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Re: Franchise CC
Jonathan Winsky 23 April, 2017 21:12
In the first episode of the Middlesex Cricket Podcast hosted by Mike Selvey, Richard Goatley has spoken about the new competition,

Re: Franchise CC
Jonathan Winsky 24 April, 2017 19:38
Kent have expressed concerns with the new competition, although their reluctance “to be at odds with the ECB” means they will abstain from voting rather than saying ‘no’.

Re: Franchise CC
chunkyinargyll 26 April, 2017 14:15
It's happening- Of 41 votes, 38 in favour, 1 abstention (Kent) 2 against (Middlesex, Essex)


Re: Franchise CC
Sussex Seaxe 26 April, 2017 14:50
I'm afraid this was inevitable. I'm also pleased that we had the guts to vote against.

It is not compulsory to support a team, though and we are entitled to continue to watch and support our county, which I for one intend to do. I am sure I will view some games on tv, as I do the current T20 - it's not worth the hassle of travelling for a short game - but the longer form will remain the pure test, for me.

My two questions remain; how certain are they that terrestrial tv is interested? and what happens if one of a county's players is injured on Franchise duty and therefore unavailable to the county who pay his (much more modest0 Wages?

Re: Franchise CC
BeefyRoberts 26 April, 2017 15:25
Think we all knew it was to happen.

Well,I will still be watching and supporting our wonderful County Cricket Club and not bother about Franchise C.C.

Probably have to utilise outgrounds if Lords/MCC set a franchise up.

Still 3 years to wait for it's birth!

Re: Franchise CC
Jonathan Winsky 26 April, 2017 20:25
It is disappointing that literally everyone other than Middlesex, Essex and Kent have voted to support the new competition, although admittedly more than half of the votes in favour came from organisations not representing first-class counties.

George Dobell’s article on Cricinfo about this news points out that the votes only relate to the ability to create a city-based competition in Twenty20 cricket, which will be a relief for those fearful that the competition will be a precursor to the first-class and List A competitions also becoming city-based.

Dobell remarked on Surrey voting in favour, and on doubts about the quality of the available players in 2023. With regards to Surrey, it seems surprising they voted in favour considering they had previously stated they didn't like the idea of a domestic team not named Surrey hosting matches at The Oval. With regards to 2023, players included in Australia’s Ashes squad will not be available, which will be a hammer blow considering England’s Test players as well as most West Indies and India players are unlikely to ever be available for the tournament for a variety of reasons.

If the ECB wish for this competition to be a success, I would strongly advise them to find a way for England's Test players to be involved, even if this involves ensuring little or no Test matches coincide with the tournament. I know that the BCCI wouldn't dream of scheduling any India matches during the IPL.

Re: Franchise CC
The Diamond ruled ok 26 April, 2017 22:43
Every minor county and the MCC bottled out on this. May they hang their heads in shame in the mid 2020's when the creep of city based cricket destroys the very fabric of the game they currently enjoy.

And for what ? £1.3 million a year for 5 years with no guarantee that the minor counties will receive a full share of this cash.

Enjoy your blood money while it lasts.

3 years before this starts with lots of hurdles to overcome first (like where games will be played and by whom for starters) so it may still end up being abandoned as a really bad idea. Not on Graves watch though as it is his baby.

Re: Franchise CC
Seaxe_Man 28 April, 2017 12:33
Graves. 'This was the right decision'. Not for the Middle m8. Hard to see where the Mexicans will benefit either.

Kent abstention. Does that mean they only get half the money?

As alluded to at the AGM briefly. After a number of year's of the Grocer's Bash. The ten unrequired counties may be downgraded to Minor County status.

A lot of spare players and coaches around.

Re: Franchise CC
lower pavilion 28 April, 2017 15:10
This new franchise competition is truly terrible news. You can not simply turn your back on history and tradition. Apparently the people who run our great game consider that to be totally irrelevant.
They seem to be doing everything to make the long format of the game redundant.

I bet the rules on the light and light meters will be relaxed for this awful new competition and the umpires may even have to walk quickly to the wicket. Pressure from the television companies will see to that.

I will not watch one single ball of this new competition.

As for Middlesex. I am proud we voted against this total rubbish and can only hope we will survive once it is introduced

Re: Franchise CC
adelaide 29 April, 2017 19:28
lower pavilion
You can not simply turn your back on history and tradition. Apparently the people who run our great game consider that to be totally irrelevant.

Some of us thought that about foreign oligarchs buying clubs too but I suppose that's different somehow!


Re: Franchise CC
Seaxe_Man 01 May, 2017 12:41
The Greeks have a word for it.

Re: Franchise CC
BeefyRoberts 01 May, 2017 14:41
Yorkshire top guy on Sky at moment talking about this.
He says Cricket has to evolve,and keeps on saying the game needs rebuilding.
He said seeing how the game in India and Australia has gone forward,a new product is needed to intice new followers.
Was asked about members...said they have had forums about this,and members have been really good about it.For same strange reason he then said the members average age is 69,no idea why he said it!
Although not said fully,made comment about it being good to take the 50 over game 'around the county'.As it will run alongside franchise C.C.Does this mean the venues have been selected for this?
And long as the name has Yorkshire in it we would be happy.

Couldn't write down his full interview!

Re: Franchise CC
Seaxe_Man 02 May, 2017 10:23
He also contradicted that re members. Saying he realised, it, the Graves Bash, was not for them.

Generally bubbled with enthusiasm apart from that.. The outgrounds in their case, apart from Scarborough, have been dumped over the years.

One or two others like Hampshire, who have dumped theirs, will have to return to Basingstoke.

Our unique position, main ground not ours, means with 4, we have options.

Re: Franchise CC
chunkyinargyll 08 May, 2017 08:47

The most frightening thing in this report is the ECB salary cap could go up to 5 million in 2020.

Frightening because whilst Surrey might be able to afford it, other counties would either have to compete (spend beyond their means) or accept Surrey dominance. And, if counties spend beyond their means (to keep up with Surrey) then you end up back were you started, with many clubs with massive debts. The whole idea (I thought) of this franchise stuff was it was a necessary evil to restore healthy finances. So why on earth take the attitude of 'with all this new money, we'll be able to increase the salary cap' How the heck could Durham, Leicestershire, Northants, Gloucestershire, and a few others, hope to put a competitive team on the park if a 5 million is the new 2 million?

Re: Franchise CC
Seaxe_Man 09 May, 2017 09:14
lower pavilion
You can not simply turn your back on history and tradition. Apparently the people who run our great game consider that to be totally irrelevant.

Some of us thought that about foreign oligarchs buying clubs too but I suppose that's different somehow!


Jean Claude Juncker as Head Coach of Norf London a good choice.

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Re: Franchise CC
rod/ed 21 May, 2017 20:50
Mark Baldwin, Chairman of the Cricket Writers Club spoke at length. during the commentary today, about the many unanswered questions around the City based 2020.
More power to him and I hope the pen is mightier than the grocer's sword.

Re: Franchise CC
rod/ed 29 June, 2017 20:24
On the back of the launch of the Global Twenty20 (i.e South Africa) Mike Atherton has written an article in the Times headlined "The leagues must benefit the game not the investors". It appears the Big Bash has losses of £19.4 million just now.

I'm too much of a Luddite to be able to do the link but you can also access it via his Twitter feed.

Re: Franchise CC
chunkyinargyll 29 June, 2017 20:32
Ah- That's the thing Graves is so keen to emulate.

£19 million losses you say.....

Edit to add- and they have better weather, and grounds mostly full.

We won't even be able to guarantee the weather.

We really need a driving the car off the cliff smiley.


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Re: Franchise CC
Primrose Hillbilly 10 July, 2017 12:48
I am going to try to make the most of this T20 season, and embrace it as a way of supporting the Middle.

One of my reasons is that it may well be one of the last when this competition involving County teams gets a fair shake.

I would like to thank everyone who has posted on this thread to date. You have enhanced my understanding of where this project now stands, from Jonathan Whinsky's accessing information from around the web, to the "view from the Nursery End" of a few people whom I have met personally and anyone else who has chipped in.

Thank you.

To chime with the recent news about the loose change that the Big Bash is racking up as losses, I find myself returning to these points :

"If you build it, they will come", .............. but not if "they" (the paying punter) has no affinity with the team they are watching. All sports support carries a tribal element with it, and this thing is disenfranchising so many of the starting base of support.

So, who is going to go and watch this city based franchise thing?

From whence is this "new audience" going to spring? What team are they going to support when there is no Biff Bash to watch?

Are they going to migrate to their nearest county ground and watch e.g. Warwicks, or Worcester as a spin off from watching the Brum franchise? - Few, if any.

How come this new audience for cricket has lain dormant for so long with an interest in cricket that just never was strong enough to get it through a turnstile before now, when they could have been watching established and real teams, before now?

Remembering the Middlesex Vs Rajasthan Royals match at Lord's, the only chance of this "new audience" happening - imho - is if the Draft includes 90% of the top IPL, Bangladesh and Pakistan T20 competition players, and these are guaranteed to be played by the employing franchise, so that the Asian community comes out to see their superstars in force. Will there be sufficient numbers of IPL players for this to happen?

As the new franchise is not going to bear any resemblance to a County team, there will be very little chance of a County member getting in as part of their membership, and I very much doubt if County members will make an effort to see this thing, so even if new watchers attend, they will be negated by the number of "old " watchers who don't.

So, what is the sustainable financial loss over 5 years for this thing?

My fear is that by the time Franchise T20 has been shown to not work, and has lost too much money even for the ECB's coffers to handle (even after generously putting Northants, Kent's, Durham's Essex's and Leicester's grounds up for redevelopment) the general public will have been so turned off by it that interest in T20 as a whole will have been affected, such that were the County system to return as the pre-eminent T20 competition in the UK, it may be too late.

Re: Franchise CC
Jonathan Winsky 01 September, 2017 19:21
The combined attendances in this season's Twenty20 competition was a record 883,000, which defeats the claim that the competition fails to attract spectators.

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