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2019 Cricket World Cup
Discussion started by Jonathan Winsky , 25 May, 2019 09:54
2019 Cricket World Cup
Jonathan Winsky 25 May, 2019 09:54
Hosts England will enter this tournament tipped to win at what will be their 12th attempt. While it remains to be seen who will lift the trophy at Lord’s on 14th July, what seems clear is that the key to winning this tournament will be to finish in the top 4 of a 10-team everyone-plays-everyone group stage, and then win a semi-final and a final.

Despite having been runners-up on three occasions, the perception is that England have a disappointing World Cup record over the years. After their excellent results in the period since the 2015 tournament, it would be seen as yet another disappointment were they to finish outside the top 4 in the group stage, and indeed a lot of people would feel disappointed if they finish outside the top 2 of the group. If they can get themselves into the knockout stages, then the formbook over the last four years almost goes out of the window, as it would then come down to whether they can win two one-off matches. England were in a similar situation at the 2017 Champions Trophy, as they were hosts and finished top of their group with a degree of comfort, so found themselves playing a semi-final at Sophia Gardens against a Pakistan side who had a less comfortable group stage. However, the conditions very much helped Pakistan, and they ended up winning not only that semi-final, but the tournament too.

The main reason why the format has been adopted whereby the teams compete in one big group as opposed to a format in which the teams are divided into smaller groups is that it guarantees that India and Pakistan will play plenty of matches, which ICC’s sponsorship and broadcasting partners consider important. In 2007, the 16 teams were divided into 4 initial groups of 4, with the top 2 from each group progressing into the Super 8 stage, but India and Pakistan both failed to make it past the first group stage, which meant the tournament wasn’t seen as as much of a commercial success as ICC would have liked. The format of 2019 guarantees that even if those two countries have a poor tournament, their chances (and indeed everyone's chances) of winning the trophy will remain mathematically alive for much of the tournament. After losing all 5 of their completed pre-tournament matches v England and then losing a warm-up match v Afghanistan yesterday, I wouldn't count on Pakistan doing well. However, Pakistan seem to perform at their best when people write them off. Afghanistan are another team that need to be watched out for, as they will probably thrive on the fact that they are likely to be about the only team not to be given a hope of winning the tournament.

As the amount of teams in the last 6 tournaments was 12, 12, 14, 16, 14 and 14 respectively, lots of people are disappointed that this tournament (and in 2023 as well) will include only 10 teams, with the likes of Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Zimbabwe and Kenya absent. I thought that ICC are keen to expand cricket around the world? Although I like to see England do well, I took a bit of pleasure in seeing Scotland beat them last year to make a mockery of ICC’s decision to reduce the amount of teams at the tournament.

Tickets have sold very well for this tournament. Apparently, today’s India v New Zealand match at The Oval is a sell-out, and it is just a warm-up! I entered a ballot for a ticket to attend Pakistan v South Africa at Lord’s on Saturday 23rd June, but despite giving myself the best possible chance by saying that I would be happy to pay the top-possible price, I was unsuccessful, and will therefore not attend any matches. It wouldn’t surprise me if ECB use these ticket sales to claim that English cricket is actually more popular than people claim it is. However, as a lot of people attending will be there to support a country other than England and may live abroad, I don’t know whether a correlation can be made between ticket sales and the chances of attendees following county cricket.

I am not sure whether the decision for England to play Australia in a warm-up match today the same day as the Royal London Cup final was something in which ECB had any input, or it was something ICC arranged. I suppose it would be nice if Sky decided not to broadcast the warm-up match, but maybe they didn’t want to decline the opportunity to do so. At least Sky have relegated the warm-up match to Sky Sports Mix, while the RLC final is shown on their main Cricket channel and also on Main Event. In 1999, teams warmed-up with matches against counties, and this saw Middlesex play Bangladesh and South Africa at Southgate. However, all ICC tournaments nowadays seem to see teams warm-up against fellow competitors rather than against local domestic opposition, which I imagine is something ICC insist on.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
BarmierKev 25 May, 2019 13:19
I’m not sure if this is the right thread but such a shame to see so many empty seats at Lord’s today.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
chunkyinargyll 25 May, 2019 13:25
Sky briefly showing excerpts from the warm up game between England and Australia at Southampton. Also not completely full, but seems reasonably well populated.

I would have thought Hants fans would either be at Lord's, or if they couldn't get there, watching on Sky.

So I assume not to many Hants fans in the crowd at Southampton (or maybe they bought their tickets before Hants got to the final) or people at Southampton aren't county cricket followers.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
BeefyRoberts 25 May, 2019 17:31
ICC World Cup...
Myself,if I haven't got Middlesex to watch,will take a look at a game or two via Sky.
But,must admit,it hasnt really got me going as yet.
Firstly,I wouldnt dream of paying the ticket prices,as usual,proper fans out-priced.
Having read about the chaos with tickets being delivered doesn't surprise me to be honest,it seems everything the ICC arrange,something goes wrong.
Warm-up matches of country vs country...whb not had counties play a country,there wasnt much cricket recently,so had perfect days to arrange games,and,would of had more county members the chance to watch other players.
And...its 50 overs,a game we wont be playing much of from next year.
Mind you,I imagine that any game missed will be shown over and over again on Sky Cricket channel in the coming months!

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
Seaxe_man1 25 May, 2019 20:38
I’m not sure if this is the right thread but such a shame to see so many empty seats at Lord’s today.
Been like that for years Kev. Around about half full . Had a good view in Lower Warner. Somerset deserved the win.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
Seaxe_man1 25 May, 2019 20:40
Got 9/1 each way on NZ. Decent price.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
chunkyinargyll 26 May, 2019 06:37
On Sky it looked more than half full (more like 80%). Maybe they are just adept at keeping their crowd shots away from less populated stands.

At one point I did notice a whole block of empty seats in the middle of the Mound, which suggests a block of seats sold to a corporate client who didn't turn up.

ECB won't care. as seats sold, but like a no show at a restaurant they should penalise them, as I'm sure Hants or Somerset fans would have snapped them up.

Other empty seats were more random, with a few here and there.

I'd put a message on the giant screen. 'XYZ investment company bought 150 seats, but didn't bother to turn up, so sorry to real fans who couldn't get a ticket'.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
chunkyinargyll 26 May, 2019 06:45
And seeing as we've drifted a bit in to yesterday's final, well done to Josh Davey for getting a winners medal, and taking 2-28 in 8 overs.

One of those people who is always destined to be underrated, but he fully played his part yesterday. I must admit, I can't really see how he would have fitted in to the Middlesex set up, and held down a place, but I think Gus'verdict on his departure was that he had got as far as he was going to get with us (implication- not good enough)

Well, he's the one who now has a one day winners medal to take home!

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Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
Seaxe_man1 26 May, 2019 07:40
Like many others ex MX shown the door they have flourished elsewhere. Could it be they see what we don't with rising numbers it looks hat that way . Btw way chunky I was there yesterday. No way 80%. The Upper Tavern was completely shut and s good chunk of the lower. Of the used stands none were rammed. Capacity circa ,29000. It didn't look like 24000 though later it may have crept above half full. Sky don't show empty stands. Not good for business. Plus another old boy Rossington who left without compliments. Captained Northants v Sussex.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
BeefyRoberts 26 May, 2019 09:19
Just out of curiosity,if anyone is attending a world cup match,could let us know how much they would be charged for refreshments on the day out,I would like to know.
The mark-up from county to test to world cup would be interesting.
Also,if anyone has trouble getting in.
Back in 1999 (I think,but year might be wrong),my brother,who is deaf in one ear,and poor hearing in other,had problems at oval.
We went to game,and,he had a can of Coca-Cola in bag,steward saw this,and as not one of the sponsors brand (Pepsi),it was taken from him.
We argued the point (as I would!),demanding a replacement can of drink,and calling g for the head steward,neither of which happened,he was just told to stand by a security hut for replacement can of drink,that never arrived.
So,if going to games folks,be aware that if you have contents in bag that isn't that of correct branding,it may get removed and not replaced.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
Seaxe_man1 26 May, 2019 10:19
Thanks for that useful information Beefy. The mark up is ever there. County game 50 overs 61 deep was 4.60. Knock out round v Lanky jacked up to 5 quid.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
adelaide 26 May, 2019 10:27
Josh Davey has been with Somerset for four years and it has taken him most of those four years to become a first team regular. He is now seen as a bowler rather than an all rounder so in a sense he has also reinvented himself, so all credit to him. I think we are really going too far in beating ourselves (or our management) up for letting Josh go and I doubt we would find many contemporary MTWD posts bemoaning his departure the failure to pick him when he was here.

Most counties can reel off a list of ex-players who they released and have had a halfway decent career elsewhere and most counties have a number of players who started without much success elsewhere. Of course some of the top counties recruit players who have been very successful elsewhere.

I think our issue is not the number of ex-players elsewhere but our failure to recruit from elsewhere. James Fuller came and went. Who else - Tom Barber? Complacency after 2016? - maybe. Not enough money?


Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
chunkyinargyll 26 May, 2019 10:35
We should have the money, Adelaide.

I mean, we offered Fuller a contract, which he turned down, so the money was there to pay Fuller, but we chose not to sign someone from elsewhere to compensate from his departure.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
BeefyRoberts 26 May, 2019 10:47
Folks,isn't this thread about the 2019 world cup?

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
chunkyinargyll 26 May, 2019 11:01
yes. In the same way the second XI thread is meant to be about the second XI.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
Sussex Seaxe 28 May, 2019 10:50
I will mention the World Cup!

As it approaches, I find myself looking forward to it very much. I did make the decision, some months ago, that I would not attend any games, though. I am a member of MCC as well as Middlesex and as far as I'm concerned, MCC, and thus it's members, own the ground. There was quite a fuss about members being charged to enter the ground for World Cup games and in a poll conducted by the club, in which as usual, few bothered to vote, people agreed to pay something. I do understand the predicament here - ICC would charge MCC for all the seats in the ground and if MCC members were allowed in for nothing, MCC would effectively be subsidising ICC. Nonetheless, all players want the final to be at Lord's, so I would have called their bluff and said it's our ground, we allow our members in every day of the year. I do appreciate though, that making decisions in business is rarely easy.

Anyway, I like to attend matches with Mrs Seaxe whenever possible and we worked out that to attend, say England v Australia, the cheapest MCC members' tickets were in the pavilion. I have forgotten the exact cost, but think it was approx. £45. She isn't a member, so we would have to buy tickets for, say, the Warner Stand. They were more expensive for members and something like £120 for guests!

When adding in train fares from deepest Sussex (approx £50 each), the cost of the day out would be approaching £300 without any food or drink. I'm sure there are many MCC members for whom that is not a problem; I don't consider myself poor, but simply could not justify that cost.If we wanted to attend the final, we'd have had to take out a mortgage!

Thus, I shall enjoy watching on tv and be thankful that, as lover of sport, I get excellent value from my Sky and BT subscriptions.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
Jonathan Winsky 29 May, 2019 18:42
MCC have offered Middlesex members an opportunity to purchase tickets to sit in the Pavilion for the Pakistan v Bangladesh match at Lord’s on Friday 5th July, at the cost of £95, although purchasers will obviously have to adhere to the Pavilion dress code. I don’t know where a purchaser would sit if they buy a ticket but don’t adhere to the dress code, as I would have thought that all seats in the rest of the ground would be sold.

Had the match taken place at the weekend, I would have been very interested in taking up this offer. However, I doubt MCC would have been in a position to offer these tickets at the weekend.

Hopefully England will get their World Cup off to a good start v South Africa at The Kia Oval tomorrow.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
Jonathan Winsky 30 May, 2019 17:59
Well done to England on getting their World Cup campaign off to a perfect start. It would be great if this result could get the country talking about cricket, although we will have to see whether having the odd clip shown on BBC's website and late-night highlights shown on Channel 4 will be enough to capture the imagination of those who do not have Sky.

Hopefully Ben Stokes’ catch to dismiss Andile Phehlukwayo will draw people towards the tournament. Stokes made a great contribution to the match, as he also scored 89, effected a run out, and ended the match with two wickets in two balls.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
Seaxe_man1 31 May, 2019 21:21
Sussex Seaxe. For the duration of the World Cup all grounds are controlled by ICC and all members of clubs have to pay. All revenues at all grounds go to ICC and Lords is not an exception. Plus all sponsors and advertising are ICC related.

Re: 2019 Cricket World Cup
pantherlike 01 June, 2019 10:02
Aussies to win in a canter!

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