,is how football goes...
There has been a contingent of fans wanting Wenger out,But,do they all just jump on the bandwagon because 'it's fashionable' to do so?
Look at all the players that have come and gone whilst he has been at the club..some fairly good ones!
I must admit,I feel for him at times with how the press push and push him into a corner with the same old boring question about if/will/when he is leaving and he always leaves the guessing,look at yesterday after Arsenal won the FA Cup,BBC reporter STILL had to ask the same old question,and I loved his final answer!!

They are just a few of my views from a Leeds fan looking in from the outside of course,I don't have any love for Aresenal or any other club but I do think Wenger has done a good job there and hope he carries on.

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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 28 May, 2017 11:28

A Leeds manager staying 20 months, never mind 20 years, would be one for the oxymorons thread.

I think LP was suggesting Wenger should resign in order to stick two metaphorical fingers up at his critics. You have to ask though - where was that Arsenal between Christmas and March? At that stage it looked as if the players had lost belief in him and themselves. Whether winning the Cup against an out-of-sorts Chelsea (*) is a new or false dawn will no doubt be seen next season.


(*) A team is sometimes out-of-sorts because the opposition make them look that way but it was bizarre. Chelsea played deep (as per usual) and with two defensive midfield players but there was space for Arsenal in between the lines that just wasn't there for the semi-final. It wasn't there either when Arsenal played with the same system at the Lane against a quality team playing near its potential. But then sport ain't logical!

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 28 May, 2017 12:27
It's the same old story I'm afraid with every manager having to please the fans,board of directors,media,media,media.
Once a bubble bursts,they are on the manager like a ton of bricks.
No matter how many trophies have been put inside the cabinet.Far too many blinkered fans who feel part of the 'get him out' crowd.
Not just Wenger,every club has them.

Don't forget,the manager can do all he does before a game,But,once those overpaid darlings cross the white line and the whistle is blown by the referee it's down them to perform for the club and the fans.
I'm amazed there hasn't been any health problems with managers the way they are for the 90+ minutes.

Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 28 May, 2017 20:37
Steve Perryman's Exeter failed to beat Blackpool in the play off today.

A legend at the Lane he had to miss the last game there and the parade of heros as Exeter were involved in the semi finals that weekend.

In the on going fans v chairman battle at Blackpool only 6k of fans turned up at Wembley to support their side, unlike the gooners yesterday who even with their spat with AW showed up in numbers and like Blackpool won the day.

Re: Football thread another new one
BarmierKev 29 May, 2017 17:55
Huddersfield win promotion to the Premiershit with a negative goal difference

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 29 May, 2017 21:30
Another foreign manager.
A couple of misses by uddersfield during the game with gaps in their own defence.
-2 goal difference,and getting promotion to the top season wonders with luck

Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 30 May, 2017 03:48
Yet another Yorkshire team in the Prem (not Leeds mind you), I can see them not lasting very long and going straight back down with fewer points than Derby managed a couple of years ago (11).

Would have preferred Reading as the Madstad is a big stadium and the away allocation is generally pretty good too.

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Re: Football thread another new one
The Diamond ruled ok 12 August, 2017 16:59
'Uddersfield beat Palace 3-0 away to go top of the Prem !! That's 20% of the points total I had them down for for the season on day one.

Watford manage to salvage a draw from a game they should have won and then lost at lunchtime.

Burnley with 38% possession manage to see off 9 men (come the finish of the game) to take the points at Fulham's other club.

Funny old game football .

If Mata ever learns to stay on side the EPL Champions of 2016 will fare a lot better.

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