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Eating away over the winter

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Re: Madness
Mike TA1 22 October, 2019 15:44
Future of English cricket evidence session announced

If you would like to watch it tomorrow [] and hopefully watch Graves and Harrison squirm.

Also this link. []

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 22 October, 2019 18:20
On the above link,will be heading up to the venue tomorrow,with the hope of getting in to watch this.
Thanks for the info Mike as well.
I dont know if any media are going along,but would of thought so to report on what is said by the two clowns.Andy Nash,who was on the Somerset committee and employed by ecb is going to be asking a question or two!

Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 22 October, 2019 18:21
Isa Watson nee Guha is as chunky says Beefy is a Sky employee. She was one of the presentation group on Sunday. So like the footie commentators gotta say it's great even if it isn't. The problem for Mx will be if as Graves wants, London Spirit morphs into a red ball city side. We will need Copthall and outgrounds then though I don't think they have been treated well recently by the hierarchy.

Re: Madness
Mike TA1 22 October, 2019 20:18
I know this is Somerset news but Andy Nash was on the local radio this morning talking about the 100.
This link is the recording of it,and it make gloomy listen. [] Start listening to it about 2 hours 23 minutes into the recording.

I hope the link works in your area and it is not region restricted.

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 22 October, 2019 21:00
Thanks Mike,It certainly does work.
Wish I never listened! Its sounding worse than I imagined,across the whole county scene.
Andy reckons the players involved in franchise rubbish could be away from their real clubs for upto 2 months.
County Championship played April/May/Sept.
T20,he said will be played in term time,nice move ecb!
Will find out more tomorrow hopefully

Re: Madness
Mike TA1 22 October, 2019 23:23
Written evidence submitted by George Dobell

It opens as a pdf file.

Re: Madness
chunkyinargyll 23 October, 2019 17:50
It's a pity Mr Nash didn't get to bat first, because then Graves & co could have been asked to specifically reply to the points he raised.

In the end it was (is, because it's still going on) a talking shop.

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 23 October, 2019 19:03
Well,that was an interesting afternoon at Portculis House,was easy getting in,security like airport.
Got loads of texts to send to Kev for article later.
3 got asked to cover up their oppose the 100 t-shirts,I did same with polo shirt for 2nd innings when Andy Nash and co spoke.
Cover shirts? Were told nobody,including employees can wear a slogan!
Still graves n harrison saw them,harrison came shaking our hands before 1st innings saying 'thanks for coming'. Bloody bloke,wiped hand down Jeans straight after!

Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 24 October, 2019 17:40
Harrison when questioned on 100 costs did not answer directly. It is thought that broadcast income for 2020 will be 51 million. Costs are estimated to be 58 million after county costs are included. So a loss forecast. Harrison merely said it was within budget.

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 25 October, 2019 17:41
There are 3 internationals being played on the Spanish Lawn next year,one,vs Pakistan is during the franchise rubbish weeks of playing.
I presume the franchise rubbish will be at an outbound during those days 30 July to 3 August?🤪

Re: Madness
adelaide 25 October, 2019 18:09
More likely the London Spit will be playing away.


Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 25 October, 2019 20:05
Presumably at those dates Beefy, either Northants or Essex. Northants and Essex are represented in the Spirit of London.

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 25 October, 2019 22:13
Presumably at those dates Beefy, either Northants or Essex. Northants and Essex are represented in the Spirit of London.

I'm sure there will be space on the moon to play it,on the dark side as well

Re: Madness
tallliman 26 October, 2019 13:20
The most recent episode of the BBC's Stumped podcast features Geoff Lemon wondering why a 2 division t20 tournament wouldn't have been better than the Blundred

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 26 October, 2019 14:45
The most recent episode of the BBC's Stumped podcast features Geoff Lemon wondering why a 2 division t20 tournament wouldn't have been better than the Blundred
This was suggested long time before the franchise rubbish was invented.Andy Nash mentioned it on Wednesday with promotion and relegation and FTA coverage as well,it would of included all 18 counties.That,would of course,meant money for all counties in a ready made competition that wouldnt of needed any fixture congestion as the blast would of been used.
The top division would of been the t20 premier league,this was also mentioned by Andy Nash on Wednesday.
But,what do we know? Those ecb clowns seem to know a lot more....(do they??🤔🤔)

Re: Madness
tallliman 26 October, 2019 19:13
Yeah, I liked that at the time. It felt like it would've helped create the buzz that has been deemed to be missing. The only downside is that you risk losing the local games which always sell out.

Re: Madness
Jonathan Winsky 26 October, 2019 19:36
The idea of the 18 counties playing a two-divisional Twenty20 competition has a lot of merit, as it would satisfy ECB’s desire to have a T20 competition of 8-10 teams which they hope could rival the IPL and Big Bash and potentially with every match televised, and it would satisfy the desire of a lot of people involved in county cricket (not least supporters) for England’s foremost short-form competition be contested by existing counties. However, I can see a lot of drawbacks, as the switch from the current format to a format of two divisions would be a backwards step for the 8-10 counties who find themselves in division two (due to a lot of the attention and money going to division one), there might be fewer derbies (which would be bad news for ticket sales and player travel), and a county in division two of both the T20 competition and County Championship might find it harder to retain players. I am not sure if Middlesex would find it easy to sell tickets if we could only offer division two cricket, while Surrey could offer division one cricket. So there is no easy solution!

Then again, the above is a glass-half-empty view, as a two-divisional Twenty20 competition would work well for the teams who play in division one and avoid relegation.

The most annoying thing about The Hundred is that ECB did not work with existing supporters to map out the future of English cricket. ECB keep on saying that we were consulted, but clearly their definition of what qualifies as a consultation differs to my definition. Had ECB written to existing supporters something along the lines of “Like you, we would like to see cricket attract the next generation of supporters, and we believe that the best way to go about that would be by creating a new competition with new teams, although we are open to going down a more conventional path or to sticking with what already exists. What do you think?”, then I would have appreciated that. However, ECB instead proudly pressed ahead with The Hundred.

Personally, I can’t think of many better ways that England’s foremost short-form competition could be run than by sticking with the present format of the T20 Blast. Some proponents of The Hundred might say that having 18 counties is a flaw of English cricket and does not lend itself easily to trying to rival the IPL and Big Bah, but having 18 counties (or 17 before Durham’s introduction) has served English cricket very well over the years.

A lot of people at ECB are hopeful that existing supporters will turn up in their droves at The Hundred, but I can’t see that happening. The likelihood is that The Hundred will not be part of county memberships, so I can’t see many existing supporters funding this competition. And even if existing supporters or existing members are given free tickets, I can see a lot of them either having little inclination to attend, or wishing to boycott the competition. Even if I am given an opportunity to attend matches for free, I intend to boycott such matches. It would send a great message to ECB if The Hundred struggles to attract crowds, whereas the county competitions see great crowds.

Re: Madness
BeefyRoberts 26 October, 2019 22:42
Very good valid points JW.
You mention the franchise rubbish and county memberships,I know Mexicans,Warwickshire,and I think Kent and Glamorgan are including the rubbish for free on membership,probably to entice us members to come along.
As you say,and your not alone,cant see many,if any members going to a game that they dont associate with.

Re: Madness
Bagpuss 27 October, 2019 04:10
Although a 2-division T20 competition could be seen ad detrimental to those counties in division 2 at least they have the opportunity of promotion to division 1. With the introduction of the !00 there are 10 counties consigned to a division to for perpetuity.

I agree about the local derby problem although this is a greater issue for some of the test grounds where derby matches are by far their biggest gates of the tournament. The only way to get around this would be to play a couple of extra matches a season outside of the Blast on more of a "friendly" basis. Maybe set aside a bank holiday weekend and play one fixture on the Friday night and the return on the Monday afternoon. Treat it as a home-and-away festival.

Yes, the same teams might meet in the actual blast as well. So what? The only problem would be those counties who do not have a "natural" local derby - Durham, and probably Glamorgan. You could fudge a "Dartford Crossing" derby between Essex and Kent. Leics v Northants, is that a thing? (The Notts Academy derby?) Yes it would take a weekend out of a congested season. But the H*n*r*d is burgling a month.

Re: Madness
Seaxe_man1 27 October, 2019 15:07
The two salient points JW raises I agree with. You cannot have 9 teams unable to reach the final. Plus a drop in ticket sales due to no local derbies and longer journeys for fans. Can't see it being feasable or happening. Close to one million ticket sales this year. Need to see that rise not head south. In addition Mx would have been in Division two most the time since 2003. With no final option, I don't think the egg and bacon boys would be happy. Mx T20 gates have paid for the new stand.

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