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Sky commentators thread
Discussion started by chunkyinargyll , 23 March, 2017 14:49
Sky commentators thread
chunkyinargyll 23 March, 2017 14:49
Thought they deserved a thread of their own.

I suppose you can widen it out to include Test Match Special, and online BBC commentators if you want, but primarily aimed at Sky.

For years they have constantly banged on about the need for change- whether it is turning county cricket upside down, or calling for players and coaches to be dropped.

But why do they never apply this logic to themselves?

Bob Willis always calling for change, and shaking things up, to avoid things getting stale- so why not apply that logic to Willis and all the others? Gower will be 60 next week, and most of them are just above or below the 60 mark.

Colville, Gower, Lloyd, Allot, Botham, Willis,- It's getting very tired and stale (well that's what they'd be saying about a team that hasn't changed its key personnel in 20 years) Atherton and Hussain have also been around for quite a while- but they could stay as the 'experienced' ones. I've got half an idea Holding might have retired at the end of last summer.

Still- if Sky don't get all, or some of the new contract, it will be 'All change' anyway.

Re: Sky commentators thread
Beeamazed 23 March, 2017 21:46
Robert Key is excellent and James Taylor has shown enough this winter to
have a good future in the media

Re: Sky commentators thread
BarmierKev 23 March, 2017 22:03
Having heard the commentary of that final game of season and made some feelings clear I would agree Rob Key is good. Bumble is excellent and very funny at times. If find Nasser a bit dry but sound with his analysis.

Boring Bob Willis has to go. Charles Orville is often clueless. I find Paul (not) Allott to much into liking big words and not engaging.

SKY definitely should look for new talent. Haven't heard him but glad James Taylor has showed some potential.

Re: Sky commentators thread
rod/ed 24 March, 2017 10:18
I feel there should always be a professional journalist/presenter as the anchor. Without this it just becomes more of an old boys club than it already is, and searching questions don't get asked. Colville, at present, does this adequately but perhaps time for a change.
Bumble is good value and was very succinct in describing Kev's dancing at the Stanford series many years ago.
I quite enjoy Paul Allot's contributions as well as Atherton and surprisingly Hussain. Don't feel Botham adds much to the party, perhaps he is just there for the party.

As far as TMS goes, I usually switch off if Blofeld is commentating especially if paired with Swann. I respected CMJ's work who more than proved the professional journalist has a role to play

Re: Sky commentators thread
Seaxe_Man 24 March, 2017 13:04
BT have now got the next Ashes series I hear. So, change may have to occur. One thing spotted. Sky guys always in ties, BT without.

The Sky footie much the same. Parry, Tyler on the wrong side of 70. Parry always calling for penalties where usually the ball has been regained legally.

Lbw in cricket. Many Sky calls as that's out ,which turn out to be missing the stumps on review.

Re: Sky commentators thread
chunkyinargyll 24 March, 2017 13:12
Isn't that just the upcoming winter series, S_M?

I'm not that bothered about that. Because of the time difference, apart from Perth test, I never saw much of the Ashes in Oz live anyway.

I do seem to remember Botham once said scornfully, 'That would have missed a second set' (of stumps) only for the replay to show it clipping leg stump. A prolonged period of silence, plus a little bit of off air giggling (from Hussain, I think) followed.

Re: Sky commentators thread
Jonathan Winsky 24 March, 2017 19:40
It will be interesting to see what BT’s coverage of the 2017/18 Ashes will be like. The winter just gone was their first as rights-holders of cricket from Australia, and the commentary used for the international matches and the Big Bash was the same as that received by those viewing from Australia. For the international matches, they also provided punditry from a studio in Stratford, although no punditry was provided for the Big Bash.

I think BT saw the winter just gone as preparation for the Ashes, for which they will certainly provide more resources. I don’t think BT or their viewers would like the commentary to consist of just the usual Channel 9 commentators, so BT will surely either send their own team or they will provide some commentators for Channel 9. However, sending their own team would mean finding some pundits who didn’t work for them in 2016/17 (perhaps by raiding Sky), while providing some commentators for Channel 9 would of course need the permission of that channel, which would be a bit of an achievement considering they have historically not invited commentators from the tourists into their team.

With regards to Sky, there were rumours last summer that David Gower and Sir Ian Botham would be leaving the channel, but I have not heard anything else on this. I think that James Taylor is popular amognst those who work at the channel and with the viewers, as he his one of the few people presently working within the media who can tell viewers how the modern generation of players view the world of cricket.

Re: Sky commentators thread
Primrose Hillbilly 27 March, 2017 11:29
Willis is the perfect commentator for a very dull and poorly attended funeral.

He manages to take the fun and excitement out of everything that he pronounces upon. He is the equivalent of a commentating Black Hole.

For someone who added the name "Dylan" to his, in tribute to Bob, it is a shame that none of the skill with words that his hero has are remotely within his grasp.

Re: Sky commentators thread
Sussex Seaxe 27 March, 2017 17:00
I agree with many about Willis and I also think that Botham has turned into a latter day Fred Trueman, ie once a great player, but hopeless at modern commentary. I like Lloyd and Atherton and again, Rob Key and James Taylor are looking good for the future.

I'm afraid I find Swann on TMS rather irritating, but I do very much enjoy Ed Smith. I also agree that a journalist angle, a la Arlott, CMJ is refreshing; they have much more akin with us, the viewer/listener

Re: Sky commentators thread
adelaide 27 March, 2017 21:04
Primrose Hillbilly
For someone who added the name "Dylan" to his, in tribute to Bob, it is a shame that none of the skill with words that his hero has are remotely within his grasp.

Dylan the rabbit to reflect his batting ability, it should have been.


Re: Sky commentators thread
chunkyinargyll 27 May, 2017 18:27
Durham chairman Ian Botham clearly takes his job very seriously.

Asked a bog standard question by Mike Atherton- 'How many players on the Durham staff after the cost cutting?'

Long pause, followed by Botham completely changing the subject, as he obviously has no idea.

Some Durham fans have asked why he never attends any games. Excuse is something like, 'How is me sitting there drinking cups of tea going to make them play better'

Clearly a 'figurehead' chairman, with no interest in knowing what is really going on.

Re: Sky commentators thread
Beeamazed 28 May, 2017 09:54
He obviously thinks he's the next "Special One"..

Re: Sky commentators thread
chunkyinargyll 18 June, 2017 17:24
Hussain being a bit of a prat right now.

Interviewing a Pakistan player who needs an interpreter.

Interpreter duly translates question- but Hussain clearly isn't interested in the replies (and assumes the english speaking audience won't be either) as he doesn't bother asking the interpreter what the player actually said, and keeps proceeding with the next question.


Re: Sky commentators thread
chunkyinargyll 06 July, 2017 21:16
Bit worried about Charles Colvile.

He hasn't fronted any of the domestic cricket this season, and tonight 'The Verdict' is hosted by David Gower, and obviously recorded a couple of hours ago at Lords, rather than in the studio. So- Is it a cost cutting measure, and Charles Colvile is no longer part of the team? I hope he not ill. Nothing on internet at all, but have realised he hasn't been seen since before the start of the season.

Edit- might be cost cutting as 'The Verdict' only half an hour. Maybe Charles will host tomorrow's T20 match.Don't think I've seen Matt Floyd this season either.

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Re: Sky commentators thread
Jonathan Winsky 07 July, 2017 20:12
I hadn’t paid much attention to the fact Charles Colvile hasn’t been seen this season. I know that sometimes people make jokes about him, but the fact he has been with Sky since 1990 means that he would not deserve to depart the network unceremoniously.

Some people have Tweeted Sky Cricket about Colvile’s absence, but there has been no reponse so far. Sky Cricket yesterday linked to a video Colvile did about the do’s and don’ts of captaincy, but I don’t know when it was recorded.

I didn’t think much at the time when Nick Knight presented coverage of last Saturday's Royal London Cup final, but looking back, it seems strange for probably the second biggest day in the county calendar to be presented by someone with little previous presenting experience.

Re: Sky commentators thread
chunkyinargyll 07 July, 2017 20:37
Despite my opening post on this thread, I certainly wouldn't want any one to be ill.

So if Charles Colvile has left, then he certainly deserved a proper goodbye. Silence from Sky is a bit of a worry.

Re: Sky commentators thread
Primrose Hillbilly 08 July, 2017 19:26
Hmmmmmm, .............. I have heard that Nick the Knight is a real piece of work, so I expect behind the scene machinations to be revealed in due course.

During Atherton's captaincy he played a few times as an opener, then seemingly vanished without trace from the Test team ........I wonder why (Sm115)

Re: Sky commentators thread
Seaxe_Man 09 July, 2017 13:51
chunky. Not sure of how long the BT cricket deal covers beyond knowing they have the next Ashes series which leaves Sky looking around.

You are also right, they Sky, don't practice what they preach. ie constant change which does'nt apply to them. Inherited from the political class.

Awhile back there was a constant clamour for only 6 counties based one assumes on the old Test Grounds.

Loudly in favour of that were Bob and David Willis and the Atherton guy. Atherton saying that the talent was too thinly spread over 18 counties.

Others in the chorus were journalist Brenkley who had Northants Derby Leics in his sights and support from The Gaffer, though he was a bit coy when challenged as to which ones he meant.

All of this is the usual claptrap from the so called elite which equates to a short term gain for a long term loss.

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Re: Sky commentators thread
chunkyinargyll 30 July, 2017 13:58
Paul Allott to leave Sky-


Re: Sky commentators thread
Seaxe_Man 30 July, 2017 14:15
Well remember the relegation match of a couple of years back where the Sky Box was packed full of Lanky ex players.

Allott being one and a committee member to boot, was gloating at the end of day three when things were looking good for Lanky.

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