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Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 10 May, 2018 11:20
Good points JW,the advertising issue will be an interesting one.
Everything seams to being done backwards,having a meeting with rather important,the players,AFTER the announcement is another mad idea put forward by those in charge of this English Baseball Competition.
You mention devaluing the County Championship.something the ECB have been doing for a good few years now! I can't see the real cricket game being played at the same time,as that would mean counties using second 11 players to fill the vacancies left by those nicked to play baseball.That would give spaces in the seconds etc...
The only game they could (and hopefully will) play would be the 50 over competition at out-grounds,unless,dare I say it....they scrap the 50 over,wouldn't put it past these clowns at the moment.
I really don't think much thought has gone into this new English Baseball League,they have hit the panic buttons in seeing how much cash the overseas t20 leagues generate.

Re: Madness
Sussex Seaxe 10 May, 2018 19:15
First of all, Beefy, I know your comments are tongue in cheek, but I rather like baseball.

It's a game that has hardly changed through the years, has a big history and is afforded it's rightful place as the summer sport in the USA. It's a much better game, in my view, than the proposed 100 or indeed T20. Very few balls are hit for a 'Home Run', effectively the equivalent of a six. I have been lucky enough to watch quite a few games in various cities and always enjoy it, even if I am not fully aware of all the nuances; finding them out gradually is one of the pleasures, much like in cricket, but the ECB seem to want to do away with that experience, so that anyone can understand everything instantly, if they bother to watch.

I believe Trent Bridge has been awarded the 50 over final for 3 (?) years after this summers one at Lord's, so I can't see it being done away with. I suspect it will run alongside the new competition and, if well marketed, could be a surprise success at outgrounds especially with existing supporters like all of us. Middlesex might be an exception because of geography, but for many counties, the chance to take the game further afield could attract, dare I say it, a new audience!

Re: Madness
Seaxe_Man 10 May, 2018 19:35
Vaughan along with Scyld Berry pumping it up in the Telegraph today.

100 baller. Will be highlight of the summer he reckons.

Re: Madness
dingy bags 10 May, 2018 19:42
If the idea is to attract 'new' people to the game and to select names of people who won't actually play - and in any case, none of the 'new' people have heard of them anyway - I suggest the franchises recruit: David Beckham; Sooty; Adele; Theresa May; Donald Trump; Postman Pat and Mickey Mouse.

Especially the last...

Re: Madness
Sussex Seaxe 10 May, 2018 19:44
I'm rather disappointed in Vaughan, for whom I have a lot of respect. I do wonder if he is trying to position himself for something in the future? I heard him saying that it will be a success as it will be plastered on every billboard. If that is the main criterion, perhaps we should do the same with the County Championship?

Berry has always been a maverick

Re: Madness
Seaxe_Man 10 May, 2018 19:53
Add to those dinghy: Lord Adonis, Lord Hailsham and Tony Blair. Oh and Dominic Grieve: he's good for a larf.(Sm73)

Re: Madness
Hants01 10 May, 2018 21:37
Sussex Seaxe
I'm rather disappointed in Vaughan, for whom I have a lot of respect. I do wonder if he is trying to position himself for something in the future? I heard him saying that it will be a success as it will be plastered on every billboard. If that is the main criterion, perhaps we should do the same with the County Championship?
Berry has always been a maverick

He says in The Telegraph that T20 would have been big in the summer if we had free-to-air TV and money spent on marketing it. So why didn't we try that before the new garbage was cooked up?

Re: Madness
Patsy_Hendren 11 May, 2018 15:29
If the aim is to create a "mass circulation" competition then like with certain newspapers, the expectations will be different.

Time will tell if it meets its intended circulation targets. Those people who wish to attend it, will and those who do not, will not!

Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 14 May, 2018 20:46
Colin Graves spoken to BBC about the new competition.

It is worrying that he says that the 100-ball format is set in stone, as that suggests that there is little chance of ECB changing their minds, despite the overwhelming majority believing that such a format will fail.

He says that he hopes that 60-70% of those attending matches will be those who had not previously attended a match, which is an objective which will be easy to achieve if he keeps on alienating the average supporter! Seriously though, I understand the point he is trying to make, as it would be healthy for cricket if more people can be attracted to the sport.

He repeats what had been said previously about the hope that people with little previous knowledge of cricket will find the 100-ball format easier to understand than conventional formats, but the fact 100 isn’t a multiple of 6, and the fact each innings will end with a 10-ball over seems much more confusing than conventional cricket! I have heard that the scoreboard may count down the balls remaining in the innings, but irregular spectators may struggle to work out when to expect the bowler to complete their over and the wicket-keeper to swap ends, as the fact each innings will end with a 10-ball over means that spectators may need to be good at maths to know when to expect an over to end. In conventional cricket, the over ends when the balls remaining are a multiple of 6, but the 10-ball over makes the calculation harder!

Graves says that one of the reasons why a 100-ball competition has been chosen over making the competition Twenty20 is that ECB didn’t want to take spectators away from the county Twenty20 competition, and because they wished to try something different. I understand what ECB are trying to achieve, but I am unconvinced that trying to re-invent cricket is the way to go. A lot of people have reacted to the plans for a new competition by saying that everyone should support the county Twenty20 competition to prove that we already have a Twenty20 conception which works, while a lot of supporters have also said that they won’t go near the new competition, so there appears to be little risk of the 100-ball competition taking people away from the county Twenty20 competition!

Re: Madness
Patsy_Hendren 15 May, 2018 11:28
Time will tell if the numbers add up. It offers another different format for an spectator to choose from.

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 17 May, 2018 00:39
The idiot known as Graves can bang on for as long as he likes,but this madcap idea just won't work.
Why does he keep on bleating about new followers?
What is he going to do?..plant seeds and hope they sprout into new followers?
If,and when this potty 100 ball game starts,how will it be advertised? Will counties,what have no active part in this thing be advertising it?
Free tickets in corn flakes boxes?
Be like Charlie and the chocolate factory looking for the golden ticket.

Everyone on here,cricket followers country wide will not be watching,the idiot doesn't want us,and we don't want him!

Re: Madness
Beeamazed 17 May, 2018 09:07
Graves is a complete knobhead .End of...

Re: Madness
Primrose Hillbilly 17 May, 2018 10:10
Colin Grave's ECB is a farce.

How the hell can a kid see a game that they cannot then re-enact on their local pitch in
the Summer, play at a club that closed ten years ago due to lack of support from the governing body, or even watch regularly on TV?

Don't you remember seeing John Snow or Bob Willis, or Botham come charging in, and then going out to the nearest green space, measuring out an enormous run up, and come charging in, letting the ball go, and see it disappearing somewhere unintended?

Where's a child going to do that nowadays?

Hang your head in shame, Andrew Strauss. All you have become is a paid mouthpiece on the salary cab rank.

Should he be deselected from the Middlesex Hall of Fame?

He's certainly doing his best to drive the club into extinction.

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 21 May, 2018 23:41
I'm just wondering,with this rubbish known as the hundred.Potential sponsors,franchise 'owners',kit suppliers etc are all watching the negative comments and thinking twice about jumping on board spending all their millions on something that won't work.

Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 26 June, 2018 23:13
The Daily Mail report that the proposal for innings to have a 10-ball over is likely to be scrapped, although I am not sure how likely it is that the concept of each innings lasting 100 balls will be abandoned too.

The latest ridiculous suggestion is that the fielding team’s captain could declare an over to be completed before six balls have been bowled if the over doesn’t start well (e.g. the first couple of balls both go to the boundary). I assume that this would mean that at least one subsequent over would have to include more balls.

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 27 June, 2018 01:54
I can't see why they can't have 50x2 ball overs.
At least it will cover the 100 balls,and everyone will be happy.
First 10 overs could be 'super overs' where the runs are worth double and use a pink/red ball,half the ball pink,other half red,ball manufactured by Wilson.

Re: Madness
tallliman 27 June, 2018 20:58
If the ecb wanted to innovate, why not have a 2 innings t20 match? Compulsory follow on for a 50 run deficit.

Re: Madness
tbl 24 July, 2018 19:16
Just been looking at the fixtures in September - all 4 rounds of CC matches start and finish midweek - no Saturday/Sunday play at all. Why? There are no other county games. Are the ECB trying to minimise CC attendance?

Re: Madness
tallliman 25 July, 2018 20:00
I don't understand that either. Isn't t20 finals day on one of the weekends? That'd probably negate any of them being over the weekend due to the need for rest days

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 25 July, 2018 20:05
That's basically it.

Because T20 final is on a Saturday it would mean waiting 6 days until Friday if you wanted the last few rounds of championship at the weekend, which in turn would have meant finishing on 1st October (and september 27th is late enough as it is)

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