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Re: Football thread another new one
Jonathan Winsky 11 July, 2018 23:32
It would have been great had England won the FIFA World Cup, but sadly it is not meant to be.

Apparently, our run to the semi-finals means that it is the start of a successful era. Where have I heard that said before? Actually, it might not be such a bad thing if there is a parallel with Middlesex, as we finished second in the County Championship in 2015 and won it the following season, so hopefully the England football team can build on their reasonably successful 2018 World Cup by winning Euro 2020 and/or Qatar 2022. The winners of the last three World Cups have all failed to progress beyond the group stage in the subsequent tournament, so at least we haven’t busted our chances of winning in Qatar!

Before the tournament, I would have said that an ideal tournament for England would have been reaching at least the quarter-final stage, with the circumstances of our elimination being that we came up against one of the heavyweight nations and lost valiantly. I suppose we lost valiantly and were eliminated by a more experienced side, but I would have been disappointed had someone told me before the tournament that the team to knock us out would be Croatia. However, Croatia have clearly done something right to have beaten Argentina and hosts Russia on the way to being a win away from being world champions.

I doubt that I will be able to watch Saturday’s third-place play-off match, as my parents and I will be at the Bluebell Railway. This fixture is often called the match that no-one wants to play. However, it is much better than having long been eliminated or having not qualified. To finish third and to beat Belgium would mark a nice last taste of the World Cup. The last time England were involved in this fixture was when they lost 2-1 to hosts Italy in 1990. That match took place at the Stadio San Nicola in Bari, which is a city I recently visited when my cousin got married. However, I was unable to catch sight of the ground, as it is situated as far from the centre of the nearest city as the Ageas Bowl is!

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 12 July, 2018 00:42
Croatia is an experienced team with four or five top class players. It took them time but they worked us out and our playing out of defence became the hopeful long ball, which is reversion to type when defending a one goal lead. No shame in the defeat. While getting to the final would have been fantastic, I think Croatia will give France a better game than we would have done.


Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 12 July, 2018 00:52
Oh well,it's not coming home.
But,no disgrace for a young,exciting squad that Southgate is building.Went further than most (myself included,I said quater finals),And put English football back on the map.
We are a squad without prima-donnas that want to be seen,but a good squad whom seem to get on well.
Southgate is becoming a top,well respected manager,it's great to see an ENGLISH manager in the spotlight,he deserves a contract extension.
Onward the squad goes,growing in confidence and who knows what they just might achieve.
The 3rd/4th place game doesn't much interest me just a glorified friendly in my eyes,so instead of watching that,i will be in Weymouth for the annual seafood and ale festival!

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Re: Football thread another new one
Beeamazed 12 July, 2018 17:35
Great option Beefy
Can't go this year,have a pint for me in The Red Lion in Hope Square 🍻

Re: Football thread another new one
lower pavilion 13 July, 2018 09:49
For what it is worth I think I have a minority view on England's performance in this World Cup.

We beat Tunisia and Panama in the group stages, that was surely expected. In the last 16 game we then struggled to beat a very ordinary Columbia side on penalties. In the quarter final we played our best game of the tournament by beating Sweden, a decent side. In the semi final we lost to Croatia who over the 120 minutes I believe deserved to win that game.

The fact is, the draw was very kind to us, and established teams like Germany Brazil Spain Argentina to name but four, were not that good in this World Cup and when will that happen again.

I must also have a word about Croatia.A country whose entire population amounts I am told to less than half of the population of London.It is truly a wonderful historic achievement for them to get to the final and though everyone expects France to win I for one hope Croatia are crowned champions.

England have so far played 6 games in this World Cup. Won 4 Lost 2. We have a young very talented side which hopefully will improve. However, I feel we had a tremendous chance to win this World Cup and sadly we have missed out. If someone would have said before the tournament started, we would play in the knockout stages, Columbia, Sweden and Croatia to get to the final no one would have believed you.

Sorry for all the edits, I am half asleep

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Re: Football thread another new one
Seaxe_Man 18 July, 2018 12:24
Contrary to the doom and gloom experts, I for one expected a quarter final minimum. The Colombia game was a rough house deliberately designed to put us off. They did'nt.

To those who question the teams we played. Hear this. Sweden had eliminated Holland and Italy to get there. No mean feat. Also for those who carp about England's opponents: you can only play what is in front of you.

I don't remember too much said about the cushy draw both LPL and Manure obtained in the Champions League bar Man City.

Southgate has established the basis of a team going forward. A couple of players short. A striker to support Kane. And a midfielder who can pass accurately and score goals.

Sterling so far has failed as support striker. Like Lingard but a bit lightweight.

Pickford, Trippier, Slabhead. Stones would get in a lot of teams. Walker and Young did ok.

Losing to Belgium and Croatia no disgrace. Belgium have a much better squad than the much vaunted Germans who looking at their under age sides may be in for a not so good spell.

England hammered both thir under age sides 4-1 in proper matches.

Croatia have an excellent midfield. Where we lost against them was the failure in the first half when on top, to score a second goal. Any team 1-0 down at ht will fancy their chances. Croatia were better second half and from theron.

A well organised World Cup and an indication that the smaller countries can and will challenge the old guard. Most have skilled coaches. For the media jacks here: that penny has yet too drop.

Oh and project fear put around by the usual suspects failed too happen. Now where have I seen that before?


Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 14 August, 2018 15:50
Have to put it...Season has started!
And,yea,bit more confident than have been for many,many years.
I know it's only 2 games gone,but,but,we did look good vs Stoke and showed Derby we mean buisness this season.
Only 44 games to go..COME ON LEEDS!!
Oh yea,and

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Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 26 December, 2018 23:05
Sorry,have to do it!
Blimey,or words to that effect,things are happening at my lovely Leeds.
Another 3-2 win,more 90+ minute goals,this just isn't doing my blood pressure any good at all!
Still a long way to go,but,7 wins on the spin is rather good.
FA Cup vs QPR?
Know what,I don't really care if we get beat to be honest,more important things to focus on.


Re: Football thread another new one
Fozzie 06 January, 2019 17:28
Sorry,have to do it!
Blimey,or words to that effect,things are happening at my lovely Leeds.
Another 3-2 win,more 90+ minute goals,this just isn't doing my blood pressure any good at all!
Still a long way to go,but,7 wins on the spin is rather good.
FA Cup vs QPR?
Know what,I don't really care if we get beat to be honest,more important things to focus on.


All gone a little bit pear-shaped since your understandable euphoria, Mr R!

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 06 January, 2019 17:57
Suffering a minor hic-cup at the moment.
By the way,congratulations to Barnet on beating the blunts today.
The FA Cup will always be full of surprises,and is best cup competition being played.
It starts in late July with the smallest clubs dreaming of a 1st round tie,get non-league and lower league sides dreaming and winning.
At Leeds,we usually fall quickly in the cup,Newport,Histon in recent years!
So,we concentrate on the league now,and face Derby Friday night.....

Re: Football thread another new one
BarmierKev 07 January, 2019 23:08
A Middlesex Bees derby in the FA cup.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 12 January, 2019 10:24
'Spying' on opposition training?
Sulking Derby called the police,there was no trespassing,no criminal damage and the local police said no charges were made.
Sulking Derby should look on Sky Sports to see how we play,Leeds are on it most weeks!
And,for Marcelo Bielsa to admit he sent someone to watch,so what!
You see many people watching training sessions in a wide range of sports,and never know who is who and where they are from.
The FA are looking into the actions of Marcelo,nothing they can do except give sulking Derby a big box of tissues.
Last little bit,that complete fool on Sky Sports last night saying Marcelo should leave his job..must go down the the most pathetic comment of the year so far!

Still,to be honest,I don't really care,we are still Top of the League (Sm152)

Add...Cheating...not what we are supposed to of done..Cheating,look at Maradona,look at drug using,look at players intimidating referees,diving....look at taking brown envelopes in sport and can look at dodgy owners as well.
Must admit,it pumped up the crowd last night,pumped up the players.The plan worked!

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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 12 January, 2019 11:44

Indeed, nothing criminal. It's more a matter of ethics. Bielsa clearly does not understand that the Only Way is Ethics.


Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 12 January, 2019 13:58
So,our club have had contact with Sulking Derby and apologised.
Maybe they should contact Trump and ask him to build a wall around their training ground.
FA said going to investigate the matter?
Investigate what?
They should get own house in order before looking into something that had no criminal charges.
What will they do?
FA should look into the huge amounts of cash they pay their own top table,and look at the money given to the out going premier league boss (tax free).
It's the same old..let's look how we can get at Leeds.
Derby have not reported it to the Football League,and there is no law stating no spying allowed.
So,FA,if you want to stop Southgate watching other national sides playing,coaches are stopped from going to games to watch upcoming opposition,and Sky get stopped broadcasting games for ALL TO SEE,then you can say Bielsa was in the wrong.

Mountains and mole hills come to mind.

I think poor old Lampard has run out of Kleenex,will give him a box when Middlesex play up there in the County Championship!

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Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 12 January, 2019 17:58

I don't understand why you think that criminality has anything to do with whether the FA should take an interest. Players (and managers) get suspended all the time for acts that are definitely not criminal.

You are also stretching credulity a bit when you compare watching matches (which are in the public domain) with spying on training, which is where tactics for your next opponents are being tried out. Also you can pick up on unannounced injuries - in this case Harry Wilson could have been knocked out of Bielsa's planning. If I'd been Lampard I would have instructed half the selected team to develop an "injury" once the stranger had been spied.

Having said that it does seem rather trivial and it's hard to see how any action could be taken. Perhaps the FA taking an interest is with a view to seeing whether such activity should be explicitly banned, so everyone knows where they stand in the future. And I don't mean on a hillside!


Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 13 January, 2019 00:16
Putting the spy events to one side,I must admit,after 14 long years of feeling rather low and fed up to be honest seeing my beloved club being pushed and pulled from one edge of a cliff to another,Its a lovely feeling right now.
Had to watch Friday night's game on my phone,with earphones,but had volume full blast and the atmosphere from Elland Road was just awesome.
And,we all know what it's like with earphones in,you speak.slightly louder.
I thought I was muttering to myself,but then realised everyone in the room was watching me!
And,my singing to the national anthem of Marching On Together.
Still a long way to go yet,but.........

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 16 January, 2019 16:48

5pm press conference at Leeds

Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 17 January, 2019 10:45
Must admit,I did feel the worse last night with the 5pm press conference.
Never,in my wildest dreams,did I expect Marcelo to stand and do what he did.
Rather incredible,all the work he has put into his research.
He is just something else,the like we haven't seen before!
Is it wrong?
I don't think so,as in previous postings,no laws broken,or criminal damage either.
I have seen one reporter,Henry Winter,I think,saying Marcelo should be invited to the FA training HQ and give a talk on his football knowledge and how he does his research.

Many training grounds are open to the public,you can drive to the QPR training ground (The old Chelsea one),and park up on Sipson Lane and watch,nothing stopping you.

I'm so happy he is still at my wonderful club,onward we go!....MOT

Re: Football thread another new one
adelaide 17 January, 2019 13:05

I suspect that most managers and their staff do much the same these days, just without the nonsense about spying on training sessions, which Bielsa claims was just to reassure himself rather than to learn.

Good luck with your MOT. I could do with one on me rather than our car.


Re: Football thread another new one
BeefyRoberts 17 January, 2019 15:47
It's not for car!
Leeds sing Marching On Together,our anthem since 1972,released for the FA Cup final,so that's MOT.
Must admit,whenever I hear it sung by the fans,every time just fills me with joy,and memories of when I held my season ticket

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