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Re: They didn't say that. They said final sold out. Fake news. Three years project fear experience kicked in.
chunkyinargyll 14 February, 2020 20:30
This is what it says SM

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Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 14 February, 2020 20:44
That might be their statement now. Let me assure you I was watching Sky News. The geza said final sold out. Even at 98 my faculties are still sound. Fake news since retracted.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 14 February, 2020 21:01
I don't disbelieve you SM, you're the fittest 98-year old I know (Sm60)

Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 14 February, 2020 22:15
Someone has pointed out on Twitter (here and here) that the total capacity of the eight grounds which will stage matches at The Hundred is 172,993 and that the fact that each ground will stage four matches means that the maximum possible attendance of the matches is 721,972. The poster points out that news that 100,000 tickets have been sold means that just 13.8% of tickets have been sold, so a lot more sales are still needed for there to not be plenty of empty seats at matches.

The poster also points out that counties have much less difficulty in selling out their grounds for the T20 Blast despite the ticket prices being higher.

It is highly likely that those who attend matches at the Blast this season will be subjected to a drive by ground announcers and big screen adverts to buy tickets for The Hundred, as I am fairly sure that ECB will see the Blast as a warm-up act to The Hundred, not least because I believe that the best performing domestic players in the Blast who have not been signed to a team in The Hundred will automatically be given a team in The Hundred. It will be interesting to see how many of these messages from ground announcers get booed.

Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 15 February, 2020 08:23
Good post JW. As Sky have pumped 40 million quid into the Blundred plenty of fake news can be expected. They have had three years experience of pumping out duff information in project fear, so well versed in the art.

Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 17 February, 2020 22:24
Plus the new Compton and Edrich Stands are estimated to raise ground capacity to circa 31500. So more tickets to offload in 2021. Counties are currently offering tickets to members for five quid.

Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 19 February, 2020 20:26
A video which highlights some of the ways in which The Hundred threatens county cricket has been produced.

A post on the Haringey and Black cricketers thread mentions that The Hundred has been badly-received by many traditionalists, and that one of the many aims of The Hundred is to get black and Asian youngsters engaged in English cricket.

With regards to how well The Hundred has been received by traditionalists, I can only speak for myself, but I would not have been adverse to the idea of this tournament had ECB communicated with existing supporters by saying something along the lines of “like you, we want English cricket to be successful in regards to spectator numbers, playing numbers and TV viewing figures, and we feel that The Hundred could do a better job of doing that than county cricket”, before then giving existing supporters an opportunity to put forward their suggestions and concerns about such a proposal. However, instead of properly consulting with existing supporters, ECB pressed on with The Hundred. Therefore, it is difficult for me to avoid hoping that the T20 Blast sees stronger ticket sales than The Hundred (which is why I can’t bear the idea of attending matches at The Hundred, as that would mean that I would be adding to the crowd figures), it is difficult for me to avoid taking pleasure when ECB realise that their ambition of attracting the world’s top players is thwarted by international matches or by such players resting, and it is difficult for me to hope for a scenario whereby it is felt that The Hundred has succeeded in ways that county cricket couldn’t have.

With regards to hopes that The Hundred will attract many black and Asian youngsters to English cricket, there is a good chance this will happen, although I can't stop myself from adding that I would prefer county cricket to have been the catalyst for this. As some matches from the men’s and women’s Hundred will be shown on BBC, these matches will no longer be inaccessible to people who either don’t have Sky Sports Cricket or who do have Sky Sports Cricket but who would not usually check out what is being shown on that channel, so that ought to help bring cricket to youngsters’ attention. The issue of engaging Asian people with English cricket is an interesting and controversial one, as a high proportion of the passion for cricket within this country rests with this community, as evidenced by the fact that a lot of the applications by UK residents for tickets for the 2019 World Cup were made by Asian people. However, a lot of these people have tended to play cricket amongst themselves rather than within the ECB system which feeds from club cricket to county cricket to the England side, and a lot of these people have tended to support the nation their ancestors came from as opposed to England. I read somewhere that it is believed that Asian people are more likely to be attracted towards The Hundred than towards county cricket due to The Hundred being city-based and run along similar lines to the IPL. The way that India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan were very well-supported from the stands at the 2019 World Cup reminded me that it is not as true as I thought that UK residents from outside the white high-income demographic have little interest in cricket.

Time will tell whether ECB were justified in introducing The Hundred, or whether us traditionalists were justified in expressing our concerns.

Re: Madness
tallliman 20 February, 2020 09:51
Thanks for that video. It didnt add much that we dont already know but I guess it's not for us.

I dont want to rehash arguments but I just dont understand why putting money into something new beats pushing existing competition. It just shows a lack of belief in your own product.

Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 20 February, 2020 21:53
An interview with Tom Harrison, which it seems will cover many subjects, will appear in the March 2020 edition of The Cricketer, which is due to go on sale tomorrow, which will hopefully also be the day when it lands on subscribers’ doormats. Cricinfo and The Cricketer’s website have published extracts of this interview.

Harrison suggests that it is possible that The Hundred could eventually expand to include teams in the North-East and South-West, which are two regions badly-served by the locations of the initial 8 teams. This seems a bit contradictory, as I assumed that the reason why ECB created a competition which will have 8 city-based teams instead of 18 counties is because the IPL and Big Bash suggest that 8 is the ideal number of teams for this type of tournament, especially as pundits have often complained that the butter is spread too thinly in English cricket. Well, by expanding The Hundred to 10 teams would indeed spread the butter more thinly! ECB might as well have simply included the present 18 counties in their new competition, as that would have saved a lot of arguing!

A lot of people have suggested that the reason why the new competition will include 8 city-based teams instead of 18 counties is because BBC had more interest in broadcasting a tournament played by city-based teams. It is difficult to ascertain how true this is, as Harrison was asked whether BBC said "no to counties", and he replied "Absolutely, yes", although BBC and ECB have since denied that BBC had little interest in a tournament containing counties, merely saying that BBC are happy with how The Hundred is set to be structured.

Harrison repeats the point I made in my previous post on this thread about one of the aims of The Hundred being to attract “working-class communities” and “African-Caribbean communities” and ensure that cricket is no longer “positioned as a middle-class sport”. He also says that ECB hope that attendances for The Hundred will be around the 60% mark, which means that ticket sales would have to pass 400,000. Hopefully 60% sales is a landmark the T20 Blast will pass this season, as I can’t bear the thought of The Hundred being better-attended than the Blast. I believe that a lot of counties have historically passed 60% sales with ease, as Middlesex’s grounds as well as The Oval and the smaller grounds have often been near capacity for the Blast when I have watched on TV, although I fear that the fact the matches will be played earlier in the season will thwart my hopes.

Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 19 March, 2020 19:32
Cricinfo and The Cricketer report that in reaction to women’s cricket seeing the abolition of the County Championship (a 50-over competition contested by 35 counties as well as Scotland and Netherlands) and the Kia Super League to leave the Twenty20 county competition (which has an uncertain future beyond 2021) and the The Hundred as the only top-level domestic women’s cricket, Middlesex, Surrey, Kent and Essex have launched their own 50-over competition for the 2020 season, with Sussex set to join in 2021 and Hampshire also interested in participating. Despite this looking like an unofficial breakaway competition, it has been approved by ECB.

Another reason why the need to create this competition was felt was because ECB have created eight regional centres of excellence for women’s cricket in line with the teams created for The Hundred, which effectively means that county cricket will cease to be the top level of women's cricket, and is a situation which some people (although I don’t think many people involved with Middlesex) fear could be replicated in men’s cricket.

Of course, no mention of plans for the 2020 season can be made without adding that it is subject to the coronavirus outbreak clearing sufficiently for said plans to be followed.

Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 22 March, 2020 07:58
A nonsense to abolish county cricket at any level imho. To popularize Graves franchises presumably. With his departure hopefully that scheme will disappear. Go ahead girls you are sticking with tradition. The so called elite have been trying to airbrush Middlesex out of history for the last 50 years. Without success I am glad to say.

Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 23 March, 2020 08:27
The Hundred contracts include clause 16.4 Force Majeure Event. This allows the ECB to avoid payment of the contract in full ie 20% , if Hundred cancelled. Covid-19 is thought covered by 16.4. Saving would be in the order of 7.6 million. Reporter Tim Wigmore of Telegraph.

Re: Madness
rod/ed 23 March, 2020 10:14

Re: Madness
Primrose Hillbilly 31 March, 2020 14:47
Counties Bid To Oust Graves

"A number of counties have told Sportsmail it is increasingly likely that the Hundred will not take place as planned, and if the launch is delayed, they want Watmore to replace Graves immediately and begin work on a five-year plan to salvage the summer sport."


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Re: Madness
Haringey Racer 17 June, 2020 21:14
Suddenly the Hundred doesn't seem so mad


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