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Eating away over the winter

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Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
Eternal_Opta 28 September, 2017 18:05
Those two points keep you up by one point.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
phillie 28 September, 2017 18:09
Maybe I just do not know the rules but I understood if time was lost ie today
half an hour can be added which would have taken us to 6pm or does that not count on the last day

Also Middlesex not taking the 2 point issue to court is pretty wimpish

Also Gus should resign as too many old stagers and especially giving the walking wicket Compton a two year contract

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
Fozzie 28 September, 2017 18:09
Having spent 2 days at Taunton, I hope we don't stay up because of a decision on the pitch. Yes, I think Somerset went too far, as can be seen by the fact that Leach bowled unchanged in both innings, Groenewald didn't bowl a single ball and Ravi Patel could come in and take 12 wickets. But the fact remains that we were out-batted, out-bowled and out-fielded (not to mention out-fought and out-thought) by Somerset.

The 2 points lost through Arrowgate really rankles, though. We would have finished 5th with those points...

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
chunkyinargyll 28 September, 2017 18:13
I have a solution.

It won't happen, but-

Go back to 9 teams in the division.

That way top 2 in Div 2 still both get promoted, but only one gets relegated, so it doesn't become 'us or them' with Somerset.

Stick at 14 games if you must- which means you play 2 teams only once.

Unfair you say (to play two teams only once), but no more unfair than the constant arguments over perceived favouritism when England plays are, or aren't allowed to play for their county, one team getting a game rained off when their nearest rival doesn't, one team can use floodlights whilst another can't etc.

There are enough uncontrollable variables as it is, so one more shouldn't make any difference.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
chunkyinargyll 28 September, 2017 18:15
You can't have extra overs for lost time on the final day, phillie.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
Holmegaard 28 September, 2017 18:17
An appalling season in every way, in all forms of the game and from start to finish. In my view, loads of different factors contributed to our downfall, but complacency and incompetence were right up there, and we deserved our fate.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
wembleylion 28 September, 2017 18:18
I think things have not been right in the camp from day one this season. I agree with those calling for a clear out but I would begin at the top, and in particular have a very thorough review of the coaching set up. There is hardly one player that has improved this season and many have gone backwards. I feel really sorry for the younger ones.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
Ivor's Tache 28 September, 2017 18:24
Poor batting has cost the Middle dearly. Forum on Monday will be fiesty! Don't want to single out individuals but am sure we all know who underperformed and hope they are aware of it and suitably embarrassed. Would prefer to not see ridiculous amounts thrown at T20. Didn't work out well this year did it? Investment in the 4 day squad imperative.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
phillie 28 September, 2017 18:25
OK thanks for that Chunky
Losing that hour was I guess just another inevitable bad break in a series of bad breaks and it seemed we were destined to go down

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
Seaxe_Man 28 September, 2017 18:57
Eleven wickets to spin on day one is 'excessive spin on day one' in anyone's books, something a few posters on Grockles seem to have missed when comparing scores in other matches in this round, and what happened on days 2-4.
Day one clearly broke the rules, but Somerset would have known is advance you only get a public warning for the first offence, so went ahead, and did it anyway.

Some of those wickets fell to poor shot selection rather than unplayable balls. They, shrewdly, went for three spinners, we went with one plus a part timer (well done Ravi and Paul).

We, as usual, opted for another pace bowler, rather than Sowter, one of a long line of mistakes going back to April.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
Dave_LW 28 September, 2017 18:58
An appalling season in every way, in all forms of the game and from start to finish. In my view, loads of different factors contributed to our downfall, but complacency and incompetence were right up there, and we deserved our fate.

Nail hit on the head. Yes, unlucky with the 2 points at The Oval but we shouldn't have been in that position in the first place. How many times has Don bailed us out? The supporters have all been aware it has been a problem but the powers that be do not seem to recognise it as such, this has been the case for a few years.

One of our 3 wins (away to Warwicks) was very fortuitous whilst we have been totally outplayed in a couple, Warwicks home and Lancs away.

Time to re-group and return as a stronger side.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
lower pavilion 28 September, 2017 19:00
I am as sad as anyone. However, this is what supporting a team is all about. A year can be a very long time in sport and cricket is no exception.
Basically, it is by and large,the same squad of players and coaches that took us to unforgettable glory last season, and surely they deserve our respect and patience.

I am sure there will be an internal inquest at the club as to what went wrong this season, but hopefully everyone will take a deep breath and not act in haste.

Middle Middle Middle.

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Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
Beeamazed 28 September, 2017 19:15
Well said LP

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
AGod 28 September, 2017 19:23
Chunky - maybe your TIC suggestion will come to pass after all, and only Warks will get relegated - they could hardly complain at going down. And nobody else would have any cause for complaint.

I can't help thinking that Middx should not have publicly stated that they weren't going to contest the two points, though. Even if you had no intention of doing so, telling the ECB the same may have been a tactical error.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
Seaxe_Man 28 September, 2017 19:25
freddie tittlemouse
Regardless of Arrowgate and Uxbridge Marshes do we actually deserve to stay up on merit? Far too much time has been spent patting ourselves on the backs for last season and imagining this season would take care of itself.

The problems this season pre date both Arrowgate and Uxbridge Marshes. Let me take you back to April v Essex and the opportunity of beating Essex by enforcing the follow on to maximise the time available. Required due to a poor fourth day weather forecast which was accurate.

Eleven points down the Swanny. This decision was vociferously defended.

Regarding the Uxbridge Marshes or Covergate. This was in a period of heavy rain before and during the game. Time to put a bit of balance to the second/third opinions offered.

The international grounds at Durham, Trent Bridge and Old Trafford had problems with wet outfields during this period.. Trent Bridge was abandoned and the other two were played in far from ideal conditions.

The groundstaff at the Marshes did rescue 130 overs from the deluge from which we gained 9 points.

More than in several other matches, Southport being another shambolic display. 3 points being our share of the spoils there. Spinner not employed correctly.

And on merit FT. No we dont.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
Jonathan Winsky 28 September, 2017 19:50
It is very disappointing that Middlesex have been relegated, but it is difficult to feel that we deserved to survive considering we fell a long way short of the levels of 2016. Obviously I would gladly accept a situation whereby Somerset’s penalty for a below average pitch is upgraded, but it would be a sad state of affairs of we were to be reprieved by something like that.

We will have to enter next season with the correct attitude, as a lot of teams will be keen to get the better of us, and a lot of opponents’ supporters would find it satisfying if our players show an arrogant attitude without backing it up. Warwickshire, Sussex and Durham will surely be fancied to get promoted, while Northamptonshire will be very keen too, as, like ourselves, Northants would be in division one next season were it not for a points deduction due to a slow over rate, as they suffered a five-point deduction away v Nottinghamshire, and went on to finish five points behind Notts. As Northants won two more matches than Notts, another five points would have been enough. As for the other teams in the division, they will all start the season saying they would like to push for promotion, although it sometimes happens that they lose interest in the County Championship and concentrate on limited-overs matches if their limited-overs performances are better than their Championship performances.

I don’t know how likely it is that Angus Fraser and/or in-contract players will leave. With regards to Gus, I don’t know who would take over. With regards to in-contract players, as has been said in some of the above posts, that would involve paying some players off, which I don’t know if we are willing to do. However, a clearout wouldn’t be the worst of things. Several players’ contracts expire in 2018, but it might be preferable to have a clearout this winter rather than 12 months later. We will certainly need to ensure we have enough quality to get promoted at our first attempt, although if we achieve that, our aim would then be to have a group of players who can deliver a few successful seasons back in division one. If we do have a clearout and decide to make some signings, I imagine that we would be likelier to sign players from the upper echelons of divison two than players considered good enough to play every week in division one.

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
Penguinsaremine 28 September, 2017 20:00
A F***ing shambolic season from top to the bottom!

Get rid of Fraser, been saying it for years!! We need someone who is 100% committed to the club, not part of the ECB set up!

Here's a list of the players who should now pack their bags.


We must have better players coming through the 2nds than them.

Still there's always next season, playing against teams like Leicestershire. After most of our performances this season we would have struggled to beat them!!

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
phillie 28 September, 2017 20:03
Sorry Freddie think I have to correct you on Uxbridge your not correct
I went to Uxbridge first day beautiful hot sunshine and got there just after 11 am
By 11.30 no not a later inspection one would have thought but day called off completely as unfit. Why? the outfield was pretty bone dry but was told it was because not enough care was taken ( or suggest Middx supervision) over actual wicket cover which water had leaked under on the wicket.It was not the outfield although the drainage is non existent there. playing the match there was a farce in late summer. Went the next day on the same ticket and still got charged again for car park. Rained off after brief rain and saw about 45 mins total farce!
and they wonder why attendances are not there. Obviously not totally Middlesex fault they played there. Perhaps with the Oval debacle they should grow some with dealing with the powers ECB etc!

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
phillie 28 September, 2017 20:24
Perhaps Gus fancied a position later at the ECO and does not want to rock the boat there. One thing for sure any other county would be taken legal action against the ECB on there unbelievable decision. The umpires forgot as promised to fix the over rate....dum all round but whatever we're good chaps

Re: Somerset at Ciderabad 25-28 Sept 2017
freddie tittlemouse 28 September, 2017 20:29
Canterbury is delightful and Hove too when there isn't a sea fret. Problem is with 10 teams and 14 games no guarantee that we get away fixtures there.

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