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Re: Madness
tallliman 30 June, 2019 10:54
It's a package that's obviously good for the players. A minimum annual wage of 27,000 is in-line with the average wage in the country. Agree though that if t16.4 goes the way we expect, some of the counties may struggle.

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 04 July, 2019 13:35
Simon Katich names first coach of franchise CC make-believe,tripe rubbish invented by the ecb

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 05 July, 2019 15:09
MCC allowing school children in the pavilion today for World Cup game.
But,still keep the same draconian dress code for us members having to wear a collar to gain entry to members areas

Re: Franchise CC
Seaxe_man1 05 July, 2019 17:37
Sussex Seaxe
Adelaide, I do agree with you. As it happens, I opposed Brexit and am not very keen on the new City based T20,and I hope that both may still be the subject of rethinks. If they go ahead though, none of our lives are going to be made any better by complete failure - we shall just have to get used to it and each find the way of life that suits us.
I can't see any connection between Brexit and the 100. You don't say why you oppose the former anyway. They both require central control and thereby disenfranchise both counties and the electorate. They have that in common. That I would say is the main purpose of both.

Re: Madness
adelaide 05 July, 2019 21:12

Unless something has been deleted, whatever post you are responding to must have been pretty ancient.

Funny how the arguments you mention about Brexit rarely get applied to NATO (we are obliged in theory to go to war if another member is attacked) or to Scottish independence!


Re: Madness
hdo 16 July, 2019 08:30
Looks like there's a pretty good article in today's Times about the H*ndred and the rapid unravelling of the ECB's plans in the wake of our World Cup win.

However, without a subscription, I haven't been able to read more than the first couple of paragraphs - so if anyone knows a way to get hold of the full text, please post it here!

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 16 July, 2019 13:23
Can you provide a link?

I should be able to read it, as I get two free articles a week.

Problem is things like 'the hundred' or 'times cricket' are to vague to find it.

Re: Madness
hdo 16 July, 2019 16:01

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 16 July, 2019 16:44
Okay- to sum up-

a number of counties are refusing to sign contracts due to grievences over governance, and the downgrading of next years 50 over comp.

Several counties oppose ECB's wish to take ownership of the comp, are unhappy about teams perceived lack of independence from existing counties, and infighting between some of the partners in the new franchises.

One club have made a formal complaint to the governing body about one of the teams they are to partner in the comp my personal guess is that could be somerset, as they don't think they are near enough, or have anything in common with Glamorgan.

18 county chiefs meet at Trent Bridge today to discuss hundred, with many expected to call for a review in to its governance.

No contracts have been signed and no new companies set up. Fears it may all unravel personal view- I think Times are being over dramatic, so don't get your hopes up.

There is also concern over 'icon players' (players already on the books of the constituent (big 8) clubs, and this might be used as a way to tempt players to the big 8 clubs.

It's acyually quite lengthy, and I've missed out a bit about what counts as 'icon' as it is taking too long to type the whole thing out, but that's roughly it.

Re: Madness
tallliman 16 July, 2019 18:57
Cant we just say it was all a bad idea and move to a revamped t20? Maybe divisional?

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 16 July, 2019 20:39
This rubbish is going to happen sadly,as the fools at ecb have chucked enough cash at it already.
They are so blinkered about it,they just dont care about what others think.
Winning the world cup is fantastic,but,the fools at ecb will use that to promote the 100 rubbish,saying crowds will flock in.
Being at Glamorgan for our game,all 4 days if it,I took the chance to ask a few of their members about this rubbish,and,although they will have a franchise CC side at their ground,nobody wanted it,and not one person will be attending a game.
One member said they heard that due to lack of interest it could be included on their membership next year.
As long as we members of all clubs dont go along,the 50 over game will not get forgotten.
I'm loving the reported problem that are arising,it shows how many people are against it,long may the problems keep coming.

Re: Madness
Bagpuss 18 July, 2019 08:53
So when the counties were asked to vote this new comp through they were told the teams would be completely independent entities from the host ground counties, players/coached would not be connected to host ground counties and the new competition would be owned equally by all 18 counties (and maybe the MCC). Oh and they told us county members that it didn't matter if we had objections because the H*ndread WASN'T FOR US!

Now its going to be a competition owned and run by the ECB, with home county coaches (Chapple and Chilton confirmed) home county icon players and the home counties are even going to include it in their membership. And will I be able to go to Cardiff with my Somerset membership too?

Not that I want to. I'd rather slide nsked down a razor blade into a bath of TCP.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 18 July, 2019 09:04
Goal posts being dug up and moved.


Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 31 July, 2019 13:40
I see on twitter,a mention has been made on the sponsor of the 1** rubbish.
Saying that it will be KP snacks that are sponsoring it,perfect for a competition that has been invented by people who are nuts as well!

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Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 02 August, 2019 19:38
Colin Graves and Tom Harrison will appear before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee on 23rd October, where they will be asked how English cricket can build on England’s win at the World Cup, with the subjects on which they will be questioned expected to include The Hundred and broadcasting.

Something that I like about British politics is that it offers lots of opportunities for proposals to be scrutinised, as it is often the case they whenever a party or an individual comes up with an ambitious proposal, it is likely that the proposal will be queried by opposing parties, the media, the House of Lords, and often members of the proposer’s party. Therefore, it would have been nice had something similar existed in English cricket, as I am sure a lot of people would have liked to have had the opportunity to question how realistic it is that various aspects of The Hundred will be as successful as its advocates claim. Instead, The Hundred has simply been imposed on English cricket without any chance being given to table amendments or get it delayed or scrapped.

Re: Madness
Mike TA1 02 August, 2019 23:05
Those two will talk up the hundred and make it sound like the best thing since sliced bread.

They will not tell them hardly anybody wants the hundred, only those who will make money from it.

Re: Madness
adelaide 02 August, 2019 23:39

Select committees do not just listen to witnesses spouting. They ask them questions, often very probing questions. If they are not satisfied with the answers they get, their reports often say so in no uncertain terms.

I would see this as an opportunity to prime the MPs on the committee with good questions (and follow up questions to pin those answering with bull to the wall).

However, MPs generally tend to be from a background which is well used to traditional cricket and I would expectb them to come up with some bouncers off their own bat, if you see what I mean.

If I were Graves or Harrison I would not be looking forward to this "opportunity" one little bit.


Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 03 August, 2019 07:18
The thing is it's not for MP's to tell Graves how to run the sport, so I doubt they will take that approach.

They can be very tough when they want to be (like questioning the Director General of the BBC on equal pay, because they think there might be votes in it, so it becomes a competition to see who can be the toughest)

But will any of them actually care? They may even think the hundred is a good idea.

Re: Madness
adelaide 03 August, 2019 11:14

If they didn't care, or didn't think enough of the voters cared, they would not have called them to appear before the committee in the first place. Committees often grandstand and tell other organisations how they ought to run things (Philip Green springs to mind). Particularly if the organisation or sport as a whole is in some sense the recipient of public money.

As we can see form the make up of the Cabinet, Parliament still has a disproportionate number of those who have been through the public school system (as has cricket itself) and have been exposed to traditional cricket. In olden days some of them might have been playing as amateurs for counties when it suited them (see Middlesex players thread!). I simply can;t see them allowing Harrison and Graves to tickle any part of their anatomy. Now there's a picture to put you off your breakfast!


Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 03 August, 2019 11:24
What I meant was they won't care one way or the other about the hundred.

They want to know what ECB are doing to encourage young people to take up cricket and 'The hundred will be free to view on terrestrial television' may satisfy them,

MP's are in their element is they are questioning the water board about how many thousands of gallons of water are lost through leaks, or why gas price reductions aren't passed on to consumers, but this isn't really in the same category.

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