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Re: Franchise CC
Hants01 23 February, 2018 20:10
Excellent piece by Derek Pringle in 'The Cricket Paper' on Hales and Rashid. In short: rip up their contracts, counties ought to unite against this move to white ball exclusivity.

Re: Franchise CC
chunkyinargyll 27 February, 2018 14:21
Reece Topley becomes the latest to play white ball only-


although in this case it is because he is recovering from injury, but the idea initially came from the ECB which probably means they got into Hales and Rashid's heads as well.

Re: Franchise CC
Jonathan Winsky 27 February, 2018 23:25
Representatives of 15 counties will meet at Edgbaston on Thursday to discuss the various consequences of the changes English cricket is in the process of undergoing.

Re: Franchise CC
BeefyRoberts 28 February, 2018 12:35
Indeed JW,has also been reported in Daily Mail.
Wonder who the missing 3 are?
I think there is a major worry about the county championship with players 'jumping ship' so to speak.
Will the minutes of meeting be made public,or even a report on the major pieces raised?
Love to be a fly on the wall!

Re: Franchise CC
Jonathan Winsky 05 March, 2018 23:07
In a discussion paper to be discussed at an ICC meeting next month, the proposals about the future of worldwide domestic Twenty20 cricket include preventing players under 32 from playing in more than three leagues a year and insisting that all tournaments take place in assigned two-month blocks.

The proposal about restricting the amount of tournaments a player can play in may stem the tide of county players deciding to concentrate on Twenty20 cricket. I assume that if ICC insist that England’s Twenty20 tournament has to take place in July/August, then that would only apply to the city-based tournament, meaning that the county tournament can take place beforehand as it is expected to.

Re: Franchise CC
chunkyinargyll 06 March, 2018 07:45
That's almost sensible, so I doubt it will be passed.

3 domestic T20's a year, eh?

Well from the year 2020, two domestic tournaments will be in the UK, so english players would only have one other tournament (presumably IPL) OR- will they decide they don't want to play the county T20 competition, so they can play one other.

I rather like the idea of T20 becoming a retirement fund. It should reduce its appeal if a lot of players in the team are 33 plus, and slightly past their best.

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Re: Franchise CC
stockmos 06 March, 2018 09:10
Jonathan Winsky
I assume that if ICC insist that England’s Twenty20 tournament has to take place in July/August, then that would only apply to the city-based tournament, meaning that the county tournament can take place beforehand as it is expected to.

I doubt that they could force the ECB over when to schedule its domestic tournaments.

Re: Franchise CC
rod/ed 06 March, 2018 16:04
Excellent article in The Cricketer by Fred Boycott on the T20 circus .

Re: Franchise CC
Jonathan Winsky 06 March, 2018 19:25
I assume that the county Twenty20 tournament will not count towards the three tournaments that it is proposed players are restricted to, as it will not be considered as England’s main tournament once the new one is introduced.

I would have thought that it will be accepted within England and on the worldwide Twenty20 circuit that the city-based tournament should take place in July/August, as that is seen as the best time of the year for attracting families, and it is away from when the IPL and Big Bash tournament takes place (although the CPL takes place around that time). However, I don’t know how likely it is that England and the other countries will refrain from playing matches during the city-based tournament or during other tournaments.

Although players will surely be able to play in both the county tournament and the city-based tournament without it counting as playing in two tournaments, I nonetheless worry about the quality of the county tournament, as spectators and the media will see it as England’s secondary tournament, the top overseas players will probably rather just play in the city-based one, and the county tournament will probably take place in June/July, which is while schoolchildren are engrossed in exams.

Re: Franchise CC
Jonathan Winsky 07 March, 2018 19:33
BBC appear to be concerned about the possibility of the 10 matches they will show live in the new competition overrunning and thus disrupting their evening schedules. Therefore, to speed matches up, they have proposed that overs could be restricted to five balls and that the bowling end changes just once per innings. However, I don’t know how likely it is that these changes would be accepted by ECB, ICC, MCC or whoever it is that is responsible for the laws and regulations concerning the competition.

I have heard all sorts of proposals over the years about how cricket could be improved, although hardly any have actually been implemented.

Re: Franchise CC
chunkyinargyll 07 March, 2018 19:47
So, 5x20 overs=100 balls, instead of 120.

Rename it T16 and a bit.

April 1st come 3 weeks early?

Re: Franchise CC
Seaxe_Man 19 April, 2018 16:23
Latest proposal as outlined by chunky. Now a 16.4 over bash. 15 six ball overs then final over of 10 balls.

Pity the bowler who has to bowl that. Volunteers short on that. ECB think tank reckons that will buzz up tbeir new audience.

It gets better by the minute with still two years to go.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 19 April, 2018 16:33
I actually think this is good news.

Because 100 balls equals 16.4 overs.

So it can't be T20.

And if it can't be T20 then even if it is an officially sanctioned ECB competition I don't see how any runs or wickets can go on a players career averages,

So, just like Packer, you can pay your stars, but none of it will count where it matters- in Wisden. You can play in the county T20, Big Bash, IPL, and the other domestic tournaments, and all the stats go on to your T20 career average, But if it is only 16.4 overs it isn't a T20 game, so the stats won't count. And players do value their career stats. 6 weeks work- and none of it will count on your career stats.

With a bit of luck that will put off a lot of the overseas players.

Re: Franchise CC
Leprechaun 19 April, 2018 16:35
In merging a thread about the new 100 ball proposal with the main one on the new franchise the thread name got changed. But I think it is an appropriate name!
Here is the link to the BBC report about the latest nonsense from ECB

Re: Madness
BarmierKev 19 April, 2018 18:29
latest Stuart Hall will be on day release to commentate on the final over.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 19 April, 2018 19:13
100 balls?
Have heard some crazy ideas before,but this really does top the lot.
One over of 10 balls,before any no-balls etc are called,I reckon the powers to be have been out in the sun drinking strong cider for too long.
Does this comedy also see the end of the ladies super league?
So,everyone gets hit by this.
But,like many others,I won't be seen anywhere near this load of b**** for all the tea in China!

Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 19 April, 2018 19:17
A lot of people are fearful that making matches 100-balls-per-side is going to confuse potential followers and make it unlikely that any new followers gained will go on to follow first-class matches too. Also, this move makes is even less likely that existing followers will feel inclined to take an interest in the new tournament.

Vic Marks has written an interesting article about this in the Guardian. He says that a likely reason for this move is that it helps ensure that matches shown on BBC do not run past 9:00pm.

I don’t think that any other major nation has deviated a great deal from standard Twenty20 cricket when organising their tournaments, so ECB come across as desperate in effectively creating a new format of cricket.

I am fairly sure that the intention is for the present women's Super League to be discontinued after 2019 and for each team in the new city-based men's tournament to have a women's equivalent team.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 19 April, 2018 19:43
ECB have selected theme music for new contest-


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Re: Madness
tallliman 19 April, 2018 19:55
Madness, utter madness.

Re: Madness
Hants01 19 April, 2018 20:17
So the brains of marketing, the ECB's bosses and a few others have announced what their intentions are for the summer of 2020.

In short it is unadulterated kak, and the donning of clowns' outfits for the humiliated players should be de rigueur. It's a pity Dale Winton died yesterday, because this rubbish would have been a worthy successor to Supermarket Sweep and Pets Win Prizes. Five weeks of this filth taken out of the English season. Unbelievable. I can't believe the Communist Corbynista 'yoof' will buy into this grotesque garbage (even if it were paid for by his free bus travel).

A couple of predictions. 1) after a year or two, the ECB will bring in placenames and try and get the England players involved more. Then after trying to reform the unreformable, moves will be made to abort it. Squads of 15, three overseas players (are they that desperate or money-motivated?), leaving 12 players for eight of these absurd entities (teams, to be traditional, heaven knows what in ECB terms). So almost hundred players taken out of proper cricket for this lunatic tripe. Were I a player, I would be getting on to my agent and saying: 'Can you get me an opt-out from this draft?' and 'How badly do I have to play in 2019 to avoid the draft?'

Imagine the pure fantasy of this being a success. The Indians end up annexing the idea as they have done with T20 ('our English friends have hit upon an interesting idea...'). Then with their billion population and bigger grounds, they simply do it better. What next? Former Test players taking to the media and saying: 'We're being left behind, we need to do something.' Can we stoop lower in the gutter of standards and cricketing decency?

Still, they have given us a good laugh today and some relentless ammo to fire at them. The idea should be strangled at birth, but a bit like a referendum on Alternative Vote, it's one of those potty ideas beloved of an elite that has to be given a go, bomb completely, never to be heard of again (other than by vengeful people like me, who don't forget).

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