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Eating away over the winter

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Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 20 October, 2019 19:27
Well,I'm glad I'm not on my own on Twitter tonight,the amount of people against this franchise rubbish is growing by the hour.
Always going to be some who are for this rubbish,but,not many.
Me? Tonight,I am sitting in my back garden with a torch on,watching the grass grow.

Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 20 October, 2019 19:56
Tom Helm has been picked up by Birmingham Phoenix. As he plays for Middlesex, supports Chelsea and is from Chesham, it doesn’t feel right that he goes to Birmingham! However, I am sure that he will be delighted to have been selected, and will hope that it helps his chances of progressing to the England side.

If further Middlesex players are selected, I would have thought that it will happen during the latter part of the draft, as our players are probably at the lower end of the reserve prices.

It looks like Middlesex analyst Alex Fraser is performing a similar role for London Spirit.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 20 October, 2019 20:00
That'll be a good chance for Warwickshire to chat him up then.

Nothing but bad will come out of this.

They probably don't even see him as a blundred player, but just want him to sign for their county side one day.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 20 October, 2019 21:29
As far as I can tell the players we have lost are Simpson, Sowter, Helm and Malan (although he probably won't be a Middlesex player for longer than another week anyway).

Edit- oh and Morgan as well.

Biggest laugh of the night- Trent Rockets picking Tom Moores as keeper, but as they know he is rubbish they also picked Ben Cox (the only side to pick two keepers)

Notts side needs a bit of a stewards enquiry I reckon.

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Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 20 October, 2019 21:48
So sad watching that.

I only watched to see who we will be losing.

All these players happy at the money they'll be earning and not giving a damn that real cricket fans are heartbroken that this unnecessary unwanted competition is going to decimate 50 over competition.

All for teams with no history.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 20 October, 2019 22:06
Apparently Sussex have lost ELEVEN players to the blast.

They have my upmost sympathy.

I thought one of the safeguards was that no county would lose more than 6 players (although that was when they were talking about 5 overseas a team instead of 3)

Re: Madness
Fozzie 20 October, 2019 22:32
Biggest laugh of the night- Trent Rockets picking Tom Moores as keeper, but as they know he is rubbish they also picked Ben Cox (the only side to pick two keepers)

Notts side needs a bit of a stewards enquiry I reckon.

Just had a look at the teams, and Northern Spirit have signed both London keepers, Ben Foakes and our own Simmo.

Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 20 October, 2019 23:09
Statistician Richard Isaacs has written on Twitter that the amount of players from each county to have found teams in The Hundred are (I assume it takes into account transfers announced rather than simply goes on the basis of which county the player represented in 2019):

Sussex 11
Notts 9
Surrey 9
Lancashire 8
Somerset 7
Worcestershire 7
Hampshire 6
Yorkshire 6
Kent 5
Middlesex 5
Derbyshire 4
Durham 4
Essex 4
Warwickshire 4
Glamorgan 3
Gloucestershire 3
Northants 1
Leicestershire 0

I imagine that there will be a lot of expectation that the performance of each county in next season’s 50-over competition will be influenced by the amount of players each county will have unavailable. If the 50-over competition continues being played in two regional groups (if it isn’t, then there might be complaints about teams having to do a lot of travelling), then it would mean that three of the teams in Middlesex’s group will have lost fewer players than us, while five will have lost either as many or more. The loss of John Simpson and Nathan Sowter means that someone else will have to keep wicket and someone else will have to bowl spin. If Peter Handscomb signs and is allowed to play (I think that counties will be allowed to play one overseas player after it initially seemed otherwise), then he could keep wicket, otherwise Robbie White or Jack Davies could do so. The role of spinner will surely be performed by Luke Hollman and/or Thilan Walallawita.

The team in The Hundred that bears the strongest resemblance to the county who plays at their ground is surely Trent Rockets, as Alex Hales, Harry Gurney, Steven Mullaney, Matthew Carter, Luke Wood, Tom Moores and Luke Fletcher all play for Nottinghamshire, while their team also includes Joe Root, whose brother Billy previously played for Notts and whose father Matt has run an academy based in the county. So that gives the Rockets half a chance of engaging supporters of Notts, although I don’t know whether they have much chance of attracting supporters from Derbyshire or Leicestershire due to none of the Rockets’ squad containing anyone from Derbyshire and due to none of Leicestershire’s players being picked up by the Rockets or by anyone else.

As for the team who will play at Lord’s, London Spirit, I had no intention of attending their matches, and the fact their squad contains only one current Middlesex player in Eoin Morgan (although it includes ex-Middlesex players Joe Denly, Kyle Abbott and Adam Rossington) has done nothing to entice me.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 21 October, 2019 07:08
Next years 50 over competition is ruined.

Where will the satisfaction be if we beat a Sussex team missing eleven of their players?

Whoever wins that competition won't be able to say they are the best side- just that they lost the least number of players to the hundred.

If Foakes is in the same side as Simmo, presumably our man spends a month carrying the drinks, so can we have him back if not needed?

Last night it really hit home that it's really going to happen.

Players need to be sensitive to the fact real fans are utterly dismayed by having their best players sent away for a month for something we don't want and don't support.

Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 21 October, 2019 07:41
Well one thing. Mexicans agree with me about Nathan Sowter as having potential on the leg spin front. Plus Morgan picking Rossington and Denly says something for me as well. A nice little pickup for the players concerned. Our 50 over resources, already thin are now thinner especially on our bowler front. Didn't expect our batters to get a call and they didnt.

Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 21 October, 2019 07:47
Simmo. No chunky. He is being paid nicely to carry the drinks. He and others in the same position ain't coming back. Foakes can play as a batter and Simmo backup should Foakes get England call.

Re: Madness
Mike TA1 21 October, 2019 08:18
I am beginning to wonder about the size of the squads for some counties, will they have enough players on their books to make-up a second team if they lose a large number of player to this rubbish?

Leicester will no problem.

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 21 October, 2019 09:05
I feel for all the Counties,having their players stolen off them by the ecb.
Poor Sussex,whole team wrecked,but,do the ecb care?
Others ripped apart as well.
I see on twitter,that Radio 4 (BBC ran) said about this franchise rubbish,and,said the Welsh franchise thing is based in Taunton.Done their homework then!
I suppose we were,sort of Lucky,to only have 5 players taken.With the non fashionable clubs having a low to none taken,will this add fuel to the ecb bonfire in scrapping some of the counties?
Glad to say,I didnt watch a single second last night,same as to when this dreaded franchise rubbish starts next year.

The ecb wrecking ball has swung into action,take cover everyone as our wonderful game is about to be smashed into pieces.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 21 October, 2019 09:12
Maybe those of us who can afford it should all become Leicestershire members.

Nothing to stop people being a member of more than one club.

That would swell Leicstershire membership to 10 times what it is now, ensure their financial stability, and enable them to strengthen their squad.

Leicestershire must be top of the ECB's hit list of clubs they'd secretly like to see go under.

Mike- it seems you can pay people on a match by match basis, or give them a short 4 week contract.

You wouldn't want to add to your costs by paying someone for 52 weeks a year when you are only going to need them for 4 weeks.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 21 October, 2019 09:29
That'll be a good chance for Warwickshire to chat him up then.
Nothing but bad will come out of this.

They probably don't even see him as a blundred player, but just want him to sign for their county side one day.

The Birmingham side paid 75 grand for Helm, which is odd with so many bigger names available at the time.

So- next year during the blundred Ashley Giles says to Tom Helm, 'Would you like to join Warwickshire when your Middlesex contract runs out?' Tom hopefully replies, 'No thanks. I'm happy with Middlesex' to which Giles says, 'If you want another 75 grand for 2021 blundred you might like to reconsider that answer'.

Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 21 October, 2019 09:56
I guess what you say there chunky applies to all county players hoovered up in the blundered. Thing is, all of the auction money is provided by the ECB. If He does well, at the next auction, someone else, maybe the Mexicans could bid more than 75 grand for his services.

Re: Madness
adelaide 21 October, 2019 10:18
Well one thing. Mexicans agree with me about Nathan Sowter as having potential on the leg spin front.

The Oval team has very little to do with Surrey, just as London Spirit has little to do with Middlesex. I couldn't care less how either of the franchises do so it is not the "Mexicans" agreeing anything!

You have to be careful on this forum with the p-word! Arguably his potential has already come to fruition in the white ball game. The bigger debate is whether he has potential to become a really good CC spinner.

I am amazed that Imran Tahir was priced at the top whack and still got a gig. I think he has always been overrated as a bowler but he can't really bat and at his age is increasingly a liability in the field. I thin k he must have compromising photographs of an awful lot of people.


Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 21 October, 2019 11:01
I don't get your point Adelaide. A number of Surrey players were selected by the Invincibles so can you explain. Still looks the p.word to me? Plus if you wanna crowd you need some locals. Not favourite of chunky's but I expect Sowter is just as likely to be tapped up by Surrey, Mexicans, Invincibles whichever is your preference as is Helm by the Bears or Simmo by Northern wotsits.

Re: Madness
adelaide 21 October, 2019 11:41

My point is this. Pretty much everyone on here says the London Spirit is nothing to do with Middlesex and we want nothing to do with it. You have to extend the same privilege to other teams/counties, in which case insults which some feel the need to use about the county team should not really be applied to the franchise. If we really don't care we would ignore them, not go to the bother of having what is supposed to be a derogatory nickname for them.

London Spirit has only a homeopathic amount of Middlesex in it so by your argument it should get smaller crowds than the Ovalteenies (oops, I've made up a supposedly derogatory nickname).

Ashley Giles has bigger fish to fry than tapping up players for the county he no longer works for. If he is worth that much to the Brum lot (either for the Hundred itself or as a means to acquiring him) then he is likely to have other suitors. The real danger with a player like Helm is that the money might dissuade him from playing CC cricket for anybody.


Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 21 October, 2019 12:58
Adelaide: I have followed MX since the late forties and the culture then and now, has been a very strict pecking order.

So, if not in the group, very hard to break into. In the old days back then, players were more likely to be satisfied spending time in the seconds to mid late twenties afore elevation..

The downside of that is: (the pecking order): is that on occasion, some recently, you keep them on a year or so too long.

The modern generation are not as patient and want out if opportunity is denied. As we know over the past decade, many MX have departed for lack of opportunity.

MX as a club need to move on from the forties ethos. Ok then but not now.

Add in a lot of poor judgements and we are where we are. Looking like the thin blue line.

As SKR said in another post. There does not seem to exist, a recognisable pathway (policy) from the Academy that supporters can discern to the higher levels..

Cricket in many ways is drifting towards the football model. ie stockpiling players, not to the same degree I add.

Currently, Spurs have R. Sessegnon waiting in the stockpile for a few not many) dollars more.

The Spurs bloke who writes in the Telegraph, Matt Law, clamoured for about two years for that to happen and has said nothing since.

From a distance, Spurs look in decline needing about five replacements and a large stadium debt to service.

The gist of Law's clamour was that Poch developed English players.

As if the FFC Academy rated A+ could not. FFC have produced many England players at the lower age group levels and have several now.

Poch's position is not looking too good at the mo. A similarity with MX's promotion hopes. Dodgy.

I agree with you 100% however that London Spirit has nothing whatever to do with Mx Cricket.

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